Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hiroshima Day 2011 The Weekend Claw

My apologies to Mrs. AL and the rest who really wish that I had less to write about. Maybe next week….

A) American ingenuity PAYS OFF AGAIN! The Crawfish gives a big salute to Ernie Fessenden and Kevin Guy for saving the lives of American soldiers!

B) Attention my friends! We must all be extremely careful about what we say on the web now. The Obamites are now monitoring the web, especially social networks, for “extremist propaganda.” Of course, this means that they will ignore everything said by the Democrats and muslims, while focusing on all conservative bloggers and Tea Party groups. Big Brother is watching you, again.

C) This has to be one of the funniest postings by Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin in quite a while, and the reader comments keep the laughs going. The Top 10 Obama Birthday Party games. It is better than any Letterman Top 10 list.

D) The Crawfish grew up thinking of attending Southern Methodist University. This news makes me like the Mustangs even more!

E) Now that the Kick the Can of Debt Down the Road Bill has passed, we can expect the Democrats to start kicking their campaign into high gear. Step one is to start praising the economy, even if it is still in the toilet. Oh wait, it has already started! Debbie the Ditz says that the Obamites are “continuing to get this economy turned around” and that “We’re creating jobs each month in the private sector.” Well, they have succeeded in turning the economy around. It is now precisely 180 degrees from where it should be. As for jobs in the private sector, the government doesn’t create a single private sector job. Even if she means that the Obama Economy is creating jobs in the private sector, 5 to 10 jobs at McDonald’s per month just won’t cut it!

F) So how has the market taken this debt deal? If it was a good deal, the Dow Jones would be on the way up. Unfortunately for America, on Thursday the Dow did something unseen since the salad days of James Earl Carter, it lost ground for a ninth consecutive day. Not only did it go down, it plummeted 513 points, or 4%, in the worst day of trading since 2008. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now below where it was to start the year. Can you say Wreckovery Summer? The only reason that the Dow posted a 60 point gain on Friday was the news out of Italy, where the leaders have decided to actually vote on a constitutional balanced budget amendment and other fiscal reforms.

G) In related news, Obama celebrated that wonderful birthday present Thursday night.

H) White House Propaganda Minister Carney shrugged off the economic train wreck by merely saying “markets go up and down”, before blaming the problems on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the unrest in the Middle East. Of course, we KNOW it can’t be the fault of Keynesian economics and a spend-crazy government!

I) Back to the debt deal for a moment. The first part of the deal raised the debt ceiling by $400 billion. In less than 3 days, Barack Obama has already used up 60% of that amount. He’s going to need a debt limit increase before that unConstitutional “super committee” even gets named!

J) The leeches WANT their children to continue in their mooching footsteps! Parents (in that community it is almost exclusively one per child) in Atlanta are actually defending the principal and teachers at a school where massive cheating, by the teachers, happened on state tests. Obviously, they don’t want their children to actually feel the need and desire to succeed on their own, since that would be “acting white”. Success by the chirrun might lead to a lack of welfare checks.

K) Like I said on Wednesday, my Senator is officially an idiot. He actually says that the debt deal is a step in the right direction, even though there are no real cuts outside of defense, but there are real tax hikes. Puh-leeeeeze let me win the next Mega Millions so I can mount a primary challenge against this moron RINO.

L) Even Leon Panetta, hardly a conservative, says that the defense cuts in the debt deal “would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families, and our ability to protect the nation.” Does that disturb Harry Reid, Chuck U Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, D!ck Durban, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or Barack Obama? On the contrary, that is why THEY are celebrating!

M) The debt deal legislation violates the Constitution, but since Obama, Reid, Upchuck, D!ck, and the bunch are happy about it, you probably had that figured out already.

N) Here is my take on the debt deal, summed up with three words.

O) Now that it is over, Obama says: “I’ll continue also to fight for what the American people care most about: new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth.” I think we’ve heard that before, but I could be wrong.

P) Here’s another $175 million that can be cut from the federal budget immediately. Why should I pay thousands of dollars to give people the luxury of not having to drive over an hour and a half to an airport? I know that $175 million is chump change in this battle, but if we can keep finding this kind of useless expenditure, we can make a solid dent in the problem.

Q) You will be absolutely shocked to see that Barack Obama has already received the endorsement for the Presidential race in 2012 by his true political party. No, their symbol isn’t a jackass, but their endorsee is one.

R) The union that I am forced to pay dues to is now officially guilty of extortion. The IAM has told the workers of South Carolina that they will end their NLRB action against Boeing if the workers join the IAM.

S) Free cell phones and internet are now officially “civil rights” according to the Democrats. I’m looking through my copy of the Constitution, and I just don’t see where the government has the authority to tax me in order to provide such luxuries to those who are too lazy to get a job or who spend all of their money on drugs, booze, smokes, and X-Boxes.

T) The liberals are calling Constitutionalists “terrorists”, but who really is terrorizing Americans? That would be the liberals and their federal bureaucracy. Did you know that it is now a federal crime to sell fresh milk? Natural foods are strictly verboten, thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, brought to you by those brainiac statists Nancy P-Lousy, Harry Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, the federal government IS in charge of every bit of your life!

U) That “terrorist”, “hostage taking”, and “gun to our head” public polling data must have been huge for the Dems. Now Upchuck Schumer is saying that the GOP is “holding hostage” and has a “gun held to the head” of the Dems in regards to an FAA funding bill. Give it a rest, moron!

V) What similarities do you see with this incident, and this one, besides the fact that both happened in localities that are not friendly to concealed handgun licenses? Do they look like the same people who perpetrated all of those violent “flash mobs” earlier this year in a bunch of “urban” areas? If you noticed, and agreed, then obviously you are a racist hostage-taking terrorist.

W) Meanwhile, MSNBC is investigating to see if the Tea Partiers are “addicts” and “delusional” because they are “pursuing goals that can’t be achieved.” Really? A Constitutional government can’t be achieved? Sanity in fiscal policy can’t be achieved? Only as long as the Dems run DC!

X) For those out there who still try to claim that Islam is a religion of peace, it isn’t and will never be as long as it is based upon the words of the unholy Quran.

Y) For all of the talk of the GOP not allowing any tax increases in the debt deal, there sure are an awful lot of tax increases on the way. Let’s point these out to Dingy Harry’s “negotiators” in the “super committee”.

Z) Here’s a good one. At a high school in Minnesota, a bunch of white kids dressed up with sagging pants and oversized jerseys, and flashed gang signs all day during homecoming week for a couple of years, imitating exactly what the black students get away with every day. A FORMER student says she was traumatized by this back in 2009, so she is suing in 2011. If she was soooo traumatized, she should have told the black students to pull up their damned pants and keep their gangland crap in the hood! She really had to go out of her way to get offended by this one, and the white kids are a bunch of racist hostage-taking terrorists.

AA) There is hope for The Crawfish on the horizon. We have an actual conservative running for the Senate seat of the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison (Sellout-TX). Here is Tom Leppert’s take on the debt deal, and his position on a number of other issues. Note that he wants to bring the federal government back in line with the Constitution. Could it be that we will have a strong conservative leader who may eventually take over the GOP leadership in the Senate?

BB) The Army is about to start issuing some new equipment, of British design, to soldiers. It is supposedly to protect the femoral artery, but doesn’t look like it covers that area. Will this get issued to female soldiers, too? (read the comments!!!)

CC) And finally, we have proof that the right wing extremist, hostage taking, racist, gun to the head terrorists of the Tea Party WERE 100% RIGHT! Whaddya have to say NOW?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“If you blow stuff up & kill people, you're a militant or insurgent. If you want less spending & lower taxes, you're a terrorist. If conservatives want liberals to stop calling them terrorists, they should start actually killing people. Worked for the Muslims.” –Jim Treacher

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Good morning Crawfish! I was up early and saw you had posted your weekend report.

    In Mississippi the entitlement crowd is getting alittle scared. The bureaucraps who manage the food stamp program have been instructed to tell the people receiving this government assistance that they can no longer get the money in 3 or 4 different names. (The feds are telling the local bureaucraps that any evidence of illegal multiple names will cause the local bureaucrap to be fired.)

    In other words Washington and the O'Vomit Administration knows it HAS to reduce the amount spent on entitlements. The net effect is that the local welfare bums are getting scared and angry. This does not bode well for O'Vomit's chances in 2012.

  2. C) How about a nice game of Cowboys and Liberals?

    D) Go Mustangs!

    E) She is still my favorite Democrat. Every time she opens her mouth, some independents lean to the right.

    F & G) How's that for a birthday present, Obummer?

    H) Of course not.

    K) Where do I send my donation?

    X) Never been about peace, its been about world domination from day one.

  3. Attention my friends! We must all be extremely careful about what we say on the web now. The Obamites are now monitoring the web,

    Indeed they are! Be careful!! Be afraid!!! THEY are out there lurking in the shadows just waiting their chance to nab defenseless neo cons!!!!

    [thanks for the early-morning laughs]

  4. Ghost,
    When the adults take over in 2013, they need to END that program, period. People who are truly poor should receive bags of beans, rice, and boxes of powdered milk.

  5. TGP,
    C) Sounds fun!
    D) Hail Peruna!
    E) You've gotta point.
    F&G) (or is that FNG?) He celebrated hard!
    H) Show ONE instance where Keynesian economics has worked, or socialism, or communism.
    K) Workin' on it!
    X) Exactly.

  6. mud,
    They have been trying to do this for years. Remember that they made a special White House e-mail hotline to report people who opposed Obamacare. They are big fans of the NKVD, KGB, Stasi, Gestapo....

  7. Tell you the truth, I'm GLAD the socialists are "monitoring" our websites (being a proud website writer myself). I want to make sure they clearly understand how much I despise their ideology, just in case that message wasn't getting through before.

    BTW, as to that "body armor": it looks suspiciously to me like what we used to call a "jock strap".

    So... lemme see if I got this right. You take a "jock strap", cover it with camo material and wear it outside your pants, and it becomes "body armor"?


  8. I see mud rake is living in a fantasy world. He thinks because he's a libturd the commies won't come after him once Obama has this whole country taken over and he declares himself dictator. The libturds are so mistaken. They think they will get special treatment, but they will be killed off just as soon as "neo cons" if not sooner because they are such useless idiots.

  9. mud_rake,

    You're the typical uninformed liberal idiot.

    1. Your pissant tyrant ran an email address where people could report people who were against ObumfvckKare.

    2. This regime has tried to sue states to reveal information on registered gun owners, i.e., the Illinois State Police.

    3. This regime has upped the ante with a database called Main Core. It tracks people who the regime doesn't like, i.e., gun owners, vets, etc, who "may" cause trouble.

    Stop being a liberal tool and get a clue.

  10. I'm a terrorist and proud of it. I've blown nothing up in my life, I've never broken any laws, I believe in God, country, family and a Constitutional Government.

    Yet, I am a terrorist as defined by my own government.

    While liberals trash up Wisconsin's capital building at the tune of 10 million dollars, I pick up trash wherever I see it.

    While Andy Stern makes threats from his pompous seat at the SEIU, "We know who you are, we know where you live", telling you outright if you do not support unions, they will come to get you.

    This while I sit calmly in my house watching TV.

    Trumka, a daily visitor in the WH, claims that "if the unions don't get their way, there will be blood in the streets".

    Once again I sit calmly watching TV.

    "The tea party is a right wing extremist group who are willing to bring down our country".

    I hear this as I ponder on a man who threatened to bring down our economy, Steven Lerner, by breaking every bank the left could in one day,

    I sit at my TV calmly watching a liberal threaten to deliberately bring down our economy and no one, at least not the government blinks a eye.

    Why is that I ask myself? My answer to which no liberal will like or admit to is that that is the very agenda of the Obama Regime.

    New post at Pepperhawkfarm.

  11. Brian,
    gotta add a touch of kevlar first. But are they gonna issue it to the females, since supposedly it is to protect the femoral artery?

  12. Pepp,
    you mean the muzzies, not the commies. The commies are already in control (they have endorsed Obama, again).

  13. Gunny,
    a lib get a clue? Ain't that kinda like you getting the hots for Pelosi?

  14. Pepp,
    the ones making the threats and using the government to enslave are the "saviors of hope and change", while the ones who abide by the Constitution, work for a living, and are trying to fix the economy are terrorists. Left is right, up is down, micHELLe is pretty....

  15. "Gunny,
    a lib get a clue? Ain't that kinda like you getting the hots for Pelosi?"

    ICK!!! Say it ain't so Gunny. ICK.

  16. From one terrorist to a bunch more.............
    A)Cool story. Just wondering WHY ABC had a GOOD story about the troops.
    B)Hey,mud rake,and you other liberal assmunchers out there,SEE MY MIDDLE FINGER? And,BTW,tell Obama and Markos to go fuck themselves.
    C)Good stuff.
    D)True enough. Mark me as thrilled.
    E)Deb the Ditz. HJC,the damned R's could make a TON of campaign ads just using this moroness.Didn't think the DNC could do worse than EEEEEAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH Howard Dean,but it looks as if they've proven me wrong.
    F)The ONLY good thing coming out of the slide,was I picked up quite a few shares of companies I'd been wanting in the portfolio on the cheap yesterday.
    G)Let's hope it is the last one.
    H)He is appropriately named,is he not? Why is it when I see the turd I want to just bitchslap him?
    I)WHY are you surprised?
    J)It figures. Brainless asshats.
    K)Hell,you could be stuck with damned Levin,the tool,or ol' Stabusintheback.She MAY be on her last term. Not too thrilled with Hoekstra running against her,but he can't be NEAR as bad as the two asswipes we do have.
    L)Amazing how now Leon gives a shit,isn't it?
    M)Far too few of them had the "Gee,No Shit" moment. Assholes keep forgetting something. Like that "Flawed Document".
    N)Good. Looks like I have a couple left.(obscenity follows)MY three words would have been: YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. I'm trying to clean it up,but these fools make it IMPOSSIBLE.
    O)We have. Every other week at least since the fool took office.
    P)The shame,the shame. Drive 90 minutes to an air hub.The savings from ELIMINATING shit like this could be HUGE. Too bad NO ONE in DC gets that.
    Q)Stunned,I tell you. Simply frigging stunned.
    R)I just don't see the IAM winning this.Not at all surprised by the way they are acting. The unions DO OWN this administration,after all.
    S)I don't see it in my copy either.
    T)Sounds like it is time for a MILK party. Bastards are sure regulation happy,ain't they?
    U)Ahhhh,yes,the civility of the dhimmis.
    V)Time to shoot first,ask questions later. Seems to me a certain segment of our society is trying to re-live 1967 and 1968. At their peril.
    W)Just consider the source. We know PMSNBC is an insane asylum. Not to disparage insane asylums,however.
    X)The ONLY ones who think that are the ones AFRAID of it. See the first sentence of V).
    Y)Yet ANOTHER reason why ANY R who voted for this deserves a swift kick in the ass.
    Z)Good for the white kids.Nothing like imitation
    used as humiliation. Al and Jesse Be show up yet?
    AA)If WE could get ONE,here in Michghanistan,that would be nice.
    BB)Good idea.I do wonder,however,if gay soldiers would wear one of these with camo assless chaps?
    CC)Rack up another first for Oshithead. This was inevitable. WOW. Slogged through another fetid,stenchiferous heap. C ya.

  17. Yeah, Craw, I know the muzzies are already in. WE have them everywhere in the government. Bring a machete to the party.

  18. Yeah! The femoral artery!

    Last I heard, the femoral artery ran parallel to the femur (hence its name), which is the long bone of the thigh.

    That thing sure doesn't encase the thigh.

    Sounds like creative military nomenclature to me.

    And yeah... I don't think it'll be issued to the women. They'll get the chastity belt version instead.

  19. TGP,
    that would be a sign of the apocalypse fer sher

  20. Pepp is absolutely right.
    Somewhere back, way back in time it was proven in one of the iron curtain countries.
    When the communists do, with the help of traitors, take over a country, some of the first to be lined up against the wall and shot are the "fellow travellers".
    Their reasoning is simple.
    These people willingly betrayed the country of their birth, betrayed their friends and family for an ideal.
    When that ideal is never reached they would be the first ones to rise up. After all, if they rise up aginst their country, would they not rise up against a regime that had lied to them over and over??

  21. (B) Been sayin' they were there all along.

    (D) Unable access the attachment...get the ol', "Interet Explorer cannot display the webpage...

    (E) I know Goebbles thought if you repeated the lie often enough people would begin to believe it. But this is ridiculous.

    (F) Yeah, and S&P dropped us a notch.

    (H) Everyone hates to admit they're wrong but the left has carried this failure to admit to new levels. They blamed Bush 'til he wasn't in the rear view mirror any more so now they're blaming nature?

    (L) Reid is senile, Pelosi and Durban are Marxists, Wasserman id an idiot and Schumer hasn't a frikkin' clue.

    (M) Name something the Democrats have done lately that DIDN"T violate the Constitution.

    (P) You save $175 Mil here and you save $175 Mil there, pretty soon it adds up.

    (R) You're forced to pay dues? I thought Texas was still a right to work state. Gottdamnyankees!!!

    (U) Moron. Okay. That's what schumer is, a moron. That answers (L) for me.

    (V) The key element here is none of the attacked had means of self defense. But the anti-gun element would gloss over this.

    (W) Once again relying on Goebbles philosophy. PMSNBC thinks if they say the goal can't be achieved often enough folks will believe it can't be achieved.

    (X) That was one of Bush XLIII's worst platforms, trying to convince the American people that their blood enemy was actually peaceful.

    (Z) Uh... 'splain to me how a black student could be traumatized by white students acting like black students????

    (AA) Seems you should volunteer some of your time to sit at the switchboard, or make coffee, sweep up and whatever needs to be done around the headquarters...

    (CC) The fact they were right doesn carry much weight with the liberal mindset.

  22. Clyde returns to book format!
    A) But it is also a story about how the military has failed, since they don't have such a defensive system already in use..which would cost $1 million per unit.
    B) Flying Finger Upheld
    C) Those comments are great!
    D) Hail Peruna!
    E) She's worse than Dean, and Carney, and the idiot who preceded Carney
    F) At least SOMEONE benefitted besides those folks wanting our nation to collapse
    G) We do NOT want him to be a martyr!
    H) Carney, more of a liar than the folks on the old carnival circuit
    I) Did I say that I was?
    J) Defending the leech way of life....
    K) But your politicians don't claim to be conservatives
    L) I'm surprised that an Obama appointee isn't calling for a 75% cut in the military budget.
    M) That's why a balanced budget amendment is useless, they don't follow the Constitution no matter what it says
    N) Ditch the establishment!
    O) He keeps talking, but all that comes out is blah, blah, blah, blah...
    P) No need for it. There's one airport in Nevada that gets these subsidies for flights to Vegas. There is ONE flight per day, usually with ONE passenger
    Q) I couldn't believe it myself....
    R) And the idiots want US to go on strike in April, when the F-35 program is already behind schedule, over cost, and in danger of getting cut by the politicians the union bosses support
    S) I have to PAY for mine, and my wife's, and the ones for our chirrun
    T) Why does the Dept of Agriculture have an ARMED SWAT team?
    U) It ain't working, Chuckie!
    V) The only problem with concealed carry is that sometimes you need a minimum of 1000 rounds.
    W) We need to turn this one on them in ads.
    X) Yup
    Y) Remove them ALL!
    Z) Why is the loooser traumatized?
    AA) I just want a few in DC
    BB) Waiting for one to show up with a Hello Kitty sticker on it....
    CC) We knew this was coming months ago

  23. Brian,
    Why don't they just admit that it is the Mark I Nut Protection Device?

  24. Buck,
    yes the commies do purges, but which purges would be bigger, their's or the muzzies'?
    B) My 14 year old e-mail group used to have a member who would post **FLASHING RED LIGHTS** whenever someone would say something that would catch the attention of the Clinton gummint enforcers.
    D) SMU got rated very poor for "tolerance" and "inclusion" and such by the queer/lezzie/try-sexual/he-she groups. Hooray for heterosexuality on campus!
    E) That quote is also attributed to Lenin.
    F) Which is immediately blamed on the Tea Party.
    H) See F
    L) The point is that they are HAPPY to destroy the military.
    M) The only thing I can think of is....breathe.
    P) Enforce that old "flawed" document, and the budget is balanced!
    R) I finally got official word from the Texas Workforce Commission on this matter. Lockheed's plant is officially USAF property, so STATE laws don't matter.
    U) Why do we keep insulting morons like that?
    V) And the leftists, and their media supporters, will fail to notice the continent of origin.
    W) Truth is to MSNBC as the sun is to vampires.
    X) Why did he keep up the politically-correct game on that? Once an arab-loving oil businessman, always a dhimmi.
    AA) I wanna be a paid staffer....well-paid of course.
    CC) They're already denying it, blaming the Tea Party.

  25. Well, Craw, that would make perfect sense, except for the fact that this is TODAY'S military, with its "sensitivity" and political correctness and all the rest of that BS.

    If they named it the Mark I Nut Protector, the women's libbers would all be tearing their hair out about the fact that men are being issued a piece of equipment that women aren't getting. That wouldn't be "fair", y'know?

  26. Craw--townhall columnist Guy Benson has a great piece on "Shults the ____" fill in the blank! she acually called the Tea Party "tyrants" when it is HER party that is keeping us hostage to the wastful spending!! (Col Allen West was RIGHT!)

  27. Mr Crawfish--excellant post--100% correct. The problem is that Big Brother government has been tring to plant his stinking boot on this soil even before the ink on the constitution was dry, The only way to defeat those who would control us is to elect Constitutional conservatives who have the backbone to stand and deliver. The elections last year were a great start--now on to 2012! R.M "Race" Clarke Sr---Cleveland OH

  28. Brian,
    they get the Mark I Virtue Protector...aka Armored Chastity Belt!

  29. Gallant 4 Liberty,
    Debbie the Ditz is a God-send for us. She makes Howard Dean and Carney the Clown look almost informed!


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