Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-10-2011 The Weekend Claw

Obama’s jobs speech makes things easier for the GOP in the Super Debt Committee. There’s another $450 Billion we can count in savings by refusing to pass Obama’s Son of Stimulus.

A) If you are looking for comments on the Obama Campaign Speech from Thursday, I might do a special column solely on that clap trap. The talking point orders for the media and liberal bloggers was released ahead of the speech, and it is good comedy. They actually say that the $450 Billion program will be fully paid for by closing tax loopholes and making the rich pay their “fair share” and that Congress needs to place country ahead of politics, something the Administration steadfastly refuses to do.

B) Representative West listened to the speech, and compared Obama and his plans to the old cartoon character “Wimpy” who always wanted a hamburger today for promises of future payment.

C) Ten years ago, our nation was attacked by Islam. Once again I present my recollections of that terrible and unforgettable day.

D) A hand-picked panel of three judges (two appointed by Obama and one by Clinton) has thrown out Virginia’s lawsuit against Obamacare, saying that the STATE HAS NO STANDING BEFORE THAT COURT! Evidently, only the federal government can sue the federal government according to these anti-Constitution donkeys. As soon as the next Congress and President are sworn in, those three need impeachment proceedings against them since they are so opposed to upholding the Constitution.

E) Speaking of Obamacare, I was reminded by good friend Brian R of something that was in that atrocity of a bill. To pay for free healthcare, there will now be a federal tax on all real estate transactions. Yeah, that’s gonna help the housing markets. Is there anything this jerk doesn’t want to tax? This is why we MUST revoke the income tax provision of the 16th Amendment and enact the Fair Tax.

F) The extreme partisanship and pettiness of Harry Reid is astounding. He FORCED Republicans to remain in the Crapitol Building for Obama’s speech by scheduling a vote to raise the debt limit by another $500 Billion immediately following the speech. I hoped Senator Vitter would have walked up to him and punched his lights out. Oh, and the Democrats passed the increase.

G) How desperate are the Dems to hold Weinerboy’s House seat? Their candidate would not be eligible to run for that seat if Noo Yawk’s laws matched those of the rest of the country. Democrat candidate David Weprin does not live in that district, and won’t even move there if he wins the special election.

H) As we observe the tenth anniversary of 9-11, our public schools have turned the remembrance into a time to teach the children about how evil and intolerant America is, instead of teaching them that Islam commands their death or enslavement. Your liberal agenda in action.

I) How in the world do these idiots think they can get away with their lies? The Affirmative Action Attorney General is now saying that not only he, but all of the higher-ups at the Injustice Department were completely clueless as to Operation Fast and Furious (aka Project Gunrunner, aka Operation Gunwalker). Does he really think we are so stupid that we can’t use Al Gore’s invention and note that he bragged about Project Gunrunner in a speech delivered in Mexico in 2009? Meanwhile, another weapon that Holder’s people let “walk” has been found at a violent crime scene in Arizona and evidence has been uncovered of an FBI/DOJ cover-up of a third Gunrunner weapon that was found at the scene of Agent Terry’s murder, but was then “disappeared”..

J) Speaking of the Injustice Department, do you think Holder’s bunch will take any action against this group of union thugs? They have defied a federal restraining order, taken over a port facility, damaged property, dumped shipments, Threatened people with baseball bats, and kidnapped guards. Why? They believe that they have the RIGHT to work at the facility, even though the company running it hired other people. I sincerely doubt that any charges will be filed. These thugs are part of the AFL-CIO. The President of the AFL-CIO just happened to be Barack Obama’s Guest of Honor at his speech on Thursday. I’d say that is a Presidential endorsement of their actions, since he did not rescind the invitation. UPDATE: The union actions have spread around Puget Sound. It is the Chicago Way.

K) The Palestinians may have run phone banks to give him millions in illegal campaign contributions, but they sure don’t know Barack Obama. They are running ads to bolster their upcoming bid at the UN for recognized independent statehood. The ads feature Obama at the UN saying: “When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the United Nations, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine living in peace with Israel.” That is no longer the official position of the Obama Administration, but Palestinian Authority Chief Terrorist Abbas states in that same ad, “If he said it, he must have meant it.” That qualifies him for the Most Gullible Man in the Middle East Award.

L) On Friday, protesters in Egypt attacked the Israeli embassy, breaking down gates and walls, setting fires, and ransacking the place. The fact that Egyptian security forces did nothing to stop the actions legally means the Egyptian government (aka the Muslim Brotherhood) that Barack Obama supports has committed an act of war against the nation of Israel. Cue the Noo Yawk Slimes’ condemnation of Israel in 5…..4…..3…..

M) Texas has suffered through near-record breaking heat and drought this year, and everybody knew another large outbreak of fires was inevitable. So what did the Obama Administration do to prepare for these fires? They terminated the contract of the largest aerial tanker firefighting company in the nation. That happened about a week before Rick Perry’s final announcement that he was going to be a candidate for President. Coincidence or just more of his hatred for the largest state that opposed him in 2008? There are some rumors that the company lost their contract because they are a non-union company in the Age of Obama, but I have yet to find concrete evidence. If any of y’all find it, send it to me!

N) Remember when Propaganda Minister Carney said that Obama’s illegal alien half-uncle would be treated just like anybody else? Yeah, we all knew it to be a lie, and now the illegal relative has been released from custody. He came here legally in 1963 to study at a prestigious prep school, but soon dropped out. That action made his student visa null and void. It took about 25 years for him to finally be ordered out, but he fought that in court for three more years. That ended nineteen years ago, and Obama’s people just released him back into the wild.

O) The Labor Department is investigating large homebuilding companies, checking to see if they are paying all employees proper wages. They NEED to be checking to see if any illegals are being employed. If they get rid of the illegals, that might boost employment among Americans, but we all know that Hilda Solis is looking to protect illegals, not Americans.

P) The control freaks of El Lay are at it again. They already banned plastic shopping bags. Now they want to ban paper bags as well. If they get their way, every time someone goes shopping, they must remember to bring along all of their reusable bags. So much for the basic “Oh crap, we need 2 cans of corn, a dozen eggs, milk, bread, and bacon. Honey, get them on your way home from work.”

Q) Here’s yet more evidence that our legal system is broken. John “Silky Pony” Edwards was indicted in June, and his trial was scheduled to FINALLY start this month. Now it is being delayed until January. There is absolutely no reason for any trial to begin more than one month after an indictment.

R) Once more, here is a bunch of Obama and Holder’s “people” in action. Who do they think they are, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union?

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” - Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Crawfish-I remember going to work that day and hearing of the attacks. The announcer got it right--Islamic terrorist attacks!When will people wake up to see that war was declared on us? I have chosen this issue as my 1st post here on blogspot--YES I have now joined in the battle to save America and the Constitution---from all enimies. (Tom Clancys book is excellant)

  2. Great wrapup as usual.

    I am not surprised that KGB Karter's long lost son lost Egypt to the Islamofascists. Liberals ALWAYS screw up and get on the wrong side of America's best interests.

    As far as the clowns in El Lay go, I LOVE watching the Left Coast degenerate. The sooner the last Conservatives like Brian and my relatives get out, the sooner we can shut the lights off and take the flag out.

  3. BIG stinky pile. As to marking 9/11,I will be praying not only for those souls lost,but ALL who continue to fight this battle(that is,when the goddamn libtards in gov't lets them)against an IDEOLOGY backed by religion,that is FAR from over.
    Gotta say,it was cool to watch R.Lee Ermey give the command at Richmond.

  4. (A) Didn't get much of the speech in. Saw about 5 minutes of it and Lindsay Grahamnesty jumping up and applauding vigorously and went to the football game channel to wait it out.

    (C) I saw it on live tv. Two things are burned into my brain: (1) For about 10 seconds the live cameras theought they were capturing debris falling. Then they realized it was live bodies and trained cameras elsewhere; and (2) The Palestinians dancing in the streets. And we give how many millions in "aid" to Palestine?

    (D) The most imperfect thing in our imperfect system is the method of appointing/selecting federal court judges.
    Surely there is a way to relieve judges who do not follow the Constitution....

    (F) That is just politics. The 'Pubs could have responded by NOT standing and applauding on cue. But they have no gonads.

    (G) I'm confused. Hillary had to buy a place in NY to be eligible to run for Senate. Are the rules different for representatives? Or just for the Clintons???

    (H) Get Uncle out of the education systems and maybe, just maybe the kiddos will get a decent education. Right now the only schools with education are in the private sector and higher'n a cat's back.

    (J) So they defied a federal restraining order. Like Zero didn't defy a court order vis drilling in the Gulf? They actually believe the courts are relevant ONLY when they render an agreeable decision and the rest of the time are to be ignored.

    (O) ALL the government and 95% of the elected politicians are more concerned about protecting the illegals before Americans. So what're we going to do about it in '12???

    (P) Invest in my green industry. Making burlap shopping bags. Heck folks used to carry one to the store. Quite a few years ago.

    (Q) Heck, Edwards is a Democrat. They will figure out a way to get him off.

  5. Gallant 4 Liberty:
    Tried to post on your blog.
    Unable to satisfy the "Comment as" part.

  6. Crawfish,
    With the amount of bullshit coming from the left you will soon need to do a Daily Claw.


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