Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Post Thanksgiving Claw

Okay, Thanksgiving is over, the weather is turning cruddy, and I have a lot of work to do around Casa Crustacean. That can mean only one thing…time to dig around the attic and break out the Christmas lights.

A) This warning comes too late for your Thanksgiving meal, but take note before your Christmas meal shopping and for all future shopping. If you are a Christian or a Jew, do NOT buy Butterball brand turkey products. The company has admitted that all of their turkeys are slaughtered according to Islamic law including a blessing in the name of Allah. Now that this has become public knowledge, I will never buy any of their products again.

B) Moochelle Obama was at the final Sprint Cup race of the season. When she was introduced to give the command to start engines, NASCAR Nation booed her loudly, as all good patriotic Americans should. Later, she and Jill Biden appeared on the ESPN telecast of the race regarding their involvement in “Joining Forces”, which NASCAR is involved in. She said that the two of them were there to show their love and respect for the troops. Huh? They DESPISE our troops and our military, which is why they and their husbands are actively trying to destroy our forces! Lying beotch!

C) As planned all along by the Democrats, the “super committee” failed to reach a compromise, because the Democrats would not accept any deal that wasn’t made up completely by tax increases and defense cuts. Now come the draconian cuts in defense, along with some cuts in programs for America’s seniors. Notice that there are no cuts in programs for America’s leeches, since they are core Democrat voters. Sultan Bu’raq bin al Obama immediately said that he would veto any attempt to undo the massive cuts to our national defense, proving yet again what side he is on.

D) When I saw this play from the NFL on Sunday, I laughed my butt off. The only disappointment was that the idiot didn’t get a severe neck sprain that would sideline him for a few weeks. Why do those morons think they look good with 18 inches of nasty dreadlocks protruding from their helmets? GET A HAIRCUT!!!

E) The freeloaders have now started issuing demands again. They want FREE public universities, no-interest loans, and forgiveness of ALL student loans. They are pledging to never repay their own student loans. These “people” have absolutely no concept of the real world. The world owes them everything, and they should never have to work for a living.

F) The “occupy” movement can be summed up in two signs. Really, it can! The sad thing is that the holder of the second sign doesn’t realize how true it is. The actions of the extreme lefties are sparking a revolution by those who believe in the Constitution and fiscal sanity.

G) Here’s another update from the Department of Out of Control Federal Government.

H) Where does the Constitution allow the federal government to tell any private company how much it may charge consumers for its services? Oh, that’s right…Obama doesn’t believe in that “flawed” document, so he doesn’t let it get in his way.

I) Newt Gingrich gave yet another smack down to the “occupy” crowd. He told them, “Go get a job right after you take a bath!” Too bad he stepped in it so bad last week with his amnesty idea.

J) NBC once again shows what a completely classless it is. Then again, since it is owned by GE and Jeffrey Immelt, what do you expect?

K) Carlsberg Brewery deserves kudos for this social experiment. Stop the video halfway through and ask yourself what you would do.

L) When a DEMOCRAT Senator is calling for an investigation into the crony-capitalism deals of Barack Obama, you know there is some seriously shady business going on.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Craw,

    Good stuff.

    E) Is it too late to get a student loan?

    K) I would have sat down, and some of the bikers would have got up to leave.

  2. Hope you and the rest of the crustaceans had a Happy Thanksgiving. Put up the Christmas lights today,seeing as how it was 59 degrees,the next 7 days are going to be cold,snow,cold,you know,typical Michiruit.Onto the pile........
    A)Consider it done. We get our turkeys from a local farmer with whom I went to school. Good birds!!
    B)Just WHAT was Homestead management thinking? They'd serenade her with Meeechelle,My Belle?Made me proud to be a NASCAR fan. However,NASCAR DOES seem to be drifting somewhat left,with this green crap,like E-85,fuel injection,diversity programs,ad nauseum.
    C)That was the plan all along,eh?
    D)You watch,the National Felon League will make HAIR-PULLING a 15 yard,assessed from the spot,personal foul.Especially if the hirsute one is black.
    E)WHO they hell are THEY to make demands??? I've got a DEMAND for THEM. Ingest feces and expire.
    F) Yep. No doubt.Here is something they COULD do. Refer to E)
    G)Dumbass gov't. Since WHEN does NOAA need ENFORCEMENT personnel? Going to give a tornado a ticket for LITTERING??? Idiotic,I must say.
    H)Wonder if Everence Insurance ever thought about telling Obama to intercourse himself. His choice of lube. Sand,gravel,glass shards....
    I)Absolute great stuff. However,he sticks with ANYDAMNTHING remotely resembling amnesty,he's more done than burnt toast.
    J)I STILL have a hard time wondering WHY any rational,sentient conservative would go NEAR anything remotely associated with NBC. SCAREW'EM.
    K) Liked that.Not an issue for me,since I do NOT GO to theatres. Hollywierd can suck eggs.
    L)HJC,that picture of her with the article was OBSCENE. She thinks this may be her chance to take a few out WITH her,since I think maybe the good folks of Missouri have about had enough of the twit. One can only hope,eh?
    OK,my friend,great pile. See ya next time. Good luck with them lights.

  3. (D) Along with boycotting Butterball you should seriously consider boycotting the NFL on grounds of morality. Why is it Penn State is denounced by all for one creep yet the criticism of the NFL is non existant when it comes to child molesters, drug addicts, wife beaters, ex-convict players and animal torturers?
    Are these thugs and perverts really the role models you want your kids to look up to? Every Sunday, Monday and lots of Thursdays?

    (E) Such happens when the education system spends 12-16 years indoctrinating and brainwashng instead of educating and preparing students for the realities of the world.

    (G) It's all about control and power and the government is not going to willingly give up one iota.

    (H) Uh.. Ever hear of the WPA? A wartime bureaucracy that dictated everything from the price of gas to 'taters. Oh, yeah, back then you had to have government permission to buy so much as a new pair of shoes.

    (I) Yep. I was beginning to like ol' Newt. Til he pulled his amnesty crap out of his pocket. Just like Perry and Bush he is kissing the ass of a bunch of folks that probably wouldn't vote for him anyway. And cost him a bunch of votes next November. Tell me again how really, really smart Gingrich is?

    (J) If Fallon fires 'em I will watch him again. If not, then NBC's apology sounds pretty hollow to me.

    (K) "Internet Explorier cannot display this page"

    (L) Democrat. Just another word for "Turncoat". The rats will start abandoning a sinking ship. En masse. Wanna bet?

  4. Craw,

    Nice one. Watching the Left's version of the TEA Party, the filthy disease-ridden Zucotti Lung maggots fail is excellent.

    The closer we get to Nov 6 2012, the more I see the Conservative tsunami rising.

    Let us push forward in our efforts to eliminate liberalism!

  5. TGP,
    E) Now that their "movement" is falling apart, I doubt this "demand" will gain any trction.
    K) My family would have no problem with that bunch.

  6. Damnit.....3/4 of the way through my response to Clyde I had another 'puter glitch. Arrrgh.

  7. Clyde,
    I never did get around to the lights. We did some major interior cleaning, including carpets that have been suffering from the actions of a diabetic cat and 3 puppies. This weekend's weather looks horrid, so it may be a while before our house looks festive.
    A) Good choice!
    B) The diversity programs are actually a good move by NASCAR to increase their fan base. I'm surprised that fuel injectors haven't been used before. As for the E85...just another plot to drive up food prices and kiss the butts of Iowa voters.
    C) Definitely.
    D) I wish NFL Properties was still in charge of all merchandising. They would not allow long hair to cover markings, logos, and names on jerseys. Pretty soon, one of those idiots is going to get tackled by his hair and break his neck. I will simply say "too bad, moron".
    E&F) The American people are finally seeing through the media coverage. They see that these are just a bunch of spoiled entitlement hounds. Support for their stoooopidity has plummeted as has the population of their encampments.
    G) NOAA isn't just the weather service, although the NWS is a part of that agency.
    H) They need to file suit in federal court to join in with the other suits.
    I) This week, both he and Perry have stated flatly NO AMNESTY.
    J) Like it or not, they still have a huge audience.
    K) I don't go as often as I used to, by any means.
    L) The lemmings are lining up.

  8. Buck,
    D) There is puh-lenty of criticism, but the union restricts what kind of punishments can be meted out.
    E) Reality can be a cast iron beeeeotch!
    G) Bunch of bureaucrats with their little fiefdoms of power.
    H) And it wasn't Constitutional then, either
    I) That's why I keep saying he's a better Chief of Staff type.
    J) The band leader just came out saying that Tea Partiers are a bunch of racists. As per usual, he probably gets all of his news from "Today" or Fallon's writers.
    L) Hmmmm..... Worked for Clyde.

  9. Gunny,
    the campers are folding their tents. The People have seen through their media shields and have spotted the truth.


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