Saturday, November 12, 2011

11-12-2011 The Weekend Claw

Well, it is official. The Crawfish is now just another unemployed blogger. I got laid off last night, on Veterans Day.

A) Here’s a quote from David Gregory, host of “Meet the Press” on NBC, dealing with Herman Cain and the false allegations against him: “Well there is no, you know, grand wizard in the party right now who can really force the issue.” Imagine what would happen if a non-liberal media person uttered those words regarding a black Democrat candidate for political office. What kind of outcry would there be, considering that the term “grand wizard” is ONLY germane to the Ku Klux Klan in America. Again, the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are projecting their own actions upon the GOP. What party did the KKK come from? It sprang from the post-Civil War Democratic Party, of course. What party had, until he died last year, a former “grand kleagle” of the KKK in their ranks as a “highly respected Senator”? That would once again be the Democrats. What party refuses to allow black Americans to think for themselves and be successful without government intervention? That would be the plantation owners of the Democratic Party.

B) When you have big wigs from China excoriating Europe for their labor laws and welfare systems, which greatly resemble what the Democrats have been foisting upon the US for decades, saying that they stifle incentive, induce sloth, and make Europe a very bad investment, shouldn’t that wake up folks in DC?

C) Although Obama nixed it on Wednesday, he had been on the verge of implementing a new tax on Christmas trees. Not only was this another of the left’s strikes against Christianity, but the whole purpose of the tax was covered with a smokescreen. Supposedly, it would be to set up a Christmas Tree Promotion Board at the Department of Agriculture, which would work to promote the use of fresh-cut trees to celebrate the holiday that the Democrats want to eliminate from American public life. The reality of the plan is that this board would be a place for the government to employ radical environmentalists, at high wages, to help get rid of the Christmas Tree industry all together. The tax was also an attempt by Sultan Bu’raq bin al Obama to impose a Jizyah tax, which is placed on non-muslims in dhimmitude by their muslim masters.

D) The union president for ICE agents has now given Congress e-mails to back up his previous testimony that Administration officials have ordered the agents to not arrest illegals, including those on their fugitive lists. He also testified that the leadership is increasingly refusing to put any orders in writing, so they can’t be given to Congress or shown to the American public. Wait, didn’t Sultan Bu’raq bin al Obama promise the most transparent Administration in history?

E) Then again, that story dovetails nicely with this one, involving the most anti-American Administration in history imprisoning a Border Patrol Agent because his restraint of a 15-year old illegal alien who was trafficking drugs was a bit harsh, and then threatening to jail his wife if she doesn’t pay the Agent’s court-imposed fine immediately. The illegal alien drug trafficker was set free, of course.

F) The goons of the “Occupy DC” bunch showed their class when they shoved a 78-year old woman down some steps because she had the sheer audacity to attend a dinner tribute to Ronald Reagan. Note from the video that the police are of no help to the non-“occupiers”, since they are union goons themselves. The same protesters used toddlers in wagons to block cars trying to leave the Reagan tribute. If these jerks want any sympathy from me, they should look in the dictionary between a slang word for fecal matter and the name of an STD.

G) Rush Limbaugh chimed in on reports of some health problems at the “occupy” protests. If you don’t laugh at this one, you don’t have a sense of humor!

H) How utterly filthy are these Woodstock wanna-be’s? Well, there’s tuberculosis in the Occupy Atlanta slum, “Zuccotti Lung” and other maladies at the Occupy Wall Street ghetto, and HAZWASTE teams picking up used condoms (I wonder if they are to be included in the stuff from the “occupy” camps being collected by the Smithsonian)and human waste at many of the “camps”. There have been reports of rampant drug use, lots of rape and sexual assault, public nudity, public urination and defecation, and even shootings. There’s all of this, and yet the media and the Democrat politicians still support the “occupiers” and say that they are better than the Tea Partiers.

I) Here is yet another example of how the “occupiers” are anti-American idiots. Wishing for innocent Americans to be murdered by the thousands is such a positive sentiment.

J) The punks of the El Lay “occupy” bunch took over a Burger King for some reason or another. How do you protest against the ultra rich and show solidarity with the “99%” by screwing with the jobs of minimum wage workers?

K) Folks, I don’t need to tell you that Ron Paul is a moron on foreign policy. He’s making the case all too clear all by himself. In his opinion, we need to offer friendship to the Mad Mullahs of Iran instead of sanctions, since our fears of a nuclear-armed Iran are “blown out of proportion.” Really? They have vowed to completely destroy Israel and the Great Satan (that’s good ol’ America, Ron) if they ever get nukes, but fear of their nuclear goals are “blown out of proportion”?????

L) Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Mexifornia) has just admitted what we all knew was behind the whole Fast and Furious scandal. She says that operation proves that we need more gun control laws here in the USA.

M) The Affirmative Action Attorney General was again grilled by the Senate regarding Operation Fast and Furious, and he admitted that he knew of that operation more than just a couple of weeks before it went public, as opposed to what he said before the House. Meanwhile, the truth is that he has known about it since mid-2009, as evidenced by a speech that is still on the Department of Injustice website. True, that speech doesn’t mention Fast and Furious, but it does mention Gunrunner, which is the parent operation that also included Operation Castaway.

N) Imagine that. Barack Obama has insulted yet another leader of a nationthat we mostly refer to as an ally. He then had a conversation with that foreign leader in which both of them trash talk about Bibi Netanyahu. Is there an American ally he won’t disrespect or an American enemy he won’t kiss the arse of?

O) While most of the EU financial crisis attention has been on Greece, the first government to fall as a result of the crisis is that of Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy. He’s been in that position for seventeen years, which has been amazing by post-WW2 Italian standards. I remember when there had been more Italian governments since the war than there had been years since the war.

P) At least Newt is admitting that his couch scene with Nancy Pelosi in support of a Prophet Algoracle project was “probably the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years.” Heck, we could have told him that the instant it aired! Will that admission be enough for some folks to come around and support perhaps the best idea guy in the race? If he didn’t have the personal negatives that make him unelectable to many, he’d be a superior President.

Q) If you don’t believe in good luck, read this story and it will change your mind.

R) OhgoodLord. You know political correctness has run completely amok when graham cracker is considered offensive on a college campus where the athletic teams are sometimes referred to as the Horny Toads.

S) The lack of morality in the fashion business is well known, but this is taking things a bit far in my humble opinion…especially if the wearer is, shall we say, over a size 7 or lower than a 7 of 10.

T) Speaking of morality problems, an elementary school in Compton recently had a PORN STAR read to first graders at their school. The school denies it, but TMZ has photos of the event (warning, graphic language in the opening paragraph of the hyperlink).

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Feinstein is a commie whore. She is on my list of graves to piss on.

    I could vote for Newt/Cain. Newt would thrash Obummer in the debates and Cain would crush Gaffes! They add Bolton as SecState and we're off to the races!

  2. B) Yes, you would think that. Since when do the weinies in DC "think"?

    K) Exactly what makes Paul an unelectable moron. How does his "policy" differ from Bat Ears's?

    P) My answer: NO!

    S) Imagine that dress on Rosie O'Donnell...

    THERE'S an image you don't want stuck in your head!

  3. Craw,

    At least you're in Texas, where they know how to create jobs. Good luck.

  4. (A) A new angle to look at it: Instead of a people, think of guard dogs. Instead of welfare think of feeding your guard dogs. As long as the guard dogs keep you secure in your little nitche you feed them. If they quit protecting your place in life you get rid of them and get another pack of guard dogs. Does illegal immigrant come to mind?

    (B) China may be on to something there.

    (C) Yeah. Another tax that's not a tax. Right?

    (D) A UNION prez going against Zero & co.???

    (E) Yeah, like in the two border patrol agents from El Paso where the government used a known drug smuggler to testify against them. When is enough enough?

    (F) For those of you in Rio Linda that would be schidt and syphilis.

    (H) And this is their "Valley Forge moment". Ha! Like the folks at Valley Forge ate gourmet dinners and went home at night to sleep in a warm bed.

    (I) When the first shots are fireds folks like him will shit in their britches and run like rabbits.

    (L) "An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject."

    (N) France? Ally?? There's an oxymoron there, somewhere.

    (P) Once again. He didn't do anything Slick Willie didn't do. Or Thomas Jefferson. Or Franklin D. Roosevelt. Or Ike... The only difference is most of 'em kept their little trysts under wraps. Or as in the case of Slick Willie lied about it. So why now do we even look for what is not i.e. one without sin to run the country?

    (R) So what do folks at TCU snack on with peanut butter and milk???

    (T) Can't start too soon destroying morality and religion in the young...

  5. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully,it won't be long.
    To the steamer............
    A)Coming from a single-digit IQ I'm not surprised. Gregory always has been,and always will be,an asshat of the highest order.
    B)If ANYONE in DC had any common sense,it would. But,sadly,they DO NOT.
    C)Sure does fit in the plan.
    D)IMHO,the BIG story here is a UNION thug let the proverbial cat out of the bag.
    E)'t run amok. Tell me again,WHAT is it we do with RABID animals???
    F)This whole occupy thing is idiotic. These aren't protestors. They're professional ANARCHISTS.
    G) Got a real chuckle out of that.
    H)Not only anarchy,it is now a public health nuisance as well. Time to flush these turds.
    I)Well,as long as it ONLY hit the flea-bagger encampment.....
    J)Did you happen to read the comments after the story? If not,here's my favorite. This is the top ten ways the occupy movement could go into other areas to disrupt. You predict the results.
    1.Occupy NASCAR. 2.Occupy WWE events. 3.Occupy Gun Shops. 4.Occupy Biker Bars. 5.Occupy UFC events.6.Occupy Professional Bull Riders events.
    7.Occupy Heavy Metal Concerts.8.Occupy Welfare Offices.9.Occupy Mexican Drug Cartels.10.Occupy The Mafia. HILARIUOS.
    K)While he's OK on some domestic policy,he would be an absolute DISASTER on foreign. Sorry,Ron,we ARE a BIG part of the overall global picture,whether YOU like it or not.
    L)Yep. A real "Gee,No Shit"moment.
    M)Must be they're using too low of heat to grill Holder. Turn up the flame already,morons.
    N)Well,at least the REST of the world now knows how dickweed feels about Israel. WE already knew.
    O)Wonder where the Muslim Brotherhood is? Seems as if THEY are the only ones approved for running nations these days.
    P)OK,if it was the stupidest thing he did,my question is:Newt,WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?????
    The BEST place to be is as far AWAY from San Fran Nan as possible.
    Q)Great story. The moral being: Look Before You Toss.
    R)True lunacy.Wonder why he didn't just substitute PICTURES of Graham crackers,instead of the DREADFUL word.(sarc off)
    S)Hmmm... give this dress a shot of 220? Gives new meaning to the term "Flashdance".
    T)A porn star that can READ? Who'd a thunk.
    Good heap,sir. Good luck with the job search.And,in Phoenix,GO SMOKE!!!!

  6. Gunny,
    I'd be pleased with that group.

  7. Brian,
    B) Rational thought in DC is a felony, evidently.
    K) Paul is not as OVERTLY pro-Islam, but he is close on anti-semitism. His isolationist streak would be okay if we had absolutely zero economic or strategic interests outside our own borders.
    P) I'd take Newt as POTUS, as he does seem better than any of the current field, but I still say he'd be superior as a WH Chief of Staff and head strategist. He's a great ideas guy, but he grates on people.

  8. TGP,
    My biggest problem is that there aren't that many jobs in my zone. Lots for those more qualified than me, and lots below my experience levels. Tons of jobs that require specialty qualifications that I don't have. If Obama had decided a year ago to sell those F-16s to China.......

  9. Buck,
    A) Or think of a plantation...which is historical accuracy for Democrats.
    B) We coulda told 'em a long time ago!
    C) Hmmm...nobody seems to be catching on to my theory about making more jobs for envirowackos...
    D) Remember that this is a union for those who are basically auxiliary members of our military.
    E) If those trials were in the courtrooms of judges with cojones...
    F) BINGO!
    H) Lots of "camps" that will need severe fumigation and disinfecting.
    I) He'll be part of the "RETREAT! RUN AWAY!" crowd.
    L) Yup
    N) least somewhat friendly and cooperative at times.
    P) Marital infidelity and sexual harassment are badges of honor for Democrats, but the kiss of death for the GOP.
    R) Oreo cookies? Oooops, that's RAAAAACIST!
    T) Un-freaking-believable!

  10. Clyde,
    A) Ain't it grand how the left always projects their own behavior and morals on the GOP?
    B) See my B0 reply to Buck
    C) Not exactly subtle
    D) Border agents take their jobs more seriously than they take their union
    E) They WANT that, so they can have their Reichstag Fire moment
    F) Anarchists, socialists, and the spoiled children of the most selfish generation in history
    G) Figgered you would
    H) Quit insulting turds
    I) Would result in no loss, but a good disinfecting by fire
    K) He doesn't understand
    L) Was she authorized to make that statement this early?
    M) Napalm works
    N) And liberals (along with Ron Paul) approve
    O) Just another set of barbarians to take Rome?
    P) Sometimes people do stooooopid things
    Q) Hope he at least got something for his efforts
    R) Death to PC!!!
    S) heh heh heh
    T) That shocked me as well
    Too bad Smoke came in behind more race for him to overcome those 4 points.

  11. A) Does anyone else but me see that the MSM and the Democrats are getting more and more desparate? This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at equating the KKK with the GOP.

    D) Most transparent administration in history? The transparecy of the O'Vomit administration involves the "transparency" of their actual intention, which is to "make over" the US into a socialist dictatorship. By now most of the US has recognized their intent.

    L) I wonder if Senator Diane "Dumbass" Feinstein would come to Mississippi and repeat this at a meeting of the state NRA?

    S) Actually Crawfish, I guess I am more of an
    "old fuddy-duddy" than you. This would appear to me to be the type clothes for bedroom use only. As for the maximum size women who wear this should be, you mention not over a size 7. However remember Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. Most of the d*mn good looking women I dated at Mississippi State College for Women (including Mrs. Gray Ghost) were a size 10 or over.

    Another good edition.

  12. Ghost,
    A) Exactly what I'm seeing as well.
    D) But the transparency they're referring to is a lot more opaque.
    L) I'd sell tickets!
    S) Mrs. Crawfish is also size 12, but most of today's gals who claim size 10 are more like 16s, and with a greater fat% than old-school 10s.


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