Saturday, August 20, 2011

8-20-2011 The Weekend Claw

“The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.” –Milton Friedman

A) Union thug violence has skyrocketed under the leadership of Barack Obama and his union-owned White House. Here we have yet another incident in the Rust Belt of a business owner who has helped his employees resist unionization, but has suffered repeated vandalism, threats, stalking, and now attempted murder. Obama’s favorite criminal gang, the purple shirts of the SEIU are seen here attacking Paul Blart Mall Cop at a Than Franthithco area mall. It is past high time to start putting union organizers and leaders in prison for the actions that they encourage and sanction.

B) Here is yet another episode of a mob of black youths attacking a white woman. Will Eric Holder take note of this racist hate crime? Oh, that’s right. He doesn’t believe in prosecuting black animals who victimize whites. These are “my people”, according to the Affirmative Action Attorney General. Michelle(***sigh***) Malkin was on Sean Hannity’s show talking about these mobs, and of course she was deluged with hate e-mail calling her a racist and a whore because she happened to notice the skin color of 99% of the perps. Someone started keeping track of these flash mobs around the country, with sources.

C) Janet Incompetano’s Department of Homeland Insecurity gets two mentions this time ‘round. First of all, the Department has stopped all deportations at the unConstitutional direction of The Chosen One, and subjecting each and every case to a number of criteria all designed to allow as many illegals as possible to stay in the nation. “This case-by-case approach will enhance public safety”, Incompetano bleated. No, Janet, deporting each and every illegal now in the nation and completely securing our border to prevent more from surviving illegal entry attempts would enhance public safety, and would open up puh-lenty of jobs for our welfare hordes. This move also puts into effect almost all of the provisions of the DREAM Act that Congress has rejected already, and thus is a violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers. Harry Reid even noted it that way in his statement: “I am especially pleased about the impact these new policies will have on those who would benefit from the DREAM Act. ... We lose a lot by sending them back to countries they do not know.”

D) Next comes the latest Public Service Advertisement from DHS, unveiled by Incompetano herself, reminding the public to report anything that looks suspicious. As is the norm for this racist and politically correct Administration, the terrorists in the ad are a white woman and a white man. With 99% of the world’s terrorism being committed by muslims, and 75% of the violent acts in America being perpetrated by blacks or latino gangbangers, this bunch has to make the perps look like people who could be Tea Party supporters. We can’t go insulting Obama’s core voting blocs, can we?

E) Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO) is standing up for the American taxpayer and real Americans. He is calling for the repeal of a section of the Voting Rights Act of 1973 that mandated voting ballots be printed in foreign languages if a number of non-English speaking people live in an area. To vote, one must be a citizen. To become a citizen, one must be proficient in writing, speaking, and understanding English. Ergo, in order to vote, one must be proficient in English and therefore have no need for a ballot to be printed in any other language. Of course, Democrats will point out that noticing this is raaaaaacist!

F) With the exception of the debt “deal” vote, I find myself supporting Lieutenant Colonel Allen West more and more each day. It is too bad that the black community listens to people like Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Jesse, the not-so-reverend Al, and Calypso Louie instead of Representative West.

G) Senator Frank “The Louse” Lautenberg let loose with an incredibly stoooopid statement, even if it is exactly what the Democrats are in effect saying on a regular basis. Since he is worth over $50 million, maybe he should start with himself.

H) Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has found Obama’s jobs plan. It may not create many NEW jobs, but it does protect about 15,000,000 current ones.

I) Israel is getting attacked yet again. This time with multiple strikes including mortar and rocket fire from both Gaza and from within Egypt. Don’t expect any condemnation from the Administration or the media…unless return fire from the IDF happens to kill a muslim.

J) The Crawfish knows one city in which he isn’t going to order Chinese food anytime soon.

K) As long as we’re in Colorado, let’s look at some serious business. The Obama Administration is using the federal bureaucracy and the Endangered Species Act to stifle energy production in Colorado. They have classified three flowers as endangered or protected, and they just happen to grow only in an area that has large oil and natural gas deposits. They are also looking to give the area a “critical habitat” designation. Nobody really cares about these flowers, but the envirowackos do care about preventing energy exploration.

L) Maxine “Bank Bailout” Waters and the Congressional Racist Caucus are miffed at The Chosen One. It seems that his Magical Misery Short Bus Tour isn’t visiting the Projects. He’s only visiting with his white half.

M) I would make some comments about this video, but all I really need to say is that it is Calypso Louie. I’ll let y’all tear it to shreds in the comments.

N) I can’t make up stories like this one, but I almost didn’t feature it because it doesn’t look good for the city I call home.

O) The Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department is just starting to understand what a world of poo they’ve gotten themselves into. Eleven more violent crime scenes in the US are now directly related to the Fast & Furious weapons that were allowed to walk, and that number will go much higher if this scandal is ever properly investigated. Does this signal even more promotions?

P) His Majesty says that he will present a plan after Labor Day to cut the deficit and get our debt under control. He says his plan will also “provide folks who need help the help they need”, by which he means that he intends to grow the entitlements, even though he said everything will be on the table. Speaker Boehner replied with: “The House has passed legislation to remove barriers to private-sector job creation, ease job-destroying regulations, expand American energy production and significantly reduce our unsustainable debt burden. The House has led, but unfortunately we cannot act alone.” So the question is, which side talks the game, and which side acts to solve the problem?

Q) Not only are King Barry and Queen Michelle Antoinette having yet another luxury vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, but the Queen and her Princesses decided that they wanted to arrive a few hours ahead of the King, so they got their own Air Force flight and Secret Service (plus local and state police) motorcade. This cost the American taxpayers an additions $100,000.00+, and also contributed many more carbon emissions to hack off The Prophet Algoracle. What was that about reducing unnecessary and wasteful spending by the government? Why isn’t there a line of GOP Congresscritters in front of microphones on Crapitol Hill blasting this extravagance? I mean just look at the photos in this story of a huge motorcade and the local populace getting frisked because he wanted to go to the local bookstore. Hasn’t he ever heard of e-readers and e-books?

R) As long as we’re talking about wasteful and stooooopid government spending, just read about this mobile phone app. How much did the government spend on this? (cue the infomercial voice) But wait, there’s more! There are sooo many wasteful projects funded by our government every year, including all sorts of research studies and such at universities, which should be right up near the top of the list for the Super Committee to look at. They may be a few hundred thousand here, a million there, but they all add up to something that can be a start toward the needed $1.5 trillion in cuts. Toss in a repeal of Obamacare and it is completed!

S) The headline of this article got my blood boiling, but when I started reading it I realized that Representative Upton is right on target with what most of us conservatives have been saying. People who are already on Social Insecurity, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Should not get their benefits cut in order to reduce the deficit. FUTURE recipients, who have time to plan for the future and take personal responsibility for their retirement years, will see reductions in benefits or a delay before they can receive them. Now if we’re talking about “entitlements” such as welfare, Food Stamps, gummint housing, and such...CHOP LIKE MAD!

T) There’s a huge scandal brewing in the world of college athletics, and it involves a member of Bill Clinton’s Cabinet. Donna Shalala was Clinton’s Secretary of Health and Human Services for eight years. Soon after he left office, she became the President of the University of Miami. Now a Miami booster, who is in prison for a Ponzi scheme, is admitting that he gave all sorts of illegal benefits to athletes from “The U”, including cash, cars, yacht trips, sex parties, flat screen televisions, prostitutes, jewelry, nightclub outings, restaurant outings, and even an abortion for a stripper that one of the athletes impregnated. Yes, the legacy of the Bubba Administration lives on.

U) Here is a powerful piece by James Lewis regarding liberals and moral cowardice. Let’s see if any liberals can refute any of it.

V) I’m not saying See-BS is a biased organization or anything, but their online souvenir shop has a lot of Barack Obama stuff in it. I guess they just haven’t received their shipment of Sarah Palin books and t-shirts yet.

W) Here is Friday’s Question of the Day. I think we all know why.

X) Continuing the liberal war against The Crawfish’s state will be facing rolling blackouts next year because of Obama’s EPA. Now watch the Dems blame Rick Perry when the blackouts start.

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“The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption – a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton, and Smith, 1801

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Wife is out on a girls camping trip,the Cup race is at MIS tomorrow,life's good.......
    A)My son-in-law used to work for this guy.A fine fellow he is. The story is spot-on. Mr.King needs to arm himself,and shoot-to-kill.
    B)Again,shoot first,don't bother with the questions.
    C)Democrats = Stunningly stupid. Can they breathe without government instruction?
    D)Then that means we MUST report the DoJ,EPA,DHS,ad nauseum.
    E)Among MANY other things that could use the same treatment.
    F)Glad you put that disclaimer in.
    G)So if we listen to the Louse,does that mean the POOR will pick up the slack in tax revenue collections? See C).
    H)Yep. She is spot-on about that.
    I)Israel is damned if does and damned if it don't. May as well protect herself,and eliminate as much of the threat as possible.
    J)Good decision. I've been in some Chinese restaurant kitchens.BAAAAADDDD. This sounds more like coyotes. The Chinese would make cat's paw soup,or put it on the Poo-Poo-Platter. They waste nothing.
    K)Simple solution.Find'em,make'em disappear.
    L)Like they'd support ANY one else? Not likely. Saw an interview with ol'Kwame,the Felon. He says he'd most likely be re-elected if he were to run for mayor of Detruit again.I rest my case.
    M)In the comments under the video,I liked the first one.
    N)NAH,one nutjob couldn't ruin your city's image.Wonder WHY the cops are nervous about the guy that posted the You-Tube? Hmmm....
    O)Most likely. Hell's bells,this bunch make the Gambino family look like pikers.
    P)B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. In vast,fetid mounds.
    Q)May as well live n!&&@r-rich while they can. 2012 will be here before you know it.
    R)Infukkincredible. What next? A government app to tell you your shit is brown? Good grief.
    S)What a poorly written article. About par for the course from The Hill,however.
    T)This'll go under the rug as well.
    U) Spot-on. Try they will.
    V) Well,SeeBS has to do SOMETHING to get revenue coming in. Ad sales are WAY off,as is their stock price.
    W) Obviously.
    X) But of course.
    OK heading out to the track.I'll be up in Turn One,about 20' away from the camera.Right at the exit from pit road. C ya.

  2. Re Q), Bat Ears's excuses (in the linked article):

    "He said: 'When I came into office, I knew I was going to have a big mess to clean up and, frankly, the mess has been bigger than I think a lot of people anticipated at the time.'"

    Well, what doesn that tell us? Is it even MORE excuse-making? Blame Bush? Or was the guy such an incompetent boob that he couldn't clearly assess the situation at the time?

    Either way, is that a guy we want in the driver's seat?

  3. (A) Yeah. Well. I'm still waiting for them to put Janet Reno in jail for heavy handed tactics at Ruby Ridge and Waco... As long as the usion is advancing the Marxist cause NOBODY is going to jail.

    (B) When will the naievette of "white guilt" wear thin? Maybe when family, property or friend falls victim.

    (C) Still waiting for Governor Perry to take a stand on the criminals of illegal immigration. Both the wetbacks and the DHS.

    (D) To a student of history it kinda looks like the NAZIs warning of Jewish violence, perpetrating violence then blaming the Jews.
    Look for it at a neighborhood near you.

    (E) Repeal of this could be a litmus test of the next Congress.

    (F) The black community listens to those people because those people say what the black trash in the black community want to hear. Colonel West along with the Mayor of Philadelphia speak the truth but it isn't palatable.

    (H) I still don't understand something. Either the politicians are way off or American hispanics, don't know which but seems to me the illegal wetbacks are stealing American hispanics' jobs right along with the rest of us. So why would kissing their ass get a politician a single extra vote?

    (K) Funny, isn't it, that no matter where we need to drill there's always an "endangered" species located there? Same thing with the irrigation canals of the San Juaquin Vallen in CA.

    (L) I'd like to see him visit the projects. He'd come out from a speaking engagement to find his bus up on blocks...

    (M) Not even bothering with the video. Calyso Louie is too much of a nut case to worry about.

    (O) Fast & Furious was not about tracking guns. It was to be produced as proof positive American guns were causing drug violence in Mexico as a prelude for enhancing the already unconstitutional draconian gun laws. The purpose is to further erode the Second Amendment. Making it harder for gunowners to obtain ammunition the government is now selling used brass to China instead of a reloading company. Email to follow.

    (P) Sorry, Boehner has shown his RINO colors. I only hope the next Congress elects someone else Speaker of the HOuse.

    (Q) Well, we the people put them there. They maybe figure they won't be there after next year so they'd better get all the bennies they can while the getting is good.

    (R) But they need this information for the welfare recipients they are going to give FREE cell phones to. After all. It's a right, y'know.

    (U) According to James Lewis then damn near EVERY politician is a moral coward. Don't believe me, just try to get a straight, honest answer out of one.

    (W) Probably because they already have a muslim in the white house.

  4. Q) That is cutting back. They were gonna fly the girls in separately but decided the extra few million wasn't worth the aggravation from the TEA partiers.

  5. Clyde,
    A) As soon as the first threat happened, he should have been carrying concealed 24/7
    B) Shoot first, second, third...then MAYBE pause.
    C) I have my doubts
    D) Report every suspicious non-white you see.
    E) There shouldn't be a single TV or radio station broadcasting in something other than English more than 50 miles from the border.
    F) That's the only negative I have on him right now.
    G) Uh...lemme think about it....with WHAT MONEY?
    H) Zinger of the Week awardee!
    I) Eliminate...with extreme prejudice.
    J) Mongolian Pussy on the menu.
    K) Round-Up works!
    L) He doesn't need to campaign in black neighborhoods. He already has their vote, and they don't have any cash to give, thanks to the policies of the Democrats, so...
    M) He's such a racist idiot.
    N) Well, Fort Worth PD is a regular cast for "COPS"
    O) Making the Gambinos look like honest bidnessmen.
    P) Quit insulting fertilizer like that.
    Q) They are writing the GOP campaign ads for them!
    R) There's an app for that, too!
    S) But his reasoning is sound.
    T) Nope, this one has legs (except the Clinton angle). The head of the NCAA has even stated that the death penalty is an open option, and there's only one football program that they've ever done THAT to.....SMU.
    U) BRING IT!!!!
    V) They're using the tax-free profits from GE.
    W) But the boots are sooooo nice!
    X) I have a hard enough time keeping my house below 83 in the afternoons.

  6. Brian,
    I don't want him in the driver's seat of his own short bus!

  7. TGP,
    I think we found some more spending to CUT!

  8. Buck,
    A) Reno needs to stand trial for both
    B) My white has never had guilt.
    C) He has continually said that the feds haven't secured the border, which is THEIR job.
    E) Just one of the MANY repeals needed.
    F) There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
    H) Just like every other ethnic group or union...solidarity matters more than anything else.
    K) Gonna take a long time to get the liberals out of the federal bureaucracy.
    L) I was thinking the same thing when I read her headline.
    M) Just good for comic relief.
    O) Of COURSE that was the plan. They never expected their BS to get exposed.
    P) Jeb Hensarling, with Allen West as Whip.
    Q) Give a N a chance for freebies, and ....
    R) Welfare...there's an app for that!
    U) Not many...maybe West, Hensarling, and...okay that's it.
    W) And they don't want any pigskin boots dealing with muzzies.

  9. Amen on all of this Craw,
    especially on item f, I hope Allen is serious about taking the place of anti-Fl-American Bill Nelson. calypso and osamabinbamster are in the same bed with mussies. My guess is the idiots say they pinch your toes which they do not. The most comfortable brand at least for me is still Justin.

  10. Sorry that I am late to the party Crawfish. Mrs. Gray Ghost and myself have been up to our necks in an alligator filled swamp trying to do a drainage project for the last week.

    F) Both LTC West and Herman Cain are proving themselves more and more to be honorable men. I am not sure I could vote for them as POTUS yet; but they are proving themselves worthy of a "look-see".

    L) Maxine Waters is proving more and more to be nothing more than a "tool" for the DNC. She has no real intelligence (as seen by her "Go to Hell" remark to the TEA Partiers). I wonder if the DNC will continue to support her much longer, or throw her under the bus if she becomes a liability?

    R) The wasteful spending by the feds is "mind-boggling". And the cell phones for the entitlement crowd is nothing but the tip of the iceberg. I have a trustworthy source who informed me that the local bureaucraps have been told by Washington to reduce the number of people who have multiple entitlement accounts (different name, same person). Many of these multiple accounts are people who should never been on entitlements in the first place (poltical cronies of US Rep. Bennie Thompson). Some of them own their own businesses and are wealthy.

    Another good edition Crawfish.

  11. RE,
    a good pair of Justin Ropers...that'll work!

  12. Ghost,
    F) Let's give West some more seasoning, and he'll become a force within the GOP. He may go for the Senate next year. If so, give him a term and a re-elect there, then a WH run.
    L) Maxine's right. The Tea Party NEEDS to go to replace all of the Dims that they defeat next fall!
    R) Some of them are also wealthy from dealing crack!


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