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10-16-2011 The Weekend Claw

Back when we were stationed outside of Texas and had our home rented out, our property manager had to install keyless deadbolts in our front door, back door, and the door from the laundry room to the garage. The laundry room to garage door even had to have a peephole installed. She said it was per code for rental properties. On Thursday, I had a code inspector at the house to do a preliminary check for the replacement of our back door. He reminded me that for the post-installation check, there had to be doorknobs and locks on the door. I asked him about the keyless deadbolt and he informed me that it was not a city code mandate, but a FEDERAL HUD code mandate for rental properties. Where does the federal government get the power to say what kinds of locks I have on my property if I am renting it out, and why is it their business?

A) Speaking of federal interference with private property rights, check out how completely out of control the EPA got with this couple who were simply trying to build a nice home in Idaho. I hope the Supremes give that couple a HUGE settlement straight out of the EPA’s budget. If that makes them unable to do any work for the rest of the fiscal year, GOOD!

B) Barack Obama is now sending US combat troops to central Africa to help hunt down a warlord. He claims that this action “furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy”, but I know of absolutely zero American national security interests, strategic interests, or economic interests in that area. If he wants to help out central Africa, he can send about 10,000 African gang-bangers and 50,000 African welfare leeches from our inner cities. I’m sure their work ethic will be right at home.

C) A Clinton-appointed federal judge is now assisting the Injustice Department in making sure that Elena Kagan doesn’t feel the need to recuse herself from the Obamacare cases when they hit SCOTUS. The judge and DOJ are refusing to release e-mail traffic in which Kagan’s involvement with early defenses of Obamacare are subject matter.

D) Fellow blogger Garnet92 (who has a new blog, but my link is messed up) sent this one along. I presume the owner of this establishment is a bitter old women’s libber who is mad that she can’t spell her name in the snow.

E) know it is pretty bad when even MSNBC is reporting on union bosses getting insane pension payments. Nothing will come of it though, since it is the Chicago Way.

F) Obama’s 2nd favorite billionaire (after George Soros, of course), Warren Buffet, collected over $62.8 million in personal income last year while saying that he needs to pay more taxes. Meanwhile, his company owes over a BILLION dollars in back taxes. So the question remains, why isn’t he in prison for tax evasion?

G) There’s more tax fraud in the case of Solyndra’s main investor, who was a big “bundler” for Obama in 2008. How much do y’all wanna bet that he is mentioned in some of the Solyndra communications that the White House is refusing to let Congress take a look at? Whenever there is a scandal involving Democrats, follow the money.

H) Geez. Now the restaurant workers in Than Franthithco want to make 25% tips mandatory. I’m sorry, but a tip is based on the quality of service, and in the United States a 15% tip represents very good service. These people want to get tipped an amount that represents above-and-beyond great service no matter the actual quality of service. Instead of making something mandatory, try WORKING for it! Oh, I’m sorry…I forgot that Than Franthithco is full of liberals, so they don’t know what WORK is. That’s just another reason for me to never visit that city.

I) The Obamacare version of Social Insecurity is such a Ponzi scheme that even HHS Secretary Sebelius is admitting that it can never be fiscally solvent. CLASS was one of the major parts of the bill and was the pet project of Teddythedrunk (D-Formerly of Chappaquiddick, but now of the Lower Levels of Hell).

J) The leaders of the “occupiers” are starting to let their plans be known. They are now saying that they are going to start a bloody revolution. This is exactly what Barack Obama and the Democrats want, so they can institute martial law, cancel the 2012 elections, and throw out the Constitution. They are just waiting for their Reichstag Fire moment. When the Democratic Party, the American Communist Party, and the American Nazi Party all support the "occupiers", it is quite clear that the goal is to overthrow our Constitution.

K) The “occupiers” are getting evicted from the park in Noo Yawk, since it is private property. Their response is to call for supporters to descend upon the park to defend them. As for the sanitation problems that they have created, they say the city should provide portapots and dumpsters. Sorry, but if you are having an event it is YOUR responsibility to provide those items, not the city’s. UPDATE: Bloomberg caved in to pressure from other Democrats who don’t want the “occupiers” disturbed in any manner. As per usual when appeasement is tried, it just emboldened the “occupiers”, who then marched on Wall Street and other areas to provoke and confront the police with violence.

L) The Boston “occupiers” went so far as to harass a female member of the US Coast Guard, who was in uniform at the time. She had water bottles thrown at her, was verbally assaulted, and was spit upon twice. These truly are the children of the scumbag hippies of the 60s and 70s (you know…the ones who are now the mainstream of the Democratic Party).

M) How desperate is the Administration getting about Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”? Gaffes Biden is now roaming the country freely and warning that failure to pass Obama’s bill will result in more rapes and murders. I thought that more rapes and murders were part of the marching orders they gave to the “occupiers”.

N) See what happens when Democrats start shelling out money to union schmucks as part of a “stimulus”? You get a new terminal at an airport, but the jetways can’t connect to any aircraft.

O) Oh. Good. Lord. The Obama Administration tried to get Japan to accept a FORMAL APOLOGY for nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the “overseas contingency operation” that we once knew as World War II. Let’s examine this for a moment. The two bombings and their after effects killed a total of less than 400,000 people. While the numbers are huge, they pale in comparison to the number of people who would have died if the Allies had been forced to invade Japan to end the war. Such an operation would have taken well over a year to conclude, and conservative estimates were that over 3 million Japanese would die, and American casualties would have been over a million between killed and wounded. Truman made the right call. Meanwhile, the Obama Apology Tour did continue with the Administration officially offering condolences to the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan, who was the right-hand man of Anwar al-Awlaki and was killed with him. Yes, you read correctly. Our government is apologizing for killing terrorists before they can recruit more suicide bombers.

P) I keep harping on the Chinese military buildup and what it means for the future of the western Pacific, but one cause for concern is hardly ever noticed by the American left. By 2020, China will have over 20 MILLION more men than women thanks to their “one-child policy”. How do you think they will deal with that problem? If you answered "war", you are indeed awake.

Q) We’ve all come to expect it, but I’ll go ahead and give y’all a link to this info anyway. The Obamedia went absolutely bat guano in reporting the Enron collapse, since that company had ties to GOP donors. Notice how the Obamedia simply refuses to acknowledge the Solyndra scandal. Also note how the “occupiers” are getting tons of positive coverage, while the Tea Party coverage was scant and heavily slanted to the negative.

R) Tony Bennett spent waaaaaay too much time leaving his heart in Than Franthithco. He left (or smoked away) most of his brain cells there as well. How else can you explain someone calling Barack Obama the “greatest accomplishment” in American history? My children cleaning their rooms is a greater accomplishment than the parasites electing Mr. Hopey-Changey.

S) This little girl had a greater accomplishment than the election of Barack Obama, and a much greater reward. I can never get tired of these stories.

T) So what are Barack Obama’s accomplishments in his first 1,000 days in office? A couple of them surprised me.

U) Wednesday afternoon, I heard Newt Gingrich go off on the Sean Hannity radio show about a bunch of people who should be in prison, but instead have reaped millions and become the power elite. This article shows some of his debate comments regarding Ben Bernanke, Bawney Fwank, and Chris “Countrywide” Dodd. In the radio interview he also mentioned Democrat power players Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick, both of whom made tens of millions of dollars while running Fannie and Freddie and submitting fraudulent numbers that helped lead to the housing/credit collapse. If you aren’t familiar with those names and their felonious behavior, look ‘em up and ask yourself how they are not in prison.

V) The Iranian assassination plot that the feds supposedly broke up is chock full of holes. Many people believe it to be a false-flag operation made up by the Administration for their own purposes and to get Fast & Furious off of the front page for a while. Even CNN is running an article stating five reasons to disbelieve it. I can give a sixth reason: This Administration’s track record on truthfulness makes the Clinton Administration’s look positively honest. If you want number seven, it would be the mantra of this bunch: Never let a crisis go to waste!

W) I love seeing Red Nanny P-Lousy becoming completely unhinged from reality. She stated that since Republicans don’t want abortions paid for by the taxpayers, they “want women to die on the floor!” If a woman wants to murder her baby, the law allows it, but she must do so with HER OWN money, or money from the sperm donor.

X) The Racist in Chief visited a racist forum and played the race card. Imagine that. The GOP only wants whites to succeed was his message. What a joke he is.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. HUD is, like ATF, DEA, EPA, another alphabet agency with no other reason for existance than a back door method of destroying Americans' freedoms and rights. ALL alphabet agencies should be dismantled.

  2. We've got A LOT OF WORK ahead of us cleaning up this government. We must HOUND these bastards wherever they go until they end up in jail of finally die.

    Personally, I have a bottle of COLD champange that I am going to open when the Gates of Hell open up for Soros. I can't wait to drink it!

  3. Congrats to the Texas Rangers. They sure exposed the Tigers'weakness,mainly the pitching staff,with one exception.Deepest sympathy to the family of Dan Wheldon,who died in just an AWFUL Indy car wreck at Las Vegas today. A fine young man,and one HELL of a racer.Onto the fetid mound.
    A)Sure hope this couple wins their suit. I'd ALREADY be in a Fed pen over it. The old temper,you know.
    B)Probably just wants to live-capture him to use as a Cabinet member,or at the least,a federal judge.
    C)Figures. Hey,IDIOTS running the GOP,THIS is why elections mean so much. Learn it,dolts.
    D)THAT is effing REEEEEEEdiculous.
    E)Well,my friend,NOW you know WHY these people aspire to high union offices.As an example,when James P. retires as head of the IBof T,C,W,andH,he will collect on no less than 5 pensions. Just a few:International General President,President of Local 299,general counsel,and ANY other post he's held,no matter the length.Who says crime doesn't pay?
    F)He damn sure should be,along with ALL of Obama's tax cheats.
    G)Ain't taking that bet. There is NO question about that.
    H)Hey,morons, here's your tip:Don't eat the ice.
    I)While that IS true,it isn't going to slow these idiots down ONE iota in ramming it through.
    J)Moonbat best be careful what he asks for.He MAY just get it.We were going to try to "talk" with some of the fleabaggers in Detruit yesterday,but when the rain and wind came up,they scattered.
    K)My plan,you ask? Firehoses,front-end loaders,scoop'em up into dump trucks,right to Fresh Kills dump. Ought to do the trick,eh?
    L)These assholes.So brave.So manly. See K).
    M)Well,when your city has LOST 2/3rds of it's tax base due to closures,and BULLDOZED,this is what happens. Ol'Joe,now THERE is a guy who NEEDS Aricept. Damn the Alzheimer's anyway.
    N)Looks as if INCOMPETENCE is the order of the day in ALL governments.
    O) THESE. FRICKING. IDIOTS. 'Nuff said.
    P)That's the ONLY logical conclusion I can come to on that.
    Q) Man,they sure been keeping the dhimmi connections to Enron qiuet.Via Wall Street.
    R) Poor ol'Tony. Time to leave San Francisco. Go see ol'Dead Ted maybe.
    S)Saw that somewhere the other day. Made me tear up.She even spelled "Sergeant" correctly.
    T)Strange,I don't see anything that surprises me. He DOES have that "Crapper Touch" you know.
    U)Bawney would ENJOY prison TOO MUCH. Unless,of course,it were to be a WOMENS prison. Now THERE is an IDEA!!!
    V) Hmmm.... sounds a LOT like "wag the dog" to me.
    W)There is ONE in particular that I wouldn't mind seeing that happen to. Betcha can't guess WHO !!
    X)Only three words come to mind. Hence: WHAT. AN. ASSHOLE.
    Fine heap there,sir. C ya next time.

  4. Crawfish,
    Reading your list above and after visiting your links almost makes my head explode.

    Since 2006 the left has been involved in an orgy of corruption all the while blaming the right for the ills of American.

    2013 just cannot come fast enough for me. I hope President Cain issues arrest warrants for the whole lot of these crooks 30 seconds after the swearing in ceremony right from the dias.

  5. Craw,

    No need to apologize for being late. We all appreciate you for much more valuable virtues, like being a patriot and a good friend.

    A.If possible, the Feds would send nannies out to spoon feed us the "right things to eat. Do they have this right? OF COURSE NOT.

    B.It's my opinion Zero wants all our troops out of this country when he proclaims himself dictator.

    C.Elena Kagan needs to be kicked off the Supreme court due to being a communist.

    D. Will read later. Garnet writes good stuff.

    E. No nothing will be done about any of the scandals this administration is involved in. Csn you say Eric Holder?

    F. Good question.

    G. Is there really any question for this. Of course those emails will never be released.

    H. Perhaps the 25% tip cold include a nice blow job for those so inclined.

    J. Yes, the occupiers are looking for a bloody battle and are even inviting the "right wing tea party" to their event. Like NO THANKS YOU DIRTY, SMELLY SCUM BAGS.

    K. Consider the source, Bloomberg who is an asshole and that is all we need to know. I wonder if he takes their salt away from them.

    L. Too ugly, no comment.

    N. I would inform Gaffe Biden that keeping our guns will prevent us from being raped and murdered,something I'm sure never crossed his mind and he does not have one anyhow.

    O. I did notice that while watching Lou Dobbs start his show with the Solyndra scandal, MSNBC started its' show with Perry's lack of intelligent as if they would recognize that.

    P. The Chinese will want women and the women won't want them with their little dicks.

    U. Kudos to Newt. He is the only one to have the gonads to call them for what they are.

    V. Very convenient to have Holder come out with this story while he was being subpoenaed. I'm sure the pansy statements by Zero and the State Dept. will really scare the Iranians. NOT

    W. Pelosi has become more unhinged each time she has new botox treatments. Let the women die on the street if necessary before I have to pay for their dirty, murderous abortions. I will not be complicit in their crimes. Let Warren Buffet pay for them since he is so rich and does not pay taxes. This one really burns me up.

    X. Surprise, surprise, the Zero played the race card for the thousandth time. Does not work with me any longer, none of it.

    I skipped some as my eyeballs are burning and not seeing well with my abscess tooth. I sure can't wait to get this blasted thing out on Tuesday and hopefully not bleed to death.

    Great stories Craw. You the Man!

  6. Your experience with HUD regs is not surprising, Crawfish. What we need to do is go on "strike" against this bloated, rotting national government. One way to do that, of course, is to starve the beast. What would happen if every sane U.S. Citizen called in sick on a Friday and virtually spent NO MONIES during the weekend? Ok, may sound like a stupid idea, but think of the impact. It would prove that "We the people" are indeed in charge.

  7. Buck,
    Normally I would say all except CIA and FBI, but with this Administration those need serious disinfectant applied.

  8. Gunny,
    I was in Hot Topic at the mall yesterday with the family (Halloween outfits for the 3 females) and I bought a Dead Kennedys t-shirt in honor of Teddythedrunk.

  9. Clyde,
    Cowboys lost their first Super Bowl, but won their second. Mavericks lost their first NBA Finals, but won their second. Last year the Rangers lost their first World Series. I'm hoping the pattern continues.
    BIG loss for the IndyCar family. Nobody EVER had a negative word about Wheldon.
    A) You and me both.
    B) I'm glad I wasn't sipping a soda when I read that one.
    C) NO non-Constitutionalist should EVER be appointed to the federal bench...but the GOP will never learn that.
    D) I knew you'd enjoy that'un.
    E) He needs to collect pension number 357.
    F) But this Injustice Department will never allow an investigation.
    G) If it is being covered up, you know there's a big cat turd there.
    H) huh?
    I) They'll try to make it "work" through some unConstitutional fees on the rich.
    J) I've heard people try to talk to the flea party folks. You get more coherent thought from Kindergarteners.
    K & L) You are much more kind than I am.
    M) There isn't enough medication to make him coherent...or enough for us so we THINK he's coherent.
    N) That's what happens when you give government money to unions.
    O) Quit insulting idiots.
    P) And you don't even need a Magic 8-Ball (or the 8-ball at 1600 PA).
    Q) Covering up more than a cat in a litterbox.
    R) I think he's already dead, but his body doesn't know it yet.
    S) Got me, too.
    T) Quit insulting Crapper!
    U) They would beat him to a bloody pulp...without a reacharound.
    V) The "suspect" that they are still looking for probably doesn't exist at all, and the guy they arrested is probably a witness to a real crime being put into the Witness Protection Program.
    W) I'm sure you could come up with a few more.
    X) Quit insulting assholes!

  10. Hardnox,
    I'm sure Holder has already prepared blanket pardon paperwork for every single political appointee in the Administration. Obama will sign 'em all a couple of days before leaving office.

    Heck, I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama resign a couple of days early so Biden can pardon HIM!

  11. Pepperhawk,
    Thanx, hun.
    A) Your continuing story tells it all.
    B) Not a too-far-fetched theory.
    C) All 3 women Justices are anti-Constitutionalists who need to be impeached and removed.
    D) That link isn't his writing. He sent this to me.
    E) See my comments to Hardnox.
    F) Nobody that Barry likes is allowed to be investigated or prosecuted. Holder made that clear.
    G) Criminal conduct committed using US Government assets (the Obama Blackberry belongs to the government, not him).
    H) Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww
    J) I'm just glad they're downwind.
    K) Since they are his allies, they are allowed to keep their salt lick.
    L) Baseball bats and Marines needed.
    N) But we're just bitter clingers.
    O) Perry's no genius, but he has more intelligence than the entire staff at MSNBC.
    P) daaaaaa-yam!
    U) I keep saying he'd be a GREAT chief strategist and WH Chief of Staff.
    V) You mean they're not scared of Hillary!??? She could threaten to take off her clothes!
    W) She's sniffed the air in her district one too many times. Okay 1,000,000,000 too many times.
    X) Never worked for me.
    Get that taken care of!!!!

  12. Mrs. AL,
    We need to apply the test of Constitutionality to every single part of the government. If we did, there'd be a big surplus.

  13. In re: H) That was the story about the loons in Freakcisco wanting to mandate a 25% tip. My late brother worked on a LOT of ice makers in restaurants,he said never eat the ice,because the machines were usually filthy.So,there is their tip!

  14. It will take years to clean up the federal government mess Crawfish. But "house cleaning" will start after November 2012.


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