Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10-19-2011 The Weekly Claw

This quote just came in from Uncle Sam: “Where am I going…and why am I in this handbasket?”

A) Hispanic groups are very upset with the National Football League. You see, the NFL has awarded Arizona the 2015 Super Bowl, and that doesn’t sit well with those who support illegal immigration. The head of the biggest Hispanic racist group, LULAC, said: “In light of Arizona’s hate-based legislation, the action taken by the NFL serves as an endorsement of the state’s abhorrent actions against the Latino and migrant communities.” What part of Arizona’s law is “hate-based”? It only upholds our national laws regarding illegal immigration. Hispanics who are here LEGALLY are not affected by that law. Arizona has nothing against LEGAL immigrants. So being a sovereign nation with enforcement of its own borders is the sign of a “hate-based” society? On the other hand, these folks definitely love California. That state just passed a law stating that the state, counties, or cities cannot mandate that all businesses verify that their new hires are legal to work in America.

B) The “occupiers” refuse to believe that their completely incoherent movement is being used by all sorts of left-wing anti-Americans, but take a look at how the teachers unions are orchestrating some of the events of the protests in Chicago. Yes, they are coordinating with other union people (cops) on how many and which people in particular are going to be arrested.

C) The “occupiers” in Noo Yawk have an interesting problem. It seems that a bunch of their members are thieves and are stealing everything they can from their fellow protesters. The “occupiers” shouldn’t complain about it, since they are all for “redistribution of wealth” and other socialist rot. One of them had a $5,500 computer stolen. If you can afford a $5,500 computer, that means you have a pretty good job or really nice parents! My computer only cost me about $1,500 or so.

D) As for the usual cries of “RAAAAAAACISM!”…get used to ‘em again. The left will claim that ever single utterance by a Republican has racism in it. Here’s a good example from this week. According to NBC News, pointing out that half of the workers in America pay no federal income tax is RAAAACIST! Seriously?

E) Jimmy Hoffa is saying that the Teamsters will “hold accountable” Congresscritters who voted in favor of the free-trade agreements that were passed in bi-partisan fashion and gladly signed by President Obama. The Teamsters leadership already opposes the good of their workers by opposing every Republican anyway, so this threat is against the Democrats who voted for the agreements. What’s Hoffa gonna do, tell his people to vote for the Republicans in those Congressional races? Yeah, right.

F) Chewing tobacco is a legal product. Its use may be disgusting to 90% of us, but it is legal. I never have figured out why Major League ballplayers need to have a plug or dip in their mouths to play the game, but a large number still do. Well, they do as long as a few Democrats don’t get their way. Senators DICK “Turban” Durbin, Frank “The Louse” Lautenberg, Tom Harkin, and Richard Blumenthal, all Democrats, want the next union contract with Major League Baseball to include a ban on smokeless tobacco on the ball field. We’re drowning in a sea of debt and overspending, and this is the subject that these four have as their priority?

G) President Obama was left in a completely mute condition on Tuesday. He had no idea how to form a coherent sentence since TOTUS was stolen. Unfortunately for the nation, TOTUS was later recovered, so now we get to hear more about Republicans being eeevillll because they oppose socialism.

H) The left wonders why we don’t trust them when it comes to elections. Maybe it is because they have such a long history of lies and election fraud.

I) Here is yet ANOTHER breaking scandal involving a “green” power company, cronyism, big campaign donations, and hundreds of millions of YOUR TAX DOLLARS. I could do my own commentary, but our great friend Gunny G is on this one like a rat on Cheetos.

J) I’ll say it again. Ron Paul is outstanding on domestic policy, but is either the most naïve politician in the GOP or a sheer moron when it comes to foreign affairs. Now to be fair to Rep. Paul, I did hear part of an interview with him on Tuesday in which he explained many of his previous statements regarding foreign policy, and the explanations were actually reasonable for the most part, but his calls for deep reductions in the defense budget are ludicrous.

K) Why can’t I find a job doing this kind of research? I guarantee that I’d be quite diligent in my duties.

L) Why in the world did Israel accept a deal to get back one kidnapped soldier in exchange for 1027 Palestinian militants, including a number of murderers? The will just embolden Hamas to kidnap more Israelis.

M) Don’t you feel safe knowing that ICE is doing their job so well? I mean it’s not like they have released twenty eight illegal Iranians into the country and lost all track of them. Oh wait...yes they have.

N) With every interview or speech he gives, Allen West becomes more and more the frontrunner for the 2016 Presidential election. This interview sees him 100% correct on a wide variety of subjects, and he brings a sledgehammer down on Obama and the rest of the left wing extremists.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Nothing to do on an absolutely miserable day here in the PRoAA,so here goes..........
    A)I COULD support that Super Bowl,if for no other reason than to piss off lulas,la rasa,whatever. But,stay tuned,I wouldn't bet against the National Felon League to cave,and move the fiasco.
    B)Talk about astroturf.
    C)Simple,BUSH stole that stuff. Seriously,these idiots DESERVE to be robbed.As to the whiny little snot who got her $5500 laptop stolen,you just KNOW DADDY had one to her by nightfall. Just sayin'..............
    D)Libtards are going to rue the day they stood behind this crap.Wait for it.
    E)IIRC,the Teamsters were FOR NAFTA back in the day.And no,the International leadership may WANT the rank and file to lockstep behind dhimmis,but the r&f have OTHER ideas.
    F)Well,I have just the solution. Have your 'critter support S.2012, or,said House 'critter,H.R. 2012.An Act which will RID ourselves of these clowns. The title of the bill is The Incumbent Elimination Act of 2012.
    G)This theft had to be Bush' fault as well. I can't imagine trying to FENCE this stuff. I think I know a way they can find who has it.If you see someone all glassy-eyed mumbling "pass my jobs bill",THERE will be your thief.
    H)Too busy ramping up the fraud machine for next year.
    I)All part of that "tangled web". I do wonder at times just how much of this money is finding its way back to Obozo.
    K) Do you need an assisstant??mwahahahahahahaha
    L)Sheesh. WHY do I smell either the damnable U-frigging-N,or the State Dept. here?
    M) Never have,never will. Especially with THIS bunch in charge.
    Fine ol'pile here,Craw. Catch you on the flip.

  2. Craw,

    Superb effort.

    I am so sick and damn tired of the business as usual crowd inside the Beltway that I would hang the lot of them and start afresh with new elections. I would give everything I own to be able to be the president of the public trials where EVERYTHING they have said and done while in office was reviewed. Those in compliance with the Constitution go back to work with a warning. Those not in compliance, well...

  3. Re C)... Another socialist/race hustler nutjob a la Janeane Garrofalo. If you criticize Obama, you're a racist. If you oppose Obama's policies but DON'T mention his race, you're a racist, too. Because you're a subliminal racist, apparently.

    Voter ID cards are racist. Criticizing welfare is racist. Criticizing taxation inequities is racist. If you're black and criticize the race hustlers, you're a self-hating reverse-racist.

    All this leads me to believe that the REAL "racists" in this discussion are the race hustlers who can't see any discussion about being anything OTHER than about race.

    Maaaaaaaaaaaann... I've written the word "race" so many times I'm wondering if I'm writing about the Indy 500...

  4. (A) Never have figured out why American Hispanics are so for illegal immigration. After all wetbacks don't give a tinker's damn whose job they steal.

    (B) "..And the media is continuing to fall for the ruse." Horseapples! This is the same media that staged dramatic shots back in the '60's. Remember the picture of the cop holding the German Sheopherd that was snarling and lunging at the black protester? It was in Life Magazine. It order to get the dog to react the protester had gone up and kicked it. No, the media is not falling for anything. The media is conmplicit in the whole thing.

    (C) Yeah, $5,500 computer at a jobs rally. Makes sense.

    (D) Well, if you REALLY wanted to get racist just figure out what percentage of non tax payers are not white.

    (F) Oh, yeah. They're going to try to ban the legal product chewing tobacco from the diamond. What has congress got to do besides go after tobacco chewing pitchers? I guess next they will be hauling players in front of an investigating committee to question him on the use of chewing tobacco. And indicting him for perjury later.

    (H) But don't you remember? "The end justifies the means."

    (L) Check into it. I'll bet the kidnapped soldier is kin to someone in the upper echelons of Israeli politics.

    (M) Are we beginning to see how to run a politically correct government?

    (N) Yep. West and Rubio. Only the Pres and Veep candidates are never from the same state. Rats!

  5. Clyde,
    A) I doubt the NFL will cave. The NBA would, and Major League Baseball would have serious problems.
    B) Any time unions are involved, there is corruption and fraud.
    C) Or at least by an hour after the Apple Store opened the next morning...with all of the software she could ever want already loaded.
    D) Especially if the blacks start waking up to how the Dems have been using them and keeping them down for decades.
    E) Most of the rank & file pay no attention to the issues and go byu what the bosses tell them. Remember, I am still in a union shop and see it with my own eyes. These morons don't see how the Democrats want to kill the F-35, which is where they get their jobs! They want to go on strike in April for a LOT more benefits, while the company is being told by the government to cut the costs on that aircraft in a large way or they will slice up the orders. Morons.
    F) I call it the BALLOT BOX!
    G) Use the Presidential Seals for dartboards, or cut them out for toilet seats...until January 2013.
    H) They know how much trouble they're in without the massive fraud this year, so the attempts will be of unprecedented magnitude.
    I) Not so much him (this term), but to his campaign coffers. If by some act of Satan he gets re-elected it will all go to him.
    J) Anybody who has studied history, military history, and international affairs should agree.
    K) Not a male one!
    L) Bibi's getting praised for his peace efforts, but some of the released terrorists are already pledging to become martyrs.
    M) Do we want Gunny or Brian R to take over for Incompetano?
    N) Go West in 2016

  6. Gunny,
    IF you have read Steven Coonts' "Under Siege", the ending shows what should happen at Congress, the WH, and every federal bureau/department/etc.

  7. Brian,
    we have repeatedly documented where the racial hatred is and where the modern slavemasters reside. It sure ain't in the conservative camp!

  8. Buck,
    A) Only because skin color matters more than anything else, just like the blacks and Obama. That and they want to take over most of the Southwest for their own country or take it back to Mexico.
    B) Can't disagree
    C) Looking for a future as a Community Organizer, and posting resumes from on-site.
    D) Facts don't lie.
    F) They have to outlaw tobacco first.
    H) Not in a Constitutional Republic!
    L) No, but his kidnapping and the immediate ransom demands became a HUGE story as soon as it happened, and has stayed so.
    M) What's correct about it?
    N) West and Duncan Hunter.

  9. ON BALANCE -- everyone has his warts, and we're seeing more and more of them over time -- Ron Paul is looking better and better to me. He doesn't pussyfoot, and America at this moment dos NOT need a pussyfooter.

  10. I don't know where else I said this probably everywhere by now, but if I had my choice to do what I wanted with this government we have now I would clean it all out from to to bottom.

    I would then start over and anyone who can agree and passes the Constitution test is back in business.

    All other congress critters, senators, etc., ad nauseum would then be tried and convicted for treason to our country.

    All agencies would be abolished as most of them if not all are not Constitutional anyway.

    Now, then, I don't think there would be any worry where the fat would need to be cut from the government.

    I am sick to death of Biden yelling about rapes and murders will go up if the Zero's "job bills/union payoff is not passed and OMG, all those police who have to be laid off because of it.

    Please, I beg, I plead, I get down on my knees to God for any sane person in the beltway. Can they think of no place to cut other than policemen?

    How about starting with the Dept. of Ed? If that does not supply enough cuts, abolish the IRS, the EPA, keep going and soon we will have a surplus.

    Yawllllllllllllllllllllllllllll............Some one sane please step up in DC.


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