Saturday, September 24, 2011

9-24-2011 The Weekend Claw

I didn't have a whole lot of online research time in the 2nd half of the week, so this one's a bit shorter than usual.

A) The Obama Administration may have said “NO” to new F-16 sales to Taiwan (and to The Crawfish’s job), but there are efforts underway in the House and the Senate to push the sales through anyway. Senator John Cornyn has put up legislation attached to a trade bill, and co-sponsored by Republicans, Democrats, and an Independent, to force the sale, while Representative Kay Granger has done the same in the House. The Senate version could come up for debate as early as Tuesday (9/27). With strong bi-partisan support in both chambers, they just might be able to overturn His Majesty’s kissing of Chinese butt.

B) I know we all tend to refer to The Won and his party as socialists, but the more correct term would be fascists. Then again, they are two sides of the same coin.

C) If any of y’all thought that the jobs bill had anything to do about saving/creating jobs (other than those of Obama and the union bosses), take a look at some of the stuff that is in there. This bill is all about giving power to the federal government and taking it away from the states. It specifically throws out the 11th Amendment. Again, the Democrats will do anything possible to overturn our Constitution.

You simply won’t believe this story until you realize that it happened in Chicago. A union organizer got hired by the Daley Administration to work for the city of Chicago for a single day and then was put on an indefinite leave of absence so he could continue being a union boss. After many years of not working for the city, he is now retired and making $158,000.00 per year as a pension from the city. For ONE DAY of work!

D) Just in case any of you still harbored thoughts of Ron Paul being a viable candidate, the fact that he has stated that he would consider Dennis Kucinich for a Cabinet position is People’s Exhibit 72344 of his lack of fitness for duty.

E) The SEIU’s Stephen Lerner tells a “progressive” summit that the progs need to “create a crisis” for the rich. He advocates all sorts of law-breaking and such, including bringing cities like Houston, Seattle, Boston, and Noo Yawk to a complete standstill. Meanwhile, it is the Constitution-loving Tea Party folks who are on the terrorist watch lists. If any of that law breaking does occur, he should be charged as an accessory or as a conspirator. The evidence is on You Tube.

F) The only problem with this story is that the final act came about a decade late.

G) Rick Perry is trying very hard to lose the GOP nomination. How else can you explain his stupidity in doubling down on his support for TAXPAYER-funded lower tuition rates for illegal aliens? He says you don’t have a heart if you don’t want the illegals to better themselves. WE say you don’t have a brain if you don’t realize that the only taxpayer funds for illegals should be used to prevent their entry, to track them down if they do get in, and to deport their illegal arses once found.

H) This lady got all bent out of shape over a search by a TSA agent within a couple of days of the Afghan Turban Bomber. Kinda reminds me of the old Haarlem Globetrotters cartoon, where one of the guys had anything they ever needed in his ‘fro.

I) This is what you would expect from a company run by left-wing loons. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream now has a flavor named “Schweddy Balls”. It is named after a sexual innuendo from an old Alec Baldwin skit on “Saturday Night Live”.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” - Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Rick Perry has definitely lost the votes of folks who know him best.
    That is
    Most Texans
    or at least
    Most Texans with a brain.
    He is using YOUR tax dollars to fund an education for a criminal. I don't care how young or old he is, he is still a lawbreaker if he is here illegally.
    I don't know how that could be put any more plain.
    I really don't know how he can explain giving your money to a wetback to go to school on.

  2. Buck,

    I am disappointed in Perry and I am trying to see his strategy in all of this. Does he pull Hispanics away from the Dems with this? Does this ensure that Texan goes for the GOP? I saw his logic in building the fence as a waste of money and putting boots on the ground was better simply because they ALREADY go under and over and around it.

    Perry would be better served to promote a strategy of penalizing companies who hire them, using e-Verify, etc.

    If he loses the nom, he f*cked it up on his own.

  3. I ge the in state tuition deal. Huckabee did the same thing, and I agreed with his reasoning. The Feds make the states put every kid in school. The real argument here is to keep illegals out of our primary and secondary schools, then they don't go to college. I agree with Perry on this issue. If we force these kids to go to school, and they do well, we shouldn't punish them for doing what we made them do.

  4. A) Is O'Vomit "kissing" China's butt or has O'Vomit been "bought off" by China? (I guess the end result is the same in either case.)

    G) This will cost Perry the election unless he changes.

    Another good edition Crawfish.

  5. Let's not forget that the offspring of the illegals born on US soil are actually citizens. So how do we square with not affording US citizens education as mandated by State and US law?

  6. Buck,
    Churchill once said that if you are 20 and not a liberal, you have no heart, but if you are 30 and not conservative, you have no brain.

  7. Gunny,
    a fence backed up with watchtowers (with Marine-trained marksmen) and seismic sensors underneath.

    E-verify and every other tool possible should be used to prevent them from getting any jobs, and they should get absolutely NO FREEBIES. No incentive, no illegal immigration.

  8. TGP,
    Doesn't matter what the feds say. Education is not part of the enumerated powers, so the feds can't order it.
    The only monies spent on illegals should be to:
    a) prevent them from getting here.
    b) tracking them down and arresting them if they do get here.
    c) deporting them immediately.

  9. Ghost,
    A) Other option...he's helping out his true allies.
    G) We don't have any real conservatives in this race, do we?

  10. Hardnox,
    according to the Constitution, no they are not. The Constitution says born here and under the jurisdiction of the US. If mom is here illegally, she (and child) are under the jurisdiction of their home country.

  11. Okay, I'm gonna copy in the comment here that I wrote at Sarge's, as it's a propos:

    Well, as to Perry and illegals, y'all have been hearing me say this since he first hit the stage: he's George Bush 2.

    State issue or not, he's using tax money to subsiduze their edumacation with the Texas DREAM act. What happens when he hits DC?

    Further, how does educating them AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE turn them into something other than a "drain on society"? Isn't that the VERY DEFINITION of draining society?

    On top of all that, once they get a degree, then what? THEY'RE STILL ILLEGAL ALIENS, and it's illegal for them to work in our country, so all you have is a bunch of unemployed college graduates... DRAINING SOCIETY!

    Does... not... compute...

    He sounds just like Juan McAmnesty did on this issue. I can see him going for amnesty.

    I gotta tell you, if I have to choose between Romney and Perry, give me Romney. At least, as a businessman, I know he'll live up to his campaign promises, especially as he doesn't seem to have a real personal agenda of his own. He's about the most politically-expedient guy I can think of.

    People talk about Romneycare; well, I give you PerryCare, the education of illegal aliens.

    Frankly, I'd prefer Bachmann or Santorum, probably in that order.

    As usual, the nxt election's going to be the GOP's to lose. Bat Ears is the most beatable guy there is; he's even worse than Carter.

    But the GOP has the bad habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  12. Brian,
    Romney can't be trusted to keep his word when he flip-flops on the issues constantly, such as being both pro-life and pro-choice.
    Bachmann and Santorum are the most solid conservatives, but so were Hunter and Tancredo last time.

  13. Craw,

    Agree with you Romney cannot be trusted and he's a complete Rhino, as bad as McCain. Did you hear his tax reform? $200,000 and under, no taxes or very little? Huh? Sounds like Obama to me.

    Here is an interesting article about Perry that may help those who still like him.

    Santorum is a demagogue. He would not even let Perry finish his statement about the border. Perry only started to think of running for potus when Greta Van Susteren was on the border with him flying in one of his helicopters looking at the devastation going on. Perry explained to Greta how he could not get Obama to help him protect the border. Texas is using $4 million of its' own state money to try to protect the border but it's not enough. Obama would not give him the time of day.

    I would not give up on Perry just yet. And Perry giving in state tuition may very well make sense for the state of Texas when you can't keep the illegals out without the proper boots on the ground as Perry told Greta.

    There is more to this than meets the eye. Everyone is drilling Perry while the real Rhino gets away with it all. When in the hell did Romney begin to be a conservative? Like only when it's convenient for him. He's been pro choice, then pro life, he's been pro mandated insurance before he was against it. Still does not admit to Mass mandated insurance being a failure that has bankrupted his state. I don't believe a word that comes out of his Rhino mouth.

  14. Craw,

    Also wanted to say Bachmann is a big liar and cannot be trusted. She lied about Pawlenty and now she is lying about Perry.

    Want the facts, email me about it. She is a phony.
    And there she is in Congress, allegedly a tea party leader and she states Obama is a legal president when she knows he is not. She also voted for the Patriot Act which is allowing Obama to tear down what was the 4th Amendment. Now we have no 4th Amendment rights.


    Read and weep.
    None of these candidates are good to run. Particularly the ones in Congress. The ones out may have a leg to stand on, but not the ones presently serving as they have done NOTHING to stop Obama and have given over their legislative authority to Obama. Sadly, that is the reality.

  16. B) Obama an economic fascist? Who’da thunk it? Well, me for one.

    It looks like Steve McCann has been reading some of my old TH blogs. I offered that analysis before Obama had been in office five months, including the observation that Obama’s policies on “investment” could put the American taxpayers at the back of any payout line in case of default. Can anyone say ‘Solyndra’?

    That essay re-posted at my new home:

  17. Yeah, Craw. I'm not wild about Romney either. Just like last time, he's a guy I'd have to hold my nose for.

    But he's WAY better than Perry on illegals. And that's a deal-breaker issue to me.

    Perry sounds to me just like Bush -- with his two attempts at scamnesty -- and Juan McAmnesty.

  18. Whether we like it or not the children born in this country to illegals are considered citizens. I don't like it one bit. No one has challenged them on the 14th amendment statutes and the states hand them citizenship.

    Unless that argument is settled then we have technically illegal citizens.

    In the meantime how does anyone deal with a person that is considered a citizen?

    The issue is are they really citizens or not. If it is determined that they are not then they need an express train out.

  19. Hardnox,
    You bring up a good point. The 14th Amendment needs to be challenged as it was never meant to make "citizen anchor babies". However,it's unlikely that will be challenged and we are left with these "citizens" born on our soil. Maybe it is time to make them citizens then. If so Perry has every right (for his state) to make their own rules on this. Perry is doing it so they can have futures and not be on the dole. However, he is not against protecting the borders. He wants plenty of boots on the ground. He can't do as much as he would like now since Obama wants open borders and won't help the border states. I imagine each border state needs to develop their own "state" rights and laws on this right now since the federal government will not enforce the laws on the books. It's between a rock and a hard place for these border states.

    Do you recall how Perry tried to give Obama a letter laying out what he needed when Obama visited Texas? Do you recall how Obama slapped him publicly in the face, brushing him off with his hand to place the letter in a flunky's hand?
    That is how Perry was treated over his requests for more boots on the ground.

    And of all things to sue AZ when they are trying to enforce the very laws the feds won't do and are responsible for. I feel great empathy for these governors in these states. How do they get what they need to protect their borders when Obama slams them down each time?

    Obama is a treasonous president in not enforcing the very law of "protecting the states against all invasion, foreign or domestic". That is right out of the Constitution. It is a scandal that nobody has challenged him on this in Congress. But they have become as useless as potted plants.


  20. Craw,
    I agree with you about Romney. He can't be trusted. He has flip flopped too many times on too many issues. He is a democrat running as a republican, the NWO's pick of the year. I will not be swayed by the media's pick of Romney to be the potus who will continue the Globalist agenda. The globalist agenda is worse than any of the other candidates could espouse. It is the direct takeover of our country of the UN. I don't believe Perry would go along with the UN agenda which is to make us a 3rd world country. I don't see Perry making his state a 3rd world country. It would not make sense for Perry to do that and make his state prosperous when the goal of the globalists is to make the entire US have no prosperity at all. That dog don't hunt.

  21. Hardnox, you're missing the point. The Texas DREAM act grants benefits to the kids of ALL illegal aliens, including illegal alien kids, NOT just the ones born in this country that may have some claim to being legal themselves.

    THAT'S what makes Perry so sucky on the issue.

    Read the act. They have to be "making an effort to gain citizenship". That's directly from the law itself. That means the ones getting the benefits aren't citizens, as it clearly states, which means they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  22. Craw,

    I like your idea having Marines "with weapons" on the border. I don't see any other way to protect it. IF we can keep troops protecting the line between N.Korea and S. Korea, we should at the least be doing the very same thing on our own border.

  23. Brian,
    Thanks for the info. Kids born of illegals should not be considered citizens. My understanding of the 14th Amendment was meant for slaves and their offspring and nothing more. Liberal SCOTUS judges have allowed the law to apply to anyone hatched out here.

    This clearly needs to be revisited for the issue on anchor babies to be clearly determined. In the meantime we are forever stuck with those that have citizenship.

    No one abhors illegals more than I as a matter of record. They are parasites on our country. That said, it would be a monsterous process to identify legal kids from illegal ones. Bureaucrats can't find theirs asses with a map much less qualify or determine citizenship.

    I am not trying to give Perry a pass on this but I do know he did not author the legislation. The Texas legislature proposed and approved it. Perry is a proponent of E-verify and border security.

    Border states have their hands full with illegals and the only solution in my opinion is to enforce E-Verify with hefty fines, and seek carification on the 14th Amendment.

    The fact that Rosita who is 8-1/2 months pregnant can visit her sister in the States, then hatch out a kid, then immediately qualify for S.S. benefits under the WIC program and collectively accumulate $2400 per month in assistance is bullshit by any measure.

    Sending a few kids to school on the government dime is chump change in comparison. All of this crap needs to fixed.

  24. I don't even need to put my 2 cents in now. The three of y'all are goin' good!

  25. LOL, Craw!

    Well, Hardnox, you and I clearly disagree on this... big time!

    You wrote: "No one abhors illegals more than I as a matter of record. They are parasites on our country. That said, it would be a monsterous process to identify legal kids from illegal ones."

    Well, then, basically you've ceded the issue to the amnestists. What do you think is EXACTLY their argument for amnesty?

    That, right there!

    It's an "impossible" problem to solve, because there are too many of them, or how do we tell the "good" ones from the "bad" ones, or we need them to harvest the crops, or whatever.

    Frankly, it's a load of bull, and there's a VERY easy solution, to wit: every single time they come into contact with the system, you load 'em on a bus and ship them back to wherever they came from. Your illegal kids show up at school? You and them back on the bus home. Need hospital care? Get treated, then get deported. Stopped by a traffic cop? Next stop, Tijuana.

    What the hells' so difficult about it?

    Screw Perry and his "don't have a heart" BS. I have a heart... for THIS country, not the illegal mooches crawling all over the place and wrecking it.

    We don't have to separate legal kids from illegal kids. We just deport all the illegals. If some of them are parents who have kids "legalized" under the 14th Amendment, then they have a choice: take their kids with them back to their country of origin, or leave them here with a legitimate foster care provider of some kind. What's the problem?

    I spent most of my youth living overseas because my family were career military. I was an American citizen, but I didn't live in America. I don't see the issue. There was even a time when my folks lived in Cyprus (in the 50s, when there was a lot of warfare) and my sister and I stayed with my grandparents in Taxachussetts. Again, what's the prob?

    Ship out every illegal with every contact.

    Perry is an idiot on this issue; I'm not giving him any "pass". He's as bad as Jorge Bush, as far as I can see. And Juan McAmnesty.

    So far, he hasn't earned my vote.

  26. PS.

    I also question Perry's commitment to border securidad. He sounds lousy on that issue, too. He parrots McAmnesty again.

    How come he's against a physical barrier?

    He talks about putting bodies there instead. Why not both?

    Ugh! The more I think about him, the more pissed off I get.

    George Bush redux.

  27. Peppermint here again.

    60 Congressmen submitted a letter to Obama in regard to Obama's amnesty issuance. Obama is destroying us with his illegal amnesty through the back door. Obama needs to go in 2012. Allowing Obama to remain in office for another 4 years is being complicit in treason IMHO.

    Amnesty is not the only issue or the biggest issue we face. Global UN sovereignty over our country is. Read about it if you don't know about it. UN Agenda 21. By now it should be obvious to all that Obama is complicit in the UN's push to take us down and be handed over to the UN.

    I'm not so sure voting for any candidate is going to change the course we're on. Nobody knows for certainty all who are involved in this. One thing is certain, we have plenty of traitors in our government all over, federal and state wide. We are being sold out. We have bigger nightmares at our doors than just illegals. That is only one issue. Bigger and worse ones are looming and some people are not even aware of it.

    Finally even Congress has gotten with the issue and have bills to try to de-fund and/or stop the UN agenda. Probably Congress finally started to pay attention to all the letters, emails and phone calls that a group I belong to on Face Book have been sending to them for the last year at least. Congress could no longer avoid the issue of Agenda 21 or deny it existed which was the order of the day just a few months back.


  28. Peppermint here as anonymous since I can't get on here any other way. For the life of me I don't understand that at all. I can get on with my Google account under CzechMerlin but that does not identify me either.

    None of the candidates running are acceptable in various forms in one way or another on the issues.

    Bachmann lies and voted for the Patriot Act in its' new form which destroyed our 4th Amendment rights. I'd like to know why she voted that way and talks about freedom when she doesn't walk the walk. So far she has not been asked that question. She says she " has fought" in Congress against Obama but where are the results? There are none. Pelosi did much better on that one. At least she was able to herd her sheep into her direction. Bachmann can't even get a crowd much less a herd.

    If you don't believe our 4th Amendment rights no longer exist you need to start watching Freedom Watch on the Fox business channel at 8pm hosted by Judge Napolitano. The facts do not lie.

    Romney's budget plan is a mess that even the Wall Street Journal panned as such. Perry has some issues on amnesty but only in his state so far. Clarity is needed but he has already stated he would put troops on the border but with Santorum screaming in his ear I don't think he was heard.

    Cain is an unknown with ties to the Federal Reserve. His budget plan the 9-9-9 one will most certainly turn into 18-18-18 then go on to 25-25-25- or even 35-35-35. There is no safe bet those numbers of taxation will remain at 9%.

    Huntsman should be running on the Democrat ticket and asked why he quotes Mao constantly and believes in that mass murderer. But nobody asks him that question.

    Santorum is an idiot with no executive experience and merely shouts other people down so you can't even hear their answers. He acts like a bully. And he wants to push his code of morality on others. That won't' go over well.

    Newt has the problem of being around too long and not being electable although he has some good ideas. But the picture of him sitting on a bench with Pelosi chatting about "global warming" is a picture worth a thousand words.

    Gary Johnson isn't going to make it past the 1% crowd and is a libertarian like Ron Paul both of whom are not going to be electable because people do not understand what a libertarian is and their stance on Islam.

    What does that leave us with? Where is Sarah Palin when we need her?

  29. Brian,
    We don't differ in end result. My problem is actually doing what you propose in a democratic republic.

    in order to facilitate the disered result which you propose we would need a dictatorship.

    I say implement E-verify with huge fines to the employers and the illegals will self deport. Cut off the spigot so to speak.

    I too have traveled the world. The countries that you speak of are tiny by comparison. That shit would not work here. Since we are a melting pot how do you identify illegals?

    Again, E-verify and the problem will correct itself. This would be a non-problem already had we bothered to enforce the program in the first place.

  30. Hardnox,

    Agree with your proposal. That in itself, if implemented and used according to the law would do away with a lot of our problems.

    Of course, however, Obama is back dooring these illegals as we speak.



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