Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011- The Weekend Claw

It appears that my last column, using Ron Paul’s own words to prove that he is a lunatic, sent the Paulbots’ heads into a continuing cycle of buzz-click-does not compute-buzz… Not a single point has been refuted. They didn’t even bother to screech.

A) Our good friend Buck sent in this link. Our esteemed Emperor Barack I and his lieutenants Red Nanny P-Lousy and Dingy Harry evidently pushed this through without much fanfare, since they knew the actual working people of America would go absolutely bat guano if they heard of it. There is now a government-sponsored (that means completely paid for by the taxpayers, for those of you who were educated by union teachers) program that now provides FREE cell phones and 250 minutes every month for the folks who are too lazy to get a job (or are living in the underground economy selling drugs or their bodies). Go ahead and look up “Obama phone” in your preferred search engine. We are over 14 trillion dollars in debt, but we can provide even MORE freebies to the leeches of society? The “poor” in America now get free food, free housing, free utilities, free money, more free money for every baby they have (as long as the sperm donor doesn’t marry or live with the mother), and free phone service. In some places, they even get free computers and internet service.

B) The Washington Examiner has posted their annual Top Ten list of Most Corrupt Politicians for 2011. The list is not compiled by their editorial board, but rather by a legal group that has no particular political bias. As expected Obama, Holder, Alcee Hastings, Jesse Jr. and Blago (co-conspirators), and Maxine Waters are on it. The only other Dem is Laura Richardson. Republicans on the list are John Ensign, Spencer Bachus, David Rivera, and Don Young.

C) Speaking of corrupt politicians, check out what the corrupt city council is doing in Filthadelphia. Every single one of them is a Democrat, and the majority are black. They put in a plan that will now allow them to retire, collect hundreds of thousands as a “pension”, then get sworn back in after the weekend is over to keep serving. Can you imagine the national press coverage of this if it was Republican politicians?

D) Here’s some information regarding Ron Paul from one of his former staffers. The staffer says that Ron Paul is definitely NOT a racist. Okay, the only racist stuff we’ve found in his past was from his newsletter, as his hiring practices and such have not shown racism. The staffer does confirm that Ron Paul hates Israel, wishes Israel to be wiped from the map, and consistently sides with the so-called "palestinians" at every opportunity. He also states that Ron Paul is a complete isolationist and thinks we had no business being involved in the European Theater in World War 2, despite the fact that Hitler and Mussolini declared war on us. Ron Paul believes that we entered that war to save the Jews from Hitler, and we had no reason to do so. The staffer confirms that Ron Paul is an idiot on foreign policy.

E) So, your Majesty King Barack I, how’d that “arab spring” work out? Well, representatives from all of the Islamic terrorist groups (which you refuse to acknowledge as Islamic), the government of Turkey, and the two main parties forming the new Egyptian government (Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists), have met to plan their next moves in their continuing quest to eliminate Israel and form the Worldwide Caliphate. Looks like your goals, and those of Ron Paul, are close to being accomplished.

F) Ann-Marie Murrell has this to say about the Christmas bombings in Nigeria: “The Islamic terrorists in Nigeria--who killed 39 or more Christians celebrating Christmas in a Catholic church--are called Boko Haram. Their goal is to spread Shariah throughout Africa & rid the world of all-things Western (aka the US). As of today, they aren't on our State Dept's terrorist list. IF they'd killed Muslims instead of Christians, would that make a difference? Hmmm.” She’s correct, of course. So who is this bunch of militants from the Religion of Peace? They want to remove all traces of Western culture from Africa. Sounds like Obama’s (and Paul’s) kind of people.

G) Then there are Ron Paul’s friends in Iran, who arrested a whole congregation (including children) during Christmas Day services.

H) Y’all ain’t gonna believe this one. Well, if you’ve been paying attention to Ron Paul you will, but his Paulbots will have a cow over it. Here we have, on the House floor, Ron Paul saying that Hamas was created by Israel. Really? In the real world, which is rarely visited by Paul or his minions, Hamas was created in 1987 as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their goal, as defined in their charter, is to create an Islamic state in what is now Israel. He thinks Israel created THAT? The man is completely delusional.

I) The Islamic terrorist front group CAIR has scored another victory in the USA. They have managed to force WordPress into deleting a site that exposed the truth about the Religion of Peace. Yes, in America under the muslim President muslim groups get their way with threats, but if a Catholic group tried this they would be under attack by the Affirmative Action Attorney General and his Injustice Department.

J) Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin’s end-of-the-year column is all about Obama’s scandals and those who keep denying that Obama has any scandals. ‘Tis a good read.

K) The Obama Housing and Urban Development Department is now going to offer their services in over 175 languages. First of all, that department is unConstitutional and should have its budget zeroed out. If our government is going to pay for housing it should be for those who are mentally and/or physically disabled to the point of not being able to work and who don’t have any family to assist them. Secondly, we should pay exactly NO entitlement benefits to non-citizens, and since English proficiency is required to earn citizenship, that means that there is no need to have any government agency (unless dealing with international relations, travel/tourism, immigration, or international trade) use any language other than English. Yes this includes voting ballots.

L) For any of y’all who haven’t paid attention over the years, here is the truth about Kwanzaa, the anti-white fake holiday.

M) “Black idiots shoot Marine Officer 3 times. Marine plugs holes with own fingers.” Yep, that describes the latest activity from Broward County, Florida. A pair of local ne’er-do-wells tried to rob a gold chain from a 29-year old Marine officer. He resisted, so they shot him three times in the chest. The Lieutenant Colonel put his own fingers in the holes to staunch the bleeding, ran back to his truck, and told his kids he’d be fine. The idiots were quickly arrested. OOOOOH-RAH!

N) After the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee spent over a million to bolster his image, Senator Ben Nelson (Donkey-Nebraska) is going to retire at the end of this term. That will probably mean another Senate seat gained for the GOP in this election cycle. Does anybody out there think the GOP can not only get a majority, but possibly hit the 60 seat mark?

O) While the Obama’s are blowing $4 million dollars on a vacation, with almost all of that coming from the taxpayers, Marie Antoinette….er, Michelle Obama is asking the little people to each toss another $3 into the hat to make sure she can take these vacations for another four years. "LET THEM EAT ARUGULA!"

"[A] wise and frugal government ... shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government." --Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. D) "The staffer confirms that Ron Paul is an idiot on foreign policy."

    As if any conformation was required.

  2. Well, his minions still don't think so.....

  3. (A) Don't you get kinda tired of working to support your family and at least one other? Uh, do the Little Crawfishes have cell phones? Bet your tax dollars bought at least 2 or 3 for somebody else's over in Como or Poly.

    (B) And 5 of them will be pardoned by Zero. Uh, care to guess which 5???

    (C) Philadelphians put up with it, they deserve it.

    (D) "And he is most certainly intolerant of Spanish and those who speak strictly Spanish in his presence, (as are a number of Americans, nothing out of the ordinary here.)" Yes, this is just plain rude.
    And " out of touch with both Hispanic and black culture.." It's a 2 way street. Hispanics want total understanding by Anglos yet don't give a damn about understanding the Anglo culture. And blacks... They're not only out of touch but seem to be trying to alienate whites with their Quanza, Ebonics, holidays and other black only goals.

    (E) For some reason the limp-wrist libs never seem to believe it when someone says they are going to kill Americans or Jews, yet wring their hands when Americans and Jews arm themselves. I can just see a PolToon in the not so distant future: A nuclear devistated Israel, or New York or Los Angeles. Cadavers and skeletons everywhere. Buzzards, mangy cats and dogs feasting. And a big liberal head saying, "Whoops.. My bad."

    (F) Refer to my comment in (E).

    (G) Christains have been through this before. In the days of Caligula.

    (H) Actually in Ron Paul's thinking the USA created Hamas ... when they were the first of recognize the sovereign state of Israel.

    (I) Freedom of speech and the press is under attack on all fronts. Witness Gunny getting censored from Google. Witness Brian making the change from TH. Witness The Claw's own exodus.
    Your honor, the defense rests.

    (K) Now (K) makes my blood boil! Gotta go take a BP pill.

    (L) Kwanzaa is for the very segment of the black community the working folks have to support with tax dollars. It is not popular beyond the entitlement community as you can drive through Como or Poly on any Sunday and see Black Americans going to Christain churches. Just like White Americans. Or Mexican-Americans.

    (M) Oh, crap! Guess we'll be hearing all the wannabee "Hoooo-Rah's! for a month or so.

    (N) Trugh be known Senator Nelson's goose was cooked with his vote on Obamacare. I believe he managed to sell Nebraskans a bill of goods when he campaigned for Senate.

    (O) So much fuss about Bush going to Crawford yet nothing is said about Michelle O travelling on Air Force jets. NOT with her husband, the sometime president, but herself and kids. The dog has its own flight lots of time. HOW T. F. is this justified? WHERE T.F. is press outrage??

  4. Craw,

    I wish you would quit beating around the bush and tell us how you feel about Ron Paul.

    As for the LtCol, I am confused by this story. Did he tell them if they kept shooting he was gonna get mad?

  5. Mr Crawfish,

    Israel is a socialist state.

    This is why the USSR supported their founding.

    (I haven't even mentioned that they are a theocracy.)

    Do you or do you not support socialism?

    How long have you supported socialism?


    Ah yes, troll, but they're a democracy!!!


    Fair enough.

    Thank you Woodrow Wilson!!!!!!!

  6. Buck,
    A) Ah yes, the lazy leeches of Como and Poly. They love their messiah of the same skin color.
    B) The pardon machine will be working overtime next January
    C) Filthadelphia is ruled by the combination of blacks and unions. Anything listed as Republican can count on about 25% of the vote. And they wonder why their city has gone to crap.
    D) If they don't wish to assimilate to American culture, F'em. The blacks can go back to Afreaka and the non-drybacks can cross the river.
    E&F) Yet American Jews vote for them. Why do American Jews hate the rest of Judaism? Are they all JINOs?
    G) And Ron Paul would have cheered for the lions.
    H) Ron Paul thinks the USA caused the Islamist movement...1300+ years ago.
    I) No argument there. Just waiting for Google to censor me here.
    K) Obama and the rest of the Dems are intentionally destroying American culture just like Rome starting around 300AD or so.
    L) All for the separatists and supremists. Reverend Wright probably celebrates it.
    M) He probably told the perp, "If you really want to piss me off, fire again."
    N) Ah..the Cornhusker Kickback. Yep, that did put a large hole below the waterline of the SS Nelson.
    O) There is no press outrage because they are blacks and liberals.

  7. TGP,
    I think the Lt. Col. was to the point of miffed, almost perturbed.

  8. Ah, the troll has moved to this post.

    Many of us have been fully aware of the threat of Islam since before the Iranian hostage crisis. I studied the Quran and the writings of The Qub in college (early to mid 80s). I have also studied world history and world military history since junior high school. You see, many of us have paid attention. Conservatives have paid attention since Munich, then Rome, then Iran, then Syria in the early 80s, Lebanon, Libya, Lockerbie, first WTC, etc. Many have been paying attention dating back to all of the wars around Israel. Some of us who were not alive that long ago even know the history of the Ottoman Empire and muslim Persia. Try again, Paulbot!

    As for the rest of that post, once you made the sexual comment, it got trashed.

  9. Troll,
    As for fascists, you don't look at conservatives for that. That is where the Democratic Party reigns supreme. General Motors, anyone? General Electric?

  10. Troll,
    the USSR did not support Israel. They supported Israel's enemies.

    The socialist parts of Israel's government are causing budgetary problems there just like they do everywhere they are tried. Many of my Israeli friends are working toward a more capitalistic Israel, even the ones who are receiving government benefits over there.

  11. A friend of mine, who was about as strong of a neo-con as you can imagine, just had a radical conversion to Ron Paul. I had given up on him, but he proves that ANYONE can change their mind. I'll let you read his story in his own words from his Facebook post today:

    My Long Journey to Ron Paul

    By xxxxxx xxxxxx

    "I know your thoughts. Yes, I do. I know all of your concerns - with Ron Paul, that is. He is nutty, a kook. He is an isolationist. He is all for weakening our military and our standing in the world. He projects that the U.S. is responsible for 9/11, or at least in part. He is anti-Israel and suggests America is not needed in Israel's affairs. He has some wacky ideas about the gold standard and ending the Federal Reserve. He is unfashionable, unmarketable and, well gosh, just downright unPresidential-looking.

    I know all of these arguments and charges against Dr. Paul. I know because I was there and in line with the rest of critics - sometimes with a bullhorn. And, that was just a few weeks ago.

    But then, something happened...

  12. Of course you didn't publish my comment.

    I held up a mirror, and you didn't like what you saw.

    Denial is the hallmark of the "conservative".

  13. If we go to war with Iran, how many of Romney's five sons will serve?

    e)all of the above

  14. Anon,
    I trashed your comment because of sexually explicit content.

  15. Troll,
    I don't care how many of Romney's sons would be serving. First of all, only the youngest two are young enough to enlist. Secondly, I was a member of the all-volunteer, professional Armed Forces of the United States. Our training takes a lot longer than the training for the fighting forces of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. It takes dedication to be successful in today's military. That's why if someone doesn't want to be a part of the military, we get rid of them. We don't want draftees because they will (for the most part, there are always exceptions) not want to be there and will not take their training seriously. That can cause extra deaths and injuries when the chips are down.

  16. Anon,
    so are you a friend of Victor Rogers, or are you just posting the propaganda from Paul's website? Note that even that letter writer evaded what Paul had to say about 9-11, namely that the muslim hatred for the non-muslim world that began over 1300 years ago is all because America has bombed them in the past 22 years.

  17. You don't just build a nuke.

    It's not like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    First, you need to test it.

    These tests are easily detectable.

    When Iran reaches that stage, then we can talk.

    In the meantime, quit with the fear-mongering.

    You're going to get a lot of people killed.

  18. We didn't have any enemies in the Middle East prior to the 1950s when we started meddling.

    And please don't bring up the Barbary pirates.

    How much of a sheep can you be?

    They were pirates doing what pirates do - i.e, pirating.


  19. Troll,
    you don't think that they might decide to make their test as a first operation? Test it by trying to set it off in Tel Aviv? If that possibility didn't occur to you, then you don't understand Islam, guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, or the mindset of Irans mullahs.

    As for pre-1950s, we had plenty of adversaries there, but they were not well established. Between the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the 50s, that area was mostly small kingdoms/sultanates and a lot of tribal regions. Persia/Iran was an exception, and they only ended up somewhat allied with us because they preferred our presence over that of the USSR. We and the Brits were only interested in the strategic importance of that area, so we let the Palavi family rule however they wanted.

    That area was an adversary before that as part of the Ottoman Empire, which kept a bit of a lid on the Islamists while trying to be a legitimate nation on the world stage.

    The Barbary Pirates were an Islamist group spun off from the armies of Islam that controlled all of north Africa for centuries, and had at one time conquered Spain and much of France. You have to remember that this war has been going on for over 1300 years, and by commandment of the Quran it will not end until the world is 100% muslim or all muslims are dead.

    As for being a sheep, that is a good description of Paul's naive supporters.

  20. We also didn't have too many problems with muslims in that area from the early 1800s to the 20th century precisely because Jefferson and Decatur kicked their asses.

  21. If Iran really, truly wanted to do us in... couldn't they have done so using conventional weapons by now??

    Jorge Mush left the borders WIDE open.

    And besides, aren't you the same folks you've keep telling us that Iranian sleeper cells are already here?


    All it would take is the the following:

    A few Iranians sneak across the border.

    They blow up a few gas stations.


    With cigarettes!

    Yeah! Real WMDs!

    What happens?

    The American sheeple, as cowed and slavish as the Bush administration made them, would be scared sh*tless.

    They would stop gassing up.

    Commerce would grind to a halt.

    The economy would tank.

    Total and complete societal collapse would ensue.

    Any questions?

  22. While Iran does want to strike at us, their main goal is the destruction of Israel. They want to spread jihad starting with the Middle East. Small cross-border raids wouldn't have the effect that they want, since that is already occurring with the drug cartels.

    W started to secure the borders, but that was brought to a screeching halt when the Dems took Congress in 2006, and then completely scrapped by Obama.

    Yes, their puppets Hezbollah and Hamas are active with the Mexican drug cartels and they (along with I'minajihad) are also working with Hugo Chavez, they know that they do not yet have the means to make any meaningful strikes across our border. That will change when they finally get their nukes. At that time I would expect to see attempts to pop nukes in one of our ports (best guesses would be Noo Yawk, Bahston, Baltimore, or Filthadelphia) on a ship, since it would be easier to get a nuke there. They would LOVE to pop one in San Diego, but the major border crossing points have radiation detection systems and the Navy does monitor inbound shipping to that port. Still, their first strike will probably be Tel Aviv.

  23. Look folks.

    It's really this simple.

    You can support Paul and get back to constitutional governance.

    Fact is, Paul is the ONLY candidate who can beat Obama.

    Read that again, and then consider the following:

    Who else can attract dems? Do you know how many "libruls" are disgusted with Obama?

    Who else can attract independents?

    Who has the support of "young people"? You know, the same young people who helped Obama win in the first place??

    Mitt Romney???????

    The socialist globalist who gets most of his money from Wall Street?


    So here are your choices:


    b)Obama and/or some other GOP hack. SAME DIFFERENCE.

    Please remember folks, that the Obama administration is simply a continuation of the Bush administration.

    It is different in degree(it's worse), but very similar in kind.

    Thank you.

  24. If the Iranians wanted a nuke, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld would have sold them one by now.

    I am NOT being facetious.

  25. Paul could never beat Obama. If the choice wa Paul vs Obama, Republicans wouldn't vote. That would lead to the Dems regaining the House and keeping the Senate. Paul is a complete loon on foreign policy, and in this dangerous world that makes him completely unacceptable no matter how good his domestic policies are.

  26. A few more things...

    Isn't it disconcerting that you guys hate Paul more than the lefties?

    Here's a question: Are you guys to the left of lefties?


    How's that working out?


    How's that going?

    The region is a bigger mess than before.

    Trillions wasted.

    Hundreds of thousands slaughtered.

    And we're more vulnerable than ever before!

    You guys have been wrong about EVERYTHING!

    If you guys had any shame, or any decency, you would apologize, and then.... go away.

  27. Cheney or Rumsfeld would have given a nuke to Iran? Now you are proving yourself more insane than Ron Paul. That is the most ridiculous statement that has ever been seen on my computer screen.

  28. "If the choice wa Paul vs Obama, Republicans wouldn't vote."

    What does that say about you?


  29. Cheney or Rumsfeld would have given a nuke to Iran? Now you are proving yourself more insane than Ron Paul. That is the most ridiculous statement that has ever been seen on my computer screen.

    Google Rumsfeld's involvement with North Korea's nuclear program.

    After you've done that, look up the definition of the phrase "cognitive dissonance".

    Thank you.

  30. It VERY hard to take hysterical alarmist ideologues seriously...

    To the con ideologue, re Iran, only 2 options exist:

    1. Either Iran destroys the USA and/or (more importantly to the cons) Israel.


    2. The United States of Israel destroys Iran.

    Just like liberals say we can either have govt.-run HC or people dying in the streets...

    It is impossible to have a dialogue w/such out-of-touch people.

  31. Accept personal responsibility and apologize to the American people for killing their sons and daughters.

    Now THAT would be supporting the troops.

  32. Troll,
    I voted 3rd party in 2008. That says I will not vote for someone who is completely unfit for the office that I am voting for. Ron Paul is unfit for the job of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, period.

    Rumsfeld sat on a board of a company that worked with the Clinton Administration to sell LIGHT WATER nuclear reactors to North Korea as part of a deal that would include the NorKs shutting down their HEAVY WATER reactor (the kind that produces weapons grade plutonium) and allowing international inspection of their nuclear facilities. That is quite a ways from Rumsfeld helping them develop nuclear weapons and light years away from him and Cheney giving weapons to them. Nice try, but you have failed yet again.

  33. We have a 15 trillion dollar national debt.


    THAT is the biggest threat we face.

    Right here.

    Right now.

    It's not some hypothetical.

    It's NOT going to get paid back.

    We either default, or we hyper-inflate.

    Either way, we're a third-world nation.

    Almost overnight.


  34. Correct, we have a 15 trillion dollar debt. Almost half of that has come since Harry Reid took over the Senate and Pelosi took over the House. Until we can get conservative leadership in the House and Senate, that will continue, no matter who we put in the White House. Do you think even for a moment that any of Paul's crazy ideas about slashing the military by 73% will get past the House and Senate? Even his GOOD plans will die in the House and Senate unless conservatives are in charge and there is a 60+ majority in the Senate.

  35. Unknown said...
    "It VERY hard to take hysterical alarmist ideologues seriously...

    To the con ideologue, re Iran, only 2 options exist:

    1. Either Iran destroys the USA and/or (more importantly to the cons) Israel.


    2. The United States of Israel destroys Iran.

    Just like liberals say we can either have govt.-run HC or people dying in the streets...

    It is impossible to have a dialogue w/such out-of-touch people."

    It is impossible to have a rational discussion with such naive people who have no understanding of Islam and the Middle East. When you have studied the Quran, the writings of the Qub, the Iranian constitution, the charter of Hamas, the charter of Hezbollah, and the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, come on back and we will see if you can be rational instead of naive.

  36. Mr Craw,

    Weapons-grade nuclear material could be extracted from the type of light water reactors that Rumsfeld's firm sold the North Koreans.

  37. Troll said...
    "Accept personal responsibility and apologize to the American people for killing their sons and daughters.

    Now THAT would be supporting the troops."

    What kind of unadulterated horse crap is that? Who exactly is killing America's sons and daughters? That would be Islamic militants, for the most part.

    All of our men and women in uniform are there because they have VOLUNTEERED to serve our nation, which is a concept beyond the mental capacities of Paul and his followers. I served 20 years. I was scheduled to go to Iraq in 2007, but my unit was disestablished instead of being re-equipped with the helicopter types we needed for that mission. I have family in uniform right now. My family has served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, 1920s actions in Haiti and Nicaragua, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Most of my friends have worn the uniform. Many of them served multiple tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc. They served multiple tours overseas because they RE-ENLISTED to go back. Some even served in Vietnam and Desert Storm, then went back to Iraq as military contractors!

    I support our troops. People who want to cut our military budget by 73% are the ones who wish to take a dump on our military. When it comes to supporting our Armed Forces, Paul's supporters are not worthy to lick the boots of our military men and women.

  38. Troll,
    once again you INTENTIONALLY overlook the salient points.
    a) That action was taken in concert with the Clinton Administration.
    b) Part of the deal was to have international inspectors on site so weapons material extraction would not happen..
    c) Heavy water reactors produce weapons grade material, while the by-products of light water reactors are not weapons grade. They must be heavily refined after extraction to become weapons grade.

    Thank you for missing the point entirely and insisting on your lunatic theories.

  39. Troll/Anon,
    It appears that the THIN shine of your hero has worn off. Santorum is ahead of Paul in Iowa.

    Evidently the Iowans have taken a closer look behind the curtains so to speak at Ron Paul and they are not liking his positions.

    although I like some of RP's domestic ideas, he is a lunatic plain and simple and no amount of cheerleading will change his record.

    Btw, Ron Paul has submitted 650 pieces of legislation to the floor in the house during his career. Only 4 were read aloud, and only ONE was ever passed. The one was for moving a post office.

    That's a hell of a legislative record spanning nearly three decades, and you Paulbots want him as president and leader of the free world. You can't be friggin serious.

  40. Mr. Hardnox,

    That's more of an indictment against CONgress than against Paul.

    You have things backwards.


  41. Troll,
    when you directly insult me or our military, your posts will not see the light of day.

    As to your points. Saddam's forces killed some American troops. Islamic militants killed more. George W. Bush did not kill a single one. George W. Bush NEVER had a foreign policy anywhere close to what Ron Paul has been saying. NEVER.

    Why do Paulbots such as yourself insist on such lies?

  42. Troll,
    That is not any kind of indictment of Congress. If Paul's proposals are that far off the wall that they aren't even brought up for a vote, that shows exactly what kind of cooperation he would get from any Congress. Even Dennis Kucinich and Alcee Hastings can get their bills put up for votes, and they are nutty as Payday bars.

  43. The Troll had some more comments, but since he persists in insulting me, they have been deleted. He is also trying to say that W's foreign policy during the 2000 campaign was the exact same as Paul's today. Where do they come up with such tripe?

  44. Here you go Craw:

    It's all right there on tape.

    Jorge Mush sounded EXACTLY like Paul.

  45. SuperTroll,
    He doesn't sound a bit like Paul. He's saying that we don't need to tell every other nation that they must be like the USA. He is also against nation building, saying that we can help them chart their own course, but not demand that they be like us. That is exactly what he did in his 8 years. We'd prefer to be the world's peacemaker, but will fight if we are pushed into it.

    Nice try, but you fail yet again.

  46. Crawfish:
    I don't believe Americans want to be or need to be the world's peacemaker.
    Or "nationbuilder".
    I believe we should go about our own business but if someone Effs with us.... pound 'em into sand.
    After the first time you'd be surprised of the newfound respect the rest of the world would suddenly have for us.

  47. Where is the Conservative Plan and Politician that will make a serious attempt at balancing the budget w/o raising taxes or touching Offense spending and is he/she electable?

    Or, is massive deficit spending (Reagan/Bush-anomics) the new fiscal conservatism?

    I find it interesting that the last two, 2-term Republican/Conservative potus's both presided over record-breaking w/the help of a Democrat congress, the other w/a mostly Republican!

  48. Mr. C, you Cons act as if foreign-policy is your strong suit...

    The defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan all prove otherwise.

    As if these debacles aren't bad enough, now you fools want to take on IRAN?

    Those who fail to learn from history (cough, Vietnam, cough!) are doomed to repeat it (Iraq-Af-Pak)...

  49. Unknown,
    You keep acting like W was a conservative. W was another product of the northeast yankee blueblood country club liberal elite establishment wing of the GOP, just like his father.

    We don't have OFFENSE spending. Your ignorance of the world beyond our shores is quite astonishing for one who keeps harping on those points.

    What defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are you referring to? We WON in Iraq, and left behind a free government. We destroyed the leadership of AlQaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan and restored a civilian government. If they wish to negotiate with the Taliban, that is their own stupidity. We gave them the opportunity to be free. Pakistan? We didn't fight them, only Taliban and Al Qaida personnel inside Pakistan.

    As for Vietnam, we could have easily won that war if the Rules of Engagement handed down by Democrat Presidents and a Democrat Congress had not tied one hand behind our backs. Even when we pulled out, the South had a chance to survive until Teddythedrunk and others of his ilk made laws preventing us from supporting the South at all. The Democrats WANTED us to lose, so they forced the issue.

  50. RE: Vietnam

    Excuse me, but wasn't it a CONSERVATIVE potus who threw in the towel on Vietnam?

    I mean, he had from 1968-1973 to win against this tiny, impoverished isn't like Tricky Dick was above "bending the law" your "rules of engagement" excuse doesn't wash does it?

    As a typical big-govt. type its always "coulda, shoulda, woulda" when it comes to your failed programs/policies isn't it?

  51. RE: GWB

    OK, he wasn't a 'conservative' and neither is Obama (although, both, apparently, are more 'conservative' than Ron Paul according to you)...but BOTH were able to win the Presidency in this 'Conservative Nation'...

    Hmmmm...what does that say about Conservatives?

  52. RE: 'WINNING'

    By your logic the USGovt. 'won' in Vietnam too...since it "left behind a free govt" and "gave them the opportunity to be free". LOL

    This kind of Con 'logic' always amuses me...

    By my reckoning, 911 cost America about 3000 lives and $25-30 billion.

    The Conservative response to it has cost about 3 times that many lives (and about 10+ times more casualties) and somewhere around $1 trillion+ in war.

    Only a proponent of big-govt. solutions like yourself thinks any of this makes sense...

    And, you think it makes such good sense that you would like to see in CONTINUED indefinitely...

    The ignorant truly never learn from history, do they?

  53. Troll,
    Nixon never tried to WIN Vietnam. In fact, he ran on a platform of ending that war. He had the Paris peace talks going on from early in his Administration. The goal at that point wasn't a WIN, but rather that we would get out, our POWs would come home, and the North would abide by the previous treaties that kept them above the 17th parallel.

    Thank you for remembering that you know noting of military history.

  54. Troll,
    W and Obama are both non-conservatives. Both were able to win.
    Did the GOP establishment allow any conservative a real shot at the nomination? Nope.
    In 2008, the two conservative candidates were Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Neither got an ounce of support from the GOP leadership and were both forced out of the race early.
    In 2000, the main candidates were W, McLame, and Keyes (who while he is a conservative ran a campaign that seemed to be more token or comic relief than a serious contender). The other candidates were Lizzy Dole, Pat Buchanan, Lamar Alexander, Steve Forbes, John Kasich, Bob Smith, Dan Quayle, Orrin Hatch, and Gary Bauer. Did any of THEM seem like strong conservatives who could inspire the base and independents to victory? Uh...nope.

    Sorry, but you lose yet again.

  55. Troll,
    I have already gone over the terms of our armistace in Vietnam and how it was the Democrats under Teddythedrunk that paved the way for the North's final offensive. You have already lost that battle.

    We lost 3000 lives on 9-11, and a combined 5000 in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember that Iraq wa not directly a response to 9-11. The Iraq war was in response to saddam's years of violations against the 1991 ceasefire accords. Those accords, demanded that we resume military action against Saddam and remove him from power if he broke the terms. He did and we did.

    War is expensive, but that is not the determining factor of going to war...and has nothing to do with my being a proponent of small government.

    The rest of your screed completely lacks logic. Do you really think that those of us who have served in the military ever WANT war? We don't, but we know that it is sometimes a necessary part of being a great nation.

    Your ignorance and naivete of military affairs continues, as does that of your Messiah, Ron Paul.

  56. Craw,

    Good job, but your definitely trying to fix stupid, and it can't be done.

    Bush or Cheney would have sold them one? Holy shit. Clinton is the big seller of missile tech.

    And I worry that Paul would too, to apologize for us bombing the Muslims. What a crock of shit.

  57. TGP,
    scroll down to the 12-16 post....even worse!

  58. Sorry I am late to the dance. Work and family have been taking up most of my time Crawfish.

    The Ron Paul supporters appear to be just as idiotic as their leader. After reading some of their comments, I wonder if they wear "tin-foil" hats and believe in Bigfoot. (Not that I don't enjoy a good story on Bigfoot. Around the camp fire and out in the woods, they are fun.)

    M) I enjoyed reading about this Marine officer. Some times a real man just has to say, "To hell with the odds," and then gets the job done.

    O) I have to wonder what the First Wookie will do after January 2013. Will she still ask her husband's brain-dead supporters for more money?

    Another good edition Crawfish. The Paulbots gave me a good laugh.

  59. Unknown:
    Obviously you have never studied anythng pertaining to the Viet Nam war beyond what a bunch of already on the left teachers have drummed into your head.
    The reason the communists won the war rests largely on the leftist/socialist/Marxist journalists and teachers right here in this country.
    The war was not allowed to be fought as a war should. Plans of attack in many areas had to be approved by people and, mysteriously, the NVA knew about the plans about as soon as the front line soldiers. NO war can be prosecuted successfully when you have traitors in Congress daily spewing the latest communist propaganda and a left leaning press picking it up and printing it verbatum.
    Nixon did, indeed, go to the White House with a "secret" plan to end the war. And the war did end with the US troops withdrawing but with US promise to South Viet Nam to aid with air support, material and weapons so the South could defend itself in case of another aggression from the North. Which the North promptly did and the US was supporting the South right up until your traitorous members of congress DEFUNDED the effort causing the South to collapse.
    What happened then was a blood bath from Viet Nam through Laos and Cambodia right up to the borders of Thailand.
    The sad part is the Jane Fonda/John Kerry types don't even recognize their actions caused all the deaths and horror. Somehow it is more comfortable to point a finger at the people who actually tried to stem the flow of communism into another sphere.
    Sad. Really sad.

  60. Ghost,
    the Paulbots are getting on my nerves. I keep saying things in simple English, and pointing out the simple English of the Constitution, but they still say that I am interpreting while they make up stuff and say that they are not interpreting. Check out the latest round of comments on the 12-16 column.

    M) Just trying to keep up the Marine image....
    O) She will go into severe vacation withdrawal. Then she will write a book about her experiences as First Grifter. It will be featured by Oprah and "The View". After it sells 20,000,000 copies, someone will notice that there is absolutely no meat to the story. She will laugh all the way to the bank, on her way to another vacation.

  61. Buck,
    you are pointing out facts to the historically and foreign policy challenged. They will now say that you are a proponent of big government, a warmonger, and you want Americans to die.

  62. Craw, I salute your ongoing efforts, I guess.

    You may have noticed I dropped out of the "debate" with the Paulbots.

    The one thing I learned over time was that with them, it's never-ending until you just ignore them and move on.

    They believe in and practice endless circular argumentation. You start out at Issue A. You make an irrefutable case on that and rather than acknowledge that, they seemlessly change the subject to Issue B. The same thing happens continually through Issue Z, at which point you find yourself back at Issua A as if that discussion never even took place.

    Essentially, as far as I'm concerned, they "win" by boring me to death.

    I don't have the time, nor enough interest, to play such silly games.

  63. Brian,
    I know. The simple English in the Constitution is above their heads. Geez, the one on the 12-16 post doesn't understand that conscription is part of Congress' power to raise an army, and that it does not fall under the 13th ban on "involuntary servitude" as those under involuntary servitude do not receive pay and benefits. Is our language really that difficult?

  64. Well, there ya go. Perfect example.

  65. HJC,Craw,you have the patience of a saint. Nice job of it,but as Brian said,it seems to be a huge circle jerk with them.

  66. Clyde,
    You're only seeing the comments that I'm allowing through. The ones with sexual references and personal attacks are deleted. The ones that make absolutely zero sense are deleted. I just deleted one that said living in a worldwide caliphate would be okay because he likes falafel and hummus. I deleted another that accused Bachmann of being a "Zionist" and lying about Iran's threats. I have tried to be patient, but their insanity is starting to drive me nuts.

  67. Crawfish:

    The Paulbots remind me of a story about an artist in New York City.
    His art was much in favor with the "beautiful people" who would come to the museum, sip bubbly out of crystal flutes and, "ooh!" and, "ahhh!" his latest creation all the while impressing each other with their knowlege of art with, "..such bold strokes!" or, "...such vivid colors.." and each nodding sagely.
    So the artist decided to play a trick on the "beautiful people." He got a chimpanzee, put him in a closet with a canvass and a bunch of open paints. The results he took to exhibit, telling the "beautiful people" he had found a new artist whom he believed to be very talented.
    Of course at the exhibition each of the "beautiful people" oohed and awhed and spoke of the bold strokes and vivid colors and all nodded and proclaimed this new artist was a pure genius.
    Then the artist told the "beautiful people" that the "artist" was a chimp locked in a closet with a canvas and a bunch of open paint pots.
    Undaunted, the "beautiful people" declared the chimp to be a genius.
    Kinda like Paulbots, huh?

  68. They can't admit that their "genius" is a chimp.

  69. Wow, the wackjobs are running rampant here! You know what Paulbots are? Perverts, pedophiles and drug addicts! They want rape, drugs and sex with children legalized. I've had this argument with many of them. Of course they say that if you put it that way you're taking it out of context. But when they say they should be allowed to do what they want as long as it doesn't bother anyone, that's what they really mean. So these pervert pedophile drug addicts that think that if we become isolationist, the whole world will become Utopia, are trying to tell us that "we" don't understand?
    That's truly the example of a pig with lipstick telling Miss America how to do her make-up.

  70. All,
    Reading the comments above reminds me why I have come to really dislike Ron Paul, and especially his idiot followers.

    All in all, good effort on your part.

  71. USS Liberty - Could it happen again, in the Straits of Hormuz, perhaps?

    Anyone remember the USS Liberty?

    If not, watch this BBC documentary about it:

    Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty

    The USS Liberty was attacked by Israel with the intention to make it look as if the ship was destroyed by Egypt, thus giving the USA a reason to enter the Six-Day-War. However, the Israelis failed to sink the ship and the sailor aboard managed to get out an SOS, enabling the USS Liberty to limp to safety.

    Now many people blame Israel and view the USA as the victim, but that wasn't probably the case. The USA wanted to enter that war, they had the aircraft carriers with the nukes ready to attack Cairo 'in retaliation' for the presumed sinking on the USS Liberty. The war planes were actually lauched, but when it turned out that the USS Liberty was still afloat and had survivors aboard that could testify, the planes were hastily called back and told not to interfere. Lyndon B. Johnson himself said he wanted the USS Liberty sunk, ordering the aircraft carriers to NOT help her. Well, watch the documentary above, it's an eye opener.

    Today we have another situation where the USA wants to engage in a war and craves for a reason that would justify it. And I'm really afraid there might be another USS Liberty soon, and maybe one that isn't so 'lucky' as the last one.


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