Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10-12-2011 The Weekly Claw

No, I did not watch the Washington Post GOP debate last night. I had better things to do…like work.

A) What is it about the power-mad control freaks of the left, especially in Europe? New EU safety rules now prohibit children from blowing on noisemakers and blowing up balloons. Since when are simple children’s toys such a severe threat to the entirety of a continent? This is the same cradle-to-grave nanny state mentality that the left wants to impose on us in the United States.

B) If this photo does not completely hack you off, you must be a Democrat. Then there is this one, which also shows the mindset of these “people” in the “occupy” protests. They are also calling for people to “kill the cops” among other things. Yes, these are the people that Nancy Pelosi praises, but about the Tea Party she said: “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late 70s in San Francisco, this kind of rhetoric. … It created a climate in which violence took place. … I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not a balanced as the person making the statements may assume.”

C) The “occupy” movement tried to have a big rally in Fort Worth, but the crowd was quite small and completely unorganized. Check out the photo gallery from our local newspaper. Do any of these people really have a clue?

D) Aaron Goldstein delivers some advice from his grandfather to the “occupiers” out there. The message is completely timeless, but is probably not comprehendible to all those with graduate degrees in Women’s Studies or Parks & Recreation. David P. McGinley adds that there is a nation in which most of the demands of the “occupiers” have already been met, so why don’t they move there?

E) As if we needed any more reminders that Mitt Romney is an unacceptable liberal, he received the endorsement of Chris Christie on Tuesday. RINOs of a feather...

F) Here’s something about the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of legislation that I didn’t know. When it comes to examining tax changes, the CBO must use static scoring, which does not take into effect what the reactions are to any tax increases or decreases. In other words, their scores are only correct if business practices, investment strategies, and personal spending remain the same after a tax change. In other words, this model significantly favors tax increases and says tax reductions will always lower revenue, when history has proven the opposite.

G) According to the official definition of a recession, the current one ended in June 2009. So how come household income has fallen more in the two years since the recession ended than it did during the recession? Sounds like the definition of a recession is a bit imprecise.

H) I keep telling y’all that these consequences were all part of the Democrats’ plan when they conned Boehner in that “debt deal” earlier this year. They have been looking for the opportunity to eviscerate our Armed Forces since they took over the House and Senate in 2006. Now they have the chance to do it without political fallout, since they will be able to blame the eeeevilll GOP half of the “super committee” for not agreeing to everything THEY wanted. (Democrat definition of bipartisanship: when the GOP caves in to every one of our demands and we give them absolutely nothing)

I) The Affirmative Action Attorney General and some of his minions at the Department of Injustice (or is it Department of Social Justice?) announced that they have foiled a major terrorist plot involving the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador to the United States and the bombing of the Israeli and Saudi Arabian embassies in DC. Is this for real, or is it just an act to make Holder’s bunch look competent and honest in the midst of the Fast and Furious/Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Castaway scandals?

J) Speaking of Saudi Arabia, they have once again shown that Islam practices tolerance about as well as the Democratic Party.

K) All I can say about this story is that the constant rain/light rain/drizzle associated with Seattle tends to rust the brains of that noted left-wing city’s residents.

L) Then again, there’s Canada, where brains get frostbite instead of rusting. Check out this reporterette in Calgary, who says gold is backed by nothing, while the dollar is backed by the US government.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Craw,

    I heard that Obummer knew of the threat over a MONTH ago and waited to reveal it until he needed it to help him.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    The whole regime needs to be indicted.

  2. B & C) There is no doubt about it. The OWS mobs are nothing more than PWT. For my Northern friends this means Poor White Trash. It also raises the question, are the OWS mobs rascist? I do not see many blacks or hispanics among them.

    L) Ah yes, Canadians do not understand why gold DOES NOT NEED any backing. Perhaps I can trade them 100 dollars for 1 oz. of gold? According to this reporter the dollar is BACKED and gold isn't. (It is very obvious that this reporter's brain has suffered frost-bite.)

    Another good edition Crawfish.

  3. B. These are indeed the seeds of the "flower children." Crude, vulgar, inarticulate and haven't a clue when they are being played for patsies. Never was impressed back in the 60s with all the whoha -- including Woodstock. "If it feels good do it" was the mantra back then and it's the same today. Zero respect for anyone or anything.

    E. Christie was embraced simply because he was being "New Jersey" in his approach. Everyone I know personally who was born and raised in Jersey has a similar/same demeanor. "If you don't like it, tough." And I don'tr mind that attitude per se. Unfortunately, he is still sought after for the same reason today. It's all about form, not substance.

  4. Gunny,
    The Won was briefed on the plot in either June or July, but they let it develop a bit more...supposedly. I still wonder if it is real or just patsies being used for political purposes.

  5. Ghost,
    They are PWT in attitude, but many of them are spoiled kids from middle to upper middle class who all of a sudden realize that there might need to be WORK involved in living, and that degree in Women's Studies isn't going to pay the bills!

    Our dollars are backed by the word of our government, and Obama's word is worth....????

  6. Mrs. AL,
    B) They don't even respect themselves, and their demands show that they don't respect an education in history or economics.
    E) Christie is embraced because the "establishment" and the media want liberal Republicans to run, not conservatives.

  7. Well heck fire, Crawfish, if Christie is about the "establishment," what does that make me? I actually consider myself part of the "establishment" as articulated in the Declaration of Independence. Say, maybe that's what's wrong with this picture. We are not taking over the "establishment" banner and redefining what that means. Oh never mind, brain is in drivel-drive today.

  8. Crawfish,
    I missed the non-debate as well but I understand that Bachmann and Gingrich made the moderators look like morons regarding the persons responsible for the financial meltdown. Common Sense has a good post on it.

    B) makes me want to do something unlawful in defense of our flag which a great many have sacrificed for. It is a symbol of our great country. I wish someone would show this asshat the border.

    C) Your protestors look as sorry as our protestors.

    D) Perfect, North Korea would be a utopia for these asshats.

    I) I posted on that subject and now wonder the same. A false flag operation? It seems a bit too coincidental to me since there are no accidents in politics.

  9. Looks like we're back in business. First,I'm going to congratulate the Texas Rangers on an excellent playoff series against Detroit.Although they are still to clinch it,I believe they will today.As far as the "debate" is concerned,I'd rather watch leaves fall.On to the steaming heap..........
    A)Idiocy.Sheer idiocy. The damned economic climate is caving in,and THIS is the crap they worry about? WTF???????
    B)I think I'd like to have been there to see that guy shit on the flag. I also know he would have had a flag sandwich for lunch.
    C)We see WHO the OLDM likes. No coverage,no protests. The idiotic media is the ONLY thing keeping this lunacy going.
    D)That was spot-on.These loonies must not have had a grampa?
    E)I wonder just WHY the GOP brass is so hell-bent for leather to anoint Mitt so soon? They afraid a TRUE conservative is going to win out in the primaries?
    F) Well,just look at WHO wrote the legislation for the CBO to begin with. There will be the answer.
    G)Amazing how these noodleheads can lie with a straight face.
    H)No question. Dumb down,faggotize,weaken,whatever they can do to the military,they will. All the while saying they SUPPORT it. ANY current or former military voting dhimmi needs a swift kick in the ass.
    I)Holder needs to be behind bars. Incredible timing for sure.
    J)With "friends" like this......
    K)Now you know what happens in the final stages of moonbat rabies. This guy.
    L)Must be a Hahvahd econ school grad.
    OK,old son,see ya next time.

  10. I didn't even know there was another debate until the next morning.

    (A) ...the ol' salami theory.

    (B) Yeah, that say the least. Which brings up a question. Since there are already countries that are socialist and there are countries that are socialist and despise the United States, why the hell don't these assholes go there? They could have their utopia right now and wouldn't have to risk their yellow hides in a revolution..

    (C) You should've gone and taken pictures of the demonstrators. I'd like to see if there was anyone there I used to know.

    (D) Don't forget Political Science, Black Studies or most any other course that has the word, "Studies" in its title.

    (E) And the MSM has all but annointed Mitt. He will smile and wave as they dress him in white and annoint his head with sweet oils. Little does he know that's what they do to sacrifical victims. And yeah, I can see Christie endorsing Romney. It is all a back door attempt by the GOP establishment to get another RINO in the Oval Office. Christie is a conservative ONLY in New Jersey where anyone to the right of Pelosi is considered a hard core conservative.

    (G) And I'm not so sure about all the unemployment hype. Even at my age I got a job. Not what I'd choose if I had a choice. And definitely not at the pay grade I commanded some years back. But It's A Job. By the way. The oil patch is hiring here'bouts. If I was a tad younger I'd give it a try.

    (H) Boehner needs to be removed from Speaker of House. He says he's an eagle but still feeds with ducks.

    (I) Once again. The newly inaugrated President Crawfish should issue the Crawfish Declaration i.e. "Any country hosting a terrorist training camp within its territory will be considered hostile to the United States. Further any terrorist act on or against the United States of America will be considered an act of war. Further the United States of America will be at war with the country that allowed training and preparation for an act of terror against the USA.
    something like that

    (J) Kinda like the Japanese "Thought Police" of WWII era?

    (L) She's kinda right. Gold is backed by nothing. But it backs every "solid" currency. The dollar is backed by the US government is a euphemism for, "The dollar is backed by nothing." FDR took the US Dollar off the gold standard in 1932+/- and inflation has been gradually spiraling upwards ever since.

  11. I find it very revealing that mayor Blooming"ideot"berg says the occupiers can stay all they want. (how much overtime for the NYPD??)The elections are next year WE GOT to elect Constitutional Consrvatives--it is not too late---yet.

  12. Craw,

    1. First I want to say I completely agree with Gunny's statement.

    2. Section B. Oh, why oh why did you have to direct us to those pics? I just had my lunch and now I'm so sick to my stomach, I can barely keep it down. I recall when Woodstock happened I knew nothing about it since I was so busy in college I never saw the news or a newspaper. My nose was in a nursing book constantly.

    G. I would say we are in a depression, not a recession. And if dirt bag zero keeps it up we will become the next African continent looking for snakes to noodle (thx to Gray Ghost for that one) Another puke subject.

    J. If I were pres for a day, I'd repeal Obamadeathcare and then ban muzzies from this country, including the ones here with a one way ticket back to the camel and from which they came.

    E. I turn off Chris Christie each time the media "once again" runs his endorsement of his liberal, elite, East coast buddy Mitt. What the hell is with that? What is so important that a NJ liberal who supports gun control, won't drill, says illegals are "not illegals" and believes in climate change? I would say that is a recipe for not voting for Mitt Romney.

    Can the Establishment Republican machine" do any better than that? Since my primary is not until May of 2012 there will only be one name left on the ballot, Romney, so I'll write in Herman Cain and hope for the best. Lots of luck to me. HO, ho.

  13. Mrs. AL,
    We are not the "establishment". We are true "centrists" because the Constitution is the centerpoint of all American politics and law. Today's GOP "establishment" is moderate left. The Democrats of the late 50s and early 60s were about where today's GOP "establishment" is. Today's Democrats are pushing farther left than Mussolini, approaching Marx.

  14. Hardnox,
    I didn't know there was an "occupiers" protest in Ft Worth until I heard about it on the "Mark Davis Show" while out running errands. He had a conservative on the phone who was his on-scene reporter describing the crowd as "about 20 or so and completely unorganized".

    "false-flag" is the term I was racking my brain for. Thanx.

  15. Clyde,
    I think the only white and mexican folks left in Detrut are part of the Tigers, Pistons, Lions, and Red Wings organizations.
    A) Eurotrash stoooooopidity on display.
    B) Gotta make sure he gets his protein.
    C) But the Tea Party protests grew WITHOUT media support!
    D) They learned from their parents...don't trust anyone over 40.
    E) Yes, and they can't have THAT!
    F) Some academic idiot.
    G) Quit insulting noodleheads by comparing them to this Administration.
    H) Agree 100%
    I) Lots of red flags went up on this one...and brown ones with gold lettering saying "BS"
    J) Only allies because there are worse ones in the region and they provide some stability.
    K) I was stationed in that region for 4 years, and the nightly news was good comedy.
    L) Trying to get a job replacing Carney?

  16. Buck,
    A) Salami, salami, BALONEY!
    B) We'll even pay for their travel.
    C) Wasn't in the area and had better things to do.
    D) degree is in Social Sciences with concentrations in Political Science and History. Outside of aviation, my other probable career path was teaching.
    E) Christie is only conservative compared to the idiot he replaced...Corzine.
    G) I'm still trying to remain where I am, but I'm on the Nov. 11 layoff list right now. There are a few other possibilities opening in the area...
    H) His words and his actions are highly disconnected.
    I) Would be part of my inaugural speech.
    J) And the Gestapo, and the NKVD...
    L) True

  17. Gallant,
    Bloomie will pay that overtime, but make immediate cuts in police and fire protection when it is over.

  18. Pepperhawk,
    1. I think we all do!
    B) Just showing the leftists in their natural habitat.
    G) Well, if we sent those africans who want to keep acting like primitive savages and parasites back to africa, and kept those who desire to be productive members of society....
    J) They are the enemy of all non-muslim mankind. It is time we admitted it.
    E) Exactly. Why did we need Christie or Romney in the race to begin with? We already have the Democrat candidate!
    2. We really need to get control of the primaries. I put out a plan a few years ago. Wonder if I can find it.

  19. I knew you would disagree with my suggestion about the term "establishment." Too bad, I thought I was onto something there -- haha

  20. Craw

    I hope you find that plan because i think it is so unfair that a few states get to vote early and the rest of us are left with the dregs the other no brainers vote for. I'm sick of it. I want to have my say in this too. I know the Founding Fathers did not make this up. They only had 13 colonies at the time. It's shitty if you ask me.


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