Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4-28-2010 The Weekly Claw

Well, Mrs. Crawfish is now home so my mental condition is a bit better. A trip to Scarborough Faire has also put me in a better mood. Now let’s see what the past week has given us.

The first of the three military trials for the Navy SEALs who gave a split lip to a terrorist who murdered 4 Blackwater Security personnel is over. Petty Officer First Class Julio Huertas was found not guilty on charges of dereliction of duty and attempting to influence the testimony of another Sailor. Of course, this should never have gone to trial and the tango should have been executed for his crimes on the spot. The next day, Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe was also found not guilty. ‘Tis a good week!

Arizona’s Governor signed the anti-illegal immigrant bill into law on Friday, making it possible for police officers in that state to check to see if people who act like non-drybacks are in fact non-drybacks. The reaction of His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama was very predictable. He called people who wish to enforce our immigration laws “misguided” and said laws such as the one in Arizona “undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” Uh…nooooooo….it shows that we cherish living fairly under the law. People who are here legally are welcome, but people who break into our house are not.

The Mexican government acted with outrage at the Arizona bill, with their Senate passing a resolution calling for the legislation’s repeal and their Foreign Ministry issuing a Travel Warning stating “there is a negative political environment for migrant communities and for all Mexican visitors.” So what exactly is the difference between the Arizona law and how Mexico treats foreign visitors and immigrants? Do they allow just anybody to work or live in their country? Of course not! Just ask anybody trying to cross their southern border illegally if they are freely allowed to do so.

“It is absolutely reminiscent of second class status of Jews in Germany prior to World War II when they had to have their papers with them at all times and were subject to routine inspections at the suspicion of being Jewish.” Such are the words of yet another brain-dead Democrat from Colorado. The moron doesn’t seem to understand that non-drybacks don’t even rate second-class citizen status. They are ILLEGALS and have exactly no rights whatsoever! Of course, he also seems to have the typical liberal hard time understanding that Nazis were leftist-statists and their actions mirror those of the Democrats much more than those of people who support the Constitution of the United States.

In response to the new law, non-dryback supporters rioted in Arizona. The Obama Administration immediately asked the rioters if they were, in fact, Tea Party terrorists, since we all know that leftists never riot and Tea Partiers are riot-prone.

Since she opposes the new law in Arizona, Homeland Security Ditz Napolitano was asked if the southern border was secure. She called the question “unfair”, which goes to show that she has no idea what her job is.

Claw contributor “Dennis” sends us this reminder of who the top 5 perps are in the great hoax known as Man –made Glo-Bull Warming. On a related note, Mrs. Crawfish pulled down an old bumper sticker from our garage wall when we painted the garage this past weekend. It said “AL GORE IS A RISKY SCHEME!”

So far this year, the City of Chicago has seen over 113 murders. That figure is so high that a couple of State Representatives are calling for the Governor to deploy the National Guard on the streets to quell the violence. Imagine what those guys would do if Chicago had the same murder rates as say…N’awlins, Detrut, or Filthadelphia.

One of The Chosen One’s favorite people, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis spoke at a meeting of the Young Democrat Socialists, the American youth branch of Socialist International. Not only did the ignorant “community organizer” praise socialism, but she called the Tea Party Movement a “bowel movement” and continued the mantra of all Tea Party groups and all opposition to Obama and the socialists being based upon racism. Sorry, but we are in opposition to the leaches of society, out of control spending, and all things anti-Constitutional. The only reason that this puts us in opposition to most of black America is because most of black America supports being leaches and socialists.

His Majesty King Barack I has been breaking his promises from his campaign at a dizzying pace, but when asked about actually KEEPING some of his promises regarding taxes, he responds that the questioner is playing an “old Washington game.” No, ya jerk, they are wondering if the chief law enforcement officer and executive officer of our nation’s word is worth a warm bucket of spit or if he will lie repeatedly just to get himself and his allies elected.

Goverrnment Motors has pulled an Obama in their latest ad campaign. They are proclaiming their greatness in repaying their bailout money years early, when in reality they paid that “loan” off with other government bailout money. That’s kinda like bragging about paying off your MasterCard, when you used your Discover Card to do it. In other words…a lie.

At least the gummint is doing SOMETHING right this year. One of the stamps coming out this year will honor famed cartoonist and friend of the lowly GI, Bill Mauldin.

Former Corruptionois Guvna Blago’s defense team has asked for President Obama to be subpoenaed for his trial. The subpoena request was supposed to be heavily redacted, but some in the Chicago press found a way to read the redacted parts, and they are quite interesting! If the GOP wins the House this fall, this bit of news could lead to possible impeachment proceedings.

A candidate for the office of Governor in Alabama has it right. Tim James said “This is Alabama; we speak English. If you want to live here, learn it!” He vows to stop administering drivers license tests in languages other than English. That only makes sense, since all traffic signs are in English and the cops, for the most part, also only speak English. Liberals, of course, are beside themselves in anger over this blatant raaaaaaaacism. The Crawfish would go a step further. If I was elected Governor of Texas, all voting ballots would be in English only. Some say that this would be a violation of the Voting Rights Act or equal opportunity, but to vote one must be a citizen, and to become a citizen one must pass an English proficiency exam, and this means that all people who are legal to vote can speak English. Case closed.

Speaking of REAL racism, how come THIS story didn’t make national headlines? When REAL public racism is seen in public, you should note that the person displaying the racism is usually a liberal.

Obama’s Navy Secretary, Ray Mabus, really stepped in it this time. Until now, the amphibious assault ships of the SAN ANTONIO-class have been named after American cities. Mabus has announced that the next ship in that class will be named after now-dead Congresscritter John Murtha. Putting Marines aboard a ship named for Murtha is like putting an all-black crew aboard a ship named for a Grand Wizard of the KKK.

It really is amazing how Supreme Court Justices are too caught up in their lofty status to be able to understand simple phrases in the English language. The first 16 words of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States read “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW (emphasis mine) respecting an establishment of religion; or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. This week, the Supremes decided that a cross in the Mojave Desert placed as a WW1 war memorial in 1934 is not unConstitutional. The troubling parts of the decision are that this came down to a 5-4 decision and that that none of the Justices seemed to take into account that placing a cross on public property is not the same thing as Congress making a law. Since this had nothing to do with Congress making a law, the First Amendment was never legally a question.

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"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4-21-2010 The Weekly Claw

Today is a major celebration day in The Crawfish’s home state of Texas, but thanks to our crrrrappy public schools, most of our kids and young adults don’t even know about it. Today is San Jacinto Day, commemorating the victory of Sam Houston over Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. That battle ended the Texas Revolutionary War.

The liberal media keeps on screaming about the Tea Party folks being on the verge of committing some major violence, even though they have not done anything of the sort. Contrast that with the liberals, who beat up a BLACK conservative protester in St. Louis, are at the heart of the violence in all of the violent WTO protests, and the beatdown (including a broken leg) of a FEMALE Bobby Jindal staffer outside Brennan’s Restaurant in N’awlins. The attack included political insults, and was committed as the staffer and her boyfriend were leaving a meeting of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference at the N’awlins landmark restaurant where Banana’s Foster was invented. The story shows how the leftists planned their protest and were ready for action.

The other major talking point is that the Tea Parties are made up of a bunch of redneck racists. One of the ways the pundits prove this point is to point out that, in the South, some rallies include some Confederate Battle Flags. Of course, anybody who supports the South or opposes Obama is obviously a racist, despite the fact that most Southerners who fought in the War of Northern Aggression were not slaveholders and really didn’t care about slavery. Some former slaves even fought for the South. The major reason for the secession of the CSA was that the federal government was starting to intrude upon the Constitutional rights of the Southern states. If you can’t win the debate on the facts, demonize your opponent. This is right out of the Alinsky playbook.

Arizona’s recent court battle over illegal immigration showed that the state is somewhat conservative. Now Arizona is setting themselves up for yet another court battle against anti-Constitutional liberals. The Arizona House has passed a bill that would require all candidates for the Presidency to prove that they are Constitutionally eligible for the office before their names will be allowed on the ballot in the state. In other words, if Barack Hussein Obama wants to run for re-election, he must produce the original birth certificate. Expect his legal team to keep this in the courts until at least January of 2016.

Are there any sane people left in the State of Noo Yawk? First you had a State Assemblyman trying to ban the use of all salt in restaurant cooking. Now another person in that legislative body is trying to ban high fructose corn syrup in the state. What will liberals try to ban next? Caramel coloring in sodas?

Charlie “George Hamilton Tan” Crist is proving that he has never been a true conservative nor a true Republican. He has decided to run for the Senate as an independent, since Marco Rubio is smoking him badly in the GOP primary race. Crist knows that this will cause the Democrat to be elected, but he hates conservatives more than he dislikes the far-left agenda of the Democrats.

The main reason for the crash of the financial markets a couple of years ago was the actions of Freddie and Fannie. Those two entities were the keystones of the subprime mortgage system, and were fully run and supported by big-name Democrats, including the person who put up the wall of separation between our intelligence agencies before 9-11, Jamie Gorelick. So what part of the whole reform packages that are either proposed or already being discussed in Congress have to do with fixing Freddie and Fannie? Yeah, right…you really think that Bawney Fwank, Countrywide Dodd, and John Kerry-Heinz are going to give up that honey hole?

The National Basketball Association, which used to be a professional league worth watching until they threw the entire rulebook out, is maintaining its spot as the professional league with the highest average player salary in the world. While the salary cap per team is dropping by $1,600,000.00, a smaller drop than expected in the current Obarecession, teams will still be able to spend $56,100,000.00 for their 12-man rosters next season, meaning player salaries will average $4,675,000.00. With a 12-man roster, the AVERAGE players are the first and second players coming off of the bench, and they are gonna average that much? Then again, that’s if the teams abide by the salary cap. The way the union has written the league rules, however, there are salary cap exemptions for almost every roster spot, so many teams will have their 12-man rosters getting paid well over $70,000,000.00.

The weirdbeards in Saudi Arabia are proving once again that Islam is all about the 7th century uneducated arab male mindset. The religious police have fired their commander for the “holy city” of Mecca because he had the temerity to say that men and women should be allowed to mingle freely. Since women are property of their husbands or their nearest male relative, this is completely unacceptable. In reality, the religion of the Pedophilic False Prophet is what is completely unacceptable.

The blatant lies from the White House continue, and The Crawfish ain’t buyin’ the line of bovine excrement being laid out by Ballerina Emanuel this time. This week, while the White House and the Dems on Crapitol Hill are pushing for major financial reform including controls over Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission somehow decides to file charges against Goldman Sachs. Those of us who have been paying attention know that there is no such thing as a coincidence when the Obama Administration is involved, despite Rahmbo’s protestations.

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"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-2010 The Weekly Claw

The Crawfish apologizes for not answering the comments from last week’s column. I haven’t had as much “quality time” online as I would prefer lately. I’ll try to be a better host this week.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says that the fight over Obamacare is far from over. The cost to the State of Texas would break our state’s finances. The cost of the new Medicare requirements would be $26,000,000,000.00+ in just the next decade. See what our Governor has to say about Obamacare and the upcoming battles, including Crrap-and-Tax, in his latest editorial column.

One of the first victims of the Obamacare vote is the head sell-out. Bart Stupak has announced that he will not run for re-election. He got his payoffs in the form of earmarks for Meeechigan as soon as the vote occurred, but saw the anger of his constituents and other pro-life Democrats over his vote in exchange for a meaningless Executive Order. In his announcement, he stated “I’ve accomplished what I want to do.” Obviously, what he wanted to do was bankrupt our nation and destroy the Constitution.

Another victim of the passage of Obamacare is the people of America who might need to go to the hospital in the next couple of decades. At least 60 hospitals that were planned have been cancelled by the new law. Not only that, but these were to be 60 hospitals of the type that usually have much better care results than normal public hospitals. Remember, that bill had absolutely nothing to do with giving quality care to Americans, and EVERYTHING to do with expanding government power.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida’s 20th District has to be one of the biggest morons in Congressional history, but since she is a member of the Proud Pelosians, that should come as no big shock. In this video, she tries to declare that the Obamacare bill does not require Americans to carry health insurance. Those folks who refuse to abide by the decree from Crapitol Hill will simply be in a different tax status. Does she really think that her constituents are so stupid that they would fall for that fecal matter? Well, her District is an obviously gerrymandered one, as can be seen by looking at the map, and the voters gave 63% of their votes to Obama, so she is probably correct in her opinion of the lack of intellect found there.

Since The Chosen One assumed his throne, the only times big union officials have left their union jobs have been to take jobs within the Administration or on the unConstitutional National Labor Relations Board. With that said, the main union thug of the Democratic Party and the continuing Obama Campaign, Andy Stern of the SEIU, is resigning his post. Could it be any coincidence that there is an opening on the Supreme Court and that many notable leftists have expressed opinions that the next SCOTUS Justice could possibly come from someplace other than current judicial positions?

One of the VPs of the SEIU is rallying the troops in favor of amnesty, and shows the true colors of the left with this statement, “White workers are so f***ing rabidly racist!” Whenever the left doesn’t get 100% of what it wants, the race card gets played. The Crawfish is soooooo tired of that. The VP, who is black, also seems to believe that black union members are stupid and easily duped, if this statement means anything. “(I)t doesn't take a whole lot to argue African-American workers to another place.”

The Affirmative Action Attorney General and the “I’m ONLY black according to the Census” President are continuing their racial politics and assault on the Constitution. A town in North Carolina wishes to have its elections without the national political parties being involved, which is completely their right according to the Constitution. The Injustice Department has stepped in and said that the Democratic Party MUST be involved or there is no way for any blacks to be elected, and is using Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to declare that this town must get Injustice Department approval to make any changes to their voting procedures. There are about 12,000 locations in the country, almost all in the South, where this is the case. A town can’t even change the location of their polling places if they have been declared under Injustice Department control. Of course, if the blacks would just put forth candidates who are actually worthy of being elected, they wouldn’t need the Democratic Party to support them.

So who will His Majesty choose to be the next SCOTUS Justice, now that Justice Stevens is retiring? Stevens was one of the SCOTUS mistakes made by Republican Presidents over the past 40 years. He was appointed by Nixon, and was a “moderate conservative” early in his career before becoming the mainstay of the left wing in the 80s, yet he still refers to himself as a judicial conservative. That shows just where the left now considers the political middle.

How out of touch are the Dems with the American people? When discussing the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, Upchuck Schumer actually said that all of Obama’s political appointments so far have been “people in the mainstream.” Can anybody really call Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Tax Cheat Timmy, Eric Holder, and Goodwin Liu “People in the mainstream”?????

I’ve been telling y’all for quite some time that the leftists were going to misrepresent the Tea Party folks and try to make them look awful by infiltrating their groups at rallies. Some of y’all didn’t believe me. For the non-believers, Townhall blogger “Peppermint2” offers this website as People’s Exhibit A. This group is going to try to make the Tea Party folks look like ignorant racists and “homophobes”. Remember that THEY are the party of racism, not the GOP and Tea Party folks. As for “homophobes”, I may be against the liberal radical homosexual agenda, but a phobia is an unnatural FEAR of something. I don’t fear the homos. I support equal rights, which means that they should be able to have insurance benefits and such like married couples have, and pay the same tax penalties as married couples do. They already have equal rights for marriage. All Americans can already marry whoever they want as long as a few simple conditions are met: both parties are of legal age, both parties are mentally capable of making this decision, neither party is under duress to make the decision, the parties are not of blood relation first cousin or closer, the parties are of opposite sex. See, there’s no discrimination.

Lots of soccer fans, The Crawfish included, said that FIFA made a huge mistake by awarding the 2010 World Cup to South Africa. That nation is a cesspool and is rife with racial tension and violence. The situation there is getting even worse, now that one of the leaders of the white separatists was butchered on his farm just 48 hours after a leader of Mandela’s party praised Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his takeovers of all white-owned farms, which killed the agricultural industry of his nation.

What kind of sex ed do y’all think is appropriate in public high schools? I’m guessing that none of y’all would agree that the kind of sex ed recently taught at Hillsboro High School in Nashville was appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. Gotta love the products of liberal teachers unions, don’tcha. A tip of The Crawfish’s hat goes to regular Claw contributor “Beachmom” for that’un.

“Beachmom” also sent along this story about Planned Parenthood, and what they think about HIV+ people having sex. Be prepared to be outraged. The leaders of that organization need to be put in front of firing squads for what they have been doing to the youth of America.

The State of Arizona has just passed another law that’s sure to cause liberals to have conniptions. You see, Arizona supports laws that crack down on non-drybacks. Since those people and the drug cartels and gangs that they serve are core voting blocs for the Democrats, expect this law to be attacked by all of the usual liberal suspects who support open borders: LULAC, La Raza, the ACLU, unions, etc.

Is this yet another admission that Obama wants to bring our nation down? I dare any liberal to watch this video and try to say that Obama is pro-America.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4-7-2010 The Weekly Claw

The folks that expressed any opinion as to which day my columns should be posted were almost unanimous in choosing Wednesday. Well, here ya go!

The Crawfish had an incorrect link in my previous edition. Here is the Representative Cleaver story in which he says that he never reported any spitting incident. Thanx to Claw contributor and blogger Jim for spotting the error and sending the correct link.

One of His Majesty’s judicial nominations is in even more jeopardy than before. Goodwin Liu, who has stated that the Constitution must change with the times instead of being the rock-solid foundation of our nation, tried to hide information about over 100 of his speeches and public appearances from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Just another socialist Obamite trying to not show his true colors until it is too late to stop him.

Here is yet more proof that the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet are totally screwed up. They condone honor killings and suicide bombers, but a kiss in public draws a jail sentence?

Proving once again that all muslims yearn to be anti-Infidel terrorists and that you cannot trust a single one of them, Hamid Karzai has now threatened to join the Taliban if he continues to get pressure from the civilized world. Then again, joining up with the 7th century goat lovers just might be preferable to having to be seen on occasion with Hillary.

Back in the 80s, The Crawfish attended Trinity University in San Antonio for a few semesters...a few semesters that cost my parents a boatload of money...a few semesters that I used to enjoy myself instead of applying myself to my education. For example, the frisbee reference in the following story comes from the love of the sport of frisbee gold on that campus throughout the 70s and 80s, which I was MUCH better at and spent more time perfecting than any academic course, but that’s not the reason for this paragraph. Trinity was founded by a religious group, which is kinda obvious if one notes the name of the school and any publicly available info on the school. Well, it seems that a muslim (of course) got peeved at the language on his diploma which read “In the Year of Our Lord...”, and made it known to the head of the student “diversity” group, a fellow Follower of the Pedophilic False Prophet, who in turn is calling for the school to stop putting such vile language on the diplomas. Muzzies make up less than 1% of the student body. If they don’t like anything related to Christianity, they are free to a) not study at a Christianity-based school, and b) get the Hell out of our Judeo-Christian-based nation.

Isn’t that special. A Saudi cleric of the False Prophet has announced plans to travel to Jerusalem to bolster muslim claims to the city. Sorry, Muhammed, but Islam has nothing to do with Jerusalem, despite your claims that the False Prophet ascended to Heaven there. He didn’t, and that land is 100% Israeli. Too bad, so sad, deal with it.

The Administration of His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama is removing the term “Islamic radicalism” from our national security strategy. You see, the real radical terrorists are those Tea Party people, not the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet.

The envirowackos are costing you again. Prepare to pay taxes on rain. Yes, rain. Claw contributor “Dennis” sent this article about how property owners are starting to get hit with fees for “storm water runoff” around the nation. It is a bit more serious than just dog poo and fertilizer. The EPA is really strict about this when it comes to industrial sites. The Crawfish recently sat through a one hour class on storm runoff as part of his new employee orientation at a defense contractor.

Do any of you really need more proof that the leftists in America wants to destroy not only the Constitution but all moral and religious values in our nation? Consider this. The leftists believe that Virginny’s Governor should be disqualified from public office because one of his college theses was about his advocacy of traditional lifestyles and family values, but a Democrat who was once arrested by the FBI for online solicitation of a minor and convicted on multiple felony charges in that matter should be elected to political office in Cleveland, and those who keep bringing up his past are in the wrong.

Virginny’s Governor did the right thing this past week by putting out a proclamation declaring that April is Confederate History Month in the state, something the recent Democrat Governors have refused to do. Black leaders, still masking their bigoted ways by calling themselves “civil rights leaders” instantly attacked the Governor because his proclamation didn’t denounce slavery.

I ask again, which party is the party of racists? Here’s a hint: it is probably the party that includes a former high official in the KKK.

Speaking of Democrat racists, the Chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, by definition a racist group, wants to give bonus money to federal employees who speak something other than English on the job. Unless it has to do with international relations, international trade, immigration, or tourism, no federal, state, or local government worker should ever speak anything other than English on the job. This is, by the way, the United States of America. We speak English.

Back to traditional values for a bit. When The Crawfish was a young crustacean, Americans respected their elders. Now we have a story about a young leech upon society who shot an elderly man because the hard-of-hearing elderly gent “disrespected him” by not immediately and positively responding to the younger man’s demand to give him a dollar. Oh, and did I mention that this story came from Obamaland? Is that yet another definition of “The Chicago Way”?

One of the main objectives of the Democratic Party has always been to get a majority of Americans to be sucking off the public teat. That would assure them of a permanent majority, since people who are getting the handouts aren’t going to vote for those who would take the handouts away and force them to actually work for a living. It appears that this objective has been met, and the only reason the people will vote against the Dems this November is because the people are still hacked off about Obamacare and potentially Crrap-and-Tax and maybe amnesty to non-drybacks.

The Crawfish isn’t rolling in the dough, so I don’t have the cha-ching to subscribe to Roll Call. Since that is the case, I can only bring you the first paragraph or so of this article, in which the Congressional Research Service confirms news that I brought y’all while Obamacare was being rammed through. The newly signed law will in fact have taxpayers pay for Viagra and other sex drugs for rapists and other sex offenders. Yep, the Dems had to take care of one of their solid voting blocks.

“With rare exception, everybody realizes that ObamaCare is terrific!” With those words, Dingy Harry Reid has proclaimed that the official Democrat definition of “rare exception” is “the majority of the American people”, and “everybody” means “the Administration, Democrats on Capitol Hill, and the leadership of the Democratic Party.” He also thinks that the expansion of the “Cornhusker Kickback” to now include all states is a good thing, since it means that the federal government will be stealing money from every federal taxpayer to pay for ALL of Medicare, not just the supposedly-federally-paid parts. These nuts are positively giddy about exploding the budget and destroying our economy for decades. Here’s the rest of his interview with Greta Van Susteren.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States

Here are the Democrats in the House who voted for Obamacare. Make sure they never hear the end of it and that their political careers come to a crashing halt soon.

1 Ann Kirkpatrick
4 Edward Pastor
5 Harry Mitchell
7 Raul Grijalva
8 Gabrielle Giffords
2 Victor Snyder
1 Mike Thompson
5 Doris Matsui
6 Lynn Woolsey
7 George Miller
8 Nancy Pelosi
9 Barbara Lee
10 John Garamendi
11 Jerry McNerney
12 Jackie Speier
13 Fortney Stark
14 Anna Eshoo
15 Michael Honda
16 Zoe Lofgren
17 Sam Farr
18 Dennis Cardoza
20 Jim Costa
23 Lois Capps
27 Brad Sherman
28 Howard Berman
29 Adam Schiff
30 Henry Waxman
31 Xavier Becerra
32 Judy Chu
33 Diane Watson
34 Lucielle Roybal-Allard
35 Maxine Waters
36 Jane Harman
37 Laura Richardson
38 Grace Napolitano
39 Linda Sanchez
43 Joe Baca
47 Loretta Sanchez
51 Bob Filner
53 Susan Davis
1 Diana DeGette
2 Jared Polis
3 John Salazar
4 Betsy Markey
7 Ed Perlmutter
1 John Larson
2 Joe Courtney
3 Rosa DeLauro
4 James Himes
5 Christopher Murphy
2 Allen Boyd
3 Corrine Brown
8 Alan Grayson
11 Kathy Castor
17 Kendrick Meek
20 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
22 Ron Klein
23 Alcee Hastings
24 Suzanne Kosmas
2 Sanford Bishop
4 Henry Johnson
5 John Lewis
13 David Scott
2 Mazie Hirono
1 Bobby Rush
2 Jesse Jackson
4 Luis Gutierrez
5 Mike Quigley
7 Danny Davis
8 Melissa Bean
9 Janice Schakowsky
11 Deborah Halvorson
12 Jerry Costello
14 Bill Foster
17 Phil Hare
1 Peter Visclosky
2 Joe Donnelly
7 Andre Carson
8 Brad Ellsworth
9 Baron Hill
1 Bruce Braley
2 David Loebsack
3 Leonard Boswell
3 Dennis Moore
3 John Yarmuth
1 Chellie Pingree
2 Michael Michaud
2 C. A. Ruppersberger
3 John Sarbanes
4 Donna Edwards
5 Steny Hoyer
7 Elijah Cummings
8 Christopher Van Hollen
1 John Oliver
2 Richard Neal
3 James McGovern
4 Barney Frank
5 Niki Tsongas
6 John Tierney
7 Edward Markey
8 Michael Capuano
10 William Delahunt
1 Bart Stupak
5 Dale Kildee
7 Mark Schauer
9 Gary Peters
12 Sander Levin
13 Carolyn Kilpatrick
14 John Conyers
15 John Dingell
1 Timothy Walz
4 Betty McCollum
5 Keith Ellison
8 James Oberstar
2 Bennie Thompson
1 William Clay
3 Russ Carnahan
5 Emmanuel Cleaver
1 Shelly Berkley
3 Dina Titus
New Hampshire
1 Carol Shea-Porter
2 Paul Hodes
New Jersey
1 Robert Andrews
6 Frank Pallone
8 William Pascrell
9 Steven Rothman
10 Donald Payne
12 Rush Holt
13 Albio Sires
New Mexico
1 Martin Heinrich
3 Ben Lujan
New York
1 Timothy Bishop
2 Steve Israel
4 Carolyn McCarthy
5 Gary Ackerman
6 Gregory Meeks
7 Joseph Crowley
8 Jerrold Nadler
9 Anthony Weiner
10 Edolphus Towns
11 Yvette Clarke
12 Nydia Velazquez
14 Carolyn Maloney
15 Charles Rangel
16 Jose Serrano
17 Eliot Engel
18 Nita Lowey
19 John Hall
20 Scott Murphy
21 Paul Tonko
22 Maurice Hinchey
23 William Owens
25 Daniel Maffei
27 Brian Higgins
28 Louise Slaughter
North Carolina
1 George Butterfield
2 Bob Etheridge
4 David Price
12 Melvin Watt
13 Bradley Miller
North Dakota
0 Earl Pomeroy
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

4-3-2010 The Weekend Claw

Attention Claw readers. I’ve been pressed for time online since I left the Navy (not sitting at a desk on the computer all day anymore), so it’s taking longer for me to populate my columns with stories. I’m going to go back to posting only once per week for now. Would y’all prefer that my columns come out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays? We’ll start the new schedule next week.

Also, for some reason or another, my Paul Revere’s Riders account was disabled, so I had to make a new one. The head of the Riders, RJ, doesn’t know why and even told me that his OWNER account got disabled once recently. Anyway, there’s another new address for your favorite Conservative Crustacean’s rants, and it is:

Well, it appears my original account got reactivated. It is at: and the second account might have just gone disabled. Things get curiouser and curiouser.

The muslim pirates based in Somalia give us some much-needed humor this week. It seems they spotted a large ship at night this week and decided to try to take it over under the cover of darkness. The dumb-basses didn’t realize that it was not a freighter until it was too late. They were trying to capture the frigate USS Nicholas. I believe this is the proper soundbite for this incident.

Is this the first step in the left’s march to a “New Reichstag Fire” incident that will allow them to make a violent crackdown and suspend the Constitution? Most state Governors have received message from the “Guardians of the Free Republics” telling them to leave office within 3 days or they will get removed. The Guardians are an actual group with links to Ron Paul, but are they actually the ones sending those messages or are Obama’s minions doing it posing as the Guardians? We already know that all Tea Party protests from now on will have union thugs and other Obots posing as Tea Party folks while behaving badly, throwing eggs, shouting profanities, shouting threats, and shouting racist terms. The FBI, under the direction of the Affirmative Action Attorney General said that the letters “may encourage violence”, which is exactly what the leftists want.

Who knew that Dan Calabrese of North Star National was a part of General Palin’s plan to cause a violent revolution across America?

I’m not sayin’ that the lefties in the EPA are hypocrites or anything, but when stories like this one come out, we can clearly see that they don’t care about the environment. They only care about their own power, privilege, and controlling the Great Unwashed. In other words, they’re exactly like the folks who are foisting Obamacare upon us.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver was one of the Democrat Congresscritters who was supposedly spit upon before the Obamacare vote. He seems to be backing away from those claims, since there’s video of almost his entire walk and no such incident is on tape.

Just when you think liberals can’t get any dumber, along comes an obvious product of the teachers unions and public schools. Representative Hank Johnson represents the 4th Congressional District in Georgia, which is 53.5% black, was formerly represented by extreme moonbat Cynthia McKinney, and includes much of the metro Atlanta area. Here he is questioning a Navy Admiral regarding the proposals to move our Marines from bases on the island of Okinawa to the American territory of Guam. The moron believes that the additional population on the island will cause the ISLAND to tip over and capsize! The Crawfish would never have believed it until I saw the video. I’ve heard more intelligent conversations from crackheads. And to think that the people of Atlanta wonder why the rest of the nation considers them to be the biggest collection of dumb-basses in the nation. They make Ray “School bus Chocolate City” Nagin look brilliant.

Representative Phil Hare (D-Corruptionois) actually said “I don’t care about the Constitution” when questioned about the Constitutionality of Obamacare. He also believes that the phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is part of the Constitution.

The leftists are touting the newest employment numbers which show 162,000 jobs added in March, but let’s look at the facts. The number was predicted to be 190,000, so they failed there. 48,000 of those jobs were temporary Census worker jobs and another 40,000 were with temp agencies. The unemployment rate remains at 9.7%, and the underemployment rate actually ROSE.

The ranch murder featured in my previous column is now a major part of the GOP Senatorial primary campaign in Arizona, where open-borders RINO John “I support amnesty” McLame is being challenged by former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

Even Linda Chavez is now calling for Michael Steele to be replaced as RNC Chairman before the 2010 election cycle kicks into high gear. Steele talked a good game while filling the post of Lieutenant Governor in Maryland, and while running for the Senate seat in that state, but he has been a centrist elitist since taking over the RNC job. Too bad Lee Atwater is dead and Haley Barbour is running Mississippi.

General McChrystal is demanding a Spartan lifestyle for coalition military personnel serving in Afghanistan. He’s kicking out the American food outlets such as DQ, Taco Hell, Popeye’s, TGIF, Subway, Pizza Slut, Orange Julius, and BK. He’s also closing the Harley-Davidson dealership and not allowing first run movies anymore. Does this idjut believe that low morale is essential for military performance?

Do any of you believe that the Census is NOT a political event? If it was NOT politics, then why would Barack Obama lie when it comes to the racial questions on the Census? He denied his white heritage entirely.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States