Saturday, October 22, 2011

10-22-2011 The Weekend Claw

The Crawfish has a whopping three weeks left of being employed (oh how I love the life of a UNION worker), so if it looks like I ain’t taking the time to answer all comments, it might be because I’m busy looking for work.

A) “If you want to understand how totally broken Washington is, look at this entire model of a super committee, which has now got a magic number to achieve and if it doesn’t achieve the magic number then we’ll all have to shoot ourselves in the head. So when they come back with a dumb idea to merely cut off our right leg, we will all be grateful that they are only semi-stupid instead of being totally stupid.” That quote comes from none other than Newt Gingrich at Tuesday’s GOP debate. Ninety five percent of the time he is the smartest man in the room. It’s those other five percent that make him a non-starter as a GOP nominee.

B) “I guarantee it's going to be a close election because the economy is not where it wants to be and even though I believe all the choices we've made have been the right ones.” That comes from The Chosen One. Yes, he still believes that every single disastrous decision he has made regarding the economy of our nation has been the right one. That can only mean one thing. His goal all along has been to “fundamentally change” our nation by destroying capitalism and replacing it with fascist-socialism.

C) While real Americans who are in economic trouble have things like Hamburger Helper for dinner, the socialist-anarchists at Zuccotti Park in Noo Yawk are getting gourmet meals delivered to them every night. This is the ultimate spoiled brat temper tantrum, not a coherent protest!

D) Just take a look at who supports these “occupiers” and realize what the goals really are. The “occupiers” don’t want to revive a middle class or anything of the sort. They want to destroy jobs, destroy capitalism, and get everything they want for free. The folks who support them want the death of America.

E) A black multimillionaire supporter of the “occupiers” admits on television that he refuses to pay taxes, but the media is completely silent about it. If this was a white conservative, he’d already be in federal custody.

F) Someone finally came up with some good signs for the “occupiers”.

G) Gaddafi Duck got the end he deserved, and Barack Obama is taking some of the credit (don’t all African dictators eventually turn on each other?). Of course, this and the other wars he’s started or joined don’t exactly fit the image of a Nobel Peace Prize awardee.

H) Bryant Gumbel of HBO’s “Real Sports” show said that National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern is acting like a “plantation owner” with regards to league labor talks. In other words, he believes the Commish acts like the players are slaves. What kind of slaves average $4.8 MILLION per year in salary? The NBA players got 57% of all basketball revenue on their latest union contract, and are being asked to scale that back a few percentage points. Is that really being treated like slaves? Gumbel is using this analogy because the majority of NBA players are black, he’s black, and most of the owners are white.

I) So just how efficient are those electric cars being developed with OUR tax dollars? Just what you’d expect. Take what the government and those getting money from the government say, and know they’re lying through their teeth. This company got half a billion dollars from us, and they make the cars in FINLAND. Why are WE giving them a penny? Maybe because the company’s investors are Democratic power names and Democrat campaign bundlers? This pattern of crony capitalism is really disturbing.

J) Janet Incompetano has admitted in Senate testimony that her department is authorizing illegal aliens to work in our country, even if they have no right to be here in the first place. I have nothing to say here that would adequately describe my disgust with this Administration.

K) Another federal judge has joined in the fight to keep America from developing our own energy resources. Since it is the avowed position of the Obama Administration to raise our energy costs, it comes as no surprise to see that Judge William Martinez was elevated to his current position by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The sooner we can get rid of Obama and most of the Democrats in the House and Senate, the sooner we can start getting rid of left-wing ideologue judges who pay no attention to the Constitution.

L) Justice Antonin Scalia made some interesting remarks in Chicago. The first half of this short article is not what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

M) If Herman Cain is making the big labor union thugs nervous enough to attack him, he must be proposing something very good for America. In this case, part of his plans involves making areas “right to work”, which should be the case for every square inch of our nation. Another part would be to eliminate the unConstitutional minimum wage. Since nobody has ever been able to point out where the federal government gets any authority to have a say in the private business contracts between employer and employee, the Tenth Amendment applies, meaning there cannot be any federal minimum wage.

N) Someone in South Carolina made a sign that none of my readers will be able to argue with.

O) The ACLU is up in arms again. They are accusing the FBI of racially profiling muslims and other minorities. If the FBI is racially profiling, that means that they are DOING THEIR JOB PROPERLY! If the ACLU doesn’t like the FACT that muslims have a much higher probability of being terrorists, they should tell the muslims to stop being terrorists. If they don’t like the FACT that blacks have a much higher crime rate than any other race in America, they should tell the blacks to start acting civilized or go back to Africa.

P) Top Injustice Department officials have been meeting recently with Islamic terrorist advocates, who want the anti-terrorism programs cut back, additional curbs on investigation of muslims, and a legal declaration that criticism of Islam by any American citizen is criminal racial discrimination. Since they are lobbying the “Civil Rights Division”, the same folks who refuse to prosecute Black Panthers, they are barking up the right tree. Holder and his boss will support these efforts.

Q) Meanwhile, Democrats are circling the wagons to protest Rep. Issa’s investigations into Fast and Furious, Gunrunner, Castaway, etc. They are feigning outrage that he keeps investigating things that Eric Holder has denied, despite the evidence. Heck, even the HuffPo knows there’s something dreadfully wrong going on in this Administration with regards to these cases.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. I'm not going to go down the line as most others do but make a few comments in regard to some of the things to which you refer.

    I care nothing about those commies on the sidewalks, streets, parks, wherever the hell they are. All I can think when I see them is go do something productive for once in your sorry miserable lives. There were those of us at your age who were studying around the clock in college to get a degree. We did not have the time to stand outside to protest anything. We were trying to get an education to make a living.

    Assassinating American citizens is not Constitutional in my book whoever it is. This is not one of the enumerated powers in the Constitution. I don't give a damn about Alwaki but this new doctrine does mean any American citizen that the Messiah deems a terrorist can and will be assassinated. Watch for drones on your bike rides, jogging, roller blading, whatever you do.

    Janet Napolitano I would like to feed into a wood chipper. Done. Over.

    The new "green" car now being made in Finland which cost $100,000 of which there are 2 and one bought by Leonardo di Caprio run on electric for 32 miles at which point the turbo engine turns it over to the gasoline engine that gets 19 miles per gal. Great stuff! More money thrown down a rat hole.

    That about takes up all my leftover energy since I started my rants about the Messiah this morning. Can't take anymore. Bye.

  2. Pepp,
    if someone goes to a foreign nation and joins a group that is involved in attacks on American forces and civilians, that person is fair game. There were a number of American citizens fighting in the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe in WW2. We didn't arrest them.

  3. Craw,

    In a nutshell, our government, under this regime, is turning against us and turning TO the crooks, liars, and Islamofascists. That makes THEM the enemy of freedom.

  4. Craw,
    That is not in the Constitution in case you want to take a look. Judge Napolitano on Fox is a Constitutional scholar. He states that what Zero did is not constitutional whoever that American citizen was and what they did. He is allowed due process under the law like every other American citizen. Under this doctrine of Zero's any American citizen can be assassinated for "crimes" Zero deems fit. There is no such enumerated power in the Constitution.

    Keeping that in mind, if any American here in the United States, he deems as a terrorist that citizen can then be assassinated just because Zero says so. This is not a Monarchy or Dictatorship no matter how Mr. Obama feels he sees it. Gunny agrees with me on this btw.

    This is a Republic and any American citizen has rights under the 5th Amendment. Zero has just destroyed our 5th Amendment rights. This is very dangerous territory. He has already eliminated our 4th Amendment Rights, now our 5th Amendment Rights, and pretty soon he will be eliminating our 2nd Amendment rights. Watch, wait and see.

  5. In a WAR, you do not arrest the enemy. You kill them.

  6. Did the union arrest Confederate soldiers, or did they kill them?

  7. Not a lot to say. Especially liked that sign. This guy ought to reduce it to a bumper sticker.

  8. B)... Well, obviously, the socialists can NEVER admit they were wrong, ever. In spite of all the lessons of history from the Roman Empire through the USSR to Communist China, and in spite of throwing literally TRILLIONS of dollars at their programs and having absolutely nothing to show for them except dismal failure after dismal failure after dismal failure, the ONLY lesson they ever take from history is that they failed to throw ENOUGH money at things.

    That's the lesson of liberalism/socialism: perpetual Einsteinian insanity and stupidity.

    Q)... Pretty funny! The frikkin Dems don;t want another "Watergate", because this time it's THEIR a-hole in the sights.

    Well, boo-frikkin-hoo.


    As to Alawki: Craw, you got it right. American citizens who go to foreign countries and become active enemies of this one, such as... oh, say... joining AlQueada!.... don't enjoy ANY constitutional protections anymore. They have essentially renounced their citizenship by "taking up arms" against the country. Further, the Constitution doesn't apply on foreign battlegrounds. If an American is shot EVEN by friendly fire, such as POWs who have been killed by our own bombs in several incidents spanning several wars, there's no constitutional issue involved. That's simply the exigency of war. What do people expect? That we're going to put a halt to everything and send some embassy toad out there with a Miranda card?

    Goooooood grief...

  9. Pepper,

    When they come for our 2nd amendment rights they will stand (or lay about in heaps) corrected.

  10. (A) I would like Newt except he ain't what he appears. He's been too many times in bed with Pelosi, global warming hoax et al.

    (B) Zero still reminds me of Custer in "Little Big Man">

    (C) They all remind me of Tony Soprano's daughter after her first year in college. You know. All of a sudden her daddy was sooo neanderthal...

    (D) Still think money grows on trees.......

    (E) Uh.. Wrong! Look at our SecTres. White guy. Millionaire. Doesn't pay taxes...

    (F) Okay you have my attention. Email me the address for this guys stuff

    (G) And the guy was offed by muslims. And he is still in cold storage in a meat locker in a shopping center. Uh... Remember how much effort we took to dump Osama's sorry ass in the deep six i.a.w muslim tradition? Boy, bet those ragheads are laughing their asses off at us.

    (H) Professional sports are immoral.

    (I) Sure does help our Jobs Programs, USA, though....

    (J) Boy! She sure is defending our borders, ain't she?

    (K) Of course Zero will definitely obey this court order... Again the boy picks and chooses, don't he.

    (M) The mimimum wage law is a large part of the reason for spiraling inflation.

    (O) Some day the country will wake up to the fact that PC law enforcement can get you dead(er) fast(er)...

    (P) Cut back our military. PC our law enforcement. Refuse to protect the border. Sound like a pattern for disaster, maybe????????

    (Q) So when are the contempt citations going to issue forth???

    Pep: I guess under your idea then Marvin Purvis violated John Dillinger's Constitutional rights?
    This guy may have been an American citizen but he was in a foreign country, in a foreign terrorist organization and was actively trying to kill Americans. What the Hell you supposed to do?

  11. The Kool-Aid drunk media cannot even see the Iceburg in the occu"Pie" They call the Tea Party "anti" government when the OWS crowd holds up signs of Che. woe unto thee media hypocrites!!as far as the WH chances next year--2012 WILL be a truning point--better or worse. Stay strong Crawfish I know you will get another job---better pay too.

  12. Thanks, Craw, for my Monday morning's ABCs and the rest of the alphabet.


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