Saturday, September 17, 2011

9-17-2011 The Weekend Claw

Over a half-inch of rain last night, and the Fort Worth-Dallas area is in a state of joyful shock. We’re still 8.7 inches below normal for the year, but it is a step in the right direction.

A) Ain’t it amazing that the American left wants kids to get parental permission to order french fries with their meals, but they oppose parental notification for teenagers who want to get abortions.

B) The Obama Administration/Campaign Team has defaulted back to their old ways, which resemble the old East German Stasi, the Soviet NKVD and KGB, and the Third Reich’s Gestapo. During the Obamacare debate, they started up a White House website for people to report anybody in opposition to Obamacare. The Crawfish self-reported a number of times. Now they want to turn you into government informants yet again. This time they were smart enough to separate their site from the White House, but they have put up where the public is asked to report people or websites that oppose Obama. Once the report is submitted, the user is then told to contribute to Der Fuhrer’s campaign. The Crawfish has already reported his Blogspot site, his site, and a website for the Constitution of the United States.

C) After reporting myself, I got an e-mail from the O campaign, and here’s part of it:
“Friend --

You're in for 2012: Welcome, and thanks.

Now forget everything you know about politics.

Because I can tell you that the next 14 months will be like nothing you've seen from a campaign. If we're going to win, we have to be tougher, smarter, and more innovative than ever before.

The President has a job to do, so he's asking each of us to take the lead in shaping this effort.

That work begins now in your community.”
Yes, you read correctly. “Now forget everything you know about politics” because if you know anything about politics, you know what a complete fraud Barack Obama is.

D) Will somebody puh-leeze show me the person who authorized federal money to be spent on this study, because I personally want to beat him to a pulp. Why in the world do we need a federal study to study the correlation between a homo’s penis size and his sex life? If the Than Franthithco Rump Rangers Club wants to study that with their own money, fine, but why does the National Institutes of Health need that study’s findings?

E) With one-sixth of our people defined as living in poverty, the Obama Administration has a strange solution. His new “jobs plan” includes eliminating tax deductions for charitable contributions. The net effect would be a reduction in charitable services such as soup kitchens. You see, the only jobs he really cares about are those of Democrat politicians and union bosses.

F) The Obama Administration has some rosy predictions about their “Save O’s Job Plan”, and if you believe their best-case numbers, it will build our economy by a whopping 1,900,000 jobs. Using those numbers, which nobody in their right mind would believe, his plan would cost the American taxpayers over $235,000.00 per job. It would work better if it simply gave 19,000,000 people $23,500 each.

G) Here’s a jobs plan for ya. Repeal Obamacare, since it is the biggest impediment to hiring in the next few years.

H) Those wonderful adherents of the Religion of Peace are preparing to declare their independence, and claiming 1/3 of Israel as their rightful lands. They are also openly declaring that Jews will not be welcome in those lands at all. The muslims already have all of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, all the other stans, and Indonesia. They have enough land. Israel has only Israel, which rightfully includes Gaza, Golan, and the West Bank. If the so-called Palestinians (actually mostly Jordanians) want their own land, let them carve it out of the other muslim lands.

I) Meanwhile, the Jewish vote is being lost by The Chosen One because of his blatant anti-Israel policies.

J) The White House has OFFICIALLY stated that illegal immigration is no big deal. Their new official position is that illegal immigration is equivalent to jaywalking. Really? How many jaywalkers take up our jobs? How many jaywalkers absorb thousands upon thousands of taxpayer-paid benefits?

K) Barack Obama has now made it personal. He has officially, and without comment, ruled out allowing Taiwan to buy 66 F-16 fighters, which means The Crawfish will get laid off on Veterans Day. Thanks for selling out an ally and sucking up to our enemy, the People’s Republic of China. Oh, and the International Association of Machinists union will continue to kiss Obama’s exhaust assembly and use MY union dues to support him, even though this decision kills the jobs of IAM 776 members. Once again, the only job he cares about is his own. Look at what Senator Cornyn had to say about the matter, and note that he and Senator Menendez (D-Noo Joisey, hardly a conservative) are still pushing legislation to force Obama to allow that F-16 deal to go through.

L) The GOP victory in the special election for the 9th District from Noo Yawk was monumental. That seat had been in Democrat hands since 1923. Even in the Great Tea Party Landslide of 2010, the Dim-ocrats held the seat with more than 60% of the vote. So how do the Democrats react to this defeat? Debbie the Ditz came out and said that “it’s a very difficult district for Democrats.” Say WHAT? Over 70% of the registered voters in that district are registered Democrats and that’s a “difficult district”???? Baghdad Bob was a better liar than Debbie.

M) An Air Force General was testifying before Congress recently and told members that the White House tried to get him to lie in his briefing in order to support a company called LightSquared, heavily invested by a big Obama donor (sound like Solyndra?). National defense takes a back seat if it interferes with Obama’s cronies.

N) Speaking of Solyndra, in 2009 Solyndra’s CEO said that Obama was “instrumental” in getting the $535 million loan to go through. Propaganda Minister Carney denies it, of course. Then again, there is legislation that makes it illegal for such a loan to be structured in such a way that the taxpayers are not first in line for the assets if there is a default/bankruptcy. That law didn’t matter to the White House either.

O) Our friend Saltwater caught something on Fox News’ “The Five” that must be a sign of the apocalypse. Uber-lib Bob Beckel actually defended a school board against the ACLU. He correctly noted that the school board’s posting of the Ten Commandments is NOT a violation of the First Amendment, noting that this does not “establish” a religion and it is not Congress doing the posting. This is a great on-air discussion.

P) Wow. Now the Democrats are putting forth legislation to completely eliminate the debt ceiling, which would give the government a blank check to drive our nation to economic collapse.

Q) As a pet owner and a father, I like this story.

R) One of the reasons that businesses and farmers are going bust is over-regulation by the federal government. Most of these regulations come from Agencies, Bureaus, and Departments. The Constitution gives regulatory power to Congress alone.

S) More murders and kidnappings have occurred using the weapons from Eric Holder’s Gunrunner Project, but these were just Mexicans so the media will continue to ignore the scandal. Nothing to see here. Move along.

T) Here we go again with another mob of minority “youth” violently attacking whites. This time it happened in Denver. If the colors were reversed, it would cause a national outrage, but with our first “post-racial President”, it is hardly newsworthy.

U) If you think it absurd that Granny and Little Bobby are getting full-body pat-downs before getting on an airplane, you’re gonna flip out when you read about what the NFL wants at their stadiums. This is in reaction to a fan using a taser on another fan in Noo Joisey last Sunday night during the Jets-Cows game.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” - Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Crawfish, I am glad that the Dallas/Fort Worth area got some rain, even if it was only 1/2". Perhaps yall will get some more this next week.

    B & C) I look at these sites by the Obama Administration as just one more indicator that they and the Democrats are really getting scared.

    E) The US Tax Code needs to be completely abandoned. In 2013 perhaps it will.

    T) These "Flash Mobs" keep happening in urban areas. Have you heard of any happening in rural areas? When that occurs, the end results might be different.

    Another good edition, Crawfish.

  2. A) That's because the socialists are completely oblivious to the absurdly contradictory nature of their policies. And THAT'S because they have no overarching principles other than Big Government and collectivism.

    That's why they can squawk about "civil discourse" out of one side of their mouths while calling conservatives "traitors, terrorists, hobbits" and everything else under the sun out of the other side.

    It's the essential hypocrisy of leftism, in full display.

    B) & C) Well, as a self-reporter myself, I DO have to inform you that I never got the solicitation for a donation. Maybe I sounded scarier than you did in my self-description when I ratted myself out.

    J) Well, if jaywalkers could be guaranteed to become future Dem voters, you can bet the socialists would be trying to repeal jaywalking laws.

  3. Gray Ghost: These flash mobs keep happening in urban areas...usually in ultra liberal states.


    Book's Buck

    (A) But you don't understand! If you were only as smart as they then you'd understand.....

    (D) And how many other "studies" similar to this is the government wasting taxpayer dollars on? Actually, why does the government need to study anything beyond the thinking of foreign potentates??

    (E) Look at the tax system as the same scheme as the Gypsy "blessing" your money. In both cases they take away and they give back but what they give back never equals what they take away.

    (H) They HAD a Palestinian state. At the same time Israel was recognized as a sovereign state. But they didn't want just Palestine. They wanted the whole enchalada and started the first war with the jews. And lost.

    (I) Hopefully, American jews have seen the peril Israel is in. Hopefully.

    (K) Seems simple. Congress holds the purse strings. Tell Zero give Formosa the F-16 or no more funds. For anything.

    (M) Krauthammer talked about it on Fox. Also some attorney who said it was, "suborning perjury" and federal prisons were full of folks for doing just that.

    (N) Kinda like the stockholders of GM???

    (Q) The scary thing about it is microchips could be implanted in people as well as animals.
    Anyone think of "Logan's Run"?

    (S) Where is the press? This is what happens when the press loses its neutrality. Every corner of the White House hides another scandal yet virtually nothing is said so nothing is done.

    (T) I don't see much of this going on in states where carrying a firearm is allowed. I know when I lived in Poly the Berry St. exit off MLK was high spot for carjackings. It all changed when CCW's came into being.

  4. Crawfish,
    Good that you finally recieved some rain. Hopefully you'll get a bit more.

    B&C - reported myself three times and got the same bullshit message all three times. The left is scared for sure if they need to resort to such tactics. The STASI did exactly the same thing with the East Germans.

    Odd that we fought communism for 75 years and now we have them in full view in our government and the best we get is a yawn from the public. Pathetic isn't it?

    D - rumor has it that Bwaney Fwank was 'behind" the deal.

    K - Sorry to hear about the job. Maybe the contracts will go through after all when batears gets dressed down again. The ChiComs probably objected to the deal and zero had to give in since he owes them.

  5. Craw,

    Superb effort. Unbelievable how Obummer sucks up to the Hispanics. Jaywalking? What an assh*le he is. I cannot WAIT until Nov 2012.

    In reality, I WISH we had a Congress that had the balls to impeach the bastard.

  6. Gunny, impeachment right now would be a waste of time, because conviction is done by the Senate... and who controls the Senate????

    Hell's bells, they can't even propose a damned budget. What are the chances they'd convict the bastard?

  7. Happy Constitution Day Craw and all,

    The osamaone and holder have broken every law of the land and still stand in front of America and mock it. If it was so important to finally have the first illegal breed, mulatto, mussy or whatever usurp the office of totus. How much more important is it that history record him and his unfit AG the first illegal blacks in office to kill civilian Americans in the process of breaking them?
    You see they hate the Constitution.
    As to D that would be the osamaone most likely he is partial to mussys, abortionists and fags.

    May the good LORD bless you guys with more rain. I know you need it.

  8. That website is nothing more than Big Brother taking names. The next step will be the brownshirts and the "knock in the night" --2012 will be the turning point--or else!BTW glad you got rain! and WHAT is up with townhall? I cannot post on it at all--I may have to join all of you here on blogspot. --great post Crawfish!

  9. O. Quit watching this show. IMO, it's a poor imitation of Red Eye (which I tape from time to time). Can't stomach Beckel and those who enable him in his pouting, etc. Too bad b/c it could be a really informative show. Saw it once with Juan Williams awhile back and the show was great. Diverse views w/o the emotional whoha of Beckel.

    As for your lay-off ... seems to me it's really poor timing to lay off Vets on Veterans Day. Yea, yea, yea ... fiscal timing and all that. Still it really is in poor taste. Will continue in prayer about that and your rain situation.

  10. A great service to us all, Craw. Thanks.

  11. Craw,
    Sorry about your layoff. That is crappy news.
    The Liar in Chief can't be impeached since he isn't a legal, but he could be tried for treason.

    I don't have any other comments except I'm so sick of it all it makes my stomach turn so I don't even watch the news if I can help it.

    Did find out the "Day of Rage" on Sat. was a Day of Fail. Ha, ha.


  12. Ghost,
    B&C) Desperation is setting in, and the lies are getting thicker as a result.
    E) Fair Tax and repeal of the income tax clause of the 16th.
    T) The mobs would be flash-bangs, with US doing the banging!

  13. Brian,
    A) Now they're kicking the class-warfare card into high gear with Obama's call for another $1.5T in taxes and an INCREASE in capital gains taxes.
    B) The solicitation was the 2nd page of attackwatch. Once you submit your report it kicks you to donation page.
    J) They DO want to repeal the drug laws....

  14. Buck,
    A) I have too much knowledge of the real world and real history to ever comprehend their Bravo Sierra.
    D) The Constitution calls for government funding of science and the arts, but this is ridiculous.
    E) Gypsy's are more honest than Democrats
    H) They still have one...Jordan!
    I) The ones who aren't JINOs have.
    K) Hoping for Cornyn and Menendez to be successful
    M) Perjury is a crime punishable by multiple years in prison, unless you are a Democrat. Then it is nothing of consequence (see William Jefferson Clinton).
    N) Slight difference. The taxpayers were 2nd in line with GM, behind the unions, and GM was subject to federal bankruptcy laws, which put secured creditors first (the stockholders), the government 2nd, and the union 3rd.
    Q) It has been discussed for Alzheimer's patients.
    S) Most of them are helping the WH say "move along...nothing to see"
    T) Don't see many carjackings around here anymore....

  15. Hardnox,
    B&C) Stasi, NKVD, Gestapo, KGB....
    They are mashing the throttle on their socialistic class-warfare.
    D) R-A-W-N-G
    K) Well, there are supposedly deals with Iraq and Oman about to get signed, they MIGHT be enough to keep me employed.

  16. Gunny,
    The only problems with impeachment is that once again we have a Dem-controlled Senate, so there would not be a conviction, and it would fire up his base like 2008.

  17. Brian,
    if they can't convict an admitted perjurer.....

  18. RE,
    Hopefully the vast numbers who had "white guilt" before 2008 have seen how voting for skin color is nothing but a disaster in the making.

  19. Pen Captain,
    they thought it would be a good idea, but it has become the laughing stock of the web.

  20. Mrs. AL,
    Fox News and CNN Headline News stream live over our system at work if we want it, so I have it on in the background whenever I happen to be at my desk. I didn't catch that one, but Saltwater did...and I wouldn't even know how to cut up a video and post to youtube anyway.

  21. Pepp,
    they had something scheduled for Saturday?


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