Saturday, October 8, 2011

10-8-2011 The Weekend Claw

What is it about Noo Yawk that draws crowds of young people with no work ethic, no manners, no job prospects, and no hygiene? Woodstock in ’69. Wall Street in 2011. Dude, have you ever heard of Right Guard?

A) The head moneyman for many of the far left’s organizations, including the Wall Street Occupiers, is George Soros. We all know that he is scum. He tried to take down the Bank of England and many national currencies. He and his father helped the Nazis get rid of Jews in Hungary. Now Soros’ appeal of an insider trading conviction has been rejected. This is who the Democrats look up to.

B) The Wall Street protesters are providing more comic relief than we ever expected, but they are now providing us with great “teachable moments”. The media and the rest of the left keeps on harping about the Tea Party being a bunch of racists, but they can never provide any evidence for their charges. The lunatics in this protest movement spew forth a lot of racism, but will the Obamedia report on it? Will the Democrats condemn it? Come on, Upchuck! Here are a bunch of anti-Jew protesters in your hometown, with puh-lenty of TV cameras, and you aren’t there to make a statement? Could it be because they agree 100% with King Barack and the DNC?

C) Herman Cain told off the protesters, and then told them off again. Since he is speaking the truth about these whiners, which is exactly opposite of what Obama, Biden, Pelosi, et al are doing, the press will either ignore him completely or savage him for speaking the truth. I like this guy more by the day (unless we’re on the subject of the Federal Reserve).

D) Since Van Jones and Barack Obama quickly started mentioning the Arab Spring in regards to the Wall Street protests, you knew this was coming eventually. When the union bosses sent in their propagandists and thugs, and Barack Obama gave his official blessing, you knew the time was fast approaching. Now the protests have started to turn violent, which was the plan of Soros, Obama, and the Democratic Party all along. They want the protests and violence to spread so they can declare a national emergency and rip away even more of your rights. Another part of the plan was exposed last week when North Carolina’s Governor said elections should be suspended. She wasn’t supposed to let that talking point out of the bag until the protests grew some more.

E) Obamanomics is only understandable if you are a liberal. To anybody who has ever managed a budget, even a household one, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

F) Reality is such a hard concept for liberals. Even after Barack Obama plainly said in an interview with ABC News that the nation is definitely not better off than it was four years ago, Debbie the Ditz comes out and says “ANYONE” can see that the economy is getting better. This mysterious “ANYONE” obviously can’t read any of the economic numbers put out by the government over the past four years. Seriously, she is the best person the Democrats could come up with to chair the DNC?

G) I’m not going to say that Barack Obama lied in his recent press conference regarding the “Save My Job Bill”, but I will let the Associated Press say it for me. This Administration makes the Nixon and Clinton Administrations look completely honest.

H) So how out of touch are the Democrats when it comes to the economy? Well, Barack Obama thinks our biggest unemployment problem isn’t in the private sector. Our biggest problem is that not enough people work for the government! When will we have enough government workers? Maybe when they comprise 75% of the jobs in the nation? Who pays for those jobs? It takes PRIVATE sector workers to fund the government, you idiot!

I) The Administration is all happy happy with the latest job numbers, with 103,000 jobs “added” in September. Too bad that number includes 45,000 Verizon workers who ended their violent strike. The numbers were not good enough to change the base unemployment rate, which remains 9.1%.

J) I am glad to see more black Americans standing up to the demagogues of the left who don’t aspire to true equality, but rather to their own power and wealth. This is a fine column regarding the folks like Jesse the Shakedown Artist, the not-so-Reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Maxine “Bank Fraud” Waters, and others who conspire to “keep the black man down” while blaming it all on eeeeevillll white conservatives.

K) I know people in the military who have misused government charge cards. The hammer fell on them swiftly and hard, and every penny had to be paid back. Their careers were cut quite short. So why doesn’t this happen when a member of the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department misuses his government charge card to the tune of many thousands of dollars? Could it be that he was working in the Civil Rights Division and shares skin color with Holder?

L) The Crawfish has been saying for years that the American military’s dependence on unmanned aircraft and our planning to use them instead of manned aircraft for many future missions is simply foolish. They may be less expensive and safer for the pilots, but they are completely vulnerable to hacking and any modern enemy would be able to completely disable them with electronic warfare measures such as jamming. We have never used them in an electronic warfare environment, but the ability to hack into their systems has been proven time and again.

M) Eric Holder is even worse than Hillary Clinton in regards to Congressional testimony. Hillary! simply kept replying “I don’t recall” to every question, putting an end to the popular left wing assertion that she was the smartest woman on earth. Holder just keeps on lying time after time, even though his lies are ridiculous. It has now been shown that he received at least five weekly memos detailing the Fast and Furious operation. Holder fired back, calling the Congressional investigations into his lies “irresponsible and inflammatory”, presumably because the people questioning his veracity are using irrefutable evidence. This scandal, among many others, is starting to spin out of the control of Obama’s handlers, just in time for election season…which may be yet another reason they are spurring on the socialist protests.

N) One of the worst fears regarding the Libyan civil war has been realized. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard stole a few thousand man-portable anti-aircraft missiles from the Libyan stockpiles. If this NATO assisted war had been supervised by adults, those stockpiles would have been seized and secured, but this is Obama’s lead-from-behind non-war war.

O) Does this article allay some of the fears about Rick Perry’s stance on illegal immigration? He clarifies a bunch of points that The Crawfish found initially troubling, but I still say he is 100% wrong on in-state tuition benefits for illegals. Friend of The Claw Brian R agrees, but notes that Perry needs to make these points in a much more public manner. One interview with a third-rate columnist isn’t going to fix the problems Perry has on immigration.

P) Check out this opening paragraph of a Reuters story: “The Obama administration Friday sought an immediate order blocking Alabama's strict new immigration law pending appeal, arguing that it was already driving immigrants out of the state.” If it is driving illegals out of the state, that is a GOOD thing! (unless you are a Democrat)

Q) Expect this to come to America, especially California, is the liberals keep getting their way.

R) The “Durbin Fee” being instituted by Bank of America, and soon to be copied by just about every other bank, has drawn the ire of Barack Obama, who said banks have no right to profit. Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner took it a step further, in essence declaring war on the banks and saying the White House “would prevail” over them. Let’s get this straight. The Democrats have, by legislation, attacked banks and deliberately lowered their earnings. Then they say that they will prevail over the banks. Does that sound like an attempt by the government to shut down businesses just because they make a profit? It looks like this definition definitely describes the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress.

S) Andrew Schwartz asks a very poignant question. Is a “progressive” income tax a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States?

T) As I have said repeatedly, isolationists like Ron Paul don’t understand post-1830 reality. A global economy means we have global interests politically and economically. Who are we going to sell our good to if our enemies control the rest of the world?

U) How about this one. A juvenile and a 19-year old stole what they thought were blank CDs from a man’s barn. They found 30 of them filled with kiddie porn, so they turned the pedophile (who has that character trait in common with the False Prophet Mohammed) in.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. I think that the "Occupy" crowd is just another example of our failing Republic. We can't even produce decent hippies anymore!

    Trying to keep track of all the contradictory actions and outright fabrications of Obama and his minions is making my head hurt.

    His administration bailed out Wall St, bailed out banks, bailed out unions, passed financial reform that provided for the new bank charges, accepted campaign contributions from all of them, while at the same time drumming up the "Occupy" idiots?

    The sum total of his tenure creates a divide by zero error in my brain!

    IMO, Perry is spinning like a top! This is the same thing that sunk McAmnesty, which is why I was hoping he'd stay out. IMO, the pandering he had to do to get elected in Texas makes him weak on illegal aliens. I don't see what he can say to overcome that on a national stage where something like 75% of voters oppose the illegal invasion.

    I think I'll stick with Cain until he gives a reason not to.

  2. Craw,

    Good post. I liked Cain's answer on his time with the Fed and what he would do now. He stated that they ARE out of control and that he would reduce them to their charter mission. I would rather see the Fed abolished but this IS a step in the right direction.

  3. Buck's comments,
    Right Guard? Dude! First off I'm anti-military and second off I wouldn't join a guard unit that protects the right!
    (A) So when does France put in an extradition request?
    (B) I've listened to the stupidity being spouted from these unwashed masses. These are the products of our colleges? It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.
    (D) Hey, union dues paying guy. How does it feel to be helping finance these idiots??
    (F) Maybe Debbie isn't the best person the Democrats could come up with... With the Democrat house of cards about to come down,,, maybe she is the ONLY person they could come up with.
    (G) Nixon was a piker. And His Attorney General went to jail, if I remember correctly. And what happened to Spiro Agnew? So why are the GOP still handling the Dems with kid gloves???
    (H) As one of the first acts after inaugration President Crawfish should order the dynamiting of 3/4 of all government printing presses...
    (I) Now waitaminnit! You mean a union jerk who is voluntarily on strike and getting strike money from the union is counted as unemployed? When all he has to do is walk across the strike line?
    (J) You should have seen Herman Cain shut Joy Behar up on the View last Tuesday. He was worth sitting through all the stuff those old hags spout just to hear some sense on the show.
    (K) Holder ain't gonna prosecute any of, "His people."
    (L) Still wondering what all that secret stuff was Clinton et al sold to the Chinese Communists..
    (M) Bingo! Create a diversion away from the real problem. And the MSM will go chasing the diversion quicker'n an egg sucking hound after a "crippled" quail...
    (N) Can't say much here. Bush let the insurgents get to Sadam's weapon cache, too. Uh..ever notice how Bush XLI pronounced Sadam's name? It came out real close to "Soddom".
    (O) "Clarifies" or "Backpeddles"???? Sorry. What he's said, he's said. I still don't trust him.
    Bush was "A compassionate conservative."
    (P) With the Marxist Democrat Party in the Oval their goal is STILL one world government. Sending law breaking illegals home is just not on their agenda.
    (Q) I thought it was already in NYC.
    (R) Dang those greedy, rich people!!!
    (S) Yeah but this is one that no matter how overwhelming the evidence the SCOTUS would leave the tax undistrubed because to declare the progressive tax unconstitutional would me a major shakeup of the entire government financing of their "serious" programs like a tunnel under the interstate in Florida for turtles. You know. Important stuff like that.
    (T) Uh.. I think our enemies do control the rest of the world. Or damn near all of it... Who can we count on these days? Korea. Philippines. Australia/New Zealand and Israel. That about covers it.
    (U) Good

  4. Thanks for the Honorable Mention, Craw.

    The "occupy" crowd... a bunch of unwashed losers protesting... why, everything!

    As Marlon Brando said in "The Wild Ones", when asked what he was rebelling against: "Whaddaya got?"

    Yup. That's it. They're protexting... well, everything!

    A bunch of nihilistic boobs who don't have any articulated issues or philosophy. They're just "against everything!"

    Wow... how impressive, I'm sure....

    PS. Looks like I can post here, now... or at least at SgtRelic's. We'll know in a sec about here when I hit "post comment". If it works, it meant that I had to turn my cookies setting down to "accept all cookies", FYI and for others.

    Let's see...

    "POST COMMENT"!!!!

  5. Yes!!!!!!!

    That's the answer for you Blogspot bloggers.

  6. The familiarity of the Occupy Everything crowd had me wondering at first, then I saw the clip of them shouting down Geraldo with “FOX Lies” and it finally clicked. They were just like the sheep in Orwell’s story chanting “Four legs good - Two legs bad” to silence any dissenting discussions.
    New post up on that same topic.

  7. Sorry gang...haven't had time to respond. I've got a bunch of things on my plate right now that are of a much higher priority to me than my columns.


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