Saturday, October 29, 2011

10-29-2011 The Weekend Claw

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for pulling off the biggest choke job in Texas sports history. Forty seasons. Zero championships.

A) Once again, an anti-American atheist group is suing a high school because they dare to pray before football games. The atheists once again say that the school is violating the First Amendment’s “establishment clause”, but they obviously have never read said clause, for it reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Since this is a school or school district making the decision to pray and not Congress making a law, the “establishment clause” is not applicable.

B) That story dovetails nicely with this one, as it involves education, religion, and stooooooopid objections. An investigation has begun by the DC Office on Human Rights (why in the *@#@%^ does a city have that kind of entity?) responding to a complaint against a private Roman Catholic university by muslim students who are offended by the Christian symbols in all of the rooms. That’s like going to a strip club and being offended by nudity. We already over-accommodate muslims in America. When they allow a Catholic cathedral in the center of Mecca, we’ll discuss making more allowances for them here.

C) Here’s more of that liberal “new civility” from line-reader Orlando Jones. I’m happy to say that I do not believe I have spent a single dollar on any of his movies, and I don’t think I ever will. If any white male conservative had done this, he would have been arrested and charged with making a death threat.

D) How in the world do you get an eeeeevillll former Enron trader (they were all Republicans, according to the Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself), who is a billionaire (so he must be a Republican since he is not Warren Buffet) from Texas (where there are no such things as white heterosexual males who are not Republicans) and heads up a group trying to convert all public employee pensions into 401(k) style investments (which hacks off all of the public sector unions) to head up and host a fundraiser for Democrats with the star of the show being none other than micHELLe Obama? This is putting a lot of Houston area Democrats in a big quandary.

E) HYPOCRISY ALERT! (as if the previous stories didn’t give you enough) California is slashing Medicare and Medicaid funding, meaning the poor will have less healthcare available to them. The Obama Administration is giving their blessing to these cutbacks. So here we have the most liberal state legislature in the nation, with perhaps the most liberal Governor in the nation, cutting spending for the poor with the permission of the most liberal President in history, and the media is mum. What are the reactions from the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) when Republicans even mention cuts to social programs?

F) While he’s out on the “I’m really doing government business, not campaigning on the taxpayer dime” campaign trail, Barack Obama is claiming that over 60% of his 2008 Hopey-Changey campaign promises have been fulfilled. As is the norm when dealing with statements by Barack Obama, he is lying. Then again, math is not his strong suit so he could have just been proving his ignorance of reality…again.

G) Speaking of facts and Obama’s lies, the richest Americans already pay more than their fair share. In fact, the United States has the most “progressive” taxes of all the major industrialized nations.

H) Barack Obama is giving a huge nod to the “occupiers” by putting forth Son of Son of Son of So-Called Stimulus. This time, he is going to be federalizing student loans and only making the folks who took out the loans only pay back the taxpayers a very small fraction of what they borrowed. The idea is to cap student loan repayment rates at 10 percent of a debtor’s income that goes above the poverty line, and then limiting the life of a loan to 20 years. If The Chosen One wants to do something about college affordability, he should attack the colleges and universities. Because they are so heavily subsidized and give full pay and tenure to professors who teach two classes per week, the cost of college education has risen 439% since 1982.

I) Here is a great story that exposes a big reason why our public education system is so poor. In a word, it is liberalism. Hat tip to my co-worker, Ed.

J) Hot Air has a daily feature called the Obamateurism of the Day. The one from Wednesday showed the insatiable ego and self-recognized superiority of the only President in history who is worse than Jimmy Carter.

K) Severe criminal conduct and the oppression of those who stand for the rule of law has been the hallmark of the Obama Administration, and many members of this cabal have been engaging in such behavior for years. This Thursday’s column by Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin spotlights another member of the LEAST transparent Administration in history and her less-than-legal actions in support of the great liberal gods of abortion. When will the Republican Party grow a set large enough to prosecute criminal actions by Democrat leaders?

L) The “supercommittee” was charged with reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion over a decade. So why are the Democrats in that group trying to spend MORE in yet another so-called stimulus plan? Could it be that they wanted this group to fail so that draconian cuts can be made in national defense and they can blame Republicans for it?

M) Paul Ryan is going to be one of the greatest conservative politicians in modern history. Here he is once again absolutely schooling Barack Obama on divisive rhetoric and economic reality.

N) Get this! The White House is ordering a review of the loans to Solyndra and other “green” energy companies. Watch for this “review” to completely whitewash any mention of Obama donors and bundlers or any other political connections involved with the loans. Everything will get blamed on some junior junior staffer or the eeeevilll Republicans.

O) So who is out there helping to organize the “occupiers”, raise money (fraudulently it seems) for them, and further their efforts? Could it be Barack Obama’s old “community agitat…er, organizing” group ACORN? You bet it could. There are also other groups behind this junk, and their trail leads directly to people such as Mayor Bloomingidiotberg and the Community Organizer in Chief.

P) Kasim Reed, the Mayor of Atlanta, shut down the “occupiers” and retook Woodruff Park for the people of Atlanta. As Neal Boortz points out, the “occupiers” screech of “This is what democracy looks like” as they were being evicted from the park is actually making the point of the real people of America. In a true democracy, majority (or mobs) rule. In a nation/state/county/municipality with the rule of law, you get permits for large gatherings on public grounds. When the time limit on said permit has expired, you must get the *(#$%@ out!

Q) I must give a language warning for this story and the embedded video of the “occupier” known as “Conan the Occupier”. This spoiled rich kid is a professional student who is transitioning to teaching assistant at Columbia University. Evidently he is quite allergic to the real world, so he will spend his life in academia if possible.

R) “Occupiers” at the Phoenix protests are handing out fliers describing when it is okay to shoot a police officer. Did the mainstream media report any of this? Nope, but they sure opined that the Tea Party protests were full of violent anti-government rhetoric that could have lead to escalations, even though they could never show any such rhetoric on their mass volumes of video and audio of those protests.

S) Then there’s the Portland “occupiers”, who vandalized, urinated on, and danced on a war memorial. Yep, just like the Tea Party, right?

T) Congresscritters from both sides of the aisle are now seriously questioning Barry’s Great Ugandan Adventure, with some even pointing out how this resembles some of our early involvement in Vietnam.

U) It is always a good day when union leaders get arrested, as happened in Noo Yawk this week. Now of course we know that the charges must be local or state in nature, since The Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department would never prosecute union thugs in the Era of The Won.

V) If this were to happen in a Republican administration, the media would be up in arms, but since it is the Obama Administration that is requesting the censorship of anti-government posts on You Tube, the media is strangely silent.

W) If any of you are still seriously considering Mitt Romney as a GOP nominee, you need to read this. Then again, I doubt if any of my regular readers are dim enough to support another Taxachusetts liberal flip-flopper.

X) I’ve posted it before, but this cartoon needs to be seen on a regular basis.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Crawfish,
    Good round-up as usual.

    A&B) – I am sick and tired of the atheists and Muslims. WTF!!!!!! No one is forcing them to participate. It’s not as though we’d chop off their heads or something. The muslims attending a Catholic university are pissed because they see religious symbols. That is beyond insane. Zero started that shit when he had the religious symbols covered while there during one of his speeches. Now the rest of the muzzies jump on the bandwagon.

    F, G & H) – I’m sick of zero’s lies too. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. He makes the Clintons look like upstanding citizens. The parents should also be pissed when the university pays a guest speaker $100K for the likes of John Edwards. They should also be pissed when Barbie gets a masters degree in Chilean poetry.

    R & S) – Someone ought to send out the guidelines when it will be OK to shoot the protestors.

  2. Man, I SURE am glad that Congress is catching up to the Anti Liberal Zone on Barry Big Ugandan Adventure. Better late than never I guess.

    BTW, I don't even KNOW who Orlando Jones IS! haha.

    As for the professional student, he's the perfect lib, neutered at birth.

  3. Maybe the Rangers park is too close to the Cowboy's park and the ability to lose is contagious.

    (A) Nor do the courts have the authority to prohibit the free exercise thereof. So Suck weenie dumbasses.

    (B) So why in the Hell doesn't the school tell these idiots if the religious artifacts in the rooms insult their religion go practice it somewhere else....

    (C) First off who the eff is Orlando Jones? Never heard of 'im. But then I'm more the TCM channel not HBO...

    (F) Math or geography? 57 states!

    (H) And we the taxpayers are going to get stuck with the balance. I honestly believe Zero thinks the money coes from printing presses and not out of our pockets.

    (I) And this is not a recent thing. This type of indoctrination was existant when I attended grade school.

    (K) Boehner's gotta go. He hasn't got the gonads to be SoH.

    (L) The biggest idiots in the world. Cut the defense budget so we have on defense. Undermine our national security. And if they get what they want i.e. a socialist (or maybe a MORE socialist) regime, and they are lined up against the wall...Who T.F. are they going to blame then???

    (N) Once again. If the government was to inspect its own asshole, it would spend 6 months, 30 Million dollars and a two thousand page report that described the subject as a, "pleasant shade of brown."

    (O) Bloomberg. To me he represents the mentality of New Yorkers. Or anyone else that would want to live on a small island with 8 or 9 million other miserable idiots.

    (P) I'd be willing to bet if you ask 10 of those "Occupiers" what the difference was between a democracy and a republic at least 7 of them wouldn't know. So much for lower education, much less higher..

    (Q) Sure, why not. He doesn't have to do anything, gets a paycheck. Tenure some day and in the meantime he can "educate" younger people to his ideals of a perfect society.

    (T) Uganda. 100 SF troops going after a warlord. Sounds more like Blackhawk Down to me.

    (U) Again. The intelligence of the rank and file must be examined since they continue to pay in their tithes.

    (V) Sooner or later folks out there have to wonder why nothing is getting reported by the alphabet news media.

    (W) Yeah, C-Fish. But, but, but it's his TURN to run.

    (X) Hmmm...seems I emailed this PolTune to you misseff.

  4. Short version tonight. Been a rough couple of days. Good pile as usual.

  5. V. All good dictators/dictators in-training are into censorship these days. Why not?

    Say, ya'll -- any of you concerned about your blogs being taken down?

  6. As usual some real good reading Craw. I always thought Romney the rino. So whats the scoop on Perry is he one too? Cain looks like the conservative American left standing.

  7. I am sorry Crawfish. But I am a Cardinal fan. I have been one every since my little league baseball team came in third place in the state playoffs (way back in the EARLY 1960's). We were given a trip to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play. My team got to meet Stan the Man Musial (I still have an autographed picture of him).

    R) Of course the Left is printing this type of info for the OWS movement. The police are the very "soul" of law and order. I firmly believe that the OWS (and the unions) are the army that O'Vomit was talking about. The problem is that this group of "losers" are like the "Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight". I sincerely doubt that (except for the enforcers with the unions) any of them knows which end the bullet comes out of. O'Vomit, being a street organizer, really does not have a clue concerning what type of discipline it takes to be an "army".

    Another good edition.

  8. Hardnox,
    A&B) This issue has been one of my pet peeves since LONG before Sultan Bu'raq bin al Obama. I was railing about this crap when I was in a high school that had prayer at the beginning and end of every school day. (Catholic school)
    F,G,H) Every degree program should have practical applications beyond the college campus.
    R) Whenever protesters start destroying private property or hurl any object large enough to cause a concussion at the cops, it is time for the cops to open fire. This goes for the "occupiers", the G8 summits, palestinians protesting Israel, whatever.

  9. Gunny,
    I had to look up Orlando Jones. I'd never heard of him either.

  10. Buck,
    The Cows proved that Sunday night.
    A) The courts have repeatedly ruled against the Constitution on this. Time to get rid of the liberal wing of SCOTUS for a few decades.
    B) Signpost in each room pointing east, saying Mecca, 6613 miles.
    C) Don't know him either
    F) He said he'd visited 57 and still had one to go, so 58.
    H) Pointing out Constitutionality is a lost cause with this "Constitutional Law Professor"
    I) And it spreads
    K) He's an "establishment" guy and is afraid to make waves.
    L) They are not going to blame anyone when we get taken over. They will CHEER!
    N) With a unique fragrance
    O) Bloomingidiot
    P) 19 of 20, at least
    Q) Academia means never having to face reality
    T) Ya think?
    U) Too many of us are FORCED to pay those dues.
    V) The masses don't realize the sham
    W) I don't care whose turn it is. I will only vote for someone who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    X) I found it when it first came out, and it has been sent to me by at least 20 others as well.

  11. The last time I checked the US Congress did not make their laws in a High School!and WHERE is the so called "news" media when the occupiers hold up sighns that contain a hammer and a sicle??Hypocrsicy is right.BTW If the muslums do not like the Christian symbols they are free to LEAVE!! I"LL help them PACK!!


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