Saturday, September 3, 2011

9-3-2011 The Weekend Claw

Are y’all ready for a nice long weekend and the semi-official end of summer? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take a taxpayer-funded vacation for this weekend right after taking a 10-day one a week ago? We really wanted Lee to come ashore near Corpus Christie, bend up west of San Antonio, then stay west of Ft Worth until curving east along the Oklahoma border, but we're gonna stay bone dry.

A) You can always count on something crazy when the finalists for the Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas are announced. This year is no exception. Last year there was fried beer and fried margaritas, so what will take the prize this year?

B) I’m not saying that our immigration system is screwed up, but Obama’s drunk-driving uncle was ordered to be deported in 1992, and he’s still here. Nineteen years of living in plain sight and they can’t deport him? Of course Propaganda Minister Carney bleated that this case “will be handled like any other immigration case.” He actually expects us to believe it, too. Sorry, but if that was true, he’d already be on a plane to Kenya because of that deportation order from 92.

C) Here’s yet another waste of federal dollars. In DC, a “nonprofit” group headed up by a former gangbanger used over $300,000.00 of OUR money (supposedly earmarked for HIV/AIDS programs) to renovate and reopen a strip club. First of all, why are we giving any money to gangbangers, especially ones who aren’t “reformed” or “former”? Secondly, how can a NONPROFIT run a FOR PROFIT strip club? Third, how does opening a strip club combat HIV? (Hint: it promotes sexual behavior that SPREADS HIV!) Every single person involved in this, including those who approved the money, should go straight to prison for misuse of taxpayer monies.

D) The arrogance of this Administration and their willingness to politicize anything is a wonder to behold. The GOP has had a Presidential candidate debate at the Reagan Library scheduled for months. That debate might highlight some of The Anointed One’s flaws, so now he has scheduled his own jobs speech before a joint session of Congress at the same time on the same day. Propaganda Minister Carney said that the GOP can just change their schedule, and compared the GOP debate to the Wildlife Network going up against real programming. His Majesty takes priority! Speaker Boehner is more than miffed about this, as all joint sessions of Congress must be scheduled through HIS office, since they occur in the House Chamber. He has told the White House that they cannot have their event on that day, but they are free to have it the next night, when it would compete for audiences with the Saints and Packers in the NFL season opener on NBC. If this speech was sooo important that it had to be done exactly on Obama’s schedule, he should have called Congress back early from their vacations and cut his own trip to Mahhthahh’s Vineyahhhd short. UPDATE: For once, Boehner did NOT cave. Obama will now give his speech during the Saints-Packers game to an audience of 12 (not including media types and those who have to watch as part of their jobs). UPDATE II: The speech will now take place earlier so that it is over before the game kicks off at 8:30PM Eastern. That means it will start around 6:00 Central and 4:00 Pacific. Hardly primetime.

E) The media is trying their best to blame this all on Boehner, calling him “petulant” and “childish” for having the spine to stand up to Obama. MSNBC went so far as to say that the opposition to Obama’s proposed speech timetable is because Obama is black. Seriously? Is that all they’ve got? Even James Carville said the White House was “out of bounds” on this speech request. If the Crazy Cajun can admit it, why can’t the rest of the left?

F) Meanwhile, Carville has the following to say about Obama, Perry, and the campaign: “It’s enough he can contrast himself to Rick Perry, who wants to repeal the 20th century. You know what I’m saying — we are not going to repeal it to 1950.” That brings up two points. First, here they go again saying the raaaaacist GOP wants to roll back the Civil Rights Era. Secondly, if the GOP wants to repeal all of the liberal programs of the past 100 years (Wilson, New Deal, Great Society, Carter, Clinton, Obama) that is perfectly okay by me! Let’s go back to having the Constitution be the law of the land again!

G) Puh-leeeze don’t say that this story surprises you. One of the “green technology” companies that Barack Obama praised and said would create thousands of jobs has gone belly up. The Obama Administration gave this company $535 million to produce high-priced solar panels to compete with low-cost panels produced in China. People who are buying solar panels are doing so to SAVE money, so who exactly did they think would buy their high-priced products?

H) A new Rasmussen Poll shows that 64% of Americans are completely ignorant. They believe that the primary role of business is to create jobs, not to make money for the owner(s). Will those 64% please show us a businessman who went through the pain and stress of starting a business with making a profit not his goal?

I) So how is the latest Summer of Recovery (Wreckovery?) hopey-changey stuff going? Well, for the first time since 1945 the number of jobs in the nation in one month was the same as in the previous month. That’s right, exactly ZERO jobs were created in August. Looks like that bus/plane tour and time in Mahhhhthahhhh’s Vinyahhhhhhd were well spent.

J) Fresh off of his vacation, this weekend His Majesty decided to take some time away from DC and headed over to Camp David with his speechwriters and campaign staff (same thing). They need the time to come up with something better than last September, when he promised “there are better days ahead.” (did he mean January 2013??) Proving his vanity yet again, he and daughter Sasha boarded Marine One at the White House and flew away, even though the Marines had already closed the helipad at Camp David due to weather. Yes, his motorcade vehicles (carrying his golf clubs) left DC early and met the helicopter at an “undisclosed location” (remember how much flak VP Cheney got for that?) to motorcade him to his mountain retreat. It is all about the appearance of power and prestige, so wasting money with Marine One is perfectly acceptable. Motorcading from the White House is just soooo beneath him.

K) Meanwhile, up in Wisconsin, the laws that were passed amid such uproar have SAVED UNION JOBS and millions of dollars for cities and counties. In other words, conservative ideas have proven to work when liberal union ideas failed miserably…again.

L) As of Wednesday afternoon, publicly held US debt topped the $10 TRILLION mark. That number is up FIFTY NINE PERCENT from the day Sultan Bu’raq Hussein al-Obama (praise be unto him) took up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania. That is exactly what he meant by “Change We Can Believe In”.

M) I could link all of these stories individually, but Neal Boortz grouped ‘em all together for our benefit. Enjoy.

N) Some people have no neighborly manners. At first, this story seems to have a bad guy, who was given a citation for disturbing the peace as he was mowing at 4:30AM. If you read farther into the story, you notice that he has been doing this for a decade and he does his neighbor’s yard while he’s at it. There’s only one person in the neighborhood that he doesn’t know, and nobody has ever complained to him or asked him not to do his early morning mowing. So who is the villain of the story? I mean besides the power-mad cop.

O) Here we go again. The Congressional Racist Caucus is saying that the Tea Party is a bunch of racists who want to lynch blacks. The Tea Party is standing in the way of the Change away from the Constitution. Uh, what happened to the call for “civility”? Since there are no other cards to play, the race card will once again be the main weapon of the Democrats in 2012. Now if we really want to see violent racism, we look at liberal blacks (witness all the recent “flash mobs”), not white/black/brown/other conservatives.

P) No Crawfish commentary is needed for this link. You’ll see why.

Q) At least Joe Lieberman understands reality. Why can’t any other politicians do so?

R) If you can’t seem to figure out why public education eats up such huge sums of money and the results are so poor, this might help you out. It seems that the number of kids enrolled nowadays is about 8-9% more than in 1970, but the number of people employed by school districts has shot up over 90%. Student achievement is about the same as 1980, so why don’t we drop back to the same student:staff ratio we had then. The rest is obviously superfluous. That would save billions of dollars per year.

S) Maxine “Go to Hell” Waters, who steered a government bailout to the bank her husband was an owner of, wants to take on the banking industry. She wants Obama to call in the “gangsta” banks and use the usual Chicago gangsta tactics on them. She wants the banks to be forced to give loans to people who can’t afford them and modify them when those people are falling behind in their payments, otherwise she wants them taxed out of business. Uh, Maxine? It is called the Community Reinvestment Act, and it was one of the root causes of the credit and housing collapse. Forcing the banks to abide by you failed policies yet again, and doing it with gangsta tactics, will not be allowed anymore!

T) The Crawfish has to salute one of his favorite drivers, Tony Stewart, and fellow drivers Carl Edwards (I’d be a fan if he drove for Chevy instead of Ford), Kevin Harvick, and Greg Biffle. They were invited to the White House along with the other drivers who made it into the Chase for the Sprint Cup (playoffs for NASCAR), but decided that they had better things to do than meet with the publicity hound who hates America.

U) Let me see if I’ve got this right. A federal agency (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) that is illegal according to the Constitution (Constitution does not allow the federal government to have ANY say in the private business contracts between employers and employees) sues a trucking company because they fired an alcoholic driver. If that driver had NOT been fired, but instead had caused a fatal wreck, the company would be sued for millions of dollars because they let a known drunk drive one of their trucks. So if a company finds out that one of their drivers is a drunk, what are they supposed to do? Shoot him?

V) A new acronym has been developed to describe Barack Obama. SCOAMF is the acronym, and the MF does NOT mean what you’re thinking.

“Moreover, most people who serve in Washington have been trained either as lawyers or as political operatives – professions that tend to place a premium on winning arguments rather than solving problems.” –Barack Obama (lawyer), “The Audacity of Hope”

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Thanks for schoolin' me Craw. I never realized that it was Obummer who said "most people who serve in Washington have been trained either as lawyers or as political operatives – professions that tend to place a premium on winning arguments rather than solving problems." That may be the only statement that he's ever made that I can agree with.

  2. Buck's Saturday BookSeptember 3, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Wow... Just finished your Wednesday column. "Buck's Book" is ready to post there.

    (A) Kinda lost interest in the fair a few years ago when the black gangs were mugging folks damn near on the midway and the cops couldn't/wouldn't do anything about it.
    Didn't want to go to jail for killing some worthless POS who desparately needed killing in liberal la la land Dallas so I just stayed home... Funny. Dallas used to be considered a backbone of conservatism in Texas. Houston, too. Now I guess it's somewhere around Midland, Odessa or Wink.

    (B) Neither party wants to deport anybody. The Dems don't because all the illegals are prospective votes. The 'Pubs don't because the illegals work for the large donors.

    (C) Straight to prison? Yep. Will they? Nope.

    (D) Don't matter. Wouldn't watch it/listen to it anyway.

    (E) I guess if The Great American Experiment fails it will most likely be because of a failure of the news media. Freedom of the press was foremost in the founding fathers' minds because they knew the populace needed accurate information. Today's MSM is so perverted and biased it might as well be Pravda.

    (F) Funny thing. Carville et al keep forgetting the GOP was born to counter the pro slavery Democrat party and the impotent Whit party. They forget it was the GOP who got the Civil Rights Act passed over vociferous objections from the Democrat side of the aisle. Why do they keep forgetting that? Why do the people not understand that? It's been explained a bunch.

    (G) Obama's praise for a company is liken as to the kiss of death. It seems.

    (H) About the same % of Americans believe it is the government's job to take care of them from basinette to backhoe.

    (J) Maybe he thinks he is King Canute and can command the weather to calm down.

    (O) That a Black man would be a Democrat and claim REPUBLICANS are the ones who desire Jim Crow or wish lynchings just proves this black man's stupidity.

    (P) Maxine Waters. Oh, yeah. She's the Democrat who was caught on video saying she would nationalize the banks.

    (Q) Lieberman may understand this single issue because of his jewish ties but he damn sure still caucuses with the Democrats even though they disowned him. Nah. Lieberman is a snake on anything else.

    (R) Can't do that. The SEIU would throw a tantrum.

    (S) I can't seem to figure this out: First the government FORCED the banks to loan money to folks who couldn't possibly pay it back. Then the banks sold those mortgages to Fannie and Freddie (government entities) and when the folks who couldn't didn't, Fannie and Freddie (governemnt entities) went down and now want to sue the banks they forced to extend mortgate loans in the first place...............?

    (U) I'm sure to the liberal's way of thinking the company should give the alcoholic paid sick leave while it sends him to a rehabilitation program.

    (V) Very good! I'll have to remember that.

  3. Maxine Waters.

    Whatever happened to that ethics investigation of her, anyway?

  4. Doing a rain dance for ya,brother.....
    A)HJC,what have they NOT tried to deep-fry at the Texas State Fair??? Glad they do,however....
    B)THAT pegged my bullshit meter.
    C)Well,at least a strip club WILL make money,unlike these damned "green" companies.
    At least he got THIS ONE right.
    E)What I find amazing is ANYTHING with NBC attached to,in front of,what the fuck ever,stays in business. Are there still that many idiots left watching the dumbasses?
    F)Works for me as well. No need for idiotic political parties that way.
    G)Well,color me STUNNED I say. OK,OK, I lied.Seems like these companies going belly-up have two things in common. All donated to his campaign,and ALL GOT Obamabux.
    H)For that we must thank the U.S. educational system,higher and lower equally,for absolutely DESTROYING economics education in this country.
    I)All is going to the BECS' plan,I'd say.
    J) Tell the fucker to walk.
    K) And they STILL bitch and moan. Goddamn,democrats have GOT to be the stupidest shits to come down the pike.
    L)"Change We Can Believe In". Coming soon.Jan 21 2013,to be exact.
    M)Well,not quite as good as you,but will suffice.
    N)So much for being a nice guy,eh?
    O)Well,I suppose if we are going to be blamed for doing it anyway,we COULD start with the flash mobs.
    P)Please,allow ME.(obscenity follows,you have been warned)HEY,MAXINE,YOU COMMUNIST CUNT,GO FUCK YOURSELF.YA FELON. Thanks,and sorry about the vulgarity. Can't help it sometimes.Must be the Tourette's
    Q)I guess some of the time is better than NONE of the time.Agree with Buck.
    R)Trim about 10 layers of administration,I'd call it a good start.
    S)See P). Then triple.
    T)This Gluck,the cluck that rhymes with f&ck, obviously knows NOTHING about NASCAR,nor does he check any sources who ACTUALLY KNOW what the hell is going on.This little fiasco can be laid SQUARELY at the feet of Obama's staff of incompetents. This ceremony was set for AFTER Richmond,when the Chase will be settled.These drivers have a BUSY schedule starting Tuesday after the race,the damned WH changes at the LAST frigging second,what the hell do they expect? Kurt Busch said yesterday he is going to the WH,the others ARE trying to change their commitments.Sad state of affairs when a SPORT is better managed than the most powerful position on the planet.
    U)Something I have had experience with. Hate to tell the incompetents at the EEOC,but according to FMCSA safety reg#382.601,all they have to do is allow the driver to seek treatment. They are under NO obligation to return him to a driving position WHILE seeking treatment,nor AFTER said treatment.The DRIVER has to PROVE he is clean.If Old Dominion,or any other carrier,KNOWINGLY allows a KNOWN drunk,or substance abuser,behind the wheel,and as a result,there is an accident which said driver is at fault,they COULD be punished up to and including loss of operating authority. Not to mention losing their insurance coverage. The insurers have a HUGE say,and IRONCLAD rules about just WHO can operate your equipment,and who CAN'T.
    V) Well,I disagree. MY dictionary says....
    Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend. Looks like Obama is coming to Detruit Monday. Good day to STAY AWAY from there.

  5. V) I searched the dictionary. Where's Clyde's BECS?

  6. Maxine Waters, like many Dems, should already be in jail!

  7. Buck,

    I was once in Austin and what a hellhole of liberalism. Texans need to run em out!

  8. Garnet92,

    The Democrat Party is comprised of 100% lawyers.

  9. The race card should be called the joker. Sick to death of it.

  10. Garnet,
    you'd also agree with his statement that if he didn't get the economy going well by the time he hit three years he would deserve to be a one-termer

  11. Buck,
    A) Dallas lost its conservative base during the late 70s. All the bussing of the troublemaking underachievers from south Dallas to the schools of north Dallas caused the whites to say F it and they moved north. That's why Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Celina, etc are booming.
    B) And the Pubs still think non-deportation will get them the mezzican vote
    C) Nope, they won't go for a day. Why? Skin color.
    D) Fox News streams live on our system at work if we select it, so I could watch/listen. I'll probably just see what Vodkapundit says in his drunkblog
    E) The disinformation they spread is wrecking us
    F) They claim that the modern GOP in the South came from the Nixon "Southern Strategy" which caused the racists to switch parties.
    G) The plot thickens. They were donors and he was warned that money to them was a waste.
    H) Every one of 'em needs one-way tickets to Russia or the Congo.
    J) He DOES think he's King
    O) It is what the black establishment has been preaching for 60 years. The GOP is eeeeevilll even though the modern slavemasters are Dems.
    P) Every time she opens her trap...
    Q) He's a go-along, get-along with no spine (except this issue)
    R) Not SEIU....NEA
    U) Something like that
    V) Thought you'd appreciate it

  12. Brian,
    The lawyers for the investigating committee screwed up the case so much that nothing can stick.

  13. Clyde,
    A) The cold front pushed Lee away from us, and gave us higher-dryer winds, causing the fires to go nuts. At least it is in the mid-80s for the high all week.
    B) and we issued you the new one that was supposedly Obama-proof!
    C) Uh...remember when the feds took over the Mustang Ranch in Nevada? Selling booze and tits, and they STILL lost money.
    D) Yep, one of 'em used that card.
    E) Their sports division keeps 'em afloat
    F) Still parties, but based on the COnstitution with smaller divisions based upon priorities
    G) Crony Capitalism for failing companies
    H) Education system? We have one of those?
    I) Exactly according to plan
    J) or STAY HOME!
    K) Unions....the left's gift to the perpetually stupid.
    M) Do you want this column to double in size?????
    N) Being nice gets you screwed over.
    O) Mobs attacks white victims, is met by CHL holders. Who would the media blame?
    P) YIP!
    Q) yup
    R) And throw out the union folks who get paid a full day's work by the schools when they spend 75% of it on union business.
    S) Dumb-bass beotch
    T) Garage sales are run better than this Administration
    U) EXACTLY!!!!!!
    V) Is there ANY day when it is good to be in Detruit?

  14. Hardnox,
    Conservative definitions take a while....

  15. Gunny,
    if the law was followed, she would be...but she's a black Democrat, so she's teflon.

  16. Pepperhawk,
    the people who PLAY the race card are the Jokers!

  17. Sorry I am late to the party. Mrs. Gray Ghost and I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a well deserved mini-vacation.

    Crawfish, I met and talked to alot of your fellow Texans at Eureka Springs. Gee, I thought that us Mississippians were upset about O'Vomit and the federal government. It appears that the Texans are even madder than we are.

    C) I wish I could get the feds to provide funds to some of my "crazy" ideas!

    G) What did you expect about these "green" companies? The only reason they are in business is to provide a convenient manner of "spreading" the wealth around to O'Vomit's friends.

    R) Since Mrs. Gray Ghost is a public school teacher (of over 30 years), I have a special knowledge about this. The "upper management" of ALL public schools has increased over 500% in the last 40 years. Instead of a principal, assistant principal, and secretary as was common at most schools in the late 1960's and early 1970's, most schools now have a principal, 2 or 3 assistant principals, 2 or 3 guidance counselers, 2 or 3 parent/teacher liasons, 2 or 3 federal programs coordinators, and 2 or 3 secretaries.

    Another good edition Crawfish!

  18. Ghost,
    I haven't been to Eureka Springs since 1977.
    C) Moi aussi.
    G) 1/2 the money went to his friends. 1/4 to the business (keep it afloat for another month). 1/4 to campaign donations and the local/state/national Dems.
    R) Don't forget the folks who work at district HQ. Those staffs have exploded as well.


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