Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8-24-2011 The Weekly Claw

Last week, racist Representative Maxine Waters said that the Tea Party could “go straight to Hell.” For once, I agree with Maxine. Tea Party affiliated folks NEED to go to Hell in January of 2013, to replace the Dim-ocrats that they have defeated in the November 2012 elections!

A) Other Dims chimed in this week with Obama-style “civility”, like Jesse the Racial Shakedown Artist. According to America’s premier race-baiter, the Tea Party is…wait for it…RACIST because they support that old document written by white slaveowners. He actually managed to say that the Tea Party should be called “the Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.” Meanwhile, Florida’s Frederica Wilson spouted off with: “The real enemy is the Tea Party –- let’s remember that. The Tea Party holds Congress hostage … They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president.” Well, she is PARTIALLY correct. One goal of the Tea Party is to get Obama unelected, but the real goals are to reassert the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and to bring fiscal sanity to DC. If supporting the Constitution makes the Tea Party racist, extreme, and the enemy to these people, what does that say about the Democratic Party?

B) Once a racist and communist activist, always a racist and communist activist. Barack Obama spent part of his posh vacation with one of his Haaaaah-vahd mentors (and also taught micHELLe), who is a Black Panther and a Marxist. Oh, and his daughter recently was hired by Eric Holder.

C) Let’s flash back to Obama’s Presidential campaign. Anybody who paid attention to history and everybody associated with The Chosen One knew what was coming, but the Democrats and their allies in the major media denied everything. We tried to warn America, but they fell for the historical chance to elect a black man, no matter how unqualified, and his whole hopey-changey nonsense.

D) The whole idea of the Civil Rights movement was to have people judged by their actions, words, and character instead of by their skin color. Unfortunately for black America, the black politicians who came to the forefront during that time all decided that racial politics and big government liberalism should take priority over anything Dr. King believed in. They have failed, and continue to fail, black America, but black America continues to re-elect them time and time again no matter what their results are.

E) Another animal has surfaced on the streets of Chicago. This punk coldly gunned down a 17-year old pregnant girl because she was seen walking with a member of another gang. Of course his family lies to the press by saying that he is NOT in a gang, despite his lengthy record, and that it couldn’t have been him because he’s limping due to being shot in the leg recently (although he has not limped at all since being in police custody).

F) It looks like some of the Republican Presidential candidates are actually taking a stance that is not only conservative, but Constitutional. They are calling for the end of the Department of Education, and returning responsibility for educating America’s youth to the states, where it belongs according to the Constitution.

G) One of The Crawfish’s Senators hits the nail on the head with this opinion piece. Yes, overregulation by the federal government stifles job growth, and is a root cause of our current economic woes. The cost to the private sector of complying with these regulations runs into the tens of billions of dollars every year. That’s money that could be spent employing people and paying for employee benefits.

H) I’m not saying that Michael Bloomberg is an idiot. I’ll let him make sure that there’s no argument on the issue. He says that the “single biggest” thing Obama can do to create jobs is to allow more immigration. Huh? Bringing in more people isn’t going to do anything positive for the people who are already here and jobless. How about kicking out the illegal aliens, which would open up over 10,000,000 jobs?

I) New home sales dropped yet again, so the news was…say it with me…UNEXPECTED!!!!!

J) One of the core big-money constituencies of the Democratic Party has their panties in a wad over a GOP candidate for the White House. The trial lawyers absolutely hate Rick Perry, because he has presided over some important tort reforms in Texas that have worked. Texas has instituted “loser pays” in many areas of trial law, which has reduced frivolous lawsuits and made the state much friendlier to businesses. With that law in play, insurance companies don’t simply settle when lawsuits arise. It also frees up the courts so that they can handle real cases. We need “loser pays” throughout the nation.

K) One of my co-workers found this interesting story. A motorist gets pulled over, and his actions evidently cause the cop to say he has probable cause to search the vehicle, where he finds some drugs. The motorist believes that the cop’s dashcam video will show that the cop had no probably cause to search, but the video somehow got erased. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sided with the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, allowing the purposeful destruction of evidence to stand.

L) Did you know that two-thirds of all federal tax revenue goes to pay welfare and other entitlement programs? As a percentage of GDP, that’s 10% now. It is also double the amount spent on national defense.

M) Let’ s get this straight. Egypt allows muslim terrorists to attack Israel from within Egypt. Israel responds by attacking those muslim terrorists. Egyptian forces try to shield the muslim terrorists. Egyptian personnel get killed. Simple enough, right? So now every political group in Egypt is outraged about ISRAEL’S actions and demanding that the IDF personnel who defended Israel be handed over to Egypt for trials? Who was at fault? The Egyptian government and the Egyptian Army! THAT is the new regime that Barack Obama is selling the world’s finest tanks to. Israel actually took the completely unnecessary step of apologizing for the deaths of the Egyptian personnel, but that placated none of the Muslim Brotherhood lovers.

N) It isn’t often that The Crawfish agrees with Alan Dershowitz, but this is one of those times.

O) When the leftists run out Warren Buffett to say millionaires need to pay more taxes, they think they have the trump card. Of course, when the numbers are posted, the folly of the left is exposed yet again. It’s the spending, stupid!

P) So how has that fundamental transformation of our nation, also known as hopeandchange, worked? Are we better off at all, or are we now on a road to ruin unless we can elect some adults in 2012?

Q) Barack the Magnificent says that he wants immediate action on some free trade agreements in order to create jobs in America. That’s funny, since he has refused to submit those agreements to Congress for a vote for the past thirty one months. Actually, those agreements were signed by President Bush, but the Democrat-controlled House and Senate (under the leadership of Red Nanny P-Lousy, Dingy Harry, and some guy named Barack Obama) refused to allow them to come up for a vote!

R) This bit of news hit The Crawfish family personally. We are regulars at Scarborough Faire, and we knew Will Ross. Go with God, Will. We’ll raise a toast to you on opening day in April.

S) Another death this week shook us. Although we didn’t know him personally, we knew his food and his very public stance on illegal immigration. Joey Vento died of a heart attack on Tuesday evening. Joey was the owner of Geno’s Steaks, one of the two iconic landmark cheesesteak stands in downtown Philly.

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“The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption – a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton, and Smith, 1801

The Constitution of the United States


  1. I wish that the Libtards would sh*t or get off the pot on rumbling with the Tea Party. I WISH that they would rise up in violent revolution so that we could crush em! Hell, I just sighted in my 03A4 AND bought another 400 rds from CMP.

  2. Sent the wife through CHL training and got her application sent off. Now I need to get some .30 carbine ammo for MY weapon. She has enough .40 for her pistol.

    They are TRYING to get US to make the first move. I expect some violent act around June/July next year that will be conveniently blamed on a Tea Party person who is actually a liberal plant. Reichstag Fire moment 2012.

  3. Good 'un, Craw. A couple of things.

    As to the Tea Party being "responsible" for ... well, everything bad, I guess ... but specifically the sad shape of our finances, riddle me this:

    Obama submitted precisely ONE budget proposal, in February. In the Senate, it was killed.......

    97 - 0!

    That's right. Not ONE SINGLE Democrat voted for it.

    Is THAT the fault of the Tea Party somehow?

    As to K): I find that story disturbing. I think the Texas appeals court gave a bad decision on that one.

    Let's talk about Warren Buffett. The guy's always squawking about how "the rich" should pay more taxes, and as you note, that's allegedly some trump card in the debate about taxation. "Even WARREN BUFFETT agrees!"

    Yet the interesting thing about that is: he shelters ALL his own money so it's not subject to that taxation! That's right; he's a hypocrite!

    He's not leaving any of it to his kids, except a very nominal amount. He's willing ALL of it to tax-exempt organizations, one of which is the Gates Foundation.

    Tell me that surprises you. Go ahead.


  4. Brian,
    The Dims haven't passed a budget in over 3 years! They refused to put one up in 2008, hiding their intentions from the hopey-changey faint at his feet crowd.
    K) I agree
    Buffett) A liberal who is a hypocrite? Color me shocked. Whenever he is used as a source, I know to believe the opposite.

  5. Yeah, man!

    No budget proposal, no evidence of the crime!

    Actually, that kinda seems to tie into the Texas appeals court decision, in a way. Maybe that cop was a Democrat!

  6. Well, it WAS in the Austin area, so he probably is a lib.

  7. Another good edition CrawfisH.

    E) I believe that the description "animal" is too good for this low life. Just another reason that I prefer to live in a rural area.

    J) Tort reform is another concept that must be enacted. I agree Crawfish, we need "LOSER" pays for the entire US.

    L) I knew that entitlements were "killing" us; but I didn't know it was this bad, Crawfish. I only thought it was at the 50% level.

    One other thing Crawfish. I know you like your M1 carbine, but the stopping power of the .30 carbine round is not real good. Have you thought about getting a M1 Garand? The 30-06 has alot more knock-down power. (No insult intended on your weapon of choice.)

  8. Good pile. As to Buffett,how smart can this asshole be? Supporting those who would LOVE to see people like HIM fail.

  9. Ghost,
    E) Well...this IS a public forum.
    J) Lawyers oppose it because it threatens their dishonest ways...kinda like tax lawyers and tax preparation companies oppose the Fair Tax.
    L) And just think how bad it gets when the Boomers all retire!

    Garand is too big to lug around this tiny house. 15 rounds from the Carbine takes down just about anybody.

  10. Clyde,
    Buffett has so much tucked away in tax havens that he can't fail. He could spend $500K a day and still leave millions to the Bill Gates Foundation when he dies.

  11. With all due respect to Ms Waters (which is very little) that is not within her power.As far as Blooming(ideot)burg is concerned he is in hot water for not including any clergy at the 9/11 memorial ceremoniy. I hate to break it to him---there WILL be prayer there-from family and frends of all who are effected by that dasterly cowardly attack.

  12. I still find it amazing that Patroitic Americans who love this country and its people are callled "trrorists" when real enimies who hate us get a free pass--(move over Billy Mitchell) new post up!keep the stand Craw!

  13. Waters is a blight! as well as durban. good grief the insane spending is wreckiing havoc on this economy and those who are warning about it are the "bad guys"? sounds like the British to the American Patriots not so long ago

  14. Chariot,
    I have more respect for a hard turd that hurts your bunghole than I do for Maxine. On 9-11-2011, there will be prayer all over America. Prayer got us through that day 10 years ago, and will do so again.

  15. Blackwater and Blackpen,
    Blackpen: thanx for stopping by. Don't be a stranger!
    Both: Since the Democrats hate everything about America (except for the power and money that they can get for themselves) and hate Israel, anybody who supports either's existence is the hated enemy.

  16. (A) That Jesse Jackson can misstate history so obviously does not bother me as much as the legions of folks who believe him.
    Uh...Rev'ren Jay... The Democrat Party was all of those things which you accuse the Tea Party. And the Dems have been for them since before 1861.

    (B) At what point in his life has Zero NOT affiliated himself with communists?

    (C) Refer back to (B)

    (D) Kinda makes you wonder who's the REAL racists in this country, don't it.

    (E) She was associating with known gang members and got shot by known gang members. What's the outrage?

    (F) A good place to start. Then shut down all the other alphabet agencies as well.

    (H) You don't have to say Bloomberg is an idiot. He just kinda radiates idiocy. But. Just another example of the kind of people them folks in blue states continue to elect.

    (J) Now you might kinda understand why in the early days of our republic lawyers were not allowed to charge for their services and only a few years have passed since lawyers were not allowed to advertise in the media.

    (K) And you still think no innocent have been sent to prison or executed?

    (L) Got to keep those potential democratic voters happy.

    (M) Well, let's see, now. Zero's not a communist. Yet he has surrounded himself with communists. Zero's not a muslim yet he ignores National Prayer Day in favor of having a White House full of muslims on ramadan. Zero's not a racist. Yet he spent 20 years listening to one of the most racist preachers in the country.

    (N) Funny he should say that. The jews in this country have done as much as any identifiable group to elect an Israel hating muslim to the Oval Office. Now he is crying? Again?

    (O) Leftist denial that their spending is the problem. Kinda like an alcoholic denying he has a drinking problem.

    (P) Well, at 72 I came out of the very tarnished golden years of retirement and went back to work. So how the F#&% do you think hopeandchange has affected me?

  17. Buck,
    A) He doesn't care about truth, just power and money
    B/C) Uh....never
    D) We know, the media knows, but the media ignores and covers
    E) Just more brutality from aFREAKans
    F) If it isn't allowed by the enumerated powers....
    H) Statue of Liberty is a beacon of freedoM, he is a beacon of stoooopidity
    J) I wish we could get rid of lawyer and prescription drug ads.
    K) There are always abuses
    L) Keep voting for a living
    M) Born a muslim, still a muslim
    N) I don't understand them either
    O) exactly
    P) not in a positive way, for sure!


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