Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9-21-2011 The Weekly Claw

The Humpty Dumpty Administration is dancing on the top of a very tall wall. This fall is going to be spectacular to watch.

A) How twisted is the liberal mind? Henry Cisneros, the disgraced former HUD Secretary, fully supports illegal immigration. Heck, a large portion of the city he once served as Mayor is illegal (San Antonio). He say that illegals are “the best other societies can send.” Really? Drug gang members and societal leeches are the best other societies have to offer?

B) Howard Dean is happy about a new study that proves Obama’s main points regarding Obamacare (“If you like your plan, you can keep it” and “it will not add a penny to the deficit”) are completely false, and that one third of all private sector employers will dump their private insurance in favor of the government plan. At least he admits that the whole intent was to end private insurance.

C) Is the current state of the White House enough to bring about the return of the Hill-Bill Show? She said when she took the SecState job that this was it for her and politics, but y’all didn’t believe that for a second, did ya?

D) The Affirmative Action Attorney General and his Injustice Department are taking Texas to court, again. The newest redistricting map, drawn and approved by the state legislature, doesn’t add any new minority-specific Democrat-majority districts among the four new ones Texas gets because of the 2010 Census. So let me get this straight. A Republican led legislature is supposed to purposely draw up a new map that gives more seats to the Democrats, or Holder’s bunch will fight it in federal court because it doesn’t jive with the Voting Rights Act? Where does the Constitution give redistricting authority to the feds?

E) We finally found out how Obama plans to pay for his “Save Obama’s Job” bill. As expected, he wants to raise taxes on those who actually hire people by $1,500,000,000,000.00+, despite him having said in the past that raising any taxes during a recession is the wrong thing to do. The Democrats are fully behind him, saying that the Republicans will be seen as just being nice to the rich if they oppose The Won. It is ALL about politics, because the bill and the tax increases would do nothing for employment, except a small spike in construction jobs until the federal $$ runs out. Not a single permanent job would be created by this mess. His plans also raise costs for airline travel, make military retirees pay a $200 fee for no reason other than they are turning 65 and an annual fee to renew their insurance, charge business aircraft owners $100 more per flight, adding fees to mortgage payments, and possibly charge military retirees more for their healthcare (which was supposed to be fully paid for, according to the enlistment contracts, but is already not the least expensive insurance available in some cases).

F) Obama’s obsession with “fairness” is extending into the military, again. The military retirement system was designed to be an incentive for members to serve for at least 20 years. If you stick it out for that long, you get 50% of your base pay (not including allowances and bonuses that typically make up about half of most military paychecks), but that money is still taxable. This isn’t “fair” to those who don’t have the dedication to stay for 20, so it must be changed to give benefits to those who wuss out after 4 or 8 years. So what is the incentive to serve for 20 now? Those folks who have put in 10+ years are the backbone of the military. They are the professionals who train and lead the newbies. Only someone who hates America and our military would propose such nonsense.

G) How bad is Obama’s job performance with regard to blacks in America? Well, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Donkey-MD) of the Congressional Racist, Congressional Black Caucus said that if this President was anybody BUT Obama, they’d be calling for marches on the White House, but since it is Obama they can’t because that “would empower those who hate the President.” In other words, the only reason they are not calling for blacks to march on DC is because there is a black President. Sounds like raaaaaacism to me.

H) Oh, and that urgent “PASS IT NOW!” bill...won’t actually be ready to present to Congress until sometime next month, after yet another vacation.

I) Meanwhile, the fact that this Administration doesn’t really care about jobs (other than their own) was brought home this week as Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Incorporated not only schooled the Administration in testimony on Crapitol Hill, but he also stated that the current federal government fined his company for hiring too many people!

J) Some things never change. Rahm Emanuel is still using thug tactics as Mayor of Chicago. He actually threatened to burn down the house of someone who opposed one of his ideas. Anywhere outside of Corruptionois, that threat would land him in prison. Meanwhile, when the issue of Solyndra is brought up, Rahmbo channels his inner-Hillary with a series of “I don’t recall” statements.

K) The White House and Democratic leaders tried to say that the special election in Noo Yawk had nothing to do with President Obama, but David Weprin says that the election was indeed a referendum on Obama. He ought to know, since he was the Democrat candidate.

L) Although the Administration and LightSquared execs are trying to say otherwise, a second person has come forth saying that the White House tried to influence their testimony before Congress.

M) With the palestinian statehood issue at the forefront this week, and the Obama Administration sending out all sorts of conflicting signals, Rick Perry unloaded on Obama’s policies regarding Israel. The only thing he left out was that Gaza, Golan, and West Bank are all rightfully part of Israel, since they were won in an attempted war of extermination launched by the arabs. If the so-called palestinians want their own state, let them take lands carved out of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. The arabs have plenty of land to share with their fellow arabs.

N) The Religion of Peace has struck yet again, and this time the winner of the 72 virgin male camels had the bomb in his turban. If we start inspecting turbans, the rest of the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet will go absolutely bat guano.

O) Representative Mike Quigley Down Under (Donkey-Corruptionois) visited an Islamic conference and apologized on behalf of America. When are the muslims going to apologize for all of their atrocities? I haven’t heard a single apology for Daniel Pearl, the Khobar Towers, 9-11, Munich, Rome, or any other terrorist action committed in the name of that death cult. Quigley is officially a traitor, committing the very definition of treason. We, on the other hand, have NOTHING to apologize for in regards to Islam.

P) I wholeheartedly agree with John Lehman on this issue. The PC police have taken over our military, and we have lost many of our true warriors as a result.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” - Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. On the "tax the rich" nonsense:

    Here's where the whole idea falls completely apart. Our debt is now over $14 TRILLION. Our entire annual GDP is $14 trillion. In order for taxation to solve the problem, the government would have to tax every single person and every single business at 100% of their gross income for a year to eliminate the debt.

    In other words, everyone would have to work for a year at zero income to balance the books. It's really that simple.

    The total federal annual revenue (income) is $2.2 trillion ( ). Of that, "the rich" already pay more than half, say about $1.1 trillion. They're taxed at an average rate of 35%. So.. even if you tax them at a 100% rate -- confiscate everything they earn -- all you'd get is an additional $2.2 trillion.

    That's hardly a drop in the bucket.

    Annual spending for this fiscal year is budgeted at $3.7 trillion ( ). So no matter how much you raise the taxes on "the rich", you're still not going to solve the real problem, because the government's still spending $1.5 trillion more than it takes in.

    Well... I guess maybe at 100% tax rates for "the rich" -- defined as those earning in excess of a paltry $200K (how does $200K become "millionaires and billionaires", btw?), the math does work. But that means the government will be setting a cap on earning, at $200k. Is THAT what America's come to?

    No, clearly the problem is spending, not taxing.

    As Thatcher noted, the problem with socialism is that ultimately you run out of other people's money.

    (Y'know, as I read this comment, I like it as a strong possibility as my next essay at my place. I guess you could consider this a trial run, like when plays open off-Broadway... LOL!)

  2. Should-Be Congressman BrianR nailed it! The liberals are stuck in 1968 and every day is Groundhog Day for them!

    I read on drudge where this regime is gonna try some budget/fiscal trick from 50 years ago.


  3. Dang, BB
    Just came from your place and thought I was having a Deja Vu (all over again).

  4. (A) Mystifies me. Illegals come here to escape the poverty, corruption and crime and to find an above starvation wage job and the first thing they do is hang a Mexican flag in their front yard and their kids run a Mexican flag up the school flagpole.
    If they are the best of Mexico, then no wonder that country is so effed up. Yeah. The "best other societies can send" are still criminals. Says a lot, don't it.

    (B) Howard Dean would be a perfect Marxist if he wasn't so stupid. But all he can attain is the title Fellow Traveller or Useful Idiot.

    (C) Oh, yeah. I believe the woman who spiraled down through anti aircraft fire to run through sniper fire and who babysat illegal farmworkers' kids and was named after Sir Edmond Hillary two years before he climbed the hill. Yeah. I believe her. Uh, huh. Sure do.

    (D) Uh...since when are districts supposed to be drawn to minority specifics? I thought districts were drawn so as to have an equitable number of people for each congressional representative.

    (E) Hey, Zero! How about putting an air meter on everyone's chest? Say a nickel a breath, a dime a gasp and a dollar a cough.... Nothing for a laugh 'cause nobody's laughing any more.

    (F) Don't worry. This ain't gonna fly. Just think of the mass exodus out of the military if it even appeared a congressional consideration.

    (G) Yep. Blacks can say anything and it ain't racism. I can't even call a black a negro..which is his race..without being labeled a raaacist.

    (H) Oh, yeah. We have to tighten our belts. We have to sacrifice while he is so drained from reading his teleprompter he has to go on another multi million dollar vacation. On our dime.

    (K) Yeah a democrat candidate who lost is pretty free to tell it like it is.

    (L) And I thought everything above O-6 was political. Hmmm, maybe one real officer slipped through the system.

    (M) Again we forget. When Israel was recognized as a sovereign state, Palestine was also. But the arabs didn't want just Palestine. They wanted the whole enchalada, launched a war and lost. Launched another war and lost that one, too. Launched another war and lost that one too. Since the land Israel refuses to relinquish has strategic value and was used in previous wars to attack Israel, the jews ain't about to give it back for the next war.

    (N) But..."Islam is a peaceful religion." George W. Bush September (or November) 2001.

    (O) Have this countries leaders become such eunichs that sedition and traitors are no longer called to account?

    (P) Yeah. Witness Alan West. Of course the Army's loss was the congress' gain.

  5. Crawfish,
    Well done as always. The left is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    They will fall and it will indeed be hard.

  6. LOL, Buck!

    Well, after writing that comment here -- putting it "on the road", so to speak -- I did decide that I liked it enough to turn it into an essay at my own place.

  7. Gunny,
    the last original idea from the liberal left happened before most of America knew what those thingys were that liberals used so often....bongs

  8. Buck,
    A) The best...MY ARSE!
    C) Well, O makes her and Bill look like honest Christians.
    D) Correct, according to the Constitution
    E) Two bucks for every fart.
    F) Get a TON of folks serving 4 and out.
    G) But they can say ANYTHING
    H) January 2013...send him the BILL!
    K) Notice that he didn't ask O to make a campaign stop.
    L) There's political, then there's taking honor seriously.
    M) Bibi is talking about giving up most of West Bank, but not a block of Jerusalem.
    N) Yeah, we know all about his liberal tendencies.
    O) He's a Democrat, so he is EXPECTED to kowtow to our enemies.
    P) Bingo!

  9. Hardnox,
    They keep giving...shoving up our national arse!

  10. Another good edition Crawfish.

    C) Hillary is still a "power" to be reckoned with in the Democrat Party. But does she have the amount of power required to unseat a sitting president? I don't think so. At this point in time, I believe that Hillary wants to become the next "Teddy Kennedy" (i.e., one of the Democrat Party's shakers and movers).

    G) With this one remark, the Black Caucus has proven that they are the true racists.

    K) David Weprin understands what happened. And no amount of "brave" words by the Democrats and O'Vomit can change what happened. When a seat held by the Democrats for almost 100 years goes Republican, the Democrats HAVE PROBLEMS.

  11. Ghost,
    C) I think she really believes she can unseat O. There is a LOT of news about Dems being unsatisfied with O.
    G) As if their name alone didn't.
    K) Weprin was the Chosen Candidate, and didn't even live in that district. He has nothing to lose by speaking the truth.

  12. All I can say is I hope the dems don't run Hillary since she is the "most popular politician" in the US. Shows once again how stupid people in this country have become.

  13. What a steamer. Only difference between Hitlary and Omoron is Hitlary wouldn't grab her crotch while the National Anthem is being played. Got to share a REAL FUNNY story here,off topic. We were out in the Needles area of the Black Hills yesterday,the wife said to me "pull over in this picnic area,so I can use the restroom".So I pull in,park by the rr,she no sooner opens the car door,and she looks up,there is a HUGE buffalo standing about 5' from the pisser door,scratching himself on a tree stump. I'm laughing so hard tears are running down my face,she says "forget it,I'll hold it until the next area". "Oh,and by the way,QUIT YOUR DAMN LAUGHING,IT AIN'T FUNNY". C ya next time.


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