Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-2010 The Weekly Claw

The Crawfish apologizes for not answering the comments from last week’s column. I haven’t had as much “quality time” online as I would prefer lately. I’ll try to be a better host this week.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says that the fight over Obamacare is far from over. The cost to the State of Texas would break our state’s finances. The cost of the new Medicare requirements would be $26,000,000,000.00+ in just the next decade. See what our Governor has to say about Obamacare and the upcoming battles, including Crrap-and-Tax, in his latest editorial column.

One of the first victims of the Obamacare vote is the head sell-out. Bart Stupak has announced that he will not run for re-election. He got his payoffs in the form of earmarks for Meeechigan as soon as the vote occurred, but saw the anger of his constituents and other pro-life Democrats over his vote in exchange for a meaningless Executive Order. In his announcement, he stated “I’ve accomplished what I want to do.” Obviously, what he wanted to do was bankrupt our nation and destroy the Constitution.

Another victim of the passage of Obamacare is the people of America who might need to go to the hospital in the next couple of decades. At least 60 hospitals that were planned have been cancelled by the new law. Not only that, but these were to be 60 hospitals of the type that usually have much better care results than normal public hospitals. Remember, that bill had absolutely nothing to do with giving quality care to Americans, and EVERYTHING to do with expanding government power.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida’s 20th District has to be one of the biggest morons in Congressional history, but since she is a member of the Proud Pelosians, that should come as no big shock. In this video, she tries to declare that the Obamacare bill does not require Americans to carry health insurance. Those folks who refuse to abide by the decree from Crapitol Hill will simply be in a different tax status. Does she really think that her constituents are so stupid that they would fall for that fecal matter? Well, her District is an obviously gerrymandered one, as can be seen by looking at the map, and the voters gave 63% of their votes to Obama, so she is probably correct in her opinion of the lack of intellect found there.

Since The Chosen One assumed his throne, the only times big union officials have left their union jobs have been to take jobs within the Administration or on the unConstitutional National Labor Relations Board. With that said, the main union thug of the Democratic Party and the continuing Obama Campaign, Andy Stern of the SEIU, is resigning his post. Could it be any coincidence that there is an opening on the Supreme Court and that many notable leftists have expressed opinions that the next SCOTUS Justice could possibly come from someplace other than current judicial positions?

One of the VPs of the SEIU is rallying the troops in favor of amnesty, and shows the true colors of the left with this statement, “White workers are so f***ing rabidly racist!” Whenever the left doesn’t get 100% of what it wants, the race card gets played. The Crawfish is soooooo tired of that. The VP, who is black, also seems to believe that black union members are stupid and easily duped, if this statement means anything. “(I)t doesn't take a whole lot to argue African-American workers to another place.”

The Affirmative Action Attorney General and the “I’m ONLY black according to the Census” President are continuing their racial politics and assault on the Constitution. A town in North Carolina wishes to have its elections without the national political parties being involved, which is completely their right according to the Constitution. The Injustice Department has stepped in and said that the Democratic Party MUST be involved or there is no way for any blacks to be elected, and is using Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to declare that this town must get Injustice Department approval to make any changes to their voting procedures. There are about 12,000 locations in the country, almost all in the South, where this is the case. A town can’t even change the location of their polling places if they have been declared under Injustice Department control. Of course, if the blacks would just put forth candidates who are actually worthy of being elected, they wouldn’t need the Democratic Party to support them.

So who will His Majesty choose to be the next SCOTUS Justice, now that Justice Stevens is retiring? Stevens was one of the SCOTUS mistakes made by Republican Presidents over the past 40 years. He was appointed by Nixon, and was a “moderate conservative” early in his career before becoming the mainstay of the left wing in the 80s, yet he still refers to himself as a judicial conservative. That shows just where the left now considers the political middle.

How out of touch are the Dems with the American people? When discussing the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, Upchuck Schumer actually said that all of Obama’s political appointments so far have been “people in the mainstream.” Can anybody really call Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Tax Cheat Timmy, Eric Holder, and Goodwin Liu “People in the mainstream”?????

I’ve been telling y’all for quite some time that the leftists were going to misrepresent the Tea Party folks and try to make them look awful by infiltrating their groups at rallies. Some of y’all didn’t believe me. For the non-believers, Townhall blogger “Peppermint2” offers this website as People’s Exhibit A. This group is going to try to make the Tea Party folks look like ignorant racists and “homophobes”. Remember that THEY are the party of racism, not the GOP and Tea Party folks. As for “homophobes”, I may be against the liberal radical homosexual agenda, but a phobia is an unnatural FEAR of something. I don’t fear the homos. I support equal rights, which means that they should be able to have insurance benefits and such like married couples have, and pay the same tax penalties as married couples do. They already have equal rights for marriage. All Americans can already marry whoever they want as long as a few simple conditions are met: both parties are of legal age, both parties are mentally capable of making this decision, neither party is under duress to make the decision, the parties are not of blood relation first cousin or closer, the parties are of opposite sex. See, there’s no discrimination.

Lots of soccer fans, The Crawfish included, said that FIFA made a huge mistake by awarding the 2010 World Cup to South Africa. That nation is a cesspool and is rife with racial tension and violence. The situation there is getting even worse, now that one of the leaders of the white separatists was butchered on his farm just 48 hours after a leader of Mandela’s party praised Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his takeovers of all white-owned farms, which killed the agricultural industry of his nation.

What kind of sex ed do y’all think is appropriate in public high schools? I’m guessing that none of y’all would agree that the kind of sex ed recently taught at Hillsboro High School in Nashville was appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. Gotta love the products of liberal teachers unions, don’tcha. A tip of The Crawfish’s hat goes to regular Claw contributor “Beachmom” for that’un.

“Beachmom” also sent along this story about Planned Parenthood, and what they think about HIV+ people having sex. Be prepared to be outraged. The leaders of that organization need to be put in front of firing squads for what they have been doing to the youth of America.

The State of Arizona has just passed another law that’s sure to cause liberals to have conniptions. You see, Arizona supports laws that crack down on non-drybacks. Since those people and the drug cartels and gangs that they serve are core voting blocs for the Democrats, expect this law to be attacked by all of the usual liberal suspects who support open borders: LULAC, La Raza, the ACLU, unions, etc.

Is this yet another admission that Obama wants to bring our nation down? I dare any liberal to watch this video and try to say that Obama is pro-America.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. As for Az. A very conflicted state, Sheriff Arapipo(sic) and John McAmnetsy from the same State?
    Wetbacks could have problems though after the rancher was shot.


  2. Gar,
    don't forget that they also voted for Janet Napolitano.

  3. Happy Income Redistribution Day. (sarc on)

    When you look at the things libidiots do, they are plainly and clearly putting their efforts into destroying this country. They have worked for years to minimize families. (In the Communist Manifesto by the way) They have worked diligently to do away with traditional, clean morals. They do whatever they can to kill religion and anything to with God. They love free speech only if the speech goes along, hook, line and sinker with central planning approved opinions.
    And they want to have open borders to further destroy our sovereignty.
    It's all designed to kill the Constitution and our political system.

    The only good thing South Africa has going for it now is their accent.

  4. Stupidak KNEW he was dead meat. I see the idiot is considering an even BIGGER moroness for SCOTUS. Whomever he picks,no big deal,just replacing an uber-lib with another. We KNOW the asshat wouldn't choose ANYONE who understands the Constitution now,would he? Got to get going,we are de-camping for the Northern Command.Catch up with you next week.

  5. Now that be Gumbo! Lemme see what in that. Obamacare reduces hospital? Just like in the UK? Go figure! Andy Stern SCOTUS nominees, sausage meat (lips and well you know). Crashthe, rue. Sex in schools, spicy. Obama? Shrimp.

    That sounds like gumbo to me Mudbug.
    Thanks for the fill.

    PS; Not too much fat claw on the

  6. There was also Al Queda threatening to attack the World Cup, either in the stadium and/or around the area. They might need the national guard there!

  7. Hi craw: good pts. Can you imagine the Debbie voters ever voting Pub? In the 19th, Fla. Tues, the Jewish senior voters elected the Dems and yet Care, taxes will kill them. They apparently do not care because to them , Pubs are more dangerous than socialist pacifist policies of Obama. Drop by my latest on the 2010 elections and rant.

  8. Ok, I am going to look into this North Carolina story very carefully. I was not aware of this and as so often happens, I come to read Claw and I find out something new. Thanx, Crafish.

  9. Herr Schumer may have been right, Craw. I think they are main stream. The problem is that the nation's political structure isn't a stream, it's a mighty river. Streams are what happens when a small segment of the river decides to go wander off on its own.

  10. Speaking of SCOTUS, Shelly has said in an interview that the Supreme Court needs diversity.
    Never mind the Constitution or any understanding of it.
    Ya, they're transparent alright.

  11. Gar, Crawfish,
    If you thought Arizona was conflicted before, how about this? Arizona Gov Jane Hull signed what they are calling the "Constitutional Carry" law, making it only the third State where you can carry a concealed weapon without needing a special permit or license.
    About Nappy - sorry about that - but we were damned glad to rid of her(?) after two terms of complete ineptitude. The scary thought is "Justice Napolitano" - reportedly on Barry's short list for SCOTUS.

  12. FinalRac

    Where IS your latest post? I "dropped by" your TH blog and your latest there is July '09.

  13. 1. Soccer. Who cares about that sissy la-la game outside the rest of the world??? Who do you think world organizations will give ANYTHING to besides corrupt, 3rd World, dictatorial or Marxist states???
    C'mon, C-Fish. You been around the block a time or three.

    2. Not sure just why any sex-ed should be taught in schools at all. Just more of the nanny state imposing itself upon parential duties. They didn't teach how to put a condom on a cucumber back when I was in school. And probably an average of less than 1 girl per grade, 10th on up, had to...go to California to live with her aunt...for a semester.

    3. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is finally getting some support? But Arizona is still a screwball state. They have folks like Sheriff Joe fighting illegal aliens and folks like John McCain trying to block efforts to halt illegals.

    4. Does Obama want to bring this nation down? You bet your sweet bippy, he does. Obama is a Marxist and he is doing everything he can to weaken this nation before the world. By the time he gets through we won't have any defensive nukes, we won't have any military, we won't have any defense mechanism to fend off a Russian invasion across the Bering into Alaska, which they are saying is theirs anyway, and from their staging point in Venezuela up the isthmus, through Mexico and into the Southwest. A large part of our military is in the Mideast and a tactical strike will leave them stranded there while the Homeland is invaded. Everything he is doing is designed to weaken the country militarily and monetarily until his beloved communist armies will be able to walk in and take over. He is the Marxist Trojan Horse!

  14. I also read about the Doctor shortage that is coming because of this BIG MISTAKE--good grief!! how many warnings about Iceburgs were givin before the Titantc hit? now the iceburg is in veiw and Obummer is full steam ahead. There nothing in the sorry excuse we have for news today about the judge delaring the National Day of prayer unconstitutional.

  15. Crawfish---Stupor-ack pulled a Nevell Chaberlain--waving a worthless peice of paper and claiming "no federal funding"!!Whyle Obummer and his DIM-o-crats snicker!!!

  16. C-Fish...The race card has been played by these MORONS so much that they are working on each other!!good grief is it any wonder why so many do not trust Washington--Republicans and Democrats alike!!!

  17. B-mom,
    They all wish that the Revolution had never occurred, and try to make us more like Britainistan every day.

    Sud Afreaka doesn't even have THAT going for it.

  18. Clyde,
    Probably someone who admits that the Constitution needs to be "interpreted" and that foreign laws have priority.

  19. Jim,
    actually had gumbo this past week...

  20. Eric,
    an AQ attack would only make that nation better

  21. Glenn,
    Yankees move away from Yankeeland to go to Florida because things are soooo much better in the South and they want to escape their own high taxes....then they vote for the same morons who ruined their home states.

  22. B-mom,
    putting blacks in power is much more important than the silly Constitution thingy

  23. Saltwater,
    I kinda like the thought of Justice Napolitano.....ANDREW Napolitano!

  24. Buck,
    1) Watch it! I played the game for almost 30 years and refereed for a decade or so!
    2) Back then moral values were looked up to in America
    3) I sure hope JD whips McLame!
    4) Does he want the Marxists to conquer us or the muzzies?

  25. Pat 76,
    The bill had nothing to do with health care and everything to do with power. They don't give a damn what kind of care results.

  26. 8th,
    The difference being that Chamberlain wasn't smart enough to know he was being played. Stupak knew it and just denied it.

  27. Blackwater,
    I can count the number of trustworthy Congresscritters on my hands and toes.

  28. "I can count the number of trustworthy Congresscritters on my hands and toes."
    My condolences on your apparent case of frostbite - it's the only immediate explanation I can think of for why you need toes as well.


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