Saturday, November 5, 2011

11-5-2011 The Weekend Claw

This has been quite the busy week around Casa Crustacean, so y’all are just gonna have to deal with a short-than-usual column.

A) It is amazing how the leftists in America and their supposed “feminist” allies are attacking Herman Cain over false allegations of sexual harassment. These same people repeatedly defended Teddythedrunk (and completely covered up for his older brother), Bill Clinton, Silky Pony Edwards, Anthony Weiner, et al because the liberal positions of the offenders made them more important than their female victims. For liberals, sexual harassment is a resume enhancer!

B) Here is one situation in which I would welcome immediate US military involvement in Libya. Those munitions must be secured immediately and properly destroyed.

C) A protester at the Occupy Oakland protest was hospitalized with a head injury. As soon as it became known that he is a former Marine, lots of Marines rallied online to his support and against the Oakland PD, who they accuse of firing a projectile that hit him. Those Marines were sadly fooled. The protester is NOT one of their brothers. He is the founder of an anti-Marine website and an anti-Semite. He gets no sympathy from me.

D) Last week we brought y’all the news that ACORN was deeply involved in the “occupy” protests. Now the artists formerly known as ACORN have been shredding documents, firing staff, and telling folks to blame ex-employees in order to cover up their involvement. Sorry, but there ain’t enough litter in the box to cover up that cat turd now, and the shredding of documents might just be a bit illegal.

E) Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin brings us some more of the images from “occupy” protests that the Democrats and their buddies in the media don’t want you to see.

F) The union leaders are realizing that their only hope is to ally themselves with the radical protesters of the “occupy” groups, as the rest of America has pretty much had it with their idiocy. Check out this interview with the President of the United Steelworkers International union (why do American unions put the word “international” in their names when they are all about union power in America?) as he calls for “militancy” and other actions that will do absolutely nothing for the thugs except give them an outlet while they are out of work.

G) Speaking of union idiots and being out of work, the union The Crawfish is currently a member of (until my layoff next Friday) has their contract with Lockheed up for renewal this coming spring. They are already talking about the need to strike until they can get a much better deal than the contract they are under now. Since the F-35 program is under severe pressure from the government, this is the time to go big, and the company will have to cave in to the union, or so union logic says. The reality is that Lockheed is laying off lots of people because the government is demanding that the price of the plane be cut down, and since the government has already announced that they will be purchasing fewer jets over the next two years than originally planned there will be even more layoffs coming. Sounds like the perfect time to strike and make big demands, doesn’t it?

H) Nancy Pelosi believes that the federal government should shut down a manufacturing plant if the workers do not want to be unionized. Really? Where does the federal government get ANY say in the contractual dealings between employers and employees?

I) It is rather interesting that this story comes from an Israeli news source instead of an American one. The Obama Administration is pulling all law enforcement training manuals, including those dealing with terrorism, in order to purge them of all non-positive references to Islam, after the Injustice Department received pressure from Hamas operatives in the United States. The operatives mentioned in the story do not include the top Hamas operative in the country because the journalist didn’t want to offend Barack Hussein Obama.

J) I really don’t know how a football games ends up with the score in this story, especially a high school game in which the quarters are only 12 minutes long. Disclosure statement: The Crawfish played against Garland Christian in the early 80’s.

K) Our good friend Gunny G reminds us of the ten principles of conservatism, and what they mean as we gear up for the elections next year.

L) Another prominent, rich, white Democrat who has made a life out of using other people’s money finds himself in a potential heap of trouble. Former Goldman Sachs CEO, Democrat Senator from Noo Joisey, and Governor of Noo Joisey (who violated state seat belt laws every time he rode in a government vehicle and left the state with $8 billion in fresh debt) Jon Corzine runs an investment firm called MF Global. It has just been noticed that MF Global is MISSING hundreds of millions of investor dollars. Of course, the media is just noting that Corzine’s company might have some bookkeeping problems instead of pounding on MF Global like they did with Enron.

M) We know the GOP is on to something serious now, thanks to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Corruptionois). She compared the GOP Representatives who voted to subpoena White House documents dealing with Solyndra to “birthers”. Whenever conservatives get too close to the truth, Democrats try to belittle them, since the Dems have no factual ammunition.

N) Now this story is funny on two levels. A woman who was 19-years old at the time is claiming to have had sex with Justin Bieber, who was 16 at the time, backstage after a concert and it resulted in her having a baby. She wants child support. First of all, she is admitting to statutory rape, since he was only 16. Secondly, how could he be the father if his balls STILL haven’t dropped?

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. G) How many 2x4's in that aeroplane? I'm thinking you and I could team up, and underbid this union. I'll handle all the wood, and you can put the canvas skin on it. Deal?

    N) It appears to me that young Bieber may be one of those who's nuts never drop.

  2. H) Well Crawfish you must realize that Red Nancy is nothing more than a socialist/communist and a thief to boot. Of course she wants to shut down any factory that doesn't "worship" at the feet of the Democrats and their minions (the unions). (We are so going to need criminal investigations in 2013.)

    I) I have not heard this and I will start checking with my sources in local law enforcement and at the state level. If I hear anything different, I wiil get back to you.

    M) Solyndra and Fast & Furious have the ability to place many in the Obama Administration in prison. I eagerly await seeing many of them behind bars.

    Another good edition Crawfish!

  3. H) Good catch on Pelosi and the requirement for unionization.

    If anybody anywhere ever had any doubt that she's at the least a socialist, if not an outright communist, there's the answer right there.

  4. Things have settled,back to work. Thought maybe you'd be at TMS this weekend. Here goes......
    A)Won't believe this until a CREDIBLE source reports it.I wouldn't care if Polibico had pictures of Cain smacking ass. I STILL would discount it.I believe NOTHING from the left. How CAN one?
    B)Agree. You just KNOW the militant muzzies(sorry for the redundancy)would LOVE to have this stuff.
    C)Brainwashed,eh? Is there ANY proof this cluck was EVER in the Corps?
    D)With THIS regime,there is ZERO chance at an investigation,let alone convictions.
    E)I've never seen this crap at a Tea Party rally. These aren't protestors.They're professional anarchists.
    F)Man,talk about stunning ignorance.
    G)DO NOT forget your withdrawal card.
    H)Well,we now know. Botox DOES INDEED kill brain cells. Red Nan's last one must be dying of loneliness.
    I)Hmmm.... imagine that. No surprise here.
    J)Looks like it was a defensive struggle. Or,non-existent defensive struggle as the case may be.
    K)That WAS good.
    L)Ol' Corzine definitely has the Crapper touch. First,Goldman Sachs,then the state of Noo Joisey,now MF Global. Idea: Let his NEXT gig be running the U-friggin-N,with hopefully the same result.
    M)No doubt. The flak is ALWAYS heaviest over the target. And,just as predictable,the guilty dhimmis squeal like stuck pigs.
    N)And I have ocean front property I'll sell you in Montana.This "lady's" story has holes big enough to drive a quarry truck through.Especially this gem"not having sex with any other possible men".Well,if she did Bieber,she STILL didn't have sex with a possible man. She drops trou after a concert,she most likely has dropped MANY times before. Sounds like what she's REALLY looking for is the old payola. Must be an Obama voter.
    So much for the steaming heap.
    What did you think of Kyle Busch getting parked for wrecking Hornaday? Me,I LOVED it. About time he got a kick in the ass for stupidity.

  5. Hi Craw,

    Hope your job situation improves. Saw Gunny's excellent article on conservatism. I hate Pelosi and hope she gets the boot. Did you see her get all flustered when a reporter asked her about her dealings with a company and how it was a conflict of interest since she's in the congress? She said she didn't understand the question. Ha ha. What a liar.

    Good to see criminal charges are going to be hurled at the Corzine crook. It's about time.

    I have an article up about the guy who called for more militancy for the Occupiers. Surprise guess who he is?

    I won't believe one damn thing about Herman until I see actual evidence of which there has been none so far. Have an article on that too.

    Love ya, Pep

  6. (A) It just shows the "fems" are not about women but all about liberal politics. It also illuminates the total stupidity of women who subscribe to the fem blather.

    (B) What jumped out at me more in this was, "The U.S. had been trying to revive a program to prevent Libyan chemical, biological and nuclear scientists from working for terror groups or hostile nations, a State Department official said last month." Schidt. State still hasn't figured out we're dealing with a bunch of 6th century islamic minds.

    (D) May be a bit illegal but who's going to prosecute?

    (E) I saw the Whole Foods picture. There is a Whole Foods on Greenville in Dallas. That's where all the vegans and other lib types shop for their tofu. Now they're attacking their own. Figures.

    (F) The more of this crap that comes up the more I realize indoctrination in the public school system started a lot earlier than most of you imagine.

    (G) I thought there was a law against striking a defense plant during a crisis. Zero can surely be categorized as a crisis.

    (H) Good ol' San Fran Nan. Where's that San Andreas Fault activity when you need it??
    By the way I think Truman started this ball rolling when he sent in troops back in the days of the AFL/CIO thing. Sometime in late '40's

    (I) Remember in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Uncle Tom always counselled the other slaves not to do that which would agitate Massa? Well, looks like we have a shitload of Uncle Mohammads in public sector, now...

    (L) What d'ya wanna bet Corzine comes out smelling like a rose?

    (M) 2012. Make it or Break it.

    (N) Hey, dude. 16 is plenty old to father a child. I don't think it happened but there is one sure way to prove or disprove...Dee Enn Aye!

  7. Craw,

    I agree with Brian, GREAT NAB on Nutsy Baloney...kudos.

    We should not be surprised that the Liberal Lapdog Media is attacking Cain. Obama put out the order because he FEARS debating someone so accomplished and who loves America.

  8. " C) A protester at the Occupy Oakland protest was hospitalized with a head injury. As soon as it became known that he is a former Marine, lots of Marines rallied online to his support and against the Oakland PD, who they accuse of firing a projectile that hit him. Those Marines were sadly fooled. The protester is NOT one of their brothers. He is the founder of an anti-Marine website and an anti-Semite. He gets no sympathy from me."

    As soon as the sorry bastard turned his back on the constitution AND his oath, he ceased to be anything more than his sick-assed bretheren of OWS and unworthy of any respect.

  9. First of all a LOUD happy VET'S day to you from this AIR FORCE Vet!!When will the so called "news" mud-media wake up to the fact that the occu "pie" is laced with Kool-Aid??The ACORN connection should give them a clue. As far as "Nanny dearest" PEE- LOUSY is concerned-I agree with Cain.


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