Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9-28-2011 The Weekly Claw

Is it Wednesday already? The Crawfish has been a rather bizzy bee, which has cut heavily into my news surfing time. That means you are blessed with a much shorter tome than usual.

A) Michael Moore-on has announced that he is boycotting the state of Georgia because Georgia executed a black man who was a cop killer. Georgia reacted by saying, “Thanks, we didn’t want your fat liberal arse here anyway!”

B) Rick Perry has been pilloried by the media and their allies in the Democratic Party, along with Mitt Romney, for his attacks on Social Security. That’s what happens when someone is 100% correct in exposing liberal demagoguery. You see, Texans showed the way in replacing Social Security with a better plan in the early 1980s, until the Democrats closed that door for good. It is time to reopen that door!

C) Every time Herman Cain opens his mouth or puts words on paper, I seem to like him more. His plan for real reform in the realm of taxation is the best of any politician out there with the sole exception of The Fair Tax. While I don’t believe straw polls are worth anything in reality, I hope his big victory in Florida gives his campaign a big boost.

D) Herman Cain wrote this article for Human Events back in 2006. If anything, it has become more relevant in the past five years.

E) One of the main plans that the Democrats had when Obama took office was to deeply slash our military capabilities. Even without the disabling cuts that the military budget would take if the “super-committee” fails to agree on a deficit reduction plan, the military budget would plummet to levels not seen since the 1930s in terms of a percentage of the overall budget. Take a look in this article at what kind of cuts we would face, and then realize that how much the Democrats hate our military and all it stands for.

F) Did you know that union violence in support of “legitimate union objectives” is not illegal? The Supremes of the early 70s even upheld that notion. It is well past time to change most of our laws regarding union activity.

G) The Chosen One has been trying out new campaign mantras recently, and one that he seems to like is blaming Congress for doing nothing, since the Blame-Bush thingy ain’t working anymore. If he really wants to go there, he needs to take a look at what Congress has done this year. The Harry Reid Senate has only recorded 137 votes, while the GOP House has made 711 votes, including over a dozen pro-growth bills that have gone nowhere in the Senate.

H) OMG! Obama, like, has been turned down by one of his, ya know, core constituency cable networks. MTV rejected his campaign’s overtures and actually stated it doesn’t do political work. Really? MTV has been one of the major media players in every Democratic Party campaign since the network started!

I) New unConstitutional regulations being put forth by the EPA seem to be a key to Obama’s “jobs program”, as they would require at least 230,000 bureaucrats and $21,000,000,000+ to administrate. Of course the cost to businesses would be much more. The EPA wants to implement these regulations under the Clean Air Act, which authorizes CONGRESS to make regulations, but not the EPA. Government jobs are the only ones the Obama Administration knows how to create or save.

J) How dead-in-the-water is Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”? Well, when you see that it has been introduced in the House and Senate “at the request of the President” and has a grand total of zero co-sponsors (combined House and Senate), I think that qualifies as a big ker-plop.

K) Every time someone claims that all of the Reagan and Bush tax cuts were only “for the rich”, just show them the graph in this article and ask them if they are ready to face reality instead of Democrat talking points.

L) Watch as Judge Judy tries, seemingly in vain, to get this societal leech to understand that he is misusing taxpayer money, and then she turns and nukes the plaintiff for being an idiot as well. Yes, we support this kind of stupidity with our hard earned dollars.

M) The Obama Administration continued their anti-Israel/pro-muslim terrorist policies this week as they called Israel’s approval of more housing for Israelis within Israel “counterproductive”. Jerusalem is 100% Israeli. The so-called “palestinians” have no legitimate claim to the Holy City, since their allies lost all of that territory when they tried to exterminate Israel.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. C. I have been leaning Mr. Cain's direction for some time now, Crawfish. Now what I'm about to say will not set well with a lot of people (not necessarily your followers). It is my opinion (repeat - opinion) that there are some who would like to support Mr. Cain but have a 'fear' that should he get the nomination, the Republican Party will be perceived as merely pitting one black man against another. Racism argument all over again. Can I prove my opinion -- nope.

    J. No surprise there are no sponsors for this fake legislative initiative. What kind of surprises me is that more aren't talking about it.

    Great round up, bizzy bee!

  2. Great post Craw.
    If there is one thing I'd like to see GONE it is the EPA.
    Not only does it kill private sector jobs it is killing those of us who use coal for energy. I am sick to death of the EPA and it's power hungry grabber Lisa Jackson. She needs to go. But oh, no now we need so many more employees for this useless and job killing agency.

  3. Craw,

    Good round up as usual. You did not pimp by blog so I will! haha.

    The Kenyan has nothing to run on so he resorts to lies and more lies. It MIGHT have worked if there was NO internet. THANK YOU OWL GORE!

  4. Peppermint here.

    Mrs. Al, I see your opinion on Cain but I doubt that it would be perceived as pitting one black man against another. First off, one man is not black, but white and black. The other one, Cain will be an oreo according to demorats, already heard it out of a black woman's mouth. So, no problem, Cain is not black, just an oreo. And the demorats try to claim they are not racist! What BS!

  5. Herman Cain’s admonition that “… you don’t prune weeds — you pull them out at the roots” applies to more than the tax code.

    I submit the same principle be applied to reformation of what is an increasingly apparent systemic corruption at the DoJ, as exemplified by lawsuits against States, raids on non-politically connected private businesses, refusals to enforce existing laws equally, and the final insult to liberty – Fast and Furious.

  6. A) If we kill a black college student raper/murderer, will Fatass Moore stay out of NC? We caught one last year, but if he gets the death penalty, Perdue will probably put off his execution so we can concentrate on something else.

  7. Crawfish,
    Good round-up as usual. Shorter posts are easier.

    a) I always have love Georgia and its inhabitants.
    b) libs can’t stand the truth no more than cockroaches can stand light.
    c) I like Cain but I echo Peppermint’s thoughts on the matter. He might be our best shot but I prefer governors. I’m still open to hear him out. As you said, I too like him more and more.
    e) No surprise here really. Dims always cut the military the pubs come in and build it back up again. This is a never-ending cycle of fixing stupid.
    f) that’s a surprise!
    g) deflect, deflect, deflect. S.O.S. different day.
    h) MTV must have someone new on board or they see the writing on the wall. The rats are abandoning ship.
    i) the first EO the new pres should issue is to abolish the EPA. They have long ago gone past their core mission.
    j) that’s hysterical!
    k) facts are such stubborn things.
    l) Gunny had posted that one a while back. He’s shootable!
    m) The Arabs lost 3 wars. Tough shit.

  8. (B) Oh, is Perry now taking credit for the Galveston County Retirement Plan?

    (C) Now where, oh, where are all those folks who voted for Zero just because he was black????????????

    (E) Before World War II the military was so underfunded that Army maneuvers were conducted with wooden toy rifles, wooden "machine guns" and trucks had "tank" painted on the side to simulate an armored attack. Oh, yeah. A private's pay was something like $30.00 a month.

    (F) Since the left INSISTED on inaugrating "hate crime" laws you would think union violence would fall under the category of Orewllian Newspeak "Hate-crime".

    (I) EPA... Was that Jimmah Cahtah? Once again ALL alphabet agencies should be dismantled. Name one that is not about taking away American freedoms. Some are like a blanket over all freedoms, some target certain freedoms but ALL alphabet agencies are about controlling Americans in one way or another.

    (M) Yeah. The arabs want the Golan Heights back most of all because it is a great artillery spotting point.

  9. Mrs. AL,
    Cain is making waves for sure. The easiest way to see that the Dems are taking him seriously is Jeanine Barfalo's latest comment...which will be in the Saturday edition.

  10. Pepp,
    There are PARTS of the EPA worth keeping around, but the vast majority needs obliteration.

  11. Gunny,
    The Prophet Algoracle....the gift that keeps giving!

  12. Pepp,
    tune in Saturday for the first volley of liberal comments regarding Cain.

  13. Saltwater,
    With the exceptions of CIA and DoD, the current federal bureaucracies need to get rid of 90% of their current employees, with none of them being allowed back into federal service in the next 20 years. They have entrenched themselves and made EVERY part of government a liberal bureaucratic nightmare of inefficiency.

  14. TGP,
    you caught him, but even if he is sentenced to death it won't happen for the next 15 years or plus 400 pounds for Moore-on.

  15. Can't wait for the Saturday Edition, Crawfish. Haven't heard "Jeanine Barfalo's latest comment."

  16. Hardnox,
    A) Well...all of 'em outside of Atlanta.
    B) Truth and light are great disinfectants
    C) I'm about ready for someone who has not been a Gov, Rep, Sen, or Community Organizer.
    E) Dems slashed it after WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and now. We have to rebuild every time.
    F) The only law regarding unions should be the right to organize. Everything after that is not government's business. Nobody should be FORCED to join a union (or pay dues-equivalent) to get/keep a job. If workers want to strike, the employers have every right to fire them for walking off the job.
    G) Nothing is ever HIS fault.
    H) I'm seein' it the same way
    I) Keep the core mission, but dump the rest
    J) Not even P-Lousy, Jackson-Lee, or Waters!
    K) And the Dems hate them
    L) Who do you think sent it to the Gunny?
    M) You lose territory in a war, you don't get it back unless the victor WANTS you to have it back.

  17. I like Herman Cain, but I wonder what would happen to his 9-9-9. I just don't trust that to stay that way. Our government seems to have the lovely practice of raising these percentages when they deem fit. Otherwise I think he's a fairly good candidate. I like his NOT being a politician. Politicians are all crooks and thieves except for a rare few.

  18. Whoo hoo! I think I finally figured out how to use my ID on this here blogspot.

  19. Buck,
    B) Perry is NOT taking credit for Galveston, but is using them as an example of how it can be done.
    C) Cain is an Uncle Tom, since he opposes The Won.
    E) That's the state Obama and his minions want our military to be in.
    F) Unions are a protected class, so they can do whatever they want.
    I) Rip 'em apart.
    M) Control the high ground and you control the whole area.

  20. We now have a Pepperhawk again!
    Cain's 9-9-9 is certainly vulnerable to the whims of future Congresses and Presidents, which is why I prefer the Fair Tax.

  21. Have to tell ya this one Craw. Last night I was watching Lou Dobbs on the 7PM FBN channel. He opened his show with the Solyndra scandal and a few other tasty morsels of other scandals.

    When Lou went to break, I switched to the DirecTv News Mix where you can view about 8 different channels at one time.

    On CNN, their lead story was about how utterly fat and rotund Chris Christie was and how he'd never fit into the WH bath tub. Mind you a whole section taken up with this topic.

    On MSNBC, Chrissy Matthews was expounding on the stupidity, density, vacuous, substance less, completely stupid and ignorant Perry. A whole section for that.

    Back to CNN, then we have another piece of rubbish which is so unimportant I forgot it. On MSNBC, for their next segment, two talking heads about why Obama will beat any republican.

    Now, meanwhile, on Lou Dobbs, we were getting real news, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the new Alabama illegal law they passed and was mostly upheld by a federal judge there.

    So, I got a chance to see what you get at the prime 7PM news slot that Shep Smith leads.

    Rubbish on CNN and MSNBC and no wonder we have so many stoopid liberals in this country if they are watching either of those channels. I'm not even sure they have heard about the Solyndra scandal.

    And prior to that slot, Al Sharpton's "new show" on MSNBC was discussing the "dastardly racist" new illegal immigration law passed in Alabama. If Sharpton stays there for longer than a month, I'll be shocked. He can't even speak right, much less run a show. It was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen on TV.

  22. Craw didn't my link show up as Pepperhawk. I thought I had that fixed. Doggone it!

  23. Well, Craw, I see my fix did work and you changed what I wrote. I never said I wanted the Fair Tax. But that's OK, I do prefer the Fair Tax as long as all other taxes are eliminated.

  24. Craw, nevermind about that last comment. I see you are saying YOU prefer the fair tax. Whoops, not so up today. That's what happens when you're half sick.

  25. Gunny, thx for agreeing with me. We don't need no crappy ole EPA. They have done enough damage.

  26. Pepp,
    the media is in full campaign mode, covering up any possible bad news regarding Obama.

    Your link works.

  27. Pep,

    I want to dump the ATF, BLM, DoE, and Dept of Ed as well.

  28. Gunny,
    Ditto on all those you mentioned above. There are so many unconstitutional agencies they could get rid of and we don't need these wasteful, vacuous pieces of hole in the bucket money loaders.

  29. Bringing the government back into Constitutional standards will take a couple of decades of conservatives holding both houses of Congress and the White House.

  30. Totally agree on moore--this leftist LOON sides with the very dispots that that will very happily re ditrbute HIS wealth!The good news is the more the fog is put out the more people will see the beacons telling truth. THATS where you and conservative blogs come in. good comments everyone!


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