Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8-31-2011 The Weekly Claw

There was puh-lenty of stuff in the news this week to ponder. So what do I start my column with? An impending train wreck on ABC.

A) I know 99% of y’all don’t really care, but the new season’s celebrities for “Dancing With the Stars” was announced Monday, and it includes a good selection of liberal role models. Carson Kressley is a flamer designer who came to fame on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. Chaz Bono is the daughter of Cher (Steeeeerike One!), who became a highly public ugly lesbian (Steeeeerike Two!), and then became an even uglier he-she and huge advocate for special rights for those folks who choose to be FREAKS (Steeeeeerike Three! Have a seat!). Ron Artest is an NBA thug/player who became famous for charging into the stands to beat up a fan, and now wants to change his name to Peace something or other. Rob Kardashian is famous for…being one of the Kardashian family and absolutely nothing else. Then there’s Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace. Yep. Let’s push that left wing agenda on the network’s most popular show. The only “stars” worth watching are JR Martinez, a badly burned Iraq War vet turned soap actor, and US Women’s National Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo (hot stuff!). Oh, and there’s Chynna Phillips (singer from Wilson Phillips, daughter of Mamas and Papas’ John Phillips), David Arquette (somewhat of an actor), Elisabetta Canalis (Italian model and actress, face shots look good but let’s see how she fills out a skimpy dress), and reality TV star turned somewhat actress Kristin Cavallari (see notes for Canalis).

Now back to our regularly scheduled column.

B) I know all of you were expecting this one. On the sixth anniversary of Katrina, the Obama Administration is patting itself on the back for their response to Irene. Labor Ditz Solis: “Last week, as the specter of Hurricane Irene loomed, the Obama administration was ready, deploying assistance teams to staging bases up and down the East Coast. They were armed with emergency supplies and detailed contingency plans well before the storm arrived. This type of coordinated response is what Americans expect and deserve from their government. We must never again be caught flat-footed.” Well, it is easy to prepare when the Governors and Mayors of the areas in the crosshairs take it seriously and abide by emergency plans instead of violating state laws by refusing to use the emergency plans. Oh and it is helpful when the Governors let other states pre-position National Guard equipment and troops ahead of the storm instead of refusing to let them into a state as happened before Katrina.

C) Chrysler Corporation’s ad campaigns this year have had a tag line of “Imported from Detroit”, insinuating that their automobiles are as good as or better than foreign brands. In reality, it shows that Detroit is no longer really American. This column by Frosty Wooldridge details that city’s destruction at the hands of liberalism and multi-culturalism. Hat tip to fellow blogger Saltwater for this one.

D) The House GOP is once again laying out a plan to help American businesses get back on their feet so our economy can start a real recovery. Chuck You Schumer immediately bleated “it’s clear Republicans are still putting politics ahead of our economic recovery.” Really, Upchuck? The GOP wants to HELP America and restrain the federal government. Which party wants to restrain business and employment so they can get more Americans dependent upon the government so they will vote for more big government handouts? Please, Upchuck, go through Eric Cantor’s plan and show us what parts of it won’t work. Here’s a hint, your list will be much smaller than his list.

E) One of Obama’s jobs plans involves not allowing employers to discriminate against the unemployed. What? The Chosen One and others seem to believe that employers don’t hire people unless they are already employed. Huh? That would mean that no jobs are ever created, just shuffled. If an employer need employees, they will generally look at the QUALIFICATIONS of the applicants and make their decisions.

F) Barack Obama’s entire family is a bunch of freeloaders and law breakers. First there was…well, we won’t get into the birth certificate and Connecticut Social Insecurity number here, nor the tax fraud on his Chicago property, nor his wife’s “critical” $300,000.00 per year job at a hospital that was deemed “non-essential” and cut as soon as she moved into the White House. Let’s start with his Auntie Zeituni, who came to this nation illegally in 2000, was ordered deported in 2004, and was still here living on taxpayer money when her nephew was elected. The Administration of Transparency had her deportation hearing in 2010 closed and got the judge to say she could stay and continue to live on the taxpayer dime even though her nephew was now worth millions. Now we have an uncle, Onyango Obama, who is also living here illegally and on the taxpayer dime, with a false drivers license and false Social Insecurity card. He was arrested for driving drunk last week after almost crashing into a police car. He was twice previously cited for selling booze to underage folks. Oh, did I mention that he was also previously ordered to be deported to Kenya? Do you see any reasons that Obama might be opposing efforts to deport illegals and supporting amnesty programs?

G) While we’re talking about lawbreaking by the Obama family, Michelle Obama herself is guilty of violating the Lacey Act if the Injustice Department’s crusade against Gibson Guitars is based in facts. Then again, our good friend Gunny G found out some of the dirty details behind the repeated raids on Gibson. Gibson and Martin guitars use the same woods for their fingerboards, but Gibson’s CEO is a Republican donor while Martin’s CEO donates to the donkeys.

H) Do the Obamites really think that news of this lie wouldn’t leak out? The Magical Misery Bus Tour was not only a campaign tour masquerading as a fact-finding tour (never mind that the Obamites don’t believe in facts), but it wasn’t even a bus tour. The Chosen One would get into Air Force One, fly to an airport large enough for that beast, get into one of the two busses procured for this event at over $1.1 million each, drive to the next town over, hold a campaign event, return to the airport, and fly to the next city, where the OTHER $1.1 million bus was waiting (courtesy of an Air Force C-17 Globemaster or C-5 Galaxy) and repeat the process. Meanwhile, the first Short Bus One would be loaded into another C-17 or C-5 and hopscotched to the following tour stop. Just how much this cost the taxpayers will never be disclosed, but it wasn’t cheap. Then again, we can’t have Dear Leader transported in anything less than the luxury of Air Force One, can we? Nothing is too good for our King.

I) There have now been two resignations (probably forced) due to the Fast & Furious scandal. Unfortunately, they weren’t named Obama and Holder.

J) Okay, who let the Prophet Algoracle and the Church of Human Origin Global Warming And Similar Horrors (HOGWASH) out of their cave? Fat Al is now proclaiming that people who note real scientific data that refutes his Glo-Bull Warming scam are akin to the racists who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. First of all, if humans are to blame for global temperatures, then why are the polar ice caps melting…on Mars? Secondly, didn’t Al Gore Sr. famously vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Back to your hole, Al.

K) Fat Al isn’t gonna like this one little bit. It is now proven science that any rises in global temps are not because of man. Let’s see him TRY to dispute any of this research.

L) Wait a second, I thought folks were attacking Rick Perry over a Gardasil mandate. That mandate didn’t pass the state legislature. This one might pass in one of the most liberal legislatures known to mankind.

M) This is the kind of waste that really does need to be addressed in the defense budget, and the budgets of every federal Bureau, Department, etc. Throwing away an average of $72 million per year on overdue shipping containers? Stupid mistakes like that, if eliminated throughout the government, could probably save more per year than the “debt deal” will save anytime soon. Let’s not give Steny Hoyer (WTF kind of name is “Steny”?) any more ammunition for the huge defense cuts he desires. He is noticing wasteful spending in Defense (yes, there is a good amount wasted), but of course notes nothing wasteful in Welfare, Food Stamps, housing for moochers, Obamacare… The annual exercise in units blowing the remainder of their budget every September on stuff not really needed does need to end.

N) Speaking of waste in defense, how much damage was inflicted on the engines of these trucks? The mental requirements for service in the Noo Joisey National Guard must not be all that high. The videographer isn’t the sharpest knife in the box either, since he keeps talking about the “exhaust” when what matters is the intake at the snorkel behind the cab.

O) Have you ever noticed that most abortion advocates are women that would only have to worry about an abortion if they were dating blind men? Of course, their fellow liberals are trying to give them some hope for their lot in life.

P) The Administration continues to go against the will of the American people and the votes of Congress. Now the Labor Department’s Hilda Solis has signed a document with the ambassadors from several south-of-the-border nations to form “partnerships” to educate illegal aliens on their rights within the United States. If they are here illegally, they have one right and one right only: the right to be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY! What about “illegal” is so hard for the Democratic Party to understand?

Q) Do we need more proof of how Mexican immigrants are becoming more and more non-American? How about their race groups calling for a new civil war so they can take over the southwestern US? Go ahead and keep up that rhetoric. Fire the first shots. If you do, WE will be firing the last shots!

R) “The problem is . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’” [Audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.] “In other words, they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’” Finally! Senator John Kyl comes out and publicly states exactly what the Democrats have been doing for years with regard to border security. Will this get seen anywhere other than You Tube, Facebook,, and the blogosphere? I doubt it.

S) Representative Ilena Ros-Lehtinen has introduced legislation to seriously reform the United Nations and curtail our own contributions to UN actions that we don’t approve of. That is, of course, opposed by the Democrats.

“Moreover, most people who serve in Washington have been trained either as lawyers or as political operatives – professions that tend to place a premium on winning arguments rather than solving problems.” –Barack Obama (lawyer), “The Audacity of Hope”

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Crawfish,

    In retrospect, perhaps "Fast and Furious" was not only about the O'Vomit administration's desire for more gun control in the US. Perhaps the feds were also trying to arm La Raza and the Mexican drug cartels for the upcoming civil war?

    If I am correct, it would explain much of what the ATF did and how they did it. The only problem with O'Vomit's, Holder's, and La Raza's idea is the same problem that the Japanese knew about during WW2.

    Another good edition!

  2. Q. What is fascinating is that when I clicked on this link, there were 333 who "Liked" the post. Gads. Sure hope Perry has a come-back for this during his campaign.

  3. Chuck U Schumer is the scum of the earth. If I ran over that guy, I'd back up and do it again just to make sure I got it right the first time!

  4. Mrs. AL,
    They are trying to take over without shots, but are willing to do it WITH shots. We've been warning about this for years, but nobody listens.

  5. Gunny,
    that would be abusing your vehicle. You'd need to go through a dozen car washes to get rid of the stench.

  6. Where to begin......
    A)Nope. Don't watch.Never have,never will.
    B)Amazing what a bit of COMMON FRIGGING SENSE will do.
    C)Good piece. He ought to see it in the 2 years since that was written.I have had visitors from other nations ask me "Who bombed your city"? I just tell them"liberals".
    D)As if Chuck U and the goddamn dhimmis DON'T put politics FIRST,LAST,and always? God,whatta puke. Poetic justice for that bastard would be getting run over by a TV camera truck.
    E)More proof NO ONE in this entire crew has a hoot in hell's idea about what ACTUALLY goes in to making business decisions.
    F)Mofo ain't GONE yet??
    G)Ahhh,yes. The stench of crony capitalism.
    H)Yet SILENCE from the damned R's.WTF y'all waiting for??
    I)Two EXECUTIONS would be more in order here.
    J)What is more bothersome to me than the ManBearPig wallowing out of his 15,000 sq.ft. hovel spewing horseshit is someone is LISTENING to the fool.
    K) Won't matter. He's too far gone.
    L)It is only OK when a goddamned LIB does it.
    M)Agree on the need to cut waste. Won't happen as long as the prevailing attitude is,SPEND IT,or you won't get MORE next year.
    N)Looks like their motor pool will be busy. Not too smart there.
    O)IF there is a God in Heaven,may He drop a meteor on the meeting place.
    P)Apparently they understand NOTHING about illegality.
    R)Hell,we knew THAT a LONG time ago.
    S)The ONLY U-frigging-N reform I would support is disbandment and demolition.

    What a steamer. C ya.

  7. Crawfish,
    Good round-up as always.

    What's up with the "National Day of Rage" slated for September 17th?

    Keep your powder dry.

  8. C-fish-we are dealing with the aftereffects of Irene here in Northeastern NC. The only thing Obummer is helping is his golf swing!Now we foind out that FEMA is going broke (and they wnt us to believe Obamacare will take care of Us)As far as the Useless Nations is concerned we should kick them all(except Israel)out and give the land and buildings to the Boy Scouts!Come on by--new post up on TH

  9. Clyde,
    A) Seeing some of those women in those outfits is almost worth it!
    B) Easy for the feds to look good when the state and local folks take it seriously and do their jobs!
    C) That's why you call it Detrut.
    D) good'un!
    E) What in the Constitution gives the feds the right to have ANYTHING to do with the private contracts between employer and employee? If I want to hire only pretty white women between the ages of 21 and 24 and pay them nothing but rent free apartments and sex lessons, it is my right!
    F) Ordered deported in 1992
    G) aka fascism
    H) Waiting to grow a pair?
    I) of the ones who were NOT reassigned/resigned
    J) But most of us are just waiting for the laugh lines
    K) It will reduce him to a sputtering wreck
    L) Double standards? Nahhhhhhhh
    M) Seen that attitude in August/September of every year in every command I was part of.
    N) Stimpy, you EEEEEEEEEE-DIOT!
    O) SPLAT
    P) Of course not!
    Q) It could get quite ugly for a while, but the greasers will get greased
    R) But now we have a real live politician saying it in PUBLIC
    S) Agreed

  10. Hardnox,
    9/17 could be an ugly situation

  11. C-bow,
    the Scouts would need to demolish it. Too much infestation.

  12. Working all week so a tad late here....

    (A)...Ho, hum...

    (B) You gotta remember Irene was barely a category 3 and was a tropical storm before it got to the really namby pamby pansy area of the country.

    (C) Along this line on Fox & Friends Saturday the Sect'ry for Dept of Labor drives a Canadian Chevvy. She said it was to support workers. Yeah. Where? Canada??

    (D) Schumer. Kennedy. Kerry. Hillary. Weiner. Wrangle. Dodd. Frank. Leahy. Is there no sense of morals on the East Coast?

    (E) Once again those idiots got it wrong. employers tend not to hire people UNLESS THEY ARE EXPERIENCED which means they usually have been employed previously... Or maybe they are looking at the corporate executive level where "head hunting" is a very profitable profession.

    (F) Perhaps Uncle Onyango's SS# came from Conneticuit along with Zero's.

    (G) Shutting down business. Confiscation of firearms. Racially preferential treatment in the DOJ.
    What's it mean, Dean????????????????????????

    (H) But remember. We must ALL sacrifice. Oh, yeah. When Zero took Mrs. Zero on a dinner-theater date to New York, didn't he fly Air Force One instead of taking Marine One???

    (I) Grassley, "...who knew what and when, so we can be sure that this ill-advised strategy never happens again."
    Uh, Senator. The very best way to make sure this "ill-advised" strategy never happens again would be to indict the bastards on manslaughter charges. Or illegally aiding anti-government forces in Mexico.
    Hand 'em over the the Mexican government for trial. I'll bet they'd just love a few years in a Mexican slammer.

    (J) What WAS the name of the character in Orwell's "1984" who worked for the government rewriting history?

    (L) You gotta remember. It IS California. The land of fruits and nuts.

    (M) Yeah, but you gotta remember. The DOD paid $600.00 apiece for toilet seats for the... I think it was the P2V Neptune.
    And several hundred bucks each for ...clawhammers.

    (N) A soldier in the NJ Guard that can't swim???????

    (P) Back to my question of a Writ of Mandamus. There HAS to be a way to force the politicians to abide by their oath.

    (Q) That's what comes with just trying to be peaceful and congenial. Pretty soon the aggressor/bully think you are exhibiting signs of weakness. They become more aggressive and bullying. They have lost respect for you. They show open contempt. And then, like other fools of the past, they underestimate your potential. I say to them, "Start it. Oh, please start it in my lifetime."

    (R) And you didn't know this before??

    (S) Actually this is not even a step in the right direction. ANY contributions to ANY UN program projects an air of legitimacy to the UN. We need to just get out of the UN and tell the UN to get out of the US

  13. And speaking of Irene....

    I wonder if Fox News Channel did a survey to see how many folks tuned them out because of their
    b o r i n g
    coverage of Irene?

  14. This administration has not met any illigal it doe'snt like. I remember "Nanny Almighty" saying that if we enforce our anti-illeagal immagration laws we are "UN" American-OH REALLY? This coming from one who snuffed out the mikes and turned out the lights? How much more of OUR money will go down Big Brothers drain before more Americans wake up? The mid term elections of last year sent a meassage---time for another in 2012!......PS-Your blog was recommended to me from my neighbor--you know him as "Crossbow" he said you are on the frount lines and I would not be dissapointed--he was right. Keep fighting Crawfish (and others) The efforts ARE working....on to 2012!!!


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