Saturday, August 13, 2011

8-13-2011 The Weekend Claw

This week, The Crawfish’s home metropolis saw the end of a 40-day streak of 100+ degree temps, the return of the Dallas Cowboys to the field of Cowboys Stadium, and some actual water falling from the sky. Life is getting better.

A) The Crawfish doesn’t say things like this lightly, but Barack Obama is a scumbag. The families of 19 of the 30 Navy SEALs whose remains were returned to the US on Wednesday officially requested NO MEDIA COVERAGE, which includes photographers, at the “dignified transfer” ceremony at Dover Air Force Base. The official policy is that is any family members object to media coverage, it is forbidden. B. Hussein Obama turned the arrival of the caskets into a photo op for himself and his 2012 campaign, and had the White House Press Office distribute that photo to the media, while the White House web site posted it as their “Photo of the Day”. This is beyond disgusting.

B) The most recent Gallop poll shows that muslims are the group that approves of Barack Obama’s performance in the highest percentage, with 80% approval. I’m sure this will shock somebody, but probably not anybody who regularly reads my columns or who knows the reality of the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet. If he had really left that religion, they wouldn’t approve of him, but would be calling for his execution, since leaving Islam is the highest sin of that death cult. The fact that 65% of America’s Jews support Obama goes to show that America’s Jews are JINOs who hate Israel.

C) In a 2-1 ruling, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta gave a partial blow to Obamacare. The ruling states that the individual mandate is unConstitutional, but that the rest of the law can stand (even though the individual mandate is the lynchpin of the whole system). This is big because it is the first time that a judge put on a court by a Democrat (Clinton) has ruled against Obama. Of course, the Super Committee would do well to consider repealing Obamacare in its entirety, since it will cost over a trillion in the next decade.

D) The ultra-liberal Contract for the American Dream has nothing to do with the traditional American Dream, as Neal Boortz so poignantly puts it. It is rather a dream of government control over every bit of life in our nation.

E) Meanwhile, a HARVARD study shows that the best way to get debt reduction is to cut spending and lower taxes. Yes, HARVARD has to admit that conservatism works and liberalism doesn’t.

F) There appears to be some shenanigans going on in a federal trial in Arizona. A man is on trial for making illegal firearms purchases including the guns that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry. The US Attorney has denied the family’s request to be considered crime victims, a request that is routinely granted. The US Attorney, it seems, has a severe conflict of interest in the situation. His office was in charge of Operation Fast & Furious, and that is how the defendant got the weapons. He says that crime victim “is not any particular person, but society in general.” The family has already stated that they will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the government, so this US Attorney is trying to cover his butt and that of the Affirmative Action Attorney General.

G) I’m not sure if this is a fair comparison (to Putin), but it does explain a lot.

H) As if y’all need any more examples of the media being less than fair and impartial, it appears that the mainstream media is taking orders from and defending D!CK Durban. When a conservative reporter dared to ask D!CK a tough question, they had him thrown out of the press event. They also failed to report the confrontation, because D!CK said to them: “You guys aren’t going to cover this are you?”

I) Yes, the riots in England are made up of welfare mobs that are upset about their free ride possibly coming to an end. They might actually have to WORK for a living. Expect this same behavior in the USA when adults finally take over DC and cut off the unsustainable New Deal and Great Society programs. The Great Society was supposed to be part of a War on Poverty. Forty five years and trillions of dollars later, the poverty rate never changed. The only thing that changed is that there is now a permanent underclass that has no work ethic and a high moocher ethic. It has also destroyed the black family unit in our nation.

J) Dan Calabrese of The North Star National asks “Is America Going to Make It? Are You Sure?” As long as we have liberals in control, the issue is definitely in doubt.

K) All I can say about this column from American Spectator is…this is what I’ve been saying here for years!

L) No, I did not watch the GOP debate. I caught a few snippets online, but not enough to comment on anything except for one exchange. As much as I like Ron Paul on domestic and fiscal policy, he proved that he is a complete idiot on foreign policy. He has no problems with Iran developing nuclear weaponry and supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. If those nukes get developed, the H groups will in turn detonate those nukes in Tel Aviv and Haifa. He said that sanctions always lead to war, but refuses to notice that Iran has been fighting us and Israel since the return of Khomeini. Iran supported and supplied most of the Iraqi insurgent groups that fought our people, even allowing the short, black diaperheaded mullah of the worst group to run the operation from Iran. Iran supports and supplies Al Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Paul even compared Iran to the USSR during the Cold War, and noted that we talked to the Soviets. Representative Paul, the Soviet Union was run by people with sanity, who did not believe in muslim martyrism, who did not repeatedly call for the annihilation of one of our allies like Iran has done with Israel! There is a HUGE difference!

M) The Post Office is losing $8 billion AGAIN this year, so layoffs and other cost-cutting measures are definitely needed. Of course, the unions are demanding that no layoffs happen and none of their benefits get touched. Since the union contracts have clauses stating that layoffs are forbidden unless Congress authorizes them, don’t expect the USPS to do anything other than lose billions more until the adults can take over Congress and the White House in January 2013.

N) Considering most of the women I’ve seen working at those establishments, do NOT expect me to ever order “extra sugar”!!

O) It really is astounding the lengths that the lamestream media will go to in order to prop up the Democratic Party. After their recall efforts failed in Wisconsin, the peacock’s people said it was “an amazing win for Democrats.” That’s like saying Super Bowl 45 was an amazing win for the Pittsburgh Steelers. True, the Green Bay Packers took home the Vince Lombardy Trophy, but it was an amazing win for Pittsburgh.

P) The Crawfish had to laugh at The Chosen One on Thursday. He had a speech in which he was telling Congress to get past their differences and send him a highway bill! The Blithering Idiot already got a huge highway bill. It was called…uh…lemme think…er…oh, yeah. It was called the STIMULUS BILL! Yes, it was to be filled with “shovel ready” construction and infrastructure jobs, wasn’t it?

Q) I’m not saying that the government is spying on us and is afraid of anybody who does NOT want to be dependent upon government, but that’s just because the government is doing such a good job of broadcasting those notions without my help. First they wanted citizens to send in e-mail reports about people who dared to oppose Obamacare, then they demanded that all gun shops anywhere near the border to report multiple gun sales, and now this. Outrageous! This is quite typical of how statist dictatorships build their power. Our good friend Gunny G has some comments of his own on this matter.

R) This is why we should outlaw malls. They just seem to bring out the most well-intentioned weirdoes.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption – a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton, and Smith, 1801

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Some really good stuff. We truly are living in interesting times, as in the old Chinese curse.

    As to N):

    Here's a link to a picture parade of the arrest photos of a bunch of prossies, from that article:

    Aaaargh.... Skank Parade!

    As you may or may not know, I have a PI license, and about 15 years ago I needed a break from my regular career, so I went to work for a couple of years as an in-house PI for a criminal defense law firm. Yes, I worked for the Dark Side. But it was really interesting seeing the system from the other side, and hearing those clowns talk when they thought I was on THEIR side. It sure was ... different.

    ANYhoooo... while there, I worked a few prossie cases, and I remember always thinking, "maaaaaaaan! I can't imagine ANYBODY paying good money to **** you!"

    Still can't. You'd have to be blind and brain-dead.

  2. Brian,
    most of the ones I've seen have been gawd-awful. They wouldn't even look good after a 12-pack following a 6 month carrier deployment.

  3. Buck's Comments B4 Buck's BookAugust 13, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    Cowboys Schmowboys. Pro football is immoral. Think about it. Those pro athletes are ROLL MODELS for our youth. And when a pro football player who makes zillions for playing a game gets tested dirty for drugs then given a slap on the wrist and allowed back in the game what kind of message is that sending our kids?. Because it is allabout the money the NFL refuses to do the right thing. Players who test dirty or are convicted of a felony should be banned for life. But it don't happen. As did the youth of yesterday, the youth of today want to emulate their football heroes. When a jock gets busted with cocaine, they see him get a slap on the wrist, walk out high fivin their homeys on the field they figure then it's okay, too. When a football player gets busted, convicted of fighting dogs, torturing dogs and killing dogs and goes to prison, gets out and is immediately welcomed back into the NFL what kind of message do you think that is sending to the kids?
    For so many years I watched and enjoyed pro football. I started getting a jaundiced view when Michael Irvin skated. I really turned off when Michael Vick got reinstated. Maybe the NFL will rectify the situation by banning all players named Michael or something but to watch is to contribute to the immorality of teaching the youth it's okay to snort drugs, fight dogs, break the law in so many ways. When they see their heroes skate they figure they will skate, too. Uh..wrong!

  4. (A) On top of which those SEALs were set-up for an ambush. You figure out who set it up but remember our POTUS who does not recognize a Christain day of prayer but has muslim guests into the White House for Ramadan.

    (B) They would call for his execution only if he had LEFT islam. The fact he told the American people he was a Christain and member of a Christain church bears no weight since in the muslim religion it is acceptable to LIE to infidels, to cheat on infidels and to, ultimately to KILL infidels. The man is a muslim and he has lied to us. Again.

    (E) Harvard had to admit conservatism works and liberalism doesn't? Boy, bet THAT was a bitter pill for the eggheads.

    (F) I am beginning to have a ray of hope that folks out there are coming to realize that the federal law enforcement alphabet agencies are NOT the good guys portrayed on Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc et al. The ATF is an extension of the DOJ and implements DOJ policies no matter how contrary to the Constitution. The FBI is scrambling to cover its ass, too. Federal Law Enforcement is a Tool for Federal Control.

    (G) Only comparison shows Putin goes in for photo ops, too.

    (H) At what point in history did journalists cease being reporters and become political advocates?

    (I) The great lesson out of England is that's what happens in a land where the citizens are banned from gun ownership.

    (K) The left just miscalculated. They have been fooling a majority of the American people for so long about the economy they figured S&P was dumb enough, too. Guess what? THEY were fooled!

    (L) Face it. WE let the nuclear genie out of the bottle when we put a bunch of communist scientists on the project in Los Alamos back in ...'43? or '44? They gave the secrets to our enemies and they have been giving it to our other enemies ever since. The real problem is we have the bomb but our leaders are too chicken to use it. That's what scares everyone. Iran might not be to scared. What would we do then? shake our finger and say, "No, no!?"

    (M) Our local post office is closing.

    (O) I think one democrat won in the recall. Kinda like after the Battle of the Alamo when Santa Ana declared the Alamo a victory, General Cos is said to have stated, "Another such victory and we shall lose the war."

    (P) I still have my shovel. It is still ready.

    and rusty.........quite rusty.

    (Q) Another page out of the NAZI playbook. They had neighborhood "informers" to report unfavorable conversations which led to many German ending up in a concentration camp. The schools encouraged the children to report on their parents' activities.

  5. Craw,

    Good roundup as usual. NO ONE can tell me that the deaths of those SEALs is not the fault of this regime. Over a hundred MAN-YEARS of training lost and families ripped apart. This regime had to blab about OBL and the SEALs paid the price.

    This regime NEEDS to be on trial NOW!

  6. Brian & Crawfish,
    Y'all are funny and I can't disagree with what you both have said.

    Good round-up as always. Funny that Harvard had to finally fess up that liberalism does not work. My post from yesterday confirms that as well. looks like the college kids woke up.

  7. Craw,

    That's pretty rough talk. I had one proposition me in Majorca, she was hideous AND wanted $80. I've always had a high tolerance to booze, so I could never get that drunk.

  8. What to do on a stormy Saturday night......
    A)Hell,it is EASY to call him a scumbag. Just rolls off so easily. Try it,you'll get used to it.Along with(take note,mud rake)a dirty Bat Eared Cock Sucker. A horse's ass. Enough? I also agree this bunch is definitely responsible for those SEAL deaths. By one means or another.
    B)Another non-surprise.
    C)Too bad the justices didn't deal this abomination the death it deserves.
    D)Gotta agree with Boortz here.
    E)HOW the hell did these two end up at Hahvahd? They make too much sense. Look for them to be unemployed soon.
    F)Scumbaggery,no doubt. Holder's DoJ. What a frigging misnomer,eh?
    G)Sure does.Ol'Vlad has something Obama don't. Balls. Obama has labia. Both have a love of themselves beyond the pale.
    H)What a bunch of assholes,ESPECIALLY Turbin. Glad that got out somewhere,at least.
    I)More likely than not,I'd say.
    J)Good column.As long as ANY libs are positions of power,this Republic,as founded,is toast.
    K)Glad to see someone other than Steven Hayes at Am.Spec. gets it.
    L)Gotta agree with you here.
    M)But of course. Can't have the piggies going without now,can we? Fricking idiots.
    N)Good grief. "Would you like a happy ending along with that Boston Creme,and regular coffee"?
    O)Got to consider the source. NO ONE at LSDNBC has a LICK of sense about ANY thing.
    P)WTF??? The Koreans ALREADY drive Fords and Chryslers. Guess the dumb ass hasn't figured it out,but they just ain't U.S. sourced. What a goddamn idiot.
    Q)Hitler would be proud of this administration. Just have to find other ways to obtain said items.
    R) Good God,get that guy some THORAZINE!!
    C ya next time.

  9. Buck,
    Yes there are major problems in the NFL, and they can be traced to two main causes: insanely rich blacks, and union power that won't allow discipline to be put in place.

  10. Buck's book,
    A) Not so sure it was a set-up by anybody on our side, but they definitely fell for a simple trap.
    B) 100% correct
    E) They're still choking
    F) The Feds have a very limited jurisdiction, according to the moldy-oldie copyright 1787, and most of those agencies don't realize the limits.
    G) He IS a politician!
    H) Some have always been
    I) Citizens AND cops. Of course the cops over here don't properly respond to riots either. When the first brick gets thrown at the cops, OPEN FIRE!
    K) SOMEONE is bound to see through them occasionally
    L) Some lessons must be taught the hard way
    M) But those folks have been offered jobs at other locations, per union rules
    O) They went 2 and 4, and will probably go 1-1 in the recalls this week.
    P) The handle on mine got split.
    Q) And the NKVD's, and KGB's, and Stasi's, and...

  11. Gunny,
    the Talis knew our guys were there, and played them like a fiddle.

  12. Hardnox,
    I read it on my lunch break, but can't comment off that network.

  13. TGP,
    they seem to think that our military folks will bone ANYTHING when on liberty

  14. Clyde,
    A) I know.....
    B) The only surprise is the 65% who call themselves Jews.
    C) SCOTUS will
    D) Me, too
    E) Definitely won't get tenure!
    F) Affirmative Action Attorney General strikes again
    G) yup
    H) Needs to get out EVERYWHERE!
    I) That one will involve a LOT more blood and destruction
    J) Franklin was right
    K) I've been sayin' it for HOW LONG?
    L) His brainwashed followers are proving the value of their gummint educations
    M) Unions need to be removed from the public sector and from all government contracts
    N) Let's not get into the sprinkles and the cream of the eclaires
    O) Besides media watchdogs, they have what...6 viewers this week?
    Q) Hitler, Stalin, Romanesceu, Pol Pot, Castro...
    R) Get him some time away from the booze and pills!

  15. I am APPALED that Obama did not honor the families wishws--says a lot about his additude. As for "dirty" Dick Durban the kool-aid on his brain is affecting whatever sanity he has left!!!2012 is closer than we think.

  16. The "photo op" opportunity does not surprise me in the least--since when do liberals really have any respect for real honor? Just look at what a group of civilians are trying to do with military retirement--turn it to 401K??


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