Saturday, August 27, 2011

8-27-2011 The Weekend Claw

By the time you read this, DC will have been hit by an earthquake, a hurricane, and the return of Dear Leader. Sometimes I feel sorry for that city.

A) The Obamas got blasted for taking two aircraft to their vacation, necessitating two motorcades and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be used up. Well, the message evidently was not received. His Majesty decided to return to DC on Friday evening, presumably to start dealing with the hurricane, the earthquake aftermath, Libya, his “jobs plan”, and…oh forget that stuff. He’s planning the next campaign tour. Meanwhile, Michelle Antoinette and the junior freeloaders won’t return until Saturday afternoon, necessitating yet another flight and motorcade (hey, it’s only money from those eeevilll rich taxpayers). This extra trip will also put all involved into more danger as Hurricane Irene bears down on DC in the same time period.

B) If I’m ever heading to Indiana, will someone please remind me to stop by Goshen College and defecate at the main entrance. If you dislike our nation that much, get the Hell out!

C) If you don’t think that the government is completely out of control, just read this article. Yes, our government is raiding guitar factories because some of the woods used might come from Madagascar. WHO CARES?!?! The envirowackos and their Democrat allies are going hog-friggin-wild. It is beyond time for adults to return to DC and shred 75% of the laws and regulations currently in place. Update: Gibson Guitars has affidavits from officials in Madagascar and the US showing that they are fully in compliance with Madagascar laws, and therefore US laws, but the Obama Administration doesn’t care.

D) The Crawfish is sure that the liberal media in the US and Europe will blame Israel for their airstrikes against muslim terrorists in Gaza following yet another round of rocket attacks by said muslim terrorists. Israel needs to bulldoze the entirety of Gaza, ship all the muslims to Jordan, and rebuild that part of Israel for Israelis.

E) The Democrats have used billionaire Warren Buffett to push for higher taxes on the rich, with Buffett saying that the rich can afford it and would gladly give up some of their dough. In reality, Warren Buffett has most of his money in tax shelters and his company is in a long-running dispute with the IRS over their tax bills. Yes, the billionaire has failed to pay tens of millions of dollars in business taxes. Just another hypocritical Democrat!

F) It looks like the Obama Jobs Plan is going to include doubling down on what caused the 2008 housing crash. Yes, he wants to give mortgage loans to people who have poor credit and can’t afford a house. To do so won’t involve another propping up of Freddie and Fannie. Nooooooo. This time the leftists are just going to have the government take them over outright! Talk about stuck on stooooopid!

G) The Democrats keep saying that big government creates private sector jobs, but the GOP has real numbers and reality on their side. We just need to hammer the numbers home.

H) Once again, Texas is taking the lead. This time, my state is going to start deporting prison inmates who are citizens of other countries. Of course, this whole plan relies on the feds to uphold their pledge to actually deport the criminals instead of releasing them on parole within the state. We need to also bill the other nations for the court, incarceration, and transportation costs and payments to the victims or families of victims.

I) This story got sent to me by about five readers, but Garnet92 was first, so he gets the hat tip. Singer, writer, politician, and famous Jewish cowboy Kinky Friedman, who ran against Rick Perry for Governor, has come out in support of Perry. Here’s a quote that could ONLY come from Kinky: “These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay.” Gotta love it!

J) Gen Y TV covered this event, but there appeared to be a complete lack of coverage by the alphabet networks. I wonder why that may be. Could it be that this video proves conclusively that the Tea Party is anything but an all-white racist kook organization? (Hat tip to Claw reader “Saltwater”)

K) Noo Yawk’s Mayor has absolutely no problem with the muslims building a conquest mosque near the World Trade Center site, but he has helped prevent a Greek Orthodox church that was damaged in the 9-11 attacks. He is also banning clergy from the 10th anniversary commemoration. Why do liberal Jews hate Christianity and support Islam?

L) We have finally found out why Bill Clinton looks so sickly and anorexic.

M) I’m guessing that the Marine Corps is not allowing beans or potato salad to be served to the Marines serving in Afghanistan.

N) Grab a Kleenex before opening this link. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you must be an anti-American liberal. If only our politicians would have that much dedication to those who wear our uniforms.

O) While the Democrats are trying to slash defense spending, the Pentagon has released a new report showing that the Chinese are rapidly building up and modernizing their forces with the goal of preventing us from interfering with their eventual takeover of Taiwan and future dominance of the western Pacific. Their first stealthy strike fighter is in the test flight stage. They now have an aircraft carrier to form their naval aviation doctrine and training with as they build up their own carrier force. Their one-child policy of the past two decades has given them a very male-heavy population, and the only way to even that out is through a nice, big, bloody war.

P) The First Grifter really does love her taxpayer-paid vacations. While real Americans are struggling, she spends $10,000,000.00+ of OUR money to live it up wherever and whenever she wants.

Q) This story is not kid-friendly. In fact, it needs to be read in a plain computer wrapped in a brown paper bag.

R) This video clip from the 2008 campaign needs to be a part of every other ad run by the GOP candidate in 2012. He just called himself “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic”!

S) The Washington Post is trying to go after Rick Perry by pointing out that 234 executions have taken place in Texas during his Governorship. The Crawfish is also angry at that number. It should be MUCH higher!

T) Representative Elijah Cummings (Jassack-MD) says that most blacks “feel this President has been treated unfairly” and he does have a valid point. It has been completely unfair of the media to give Barack Obama a complete pass on his lack of experience, his associations with radical marxists and racists, his assaults on the Constitution, his associations with known and unrepentant terrorists, his actual religion, etc.

U) Victor Davis Hanson provides yet another lesson in vacuous liberal logic. Why do the same thing over and over when it has proven to never work? Because neither the malady nor the medicine have killed the patient yet.

V) Pakistani-born Canadian activist Tarek Fatah recently gave a speech for livecity in which he again pointed out the dangers of Islamism. Here is the video of that speech. It is a bit long, but you’ll be glad you stayed with it. If you’re wondering about him being in a wheelchair, no he wasn’t attacked by muslims for his activism. This year he was diagnosed with a massive tumor on his spine.

W) Remember what I said about Ron Paul after the Iowa debate? This story backs up my assertion. ‘Nuff said.

X) This is rich. Eric Holder’s Injustice Department has been refusing to turn over papers and evidence regarding their illegal Fast & Furious operation to Congressional committees doing investigations. Now the Affirmative Action Attorney General is demanding papers from Congress so that he can doctor them for an “independent” investigation by his Inspector General department. If the IG wants the info, he/she can request it directly so that Holder doesn’t get any chance to mess with it. Just like Watergate, the cover-up is getting worse than the original crimes, even though in this case the original crimes have lead directly to multiple deaths including that of an American law enforcement officer.

Y) Thank you Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin for honoring and remembering Joey Vento better than I ever could. I hope Joey’s legacy becomes an America where immigrants once again assimilate to OUR culture and OUR language instead of demanding that we assimilate to their cultures and languages.

Z) Borrowing a line from Larry the Cable Guy, I don’t care who you are. THIS is funny! I can’t believe she didn’t think of that possibility.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“Moreover, most people who serve in Washington have been trained either as lawyers or as political operatives – professions that tend to place a premium on winning arguments rather than solving problems.” –Barack Obama (lawyer), “The Audacity of Hope”

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Craw,

    Sent a nastygram to Goshen's leadership over this but along the lines of THEM enjoying a freedom to practice their religion provided by the VERY military they distain!

  2. Buck's Saturday BookAugust 27, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    Sometimes you feel sorry for DC? Why??

    (A) Oh, yeah, they're living it up on Pennsylvania Avenue. Kinda reminds me of a couple of party crashers going for the canapes and champagne because it's on someone else's dime.

    (B) Another group who enjoy the freedoms they have but for some reason were strangely absent when it came time to fight for them.

    (C) Okay, let me get this straight. The Second American Revolution just might start when a group of patriots man a bridge over which the government forces have to cross in order to

    (D) Those jews. I just don't know where they got their patience.

    (D) Kinda like Geitner?

    (F) I tell me again... What was Einstein's definition of insanity???

    (G) Look for the McCain Republicans to talk around it. After all. They don't want to hurt any of the Democrats' feelings...

    (H) Other nations would just laugh at us if we sent them a bill. So we need to start shipping their criminal citizens back to their own country. In a box.

    (I) Oh, Kinky. I gotta use that line. Great stuff.

    (J) Why not? Those not in the clutches of entitlement mentality look around and actually SEE.

    (K) I think I had something about the strange politics of American jews in Wednesday's comments.

    (M) I remember when my ship pulled into Djakarta back in the late '50's or early '60's. There was "controlled" liberty i.e. groups of 5 or 6 with a PO in charge. I was ready to go when I read the POD with a list of do's and don'ts. I stayed aboard ship. Far's I could tell I didn't miss much.

    (O) Figured it was just a matter of time before Red China figured us too weak and faint hearted to do anything about their aggressions. Funny thing. Tojo and Hitler thought the same thing back in late '30's and early '40's.

    (P) Oh, but she's now PROUD of her country. Actually the probably believes we are a bunch of suckers 'cause she and Zero done pulled the wool over enough eyes to land them in the posh digs for 4 years.

    (S) The Washington Post is pandering to...whom? Boy! Talk about playing to a dead audience!

    (T) I think we were talking about it in Wednesday's stuff. But notice how almose every black politician uses the race card and plays to entitlement mentalities? And the few that don't are branded Uncle Toms

    (U) And they will keep saying not enough money right up until the vault is empty. Then they will blame the Republicans for not letting them print more.

    (W) Remember. After Hitler visited Persia they changed their name to Iran which is Farsi for "Aryan.

    (X) Just as I have been saying for 20 years or so. The DOJ along with ALL the alphabet "law enforcement" agencies are about neither justice nor law enforcement. They are about destroying freedom. They are about Ruby Ridge. They are about Waco.

  3. Way to start the weekend.

    Ron Paul. Man, what a conundrum. The guy's absolutely great on some issues, and a complete dingbat on others.

    His ideas on foreign policy would put Neville Chamberlain to shame. I can only assume he must freely partake of all those drugs he wants to legalize, yet ANOTHER loony-tune idea.

    In the Paul Universe, Israel would be wiped out, tyranny would take over the rest of the world, but we wouldn't care because we'd all be stoned out of our gourds.

    I don't understand how that lunatic has such a following, nor how he has any credibility at all, anywhere.

    Yeah, some of his ideas on fiscal policy are well-grounded in the Constitution... but then he flies off into FantasyLand with his OTHER whacko ideas that have absolutely NO constitutional basis at all!

    And according top his supporters -- or maybe I should say, the other members of his cult -- he's a constitutional genius. But when you pin them down, they can't actually point to any specific clause which supports the idea.

    The whole Paul phenomenon is the Twilight Zone fringe of national politics. Kind of like Lyndon Larouche (if anyone remembers him other than me). Or George Wallace.

  4. Whatta stinkpile. DO NOT feel sorry for DC. Nor Noo Yawk,for that matter. 'Cane will give BOTH places a good flush-out.Still sleepy from watching what turned out to be one of the most BORING Bristol night races I've seen in a LONG time. C ya.

  5. I believe in freedom of religion but Goshen colage is wacked on their position! Do I dare to show them some passeges in the book of REVELATION?? Israel has every right to defend itself-but what are "rights" to those who are blind? As for Bloom-ing-ideotburg he is showing his PC ammok cowardace for all to see(where is Rudy when you need him?) Well, Thanks craw! and I have 2 blogs now--one for spiritual themems and another on wordpress (chariotoffire7) for ---let's say "other stuff"!

  6. Gunny,
    what religion says to disrespect your nation?

  7. Buck,
    would YOU wanna deal with the problems that city has?
    A) Exactly
    B) In other words...FREELOADERS!
    C) Stranger shite has happened.
    D) Did you mean to put that as E) ????
    F) Bingo
    G) Because they don't care about America, just their own bits of power and prestige
    H) As for the bills, first bill is end of all subsidies/foreign aid
    I) He is good for sound bites.
    J) But we're all a bunch of whitey racists....
    K) And we'll keep seeing stories like this
    M) F'em
    O) But would WE have the resolve to reply? Our society has raised a bunch of pansies.
    P) Living large on a scam
    S) Well, the Dems DO want to give ex-cons the vote again
    T) Again, they don't care about America or black America...just their own power and prestige
    U) The vault already IS empty!
    W) More people are waking up to Paul. I've seen threads on conservative sites about his anti-semitism.
    X) And now they are about covering the arses of Dear Leader, Affirm Act AG, First Grifter....

  8. Brian,
    difference is that LaRouche was a nutcase on ALL issues!

  9. Clyde,
    it was a boring race...and the drivers I like didn't do well...SUX!

  10. Chariot,
    Where does the Bible say to enjoy the graces of your nation, but don't dare support it actively? If God was such a pacifist, why did he give instructions to the first Special Forces leader in history, Joshua?!?!

    Kinda like the Amish...where does the Book say to not use any technology? Shouldn't they be living stone age-style if they think that?


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