Saturday, October 1, 2011

10-1-2011 The Weekend Claw

Another week comes to a close. I checked the news wires on every break Friday night to see if the White House pulled their usual act of releasing really bad news after the national news shows on a Friday, but alas there was nothing earth-shattering.

A) How far are the courts going to go in getting rid of all of YOUR rights in favor of large corporate interests? In Wisconsin, Judge Patrick J. Fiedler has decided that individuals have no fundamental right to own their own dairy cows, drink unpasteurized milk, or even to produce and consume the foods of their own choosing. Is Wisconsin now part of the Soviet Union or something? How much campaign cash has been donated to this judge by Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland?

B) I know that there are a lot of people out there (including Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) who are sympathetic to the cause of the so-called “palestinians” and want the US to sell out Israeli land for a possible, but highly unlikely, peace. The reality of the situation is that we are looking at a repeat of the Czechoslovakia situation from 1938 in which Hitler portrayed a German minority, which could have moved to the lands of their own people in Germany if the German people really cared about them, that occupied strategic land in another country as victims of an evil oppressor. Now it is an arab minority living in strategic Israeli lands, while their own fellow arabs, who could offer them land, don’t want to have anything to do with them except use them to fire up their own people and help destroy Israel.

C) Here is yet another analysis of Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”. I know high school students who could come up with a better plan.

D) Newt Gingrich showed once again that he would be an outstanding White House Chief of Staff and strategist when he unveiled a new version of the “Contract With America” this week. I have heard him talk about it on the radio, but haven’t had the time to completely go through it. What I do know of it looks and sounds pretty good, and it is still a work in progress. If he didn’t have the personal baggage and “dislikability”, he would be a good choice for the nomination, but as is he would never win the general election, even against Obama.

E) Just in case any of you have been drinking Ann Coulter’s Chris Christie Kool-Aid, take a look at some of the baggage Christie would bring to the table, including saying illegal immigration is not a crime, and then ask if he is a worthy candidate. He has also supported assault weapons bans, opposed concealed-carry laws, and believes in Al Gore’s Human Origin Global Warming And Similar Horrors (HOGWASH).

F) After reading this headline I had just one simple Obama’s Secret Service call sign “Magneto”???

G) It may be one of the most beautiful areas on earth, but between the massed extreme liberalism of Seattle, the fact that a major eruption of Mount Rainier would wipe out the entire city within 45 minutes (with zero survivors), and this new seismic discovery I don’t think I will ever make Whidbey Island or the Olympic Peninsula my home.

H) Ahhhhh...the Arab Spring, where dictators and other non-Islamist leaders were overthrown, where the Muslim Brotherhood took over a peaceful Egypt, and now where 20,000+ anti-aircraft missiles have gone missing. How many of those missiles are now in the hands of Islamist militant groups?

I) A Congressional report is now showing just how catastrophic the automatic budget cuts will be to the Department of Defense when the “super committee” fails to come up with a bipartisan plan for $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions. Simply put, our military will be in a weaker status than the Jimmy Carter Hollow Force. This is exactly what Obama and the Democrats wanted, and why they gladly accepted the “super committee” plan in that “debt deal”. They have exactly zero intent to let the “super committee” be anything close to successful. This is also another example of why all of the leadership of the GOP must be removed and replaced with Constitutional conservatives.

J) More proof that the left wants an end to our proud military is found in another predictable bit of incrementalism. Now that they have lifted the ban on open homosexuality in the military, the next step is to remove the ban on transgenders, a group that includes he-she’s, she-he’s, cross-dressers, and other psychologically screwed up people. Do ya think this might give patriotic real Americans cause to reconsider joining our military?

K) Rush Limbaugh is now publicly stating what a bunch of us bloggers have been screaming for the past few years. The GOP establishment does not want any real conservatives to ever be nominated for POTUS. Real conservatism would upset their apple cart.

L) In addition to the half-billion that the taxpayers lost in the politically-connected Solyndra case, there are a number of other “green” companies getting government handouts totaling almost $5 billion right now, and when you take a look under the surface you notice that every single one of them is run by big-time Democrat donors and many of them have family connections to powerful Democrats. On top of that, the mainstream media is ignoring the story as if it is nothing more than a basic neighborhood drug deal (obeying their orders from the White House). This whole episode sticks of 3-day old skunk roadkill in the Texas summer. Do the Republicans in Congress have the “equipment” to make hay of this?

M) Here’s your “No S###, Sherlock!” Moment of the Year. Barack Obama stated that ethics would not have made his list of favorite subjects when he was in school, admitting that “ethics is about right and wrong”. We would never have guessed that from the leader of the most unethical administration in history.

N) Janeane Barfalo is at it again. She’s throwing up the racism card regarding GOP voters who support Herman Cain. Let me get this straight. If Republicans support a black man because of his ideas and policies, they are racists. If Republicans oppose a black man because of his ideas and policies, they are racists. If Republicans see a black man on television, they are racists. Where does the nonsense end?

O) Here are some more facts about taxing the rich that the Democrats probably don’t want you to see. It kinda destroys their arguments, again. Damn that Algoracle and his infernal internet.

P) American forces scored a nice victory this week with the sending of American-born muslim al-Qaida terrorist “cleric” Anwar al-Awlaki to his seventy two virgin male camels. Ron Paul responded by calling it an “assassination” and condemned the Obama Administration for not giving the illegal combatant a proper trial despite the fact that his being an illegal combatant means he has forfeited all rights to any legal protection according to the Geneva Conventions. How many times do we need to inform Ron Paul and his Paulbots that muslim terrorists are at war with us, with all of our allies, with Israel, and with anybody who is not a muslim? He once again has proven himself to be just as unqualified for the office of President as Barack Hussein Obama.

Q) This is rich. Mexican drug lords being held in American prisons are complaining about the conditions of their detentions. They are held in solitary confinement in maximum security facilities, which they contend violates international treaties. They have even found American judges who agree with them! These are cartel founders and leaders who have brutally murdered many people and ordered the murders of hundreds, in some cases maybe even thousands, more. If they really want to complain, we can make things a lot less expensive for the taxpayers and give true justice to the victims. Once per week we could take one of them, slice open his leg, and toss him in the waters off Catalina Island or in the Florida Straits. Within 30 minutes the complaining would end permanently.

R) I’ve said before that some people just need to take some drugs and chill out, but now it has been shown that “magic mushrooms” might have a positive longer-term effect than anyone ever thought of.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Brian R is having problems commenting. If anybody else is having problems, kick me an e-mail.

    Brian's comments:
    D)... Agreed. Gingrich would soundly lose. And let's not forget that image of him and Pelosi sharing a couch and bleating about "climate change".

    Or of his statement about "right-wing social engineering".

    Gingrich probably has a place at the strategery table, but not national elective office.

    E)... Christie's just the latest example of the GOP's propensity to get all excited about the wrong people. This is the same blather we saw four years ago about Giuliani -- a raging libtard -- and Fred Thompson -- remember how well THAT worked out?

    J)... the socialists, never happy about anything anywhere, now want our military screwed up (intentional double-entendre), too.

    Do BDU's come in womens' dress configuration? Would those be smocks, or A-lines?

    K)... Looks like Rush is becoming a Crispie.

    Never too late. Welcome!

    N)... Janeane Garofallo. Living proof that a human organism CAN survive with only one living brain cell.

  2. Craw,

    Good round usual.

    I believe that El Rushbo IS reading our blogs! I REFUSE to vote for a RINO and got into a HUGE argument over it last week. I patiently explained WHY and maybe changed a mind in the process.


    F**K the GOP is the bottom line and I for one would CHEER if Conservatives walked away from the GOP after winning big in 2012 and formed the American Conservative Party.

  3. Crawfish,
    Good roundup.

    J) Just yesterday, an active duty Marine buddy informed me that the Marine Commandante has issued a directive that barracks must be built to house gay soldiers.

    No doubt the other branches will follow the lead. This is in tandem will across the board cutbacks on everything.

    2% of our population is gay whereas the other 98% must make special accommodations. As with all things liberal, you just can't fix stupid.

  4. (A) The judicial system HAS to be revamped. Some way. Some how.

    (B) Sounds eerily familiar, don't it. Another thing our leaders have seemingly not learned is appeasement does not work. On anybody. The left/socialist/Marxist/islamist view of "Peace" is actually "Piece". Their idea of the one is for you to give them some of the other. Then they will start agitating for another "Peace". Of your land.

    (D) Not sure Gingrich would fare badly against Zero. I listened to his plan on Hannity radio and again on tv. Sounds like a winner, to me. Specially the part about, "Three hours after the inaugration I will issue executive orders abolishing every White House czar job.

    (E) Said it before. Christie is anti-gun. Remember the man who was convicted and sent to prison for transporting firearms in New Jersey? Transporting them legally, onetheless he went to prison. Christie DID NOT pardon the man which would have restored his full rights to his firearms. Instead he commuted his sentence.
    What does that say to you???????

    (G) Yeah and the folks living there who don't the rest of us to have nuclear energy cause it MIGHT go awry will all live on top of a huge fault and then want us to bail 'em out when the inevitable happens.

    (I) Yep. Look at which RINOs are on the super committee. That tells you a lot. Just as 2010 was a wake-up call for the GOP it looks like 2012 needs to be a "pink slip" year.

    (J) How do homosexuals and trans whatevers get past the psychological when enlisting?

    (K) The GOP establishment would be just as comfortable in the Democrat headquarters. The squabble between the RINO leadership and the Democrats is about as real as a Monday Night wrestling match.

    (L) Does "Teapot Dome" come to mind??

    (M) Marxists do not believe in ethics. A philosophy of, "The end justifies the means" has no room for ethics.

    (N) This nonsense ends when folks quit paying attention to idiots like Garafalo.

    (P) These folks haven't a clue. The man was in a foreign country conducting WAR against the United States of America. Next they'll want the boots on the ground to check for a person's citizenship status before they blow 'em away.

    (Q) Since when do "international treaties" dictate the way a state runs its business? Better nip this in the bud before Hillary comes in waving a UN gun ban treaty...

  5. Brian R says.........
    Hardnox, that’s hilarious. How does that solve the problem by building separate barracks for gays? That’s like building a separate barracks for me and 39 nympho women.


    That’s been the problem with this whole issue right from the jump. The top brass fell on their asses by kissing political butts, instead of speaking up and telling the truth about the insanity of this whole idea.

    They left “integrity” somewhere back in the dust. Abso-frikkin-lutely contemptible.

  6. Brian,

    I guess you have heard the latest by now: The left now wants trans-genders to be eligible for military service. The military will need a fourth barrack.

    This crap just never ends.

  7. Thanks for the round-up, Craw. Quite a few head-shakers this week.

  8. Brian,
    D) Right there with ya.
    E) What the @#@&#% does Ann Coulter see in Christie? He's no conservative.
    J) They've been trying to F up the military for decades.
    K) The Band of Brothers and Sisters keeps growing.
    N) Barfalo is trying to remain relevant, since she hasn't done any line-reading lately.

  9. Gunny,
    American Tradition Party??????

  10. Hardnox,
    Can't build more barracks if the DoD doesn't have any money. The "super committee" will fail to reach an agreement (as planned by the libs) meaning the DoD gets slashed.

  11. Buck,
    A) Set up judicial review committees, comparing judicial rulings with the words of the Constitution. Too many bad grades and impeachment proceedings automatically begin.
    B) Peace of you land, or your traditions, or values, ....
    D) Again, he's a good planner, but ....
    E) So why does Coulter keep pushing for him?
    G) There won't be much to bail out. Studies have shown that a major eruption would cause a mud-ice flow that would completely wipe out Seattle in less than an hour. The only folks left alive would be the ones in high rise buildings that don't collapse.
    I) Doesn't matter who the GOP put on the committee. The Dems have their orders to make it fail.
    J) That SHOULD show them psychologically unfit for service.
    K) Steele is out there these days pleading for people to think he isn't a RINO.
    L) Teapot Dome is a valid comparison.
    M) Bingo
    N) How did she become known as a political thinker in the first place?
    P) Engage in armed conflict with our nation in alliance with foreign forces is supposed to mean citizenship revoked.
    Q) Exactly

  12. Drpete,
    head-shakers come with awful regularity with this bunch

  13. Craw,

    The American Conservative Party. That way, they know RIGHT OFF who we are and what we stand for.

  14. For those having trouble logging in I found a work around for that, at least for Word Press. Sign into WP first, then on Crawfish's blog, sing in under Open ID. Sign in your identify and than your blogsite. It worked for me and I've had trouble for a long time.

  15. PARDON. Use only your blogsite, not your p/w. It works like a charm.


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