Saturday, December 3, 2011

12-3-2011 The Weekend Claw

This week, Barack Obama said “I’m going to need another term to finish the job.” Looking over the first term, we can only assume “the job” is the destruction of the United States.

A) Debbie the Ditz is back, and she has bleated “They know they can't win elections on the merits, so they're trying to rig elections” in response to continuing efforts by Republicans to pass laws requiring that voters be able to show proper identification in order to vote. Yes, the GOP wants to rig elections by preventing people from voting multiple times, preventing people who are not eligible voters from voting, and preventing the dead from voting.

B) If the liberals want to see how elections are rigged, they really need to look either into their own sordid past, or they can look at what is happening in Russia right now. Vlad the Emperor never really went away, and his ultimate goal is to bring about a new semi-Soviet empire. Now he has levied charges against the only internationally-respected election watchdog group that operates in Russia just ahead of the elections. That effectively takes them out of the game. Vlad and his puppet-President are also “spreading the wealth” in order to gain some more votes, just like the Democrats always do here. In a more ominous bit of news, it is also being reported that the Sovi, …er, Russian Army is to be awakened on election day with pleasant music and to be fed a “celebratory breakfast”. This sounds like the tradition of many armed forces on the morning of an expected battle.

C) The Democrats are touting a sharp drop in the unemployment rate this week, but they are missing the key to that drop. Look down in the article and you will find that more Americans gave up looking for jobs this week than new jobs were created by an almost 3:1 ratio. That means things got WORSE, not better.

D) For many years, Barack Obama has been heavily involved with Antoin Rezko, most notably regarding some very shady property deals in Chicago. Now that Rezko has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 10 ½ years in prison, the media is happy to note Rezko’s involvement with former Governor Blago, but they fail to mention his associations with The Won. I wonder why…

E) This is what we call a Core Obama Voter. Dumb-bass black chick has FIFTEEN kids from at least three sperm donors, and she expects the rest of the country to pay all of her expenses. She should have kept her knees together.

F) Newt Gingrich is going to catch a lot of flak from the liberal media for these comments regarding inner city youth in our nation, but he is 100% correct. This has been the plan of the Democratic Party ever since LBJ’s “Great Society” programs were first proposed. This is the result of the liberal plantations. Those people will vote for the party that promises them money for nothing.

G) How serious is the Fast and Furious/Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Castaway scandal becoming? Here’s a hint for ya: the Obama Administration has now ordered that the court records dealing with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry be sealed. Agent Terry was murdered by illegal aliens on our side of the border who were armed with weapons that the Obama Administration had funneled to the drug cartels on the other side of the border with the intent of using whatever violence occurred as an excuse to further erode the 2nd Amendment. The Obamites know that where there is a ton of smoke, there is a fire. Didn’t Obama promise the most transparent Administration in history? It sounds like the most criminal Administration in history to me.

H) The Obama Administration tradition of the Friday Evening Document Dump is alive and well. This tactic is continually used to release bad news when they believe it will gather the least media and public notice. This week’s dump is 1364 pages detailing how they have LIED TO CONGRESS regarding the Fast and Furious scandal. Lying to Congress and lying under oath are major felonies, so will the GOP have the gonads to press charges and send Obamites to prison? Yeah, right, only in our dreams.

I) It gets worse. The supervisors of the illegal operation have all received promotions, while the whistleblowers have all been screwed over. Retaliation against whistleblowers is a violation of federal law, and in the original Fast and Furious hearings, Senator Grassley made sure to point that out. So why has the retaliation been allowed to occur? Dear Congressional Republicans, grow some balls!

J) Here we go again with a federal court stepping WAY outside of its authority. According to the Constitution, Congressional districts are drawn up by state legislatures every decade, following the Census. Congress may alter the way they states draw up their maps, but this alteration process must be done equally among all states, not just those from the Old South. Courts have no authority to draw up the maps. The Texas legislature drew up new Congressional maps, including four new districts based upon the 2010 Census, and these maps reflected the GOP majority in the state. Racist groups filed suit in federal court, stating that the new district maps should be drawn up based upon skin color according to the Voting Rights Act. A federal court agreed with the racists, drew up its own version of a 36-district Texas, and ordered it to be implemented. The Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, has filed an emergency stay application with the Supreme Court to block that unConstitutional action.

K) Nancy Pelosi calls herself a “devout Catholic”, but her actions and words prove her to be as anti-Catholic as the Kennedy family. She is unabashedly pro-abortion. This week, she went so far as to lash out at Roman Catholic bishops who oppose provisions in Obamacare that force people to purchase healthcare plans that pay for abortion, sterilization, and other contraception methods even if such things are counter to their religions. Since they oppose such anti-Christian regulations, she says that they are nothing more than “lobbyists”.

L) Here’s some more proof that the entitlement mentality is way out of control. The Filthadelphia School District got rid of their underperforming Superintendant and gave her a buyout of over $900,000.00. She turned around and filed for unemployment benefits! First of all, if she wasn’t doing her job properly, why did those idiots give her that much of a buyout? Well, I mean besides her skin color. Secondly, why does she deserve MORE taxpayer money if she has that much in the bank?

M) Our nation is broke. We have over $15 TRILLION in debt, thanks to liberal policies of the past 80 years. The full folly of liberal policies is on display in Europe, as the Euro is about to collapse. In the face of this news, what Sir Golfsalot of the Intrepid Sand Wedge do? He and Fed Chairman Bernanke are going to join with other idiots and bail out Europe. What mythical money is going to be used for this? Didn’t we already bail them out with with the Marshall Plan and trillions spent on NATO? On top of that, isn’t Europe our COMPETITION in manufacturing and trade? The sad thing here is that even Ron Paul would oppose this and he doesn’t have a clue on foreign policy.

N) Bawney Fwank is FINALLY leaving Congress. The Democrats and their media minions are praising Fwank as much as possible, saying that he helped save America from economic collapse. The FACT that he is one of the people responsible for the crash of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac (which was the lynchpin of the 2008 economic downturn) and the economically devastating Dodd-Frank law seems to have been lost on these enemies of the Constitution.

O) The Crawfish has attended Gathering of Eagles rallies and Tea Party rallies. Those groups ALWAYS clean up the area and leave it in as good or better shape than they found it in. Contrast that to the “occupy” brats in El Lay, where they left behind over 30 tons of refuse for the city to dispose of.

P) The “occupy” idiots should really try to read this column. It may be a bit difficult for them to comprehend, but…

Q) This is exactly why Barack Obama supported the protesters against Hosni Mubarak. He is in favor of an Islamist government in Egypt.

R) Byron Thomas is a college student in South Carolina. He has taken a controversial position, and he seems to understand history better than most Americans.

S) How in the world did the GOP let this get through the Senate? With NINETY THREE VOTES, a Defense appropriations bill has passed the Senate, but it has one provision that should have caused a filibuster. The provision removes the offenses of sodomy and bestiality from the Uniform Code of Military Justice, making queer sex and sex with animals perfectly okay for our Armed Forces. The Democrats are hell bent on destroying our professional forces.

T) After playing some disgustingly insulting “music” (a “song” called “Lyin’ A___ B____”) to introduce Michelle Bachmann on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, the house band’s leader is now claiming that he’s getting a lot of….wait for it….RACIST e-mail and tweets from “Tea Party extremists”. Did the people who rightly flooded his Twitter account with insults ID themselves as Tea Party members? He’s lucky that he didn’t get bricks through his home and car windows.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. You really have to laugh. I read today that Bat Ears is taking a SEVENTEEN DAY vacation over the holidays in Hawaii. This is his TENTH vacation since taking office.

    Now, we can look at this a couple of ways. He's a lazy slob. True.

    Or, the country is better off the more time he spends on vacation.

    ALSO true.

  2. Brain,
    and he is campaigning against a "do-nothing" Congress?????????


    I hadn't thought of that.

    Good catch!

  4. "The job" was fundamentally transforming the United States. To a Marxist society.

    (A) Uh.. I'm pretty sure ACORN didn't register any Republican voters. At least didn't register any LIVE Republican voters.

    (B) Uh.. What was it Bush saw when he looked into Vlad's eyes? Kinda makes you wonder about the 43rd Prez, don't it.

    (D) Ah, Rezko was just some guy who sold Zero the lot next door. Just some guy in the neighborhood. Maybe.

    (E) Well, she can't work. She's gotta be on her back to replace the oldest kid that will go off her welfare rolls pretty soon. He'll go onto his own but she won't get it so she's gotta make a replacement baby.

    (E) Again. Gotta be something stupid about welfare kids. Raising kids is a hell of a lot herder and more time consuming than a job. Or maybe that's why welfare kids make up a high percentage of the crime rate. Nobody took care of 'em. Just had 'em for the check.

    (F) Pretty much comparable to the ante bellum plantations. Both kept black folks pretty much in poverty. And both kept them for self gain.

    (G) It ain't just the top nuts in Zero's administration. This spreads through a bunch of the alphabet agencies, too. ALL politicians, liberals openly, others secretly, oppose the Second Amendment.

    (H) Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and find a REAL leader in the House?

    (I) Ditto (H)..

    (J) Is there not a way to get rid of a judge for incompetence? Or perhaps for being overturned a number of times on Constitutional grounds?

    (K) You can't be Catholic and Communist at the same time. You can't even be Catholic part of the time and Communist part of the time.

    (L) More pressing is WHERE did the Filthadelphia School District get that kind of money to throw around? I thought school districts were pretty much strapped for cash as it is.

    (M) Everybody opposes it except the Europeans and other socialists.

    (N) Frank and his type in congress kinda mirrors the Roman Senate about the time Gibbons wrote about.

    (O) Film clip on the news last night this occupier saying, "I refuse to get a job until the minimum wage is a decent living wage." Uh..who's feeding this moron?

    (R) Thomas is evidently someone who can think on his own.

    (S) The UCMJ is a liberal code in the first place. The Navy should return to the old Rocks and Shoals system. That's cure a lot of ills in the Navy.

    (T) I really doubt he is getting any racist mail fronm Tea Party folks. Most likely from his own kind SAYING they are from the TP.

  5. Buck,
    A) But she's bleating about identification.
    B) Did I ever say W was a good President?
    D) Remember that there was a lot of tax fraud in that deal.
    E) She should get exactly ZERO in federal payments or assistance.
    E2) If we cut off the freebies, the baby factories will shut down.
    F) Exactly, but it is RAAAAACIST to point that out.
    G) Gun control is always the first job of a budding dictatorship.
    H) Cantor in the next Congress?
    I) Senate needs a real leader as well.
    J) Nope.
    K) She only PRETENDS to be Catholic, and ONLY when it is to her advantage.
    L) Half came from private donors arranged by Mayor Nutter
    M) But Bernanke has lots of other nations involved with this boondoggle.
    N) Good analogy
    O) Since when was minimum wage for anything but an entry-level job designed for your average high-schooler?
    R) And that makes him a rarity among his skin color.
    S) UCMJ isn't just Navy.
    T) True dat!

  6. C-Fish:
    (G) "Gun control is always the first job of a budding dictatorship."
    But given what today's politicians have become I believe ALL of them would like the Second to disappear.
    And that includes the ones who claim to be conservative.
    They are ALL politicians and they are ALL egomaniacal and they ALL crave power.
    Our political pool from which we draw our congressmen, presidents and jurists are the thin ice this country is walking on.
    When push comes to shove it will likely be over an interpretation of the Second Amendment.

  7. Craw,

    Great round up.

    I'd go a few better than the GOP. One, you MUST attend in person, only the military gets absentee ballots. Two, provide TWO forms of PHOTO ID. Three, have your hand stamped "I VOTED" with indelible ink that will last a day or two.

    Also, WE vote on Nov 6.
    The libidiots vote on Nov 7.

  8. Craw,

    Great round up.

    I'd go a few better than the GOP. One, you MUST attend in person, only the military gets absentee ballots. Two, provide TWO forms of PHOTO ID. Three, have your hand stamped "I VOTED" with indelible ink that will last a day or two.

    Also, WE vote on Nov 6.
    The libidiots vote on Nov 7.

  9. Buck,
    you are correct for 97% of Democrats and probably 35% of Republicans.

  10. Gunny,
    Also: military families, college students, people who are out of their home area on business on election day, hospitalized/nursing homes, and those residing overseas.

    I would END "early voting" as well. ALL voting should be on election day, period. Those who work 1st shift have plenty of time before or after work.

  11. Am really trying to keep this clean.......
    A)HJC,talk about projection. Damn GOP only needs to loop video clips of THIS moroness.No need for expensive ads.
    B)How did that old Beatles tune go? "back in the USSR,you don't know how f@$%ed you are"....
    C)When I read the numbers,I knew the laughingstock media would report the "news" with GREAT gusto. Guess these asshats can't get past the first paragraph of the talking points from the regime.
    D)Dickweed OUGHT to be IN that cell with his pal.
    E)WARNING: Obscenities MAY follow: THANK YOU DEMOCRATS. Here is the net result. Bitch blaming God and everyone else for HER being TOO GODDAMN STUPID to NOT use contraception. I'd say F@%K HER,but it's OBVIOUS she DOES NOT need to be doing THAT. You may delete this if you wish.
    F)Agree. He ALREADY is being chastised by Sharpimp,and the rest of the hucksters.
    G)A big fire indeed. Too bad it won't consume those RESPONSIBLE for setting it.
    H)Well,when ALL you have is LYING......
    I)Just typical.
    J)Wonder why we NEVER hear this crap when the damnable D's win,and redistrict? Odd,don'tcha think?
    K)Nan will find out when she joins Ol' Dead Ted and the rest of the band of merry reprobates there in the 9th ring of hell.Which won't be soon enough.
    L)Well,you lived there for a time,right? You KNOW how stupid they TRULY are.
    M)Like we have the money for that. These sonsofbitches are about as economically astute as the dogshit on the bottom of my boot.
    N)Bastard. This co@&sucker won't die of aids soon enough to suit me.
    O) So this is kinda like "Earth Day" for the idiots?
    P)Great piece. Liked items #2 and 3 the best.
    Q)No doubt about that.
    R)Kudos to young Mr.Thomas. HE gets it. Too bad the damned "institution of higher learning" and his parents DON'T.
    S)Looks like once AGAIN,the COWARDS were more concerned about what the goddamn DC media were going to think about them than doing what is RIGHT. I'm SICK of the cowardice shown by these frigging r's.
    T)Asshole has LESS of an IQ than his drumsticks.

    Have a good weekend. Racking my pea brain trying to figure out what the lovely and gracious Mrs.Clyde wants for Christmas. Thanks for providing a break from THAT!!!!

  12. Crawfish,
    That is a good assumption considering everything that he has done so far has hurt America, it’s allies, and our fellow citizens.

    A) Duh! Heck, I need an ID to make a return at Home Depot.
    B) New dictator same as the old dictator.
    C) We all knew that turd of a statistic would be polished to a high luster for public consumption.
    D) He was just the guy next door or something.
    E) OMG!!!!!!!!!
    F) Few politicians will touch that third rail because of that backlash. Newt is indeed correct and should applauded for his comments.
    G) That is outrageous. Imagine if a republican had sealed records that could be incriminating.
    H) naturally, the nutless wonders will just sit on their hands so as not to be labeled as “extreme”.
    I) Ditto
    J) That of course is beyond the court’s jurisdiction.
    K) If she’s a real Catholic then I’m the Pope. I thought that she was already excommunicated. If not she should be.
    L) let me guess… a democrat.
    M) zero is trying to earn a Nobel Prize for economics. Sadly, the Euro-weenies own a lot of our paper and Timmy, Ben, and zero don’t want that called in.
    N) The dims are in history re-write mode as usual. I’m with Clyde on the end result.
    O) These are the same asshats that claim they own the franchise on environmental issues.
    P) Good list but that would require critical thinking.
    Q) We all predicted that outcome a year ago.
    R) Outstanding! He’s obviously an independent thinker
    S) Good question. One more step to ruin our fine military.
    T) Bachmann was stupid to go on that show in the first place.

  13. Clyde,
    A) Every GOP ad needs to have a quote from Debbie, Gaffes, and His Majesty. Follow it with our candidate presenting the truth.
    B) He won't be able to regain the full empire of Stalin, but Mother Russia will be empire enough.
    C) The bad news is always buried by this regime.
    D) Cell? nope. Same gallows?
    E) Don't forget that she gets more benefits every time she plops out another kid. She's probably clearing at least $150K/yr on federal benefits, plus $75K in child support.
    F) Truth hurts, race pimps!
    G) The ones who SET it are the people who have voted for Democrats over the past 80 years. The Democrats themselves built that bonfire.
    H) We need the GOP to grow a pair and prosecute these bastards.
    I) Unfortunately true
    J) And why does that unConstitutional law only apply to the Old South. Equal protection, anyone?
    K) "Devout Catholic" my arse!
    L) Blacks and unions run Filthadelphia, which explains the stooooopidity and fraud in that city.
    M) And yet the talking heads are all saying that this is such a necessary action....
    N) Come January 2013, he needs to be one of the many on trial for their anti-Constitutional actions...with a complete loss of all retirement benefits and a long term behind bars.
    O) Good'un!
    P) Thought you would enjoy it!
    Q) We called this 4 years ago.
    R) He has obviously taken the time to research history himself, instead of just going along with what the teacher unions put out as indoctrination material.
    S) Again, passing it to find out what is in it. They never even read the bill.
    T) Which explains why he is employed at NBC.

  14. Hardnox,
    A) And for Walmart!
    B) Only the names change
    C) Like Clyde said, they can't make it past the first two paragraphs of the article, and neither can their core voters...those that can read in the first place, that is.
    D) Same Ayers and Dohrn?
    E) My new term is COV. Core Obama Voter.
    F) He may have had some screwups lately for us conservatives, but this isn't one of them!
    G) Would never be we saw with Nixon.
    H&I) Yup.
    J) So was rewriting all abortion laws, but SCOTUS did just that in Roe v Wade.
    K) The Vatican hasn't had the stones to excommunicate a politician in over a century.
    L) Black, union, Philly...of course it is a Dem.
    M) Sooner or later, the spigots will have to be turned off.
    N) Al Gore's invention allows us to find the truth!
    O) What they own is the franchise on hypocrisy!
    P) And we know that doesn't happen in DC.
    Q) only 1 year ago??????
    R) Young man with a bright future.
    S) Idiots never read the bill....again
    T) Candidates need to hit those shows because of the audience numbers. If they can get through the thick skulls of a few of them....


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