Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4-7-2010 The Weekly Claw

The folks that expressed any opinion as to which day my columns should be posted were almost unanimous in choosing Wednesday. Well, here ya go!

The Crawfish had an incorrect link in my previous edition. Here is the Representative Cleaver story in which he says that he never reported any spitting incident. Thanx to Claw contributor and blogger Jim for spotting the error and sending the correct link.

One of His Majesty’s judicial nominations is in even more jeopardy than before. Goodwin Liu, who has stated that the Constitution must change with the times instead of being the rock-solid foundation of our nation, tried to hide information about over 100 of his speeches and public appearances from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Just another socialist Obamite trying to not show his true colors until it is too late to stop him.

Here is yet more proof that the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet are totally screwed up. They condone honor killings and suicide bombers, but a kiss in public draws a jail sentence?

Proving once again that all muslims yearn to be anti-Infidel terrorists and that you cannot trust a single one of them, Hamid Karzai has now threatened to join the Taliban if he continues to get pressure from the civilized world. Then again, joining up with the 7th century goat lovers just might be preferable to having to be seen on occasion with Hillary.

Back in the 80s, The Crawfish attended Trinity University in San Antonio for a few semesters...a few semesters that cost my parents a boatload of money...a few semesters that I used to enjoy myself instead of applying myself to my education. For example, the frisbee reference in the following story comes from the love of the sport of frisbee gold on that campus throughout the 70s and 80s, which I was MUCH better at and spent more time perfecting than any academic course, but that’s not the reason for this paragraph. Trinity was founded by a religious group, which is kinda obvious if one notes the name of the school and any publicly available info on the school. Well, it seems that a muslim (of course) got peeved at the language on his diploma which read “In the Year of Our Lord...”, and made it known to the head of the student “diversity” group, a fellow Follower of the Pedophilic False Prophet, who in turn is calling for the school to stop putting such vile language on the diplomas. Muzzies make up less than 1% of the student body. If they don’t like anything related to Christianity, they are free to a) not study at a Christianity-based school, and b) get the Hell out of our Judeo-Christian-based nation.

Isn’t that special. A Saudi cleric of the False Prophet has announced plans to travel to Jerusalem to bolster muslim claims to the city. Sorry, Muhammed, but Islam has nothing to do with Jerusalem, despite your claims that the False Prophet ascended to Heaven there. He didn’t, and that land is 100% Israeli. Too bad, so sad, deal with it.

The Administration of His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama is removing the term “Islamic radicalism” from our national security strategy. You see, the real radical terrorists are those Tea Party people, not the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet.

The envirowackos are costing you again. Prepare to pay taxes on rain. Yes, rain. Claw contributor “Dennis” sent this article about how property owners are starting to get hit with fees for “storm water runoff” around the nation. It is a bit more serious than just dog poo and fertilizer. The EPA is really strict about this when it comes to industrial sites. The Crawfish recently sat through a one hour class on storm runoff as part of his new employee orientation at a defense contractor.

Do any of you really need more proof that the leftists in America wants to destroy not only the Constitution but all moral and religious values in our nation? Consider this. The leftists believe that Virginny’s Governor should be disqualified from public office because one of his college theses was about his advocacy of traditional lifestyles and family values, but a Democrat who was once arrested by the FBI for online solicitation of a minor and convicted on multiple felony charges in that matter should be elected to political office in Cleveland, and those who keep bringing up his past are in the wrong.

Virginny’s Governor did the right thing this past week by putting out a proclamation declaring that April is Confederate History Month in the state, something the recent Democrat Governors have refused to do. Black leaders, still masking their bigoted ways by calling themselves “civil rights leaders” instantly attacked the Governor because his proclamation didn’t denounce slavery.

I ask again, which party is the party of racists? Here’s a hint: it is probably the party that includes a former high official in the KKK.

Speaking of Democrat racists, the Chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, by definition a racist group, wants to give bonus money to federal employees who speak something other than English on the job. Unless it has to do with international relations, international trade, immigration, or tourism, no federal, state, or local government worker should ever speak anything other than English on the job. This is, by the way, the United States of America. We speak English.

Back to traditional values for a bit. When The Crawfish was a young crustacean, Americans respected their elders. Now we have a story about a young leech upon society who shot an elderly man because the hard-of-hearing elderly gent “disrespected him” by not immediately and positively responding to the younger man’s demand to give him a dollar. Oh, and did I mention that this story came from Obamaland? Is that yet another definition of “The Chicago Way”?

One of the main objectives of the Democratic Party has always been to get a majority of Americans to be sucking off the public teat. That would assure them of a permanent majority, since people who are getting the handouts aren’t going to vote for those who would take the handouts away and force them to actually work for a living. It appears that this objective has been met, and the only reason the people will vote against the Dems this November is because the people are still hacked off about Obamacare and potentially Crrap-and-Tax and maybe amnesty to non-drybacks.

The Crawfish isn’t rolling in the dough, so I don’t have the cha-ching to subscribe to Roll Call. Since that is the case, I can only bring you the first paragraph or so of this article, in which the Congressional Research Service confirms news that I brought y’all while Obamacare was being rammed through. The newly signed law will in fact have taxpayers pay for Viagra and other sex drugs for rapists and other sex offenders. Yep, the Dems had to take care of one of their solid voting blocks.

“With rare exception, everybody realizes that ObamaCare is terrific!” With those words, Dingy Harry Reid has proclaimed that the official Democrat definition of “rare exception” is “the majority of the American people”, and “everybody” means “the Administration, Democrats on Capitol Hill, and the leadership of the Democratic Party.” He also thinks that the expansion of the “Cornhusker Kickback” to now include all states is a good thing, since it means that the federal government will be stealing money from every federal taxpayer to pay for ALL of Medicare, not just the supposedly-federally-paid parts. These nuts are positively giddy about exploding the budget and destroying our economy for decades. Here’s the rest of his interview with Greta Van Susteren.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States

Here are the Democrats in the House who voted for Obamacare. Make sure they never hear the end of it and that their political careers come to a crashing halt soon.

1 Ann Kirkpatrick
4 Edward Pastor
5 Harry Mitchell
7 Raul Grijalva
8 Gabrielle Giffords
2 Victor Snyder
1 Mike Thompson
5 Doris Matsui
6 Lynn Woolsey
7 George Miller
8 Nancy Pelosi
9 Barbara Lee
10 John Garamendi
11 Jerry McNerney
12 Jackie Speier
13 Fortney Stark
14 Anna Eshoo
15 Michael Honda
16 Zoe Lofgren
17 Sam Farr
18 Dennis Cardoza
20 Jim Costa
23 Lois Capps
27 Brad Sherman
28 Howard Berman
29 Adam Schiff
30 Henry Waxman
31 Xavier Becerra
32 Judy Chu
33 Diane Watson
34 Lucielle Roybal-Allard
35 Maxine Waters
36 Jane Harman
37 Laura Richardson
38 Grace Napolitano
39 Linda Sanchez
43 Joe Baca
47 Loretta Sanchez
51 Bob Filner
53 Susan Davis
1 Diana DeGette
2 Jared Polis
3 John Salazar
4 Betsy Markey
7 Ed Perlmutter
1 John Larson
2 Joe Courtney
3 Rosa DeLauro
4 James Himes
5 Christopher Murphy
2 Allen Boyd
3 Corrine Brown
8 Alan Grayson
11 Kathy Castor
17 Kendrick Meek
20 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
22 Ron Klein
23 Alcee Hastings
24 Suzanne Kosmas
2 Sanford Bishop
4 Henry Johnson
5 John Lewis
13 David Scott
2 Mazie Hirono
1 Bobby Rush
2 Jesse Jackson
4 Luis Gutierrez
5 Mike Quigley
7 Danny Davis
8 Melissa Bean
9 Janice Schakowsky
11 Deborah Halvorson
12 Jerry Costello
14 Bill Foster
17 Phil Hare
1 Peter Visclosky
2 Joe Donnelly
7 Andre Carson
8 Brad Ellsworth
9 Baron Hill
1 Bruce Braley
2 David Loebsack
3 Leonard Boswell
3 Dennis Moore
3 John Yarmuth
1 Chellie Pingree
2 Michael Michaud
2 C. A. Ruppersberger
3 John Sarbanes
4 Donna Edwards
5 Steny Hoyer
7 Elijah Cummings
8 Christopher Van Hollen
1 John Oliver
2 Richard Neal
3 James McGovern
4 Barney Frank
5 Niki Tsongas
6 John Tierney
7 Edward Markey
8 Michael Capuano
10 William Delahunt
1 Bart Stupak
5 Dale Kildee
7 Mark Schauer
9 Gary Peters
12 Sander Levin
13 Carolyn Kilpatrick
14 John Conyers
15 John Dingell
1 Timothy Walz
4 Betty McCollum
5 Keith Ellison
8 James Oberstar
2 Bennie Thompson
1 William Clay
3 Russ Carnahan
5 Emmanuel Cleaver
1 Shelly Berkley
3 Dina Titus
New Hampshire
1 Carol Shea-Porter
2 Paul Hodes
New Jersey
1 Robert Andrews
6 Frank Pallone
8 William Pascrell
9 Steven Rothman
10 Donald Payne
12 Rush Holt
13 Albio Sires
New Mexico
1 Martin Heinrich
3 Ben Lujan
New York
1 Timothy Bishop
2 Steve Israel
4 Carolyn McCarthy
5 Gary Ackerman
6 Gregory Meeks
7 Joseph Crowley
8 Jerrold Nadler
9 Anthony Weiner
10 Edolphus Towns
11 Yvette Clarke
12 Nydia Velazquez
14 Carolyn Maloney
15 Charles Rangel
16 Jose Serrano
17 Eliot Engel
18 Nita Lowey
19 John Hall
20 Scott Murphy
21 Paul Tonko
22 Maurice Hinchey
23 William Owens
25 Daniel Maffei
27 Brian Higgins
28 Louise Slaughter
North Carolina
1 George Butterfield
2 Bob Etheridge
4 David Price
12 Melvin Watt
13 Bradley Miller
North Dakota
0 Earl Pomeroy
1 Steve Driehaus
6 Charles Wilson
9 Marcy Kaptur
10 Dennis Kuchinich
11 Marcia Fudge
13 Betty Sutton
15 Mary Jo Kilroy
16 John Boccieri
17 Timothy Ryan
1 David Wu
3 Earl Blumenauer
4 Peter DeFazio
5 Kurt Schrader
1 Robert Brady
2 Chaka Fattah
3 Kathleen Dahlkemper
7 Joe Sestak
8 Patrick Murphy
10 Christopher Carney
11 Paul Kanjorski
13 Allyson Schwartz
14 Michael Doyle
Rhode Island
1 Patrick Kennedy
2 James Langevin
South Carolina
5 John Spratt
6 James Clyburn
5 Jim Cooper
6 Barton Gordon
9 Steve Cohen
9 Al Green
15 Ruben Hinojosa
16 Silvestre Reyes
18 Sheila Jackson-Lee
20 Charles Gonzalez
23 Ciro Rodriguez
25 Lloyd Doggett
27 Solomon Ortiz
28 Henry Cuellar
29 Raymond Green
30 Eddie Bernice Johnson
0 Peter Welch
3 Robert Scott
5 Tom Perriello
8 James Moran
11 Gerald Connolly
1 Jay Inslee
2 Rick Larsen
3 Brian Baird
6 Norman Dic
7 James McDermott
9 Adam Smith
West Virginia
1 Alan Mollohan
3 Nick Rahall
2 Tammy Baldwin
3 Ronald Kind
4 Gwen Moore
7 David Obey
8 Steve Kagen


  1. Confederate History Month is a good time to remember one of Mississippi's greatest Confederates, Holt Collier. Collier was born about 1846 in Mississippi. He joined the Confederate military during the U.S. Civil War, serving with Company T of the Ninth Texas Cavalry in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. At the Battle of Shiloh he witnessed the death of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston. He later served as a "sharpshooter", what we know today as a sniper. His superiors all acknowledged that he was an excellent soldier, needing little if any supervision.

    Collier worked as a cowboy in Texas after the Civil War and returned to Mississippi to became a noted bear hunter, killing over 3,000 bears during his lifetime. He served as President Theodore Roosevelt's tracker during the President's famous Mississippi bear hunt of 1902.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Holt Collier was black and born a slave.

  2. Wednesday works.Not much time for a screed,so as to all things mooozzie,EFF em.Karzai must be as sick of hearing what a bad leader he is,about as sick as we are of hearing how great the P.L.L is.The ONLY thing to give to sex offenders is saltpeter.If that don't work,then use 7.62 solution.THAT will work!Tomorrow,EVERY one,EVERY where,go DEMAND your free Obamacare NOW.Not tomorrow,or next week,or next four years,but fukkin'NOW.And keep demanding it.Might as well embarrass these fools to oblivion.I'm not a big Greta fan,but Reid made himself look as stupid as he really is on that interview.HEY,NEVADANS:
    Why bet on a sure LOSER?? mwahahahaha. Quite a shit head list there,of the dead weight that needs to be cast aside. C ya next time.

  3. Ghost,
    you must be lying. No blacks supported the CSA's armed forces. Quit believing the lying Fox News and right wing media.

    It's stories like that one that the folks need to be reminded of, but that the liberals refuse to allow.

  4. Clyde,
    as for the sex offenders, I prefer option 2.

  5. Crawfish, if I'm lying I'm dying. (And I know you're joshin'.)

    Perhaps I need to do an article about Holt Collier on my website.

  6. Post it and I will definitely link it

  7. C-Fish
    No Montana Representatives voted for the Obama bill????

  8. A well rounded compendium of all that is relevant in our society today


  9. 1. The pedophilic False Prophet was not just a pedophile. The guy had more sexual hangups than a busload of shakers touring North Beach.

    2. I'd rather be seen with some goats. I think Bubba would, too.

    3. Muzzies are like spoiled children and our society is turning into doting, permissive parents. The more we let them have the more they want. El Cid had the right idea. Drive all of 'em out of the country.

    4. I don't think those Isralei Jews will put up with just a whole bunch of crap from a Saudi cleric.

    5. April... Confederate History Month?? Wow! But be careful or the textbooks will be "Mandango" or "Drum".

    6. I'm sure the punk who shot the old man for "disrespect" wouldn't understand how to respect anything not standing behind a .45.

    7. Viagra for sex offenders. It was a great chess move by my Senator Coburn. He introduced an amendment that would ban Viagra for sex offenders. I don't think the subject was even in the health care bill. The deal was if the amendment passed the bill would have to go back to the house. If it was defeated, everyone voting against the amendment would go on record as supporting Viagra for sex offenders.

    8. Dingy Harry is in denial.... He is having opium dreams...

    9. Nobody from Alabama voted for the h/c bill??

  10. Good to know who to continue to call and annoy that have voted for this monstrosity. Vote these idiots out.

  11. OK Cleaver, if you didn't report any "incidents", why is there video of you bringing a Capital cop over to a group you just walked through, while pointing at the crowd?
    Unfortunately, all this kissing islamist tail by Obama is only going to make them feel more powerful and bold. Libidiot.
    I can see why Obama would relate to islamists. They're both hypocrites.
    Here in Maine, people are quick to go and drain puddles left by rain in their yards. Maine's enviros consider those vernal pools that are protected by state law from doing anything around them. That means you can't mow the lawn or put a picnic table or anything.
    When Obama was here last week, he tried to make like Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud were good friends of his. It was pretty funny because he mispronounced both of their names. He called Chellie, Shellie and called Michaud (Misho) Mishoo. Then claimed Gov. Baldacci aka Baldi, one of the best govs in the country. Ya, with his $400 mill deficit in a state of a million people and his Dirigo (state's public option) healthcare insuring 3500 people at a cost of $155 million.

  12. If you want to see some more about what islamists do, go to Atlas Shrugs and on the front page is a story about Nigerian Christians. After the article are some pictures. Pictures of signs with the numbers of people killed and injured by radical muslims since 9/11.

  13. Nope, none of the Alabama crew voted for Obamacare. (Carried in our local paper; I'm not sure if the paper was commending or condemning, though.) I think this is the only time I've been even slightly proud of our state's Democrats since I've started paying attention to the political field.

    Of course, I live in what I've discovered is apparently the center of 'Blue Dot' territory, so naturally we've got a bunch of people peeved off about the issue. It's gotten fun reading the letters to the editor in the local paper; you can actually see the three-day backlog between whiny statement, reasoned counterargument, whiny counter-counterargument, etc...

  14. Nice Claw, meaty, tasty, just the right spice...
    Ever notice that the racist are always the ones that scream about racism? Well Obama has achieved one thing for sure, he's devided this country evan more than during the Civil War. He holds the title as the most devisive president ever(of course he holds many titles, most Marxist, biggest liar.....)
    They should give Viagra to sex offenders..but only while in prison(that should be interesting)
    Oh and I appreciate the list of high treasonist. Now we know who all of them are, when do we prosecute?

    Thank's for the grub Mudbug!

  15. Karzai might have the right idea. He's seen the Kenyan usurper suck up to our enemies while bitch slapping our allies in that area of the world. What better way to finally get some support from the Red Chalet on the Pennsylvania Ave?


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