Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8-10-2011 The Weekly Claw

We go into the mid-week with the good guys winning, the lefties reduced to sputtering complete nonsense, and the youth of London thinking they live in South-Central or Detroit.

A) The Democrats and their union thugs tried to recall six GOP State Senators on Tuesday. They needed to win three of those races, while winning both of the next week’s recall elections for two of the Dim-ocrat Fleebagger State Senators. The unions spent huge amounts of dues money extorted from the workers in many states, but lost this battle, again. Maybe it is time for the union members to replace their leaders, who care about union power and solidarity, but not what is actually good for their members and the nation.

B) Blogger Garnet92 has definitely done his homework. Here are a couple of in-depth blog posts detailing the 17 things most critics have against Rick Perry, with the full story on all of them, then he laid out the case FOR Rick Perry. Well done.

C) Here we go again. News-weak Magazine is now saying that Michelle Bachmann and all of the Tea Party folks are “radical” because they want to (gasp) actually shrink the government instead of just slightly slowing its growth. I guess that means well over half of the country is officially “radical”, as poll after poll shows the taxpaying public wanting a smaller government. Of course the 49% who do NOT pay taxes are mostly still believers in that hopey-changey thing.

D) Slobbering Bawney Fwank actually said that the downgrade by S&P was because we spend too much on our military. Really? Military spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than at any time since the 30s, and we know what kind of shape our forces were in at the beginning of WW2. UnConstitutional entitlement programs cost much more than the military, and their unfunded mandates are growing exponentially.

E) ABC’s Cokehead Roberts actually blamed the credit downgrade on the Constitution. Well, Dear Leader DID say it was a “flawed” document.

F) On Monday, King Putt took some time away from the golf course to blame Republicans for the downgrade, call for more taxes on those who don’t pay their fair share, increased unemployment benefits, and throw another $105 million into the completely useless “relief” efforts in Somalia. Then he went off to more high-dollar fundraisers. The only job Barack Obama has ever taken seriously is campaigning. His remarks once again blamed the Japanese tsunami for the downgrade, along with people who drew lines in the sand, although his own lines in the sand are, like him, completely blameless. We are still waiting on any serious budget-cutting plans from the Democrats in the House, Senate, or White House that do anything about entitlement reform.

G) When Monday evening’s fundraisers rolled around, he was back to his old stand-by tactic…Blame Bush! “We do have a serious problem in terms of debt and deficit, and much of it I inherited.” Is he REALLY going to continue that line of bovine fecal matter? He didn’t inherit the so-called “stimulus”, Obamacare, QE1, and QE2. The biggest deficit under Bush, coincidentally when he had a Congress run by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, was less than HALF the deficit from last year or for this year. QUIT LYING AND MAN-UP! Now we know that will never happen, because The Chosen One is perfect and blameless. Our good friend Gunny G has a post up showing just some of the entities and events blamed by Obama recently. Google even reports that “Obama blames” has over six million hits.

H) Jeanne Francoise Kerry-Heinz blamed the downgrade on the GOP and the Tea Party, which brought about a swift counter from Allen West, in which he slams Tax Cheat Timmy, saying that when THAT refrigerator door opens, the light doesn’t come on!

I) Former Fed Chairman Greenspan showed us why liberals really do need to be put out of their misery. This “highly educated” person bleated that the US will never default on our debt because we can just print more money to pay. So we can just turn our currency into Monopoly money and bring back visions of the Weimar Republic, when men hauled wheelbarrows full of Marks just to buy a loaf of bread and the nation had to print a 1 billion Mark note.

J) Fat communist pig Michael Mooreon responded to the downgrade by calling for Obama to arrest the CEO of Standard & Poor’s. Hey Lardbutt, the CEO of S&P isn’t the one illegally spending trillions of dollars in violation of the Constitution and all economic sense.

K) “If Congress fails to extend the payroll-tax cut and the unemployment-insurance benefits that I’ve called for, it could mean 1 million fewer jobs.” Huh? That quote is from Dear Leader’s call for another round of so-called “stimulus” spending. Yes, now that he has another blank check, he wants to repeat another one of his failures. Evidently, he and Red Nanny both believe that drawing unemployment should count as having a job. Wrong answer, Kenyan Keynesian! If you take away the incentive to be a lazy leech, those people might actually get jobs! Open up your nearest big-city newspaper. There are jobs available!

L) In response to our credit downgrade and debt crisis, liberal groups (, unions, Rebuild the Dream, etc) are saying that the proper course of action at this time is to…wait for it…wait…SPEND AND TAX MORE! They are proposing a new “stimulus” called “Contract for the American Dream”. These people really do have brain disorders.

M) Only in the United States do you get lawsuits over something like this. Is the USOC going to sue all of the mapmakers in the US over the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State?

N) Is this the reason America’s liberals want to slash our defense budget?

O) Neal Boortz has a plan to turn our economy around. The only point that I disagree with is ending the war on drugs. President Crawfish would use Agent Orange on all of the poppy fields of Asia and the pot farms of Central and South America.

P) The unemployment rate of 9.1% is just an illusion. The real numbers are worse, but the government doesn’t want those numbers publicized.

Q) Newt Gingrich has finally hit upon something useful. It also happens to be something The Crawfish has been wanting for a long time. He wants the GOP to start up a Tenth Amendment Task Force, which would propose ways to enforce the Tenth and get DC out of the business of the states. This isn’t something for his own campaign, but rather something the whole GOP can rally around. As I have stated repeatedly, Newt is a terrible candidate for the Presidency, but he is a great idea man. He could be the next Karl Rove, only smarter.

R) This guy was trying his best to uphold the Austin, TX, city motto: “Keep Austin Weird!” His grade, unfortunately, is an EPIC FAIL! I don’t even wanna think about those blisters.

S) The Smithsonian’s new “Department of Innovation” has published their new logo. There is a slight problem with it. It shows three interlocking gears in a pattern that will now allow any of them to move. That’s what happens when you staff a government with people who have no experience outside of government or academia.

T) Mayor Michael Nutter of Filthadelphia deserves credit. He called out the black youth of the city after a wave of “flash mobs” that were almost 100% comprised of blacks. Another positive sign is that the local NAACP backed him up. “Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer. Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt. If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy. You have damaged your own race.” The Mayor has also issued a curfew for teenagers in the city. The local ACLU is backing him up for now, which they would definitely NOT have done with a white Republican mayor anywhere in America.

U) It is bad enough that this moron decided to commit suicide, but why did he have to endanger and traumatize others, including children, when he did it? The entire Crawfish family has skated on that ice, and I can definitely say that we weren’t looking 4 floors up (ice rink is on basement level and the fool jumped from the 3rd level) for objects falling down on top of us.

V) You have to admire the spunk and ingenuity of the Aussies. Just think, our country was once like that, until decades of liberal control ruined it.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption – a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton, and Smith, 1801

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Brother, the libs are whistling past the graveyard. They FEAR 2012!

  2. B) This guy did a good job. Everyone should read this and check his sources. Good stuff. I'll have to go back and check the other half soon.

  3. A fine heap to think about on a cool evening here in Michghanistan................
    A)"We spent $30 million,and all we got was this Walker T-shirt".A pie in the face for the unionistas.hahahahahahahahahahhahahahha. I sure hope the dhimmis up next week lose big as well.
    B)He's at wordpress now?? Good,I'll be able to check him out there. Great stuff,Garnet.
    C)Put me down in the radical column.
    D)Damned foolish faggot. No,Bawney,we spent WAY TOO MUCH on shit that is NOT covered by the Constitution,ya lisping schmuck.Dammit,Massachusetts,GET RID of this flamer. You OWE us that.
    E)Cokie obviously ain't read it either.
    F)Damned Obama gives screwoffs a bad name,eh?
    G)"Blame Bush" must be hard-wired into what little bit of brain this putz has.
    H)Kudos to West for sticking up for the people.A swift kick in the ass for his yes vote on the debt ceiling bill. A bit of schizophrenia here?
    I)Greenspan's only excuse is all those years going home to Andrea Bitchell. She could drive Christ Himself nuts.
    J)Now how can ANYONE take the overstuffed turd seriously?
    K)Proof positive(as if we needed it)this shithead knows zip,zero,nada about how ANY damn job is created.Keep talking,asshat. Right up to 11/06/12.
    L)I sent you a link to the video the morons made,using exploited children,to sell the idea.
    M)Did you happen to see a trademark,or copyright on the word Olympics? I didn't.
    N)For training,my ass.
    O)Agreed. All points.
    P)Hell,ANY numbers coming from this bunch are to be taken with a grain of salt. I believe NOTHING that comes from ANY gov't agency these days.
    Q)Newt ought to head up the RNC. Priebus is an idiot.
    R) So THAT is how Obama voters in Austink tan? Who'da thunk it?
    S)Yep.Ought to go real far,that one. HJC.
    T)Well,at least he's done one thing right. Now,about the REST of Philthy's problems......
    U)My condolences to his family. A BIGGER question for me is, WHY the HELL do you need an ice rink at a damnable shopping mall,for crying out loud.
    V)Saw something like that at MIS.Thought,hmmm....that's a GREAT idea.
    A fine heap,if I say so myself. Catch you on the flip.

  4. Gunny,
    They do fear 2012, and know that only getting America to believe lies can save their sorry arses.

  5. TGP,
    2 well done pieces showing all sides of Perry

  6. Clyde,
    A) I gave up hundreds in dues, and all I got was Obama! HAHAHAHAHA
    B) So are Mrs. AL and Pepperhawk
    C) Radical, hostage-taking, racist, gun-to-the-head, Bible and gun clinging, extremist, terroristic Constitutionalist
    D) He is a poster child for needing a Constitutional knowledge test to qualify people for federal service
    E) She read the Liberal version, which changes all the time...kinda like those pictures in the Happy Potter movies.
    F) Screw-offs and your master!
    G) It does sound like a recording at times
    H) I don't know why he allowed himself to be used in that vote.
    I) Eeeeewwwww..
    J) Quit insulting turds like that
    K) Paying people to not work creates jobs. I still can't get drunk enough to understand that logic.
    L) which one?
    M) Nope, only on their symbol.
    N) Training is correct. They will be using that one like we first used USS Langley and the Japanese used IJN Hosho, to learn how to handle naval aviation. Then they will build a couple of them to fit their own ideas, while keeping this one as their training ship and reserve carrier.
    O) All points? So do you agree with Boortz or me on the drug issue?
    P) True dat!
    Q) As a behind the scenes guy and ideas guy, Newt would be formidable!
    R) Gonna be some painful blisters!
    S) A real Carlos Mencia "Dee-dee-deeeeeeee!" moment!
    T) I still say that if Filthadelphia was to get nuked, I'd mourn the loss of the historical sites and artifacts, Geno's Steaks and a few other restaurants, the Flyers, and...nothing else.
    U) It is an attraction to bring in more shoppers, like the amusement park inside Mall of America.
    V) Yep, most of the Americans who are still like that are NASCAR fans.

  7. I also was extremely impressed with Garnet's job on the Rick Perry review. Very, very well done, fair and balanced too.

    Darn right the left is worried sick because why else demonize the Tea Party beyond any common sense or reason at all? I saw Rand Paul on Hannity the other night and he snickered at the thought that the Tea Party is to blame for the downgrade as they are a "minority of the minority". So love my Senator Rand Paul.

    Craw, since I can never log into Blog spot for some reason, I'm using my Google acc't this time and will come up as CzechMerlin, but of course it' just one of your fave fans, Peppermint.

  8. The Left is going insane as they see their chances in 2012 become similar to the title of a classic movie, released in 1939. ("Gone with the Wind" for all those who never watch any movie over 10 years old.)

    I predict that by July of 2012, the Dumbocraps will be "foaming at the mouth". Even the Mississippi black middle class seems to be dropping O'Vomit as quickly as they can.

  9. Pepp,
    use the Google account here. Blogger/blogspot is run by Google. I use this account to comment at a bunch of sites that link to Google accounts.

    Rand is much better than his Dad. Rand recognizes that we have enemies overseas as well as in the Democratic Party. Blaming the Tea Party for the debt crisis and downgrade is like blaming the fireman for your house burning down (when you had 500 gallons of gasoline stored in the basement, next to the overloaded circuit breaker panel with frayed wiring, and you live 15 miles from the firehouse)

  10. Ghost,
    even though I have never sat through that film, I knew which one it was.

  11. In re: O) Agree with you.Sorry for the confusion.


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