Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4-21-2010 The Weekly Claw

Today is a major celebration day in The Crawfish’s home state of Texas, but thanks to our crrrrappy public schools, most of our kids and young adults don’t even know about it. Today is San Jacinto Day, commemorating the victory of Sam Houston over Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. That battle ended the Texas Revolutionary War.

The liberal media keeps on screaming about the Tea Party folks being on the verge of committing some major violence, even though they have not done anything of the sort. Contrast that with the liberals, who beat up a BLACK conservative protester in St. Louis, are at the heart of the violence in all of the violent WTO protests, and the beatdown (including a broken leg) of a FEMALE Bobby Jindal staffer outside Brennan’s Restaurant in N’awlins. The attack included political insults, and was committed as the staffer and her boyfriend were leaving a meeting of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference at the N’awlins landmark restaurant where Banana’s Foster was invented. The story shows how the leftists planned their protest and were ready for action.

The other major talking point is that the Tea Parties are made up of a bunch of redneck racists. One of the ways the pundits prove this point is to point out that, in the South, some rallies include some Confederate Battle Flags. Of course, anybody who supports the South or opposes Obama is obviously a racist, despite the fact that most Southerners who fought in the War of Northern Aggression were not slaveholders and really didn’t care about slavery. Some former slaves even fought for the South. The major reason for the secession of the CSA was that the federal government was starting to intrude upon the Constitutional rights of the Southern states. If you can’t win the debate on the facts, demonize your opponent. This is right out of the Alinsky playbook.

Arizona’s recent court battle over illegal immigration showed that the state is somewhat conservative. Now Arizona is setting themselves up for yet another court battle against anti-Constitutional liberals. The Arizona House has passed a bill that would require all candidates for the Presidency to prove that they are Constitutionally eligible for the office before their names will be allowed on the ballot in the state. In other words, if Barack Hussein Obama wants to run for re-election, he must produce the original birth certificate. Expect his legal team to keep this in the courts until at least January of 2016.

Are there any sane people left in the State of Noo Yawk? First you had a State Assemblyman trying to ban the use of all salt in restaurant cooking. Now another person in that legislative body is trying to ban high fructose corn syrup in the state. What will liberals try to ban next? Caramel coloring in sodas?

Charlie “George Hamilton Tan” Crist is proving that he has never been a true conservative nor a true Republican. He has decided to run for the Senate as an independent, since Marco Rubio is smoking him badly in the GOP primary race. Crist knows that this will cause the Democrat to be elected, but he hates conservatives more than he dislikes the far-left agenda of the Democrats.

The main reason for the crash of the financial markets a couple of years ago was the actions of Freddie and Fannie. Those two entities were the keystones of the subprime mortgage system, and were fully run and supported by big-name Democrats, including the person who put up the wall of separation between our intelligence agencies before 9-11, Jamie Gorelick. So what part of the whole reform packages that are either proposed or already being discussed in Congress have to do with fixing Freddie and Fannie? Yeah, right…you really think that Bawney Fwank, Countrywide Dodd, and John Kerry-Heinz are going to give up that honey hole?

The National Basketball Association, which used to be a professional league worth watching until they threw the entire rulebook out, is maintaining its spot as the professional league with the highest average player salary in the world. While the salary cap per team is dropping by $1,600,000.00, a smaller drop than expected in the current Obarecession, teams will still be able to spend $56,100,000.00 for their 12-man rosters next season, meaning player salaries will average $4,675,000.00. With a 12-man roster, the AVERAGE players are the first and second players coming off of the bench, and they are gonna average that much? Then again, that’s if the teams abide by the salary cap. The way the union has written the league rules, however, there are salary cap exemptions for almost every roster spot, so many teams will have their 12-man rosters getting paid well over $70,000,000.00.

The weirdbeards in Saudi Arabia are proving once again that Islam is all about the 7th century uneducated arab male mindset. The religious police have fired their commander for the “holy city” of Mecca because he had the temerity to say that men and women should be allowed to mingle freely. Since women are property of their husbands or their nearest male relative, this is completely unacceptable. In reality, the religion of the Pedophilic False Prophet is what is completely unacceptable.

The blatant lies from the White House continue, and The Crawfish ain’t buyin’ the line of bovine excrement being laid out by Ballerina Emanuel this time. This week, while the White House and the Dems on Crapitol Hill are pushing for major financial reform including controls over Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission somehow decides to file charges against Goldman Sachs. Those of us who have been paying attention know that there is no such thing as a coincidence when the Obama Administration is involved, despite Rahmbo’s protestations.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley


  1. Hey Craw-
    Speaking of Racists go to ZoNation and see Alfonzo Rachel's rebuttal to that idiot Charles Blow. And if you haven't read that idiot's column, read it before you watch the video. Priceless.

  2. Back home,settling in,and all that crap..A) Glorious San Jacinto Day. Is this even mentioned in modern history textbooks anymore? B) This has been the left's M.O. since time immemorial.Time to use THEIR tactics on THEIR asses.C) Yep,sure is. Facts to liberals are like a torch to a snowman,or sunlight to vampires.D)I LOVE THIS. About time the damned states woke up. Tenth'er and PROUD!!E) Short answer.HELL NO.F) Man,talk about timing. Got a call from the godamn RNC about 6:30 this evening,the moron was going on about the need for conservatives,and I pointed THIS VERY ITEM out to him. He said,"Rubio is NO conservative".I said,"You wouldn't know a conservative if one kicked you in the ass". He promptly hung up.WITHOUT getting "my most generous donation".MWAHAHAHAHAHA
    G) Another short answer.HELL FUKKIN' NO.H)I'm too short and white to understand basketball,according to #1 son-in-law.I) Good fukkin'grief. Islam is REAL close to liberalism in that BOTH require NO thought processes.J)Coincidence my fat ass. These assholes CANNOT win their battles with ideas or policies,so they simply resort to thuggery.EVERY-FRIGGING THING with this bunch of bozos involves how much THEY can shake out of whomever they've targeted. Al Capone would be absolutely ENVIOUS of these cacksuckers.Almost a MILLION to the Thief-in-Chief,and HE dares to go AFTER them more? It would be nice to see someone at G-S tell these bastards to go screw themselves,but in G-S's case,it would be an incestious relationship. Good stuff,my friend. C ya next week.

  3. How did you miss this one about Rahm "Flatulence" Emanuel?

    Classy, Rahm. Real classy.

  4. Hey there! Good stuff as usual.
    I find it interesting that with all of the stuff regarding Fannie and Freddie, that again they seem to get a free pass in this "reform Legislation."
    Can hardly wait to see Obama bash Wall Street tomorrow. Maybe next go round they won't give him so much money nor any other DEMS.

    I see Arizona with their immigration law. I am sure the Feds and Obama will step in and can it. I think that would be unwise, but what do I know.

    Nice to know the liberal media is still out there bashing the tea party people. They loons!

  5. Happy San Jacinto Day Crawfish! (And remember the Alamo!)

    As for former slaves fighting for the Confederate States of America, this also applies to slaves. I have a book review just up on my site about Holt Collier, a Mississippian, a Confederate scout and sniper, and a slave. Collier is one of Mississippi's finest and is connected to the name of the favorite children's toy in the world (the Teddy Bear).

    PS: Arizona is to be complemented on their new immigration law.

  6. C-fish- I was at the alimo and believe me it is sacred ground!As far as the LAMEstream media attacks on the TEA party I thought Hillary Clinton said that protesting was "patriotic" when she critized Bush in 2003.

  7. 1. I find that offering a fair reward is the best method in finding the perpetrators. As there is no honor among thieves, offer a reward and some "friend" will point the finger.

    2. The slavery issue has been mistakenly claimed as the cause for the War of Northern Aggression even back when I was in the 5th Grade....back in the last the century's half way decade.

    3. Arizona has the right idea. ALL states should require ALL candidates to produce birth certificate as well as proof of claims to college achievements.

    4. How come all those national hag organizations who are so quick to chastise "male chauvinist" actions in our world are silent about the excesses and abuses in the muslim world?

    5. Yeah. The White House is bringing charges against Goldman Sachs. The folks who gave the Obama machine a million dollars. he he.. hee hee.... bwa hahahahahahahahaha. Bet no large corporations give a bag full next time....

  8. I just read the book 'Game Change'. Yes, I know its a book written by two Obama-worshippers and treats Barry as lovingly as the North Korean media treats Kim Jong Il but its description of that rat-weasel Crist would make any of us smile. Those of us who voted for McLame will hang our heads in shame. McLame at one point says,"Who wants to be the leader of a party of people like this?" We didnt want you either so why were you there? Lets make RINOs an endangered species.

  9. Craw,

    Good one. You should KNOW that whenever Rahmbutt Emasculated opens his yap, it's just anal gas.

    Saltwater: I saw that video, what a pig.

  10. Mr Crawfish, The ones who are mocking the TEA party people should take a good look in the mirror. They will see the very ones the TEA party people are tring to save WITH this great nation of ours!!

  11. @8th:
    It's only patriotic to oppose those who aren't sufficiently liberal. You know that bit of mathematics about two points being required to define a line? The line between 'patriotic dissent' and 'absolute nutcase lunacy' is defined by the twin points of socialism and officially sanctioned Molech, uh, abortion. If you rise above that line, you're a nutcase - if you sink to even lower, you're a 'patriot'.

  12. More ways that Islam is not a peaceful religion...

    Southpark is being threatened by and they will wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing his show.

    Theo Van Gogh was killed by the Islam extremists from in 2004 for saying that Islam condones violence against women. His dead photo was posted on their site.

    I wonder if they realize who big of hypocrites they are.

  13. Craw,
    A long time ago, I worked at 6 Flags over Texas and each section served their food with a tiny flag for that area. I took a flag for the CSA with me to college and asked people who were rabidly against "the Confederate flag" to identify it. None could. They guessed 13 colonies and other states.

  14. Nee,
    all I can say is...geeeeeez.

  15. Clyde,
    a) I doubt it
    b) Most of the real violence and real racism comes from the left
    c) Facts? We don't need no stinkin' FACTS!
    d) Remeber that my political platform included a 10th Amendment Commission
    e) That's the answer I expected from ya
    f) F Crist and his George Hamilton tan.
    g) Just shows that you've been paying attention
    h) I USED to be a fan.....
    i) Thoughts are reserved for the gracious rulers...not you little people
    j) Chicago politics on the national scale

  16. Salty,
    Rahm is the EPITOME of class! Right?

  17. Susan,
    the Affirmative Action Attorney General is already trying to overturn the Arizona law.

  18. Ghost,
    I linked your column on Collier a couple of weeks ago

  19. 8th,
    you mean that there's a double standard in politics and the media? Well knock me over with a feather!

  20. Buck,
    1) Rewards and bounties need to be used more often
    2) That's because Yankees wrote the history post-war
    3) Lots more on Arizona this week
    4) Criticizing Islam is a great sin in America, but slandering Christianity is good sport
    5) And one of their big guys is one of Upchuck's top money guys!

  21. skep41,
    Thankfully, I can proudly say that I voted for Chuck Baldwin instead of McLame.

  22. jya92,
    thanx, and welcome to my little Swamp

  23. Gunny,
    sorry I don't have time to do as much as I used to do, but I am continuing the fight.

  24. Chariot,
    good point!...and thanx for stopping by!

  25. Eric,
    the muzzies are too stoooooopid to understand hypocrisy

  26. Packrat,
    I miss the days of Six Flags having those six sections that actually meant something.


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