Saturday, December 10, 2011

12-10-2011 The Weekend Claw

Congrats to Robert Griffin III, the son of a dual-military family. You have done your parents and Baylor University proud in winning the 2011 Heisman Memorial Trophy.

A) THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!!! Wesley Cook (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal) has beaten the justice system. Thirty years ago this week, Cook murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. He was properly convicted and properly sentenced to death based on the physical evidence and eyewitnesses. Hundreds of appeals later (all paid for by international leftists, black racist organizations, Democrats, radical student organizations, moron musicians, and Hollyweird idiots), a left wing extremist federal judge said that the jury instructions for the sentencing phase of his trial were “potentially misleading” and threw out the sentence. The Supreme Court refused to hear any appeal of that action. Now, thirty years after her new husband’s death, Maureen Faulkner and the new District Attorney have given up the fight. The black power activist and muslim will now get an automatic sentence of life in prison. He should have been executed 25 years ago.

B) Seventy years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the private school attended by the little Obamas celebrated the anniversary by serving Japanese food for lunch. That’s kinda like serving Halal foods on 9-11 anniversaries or tamales on March 6th (anniversary of the fall of the Alamo). What kind of American military hating idiot made THAT decision? Could this have been yet another school menu suggestion by Moochelle?

C) Barack Hussein Obama tried to compare himself with Teddy Roosevelt this week, with a major speech about “fairness”. His words were manna from Heaven for the brainwashed. He called on America to be all about equality of results, instead of what our nation is really about, equality of opportunity. Obama even said that limited government that preserves free markets “has never worked”, so we need an activist government. He didn’t specifically say it, but his point was that only socialism will work. In this, he conveniently ignores the FACT that every socialist system in history has been a dismal failure and/or has turned into a dictatorship. Representative Allen West rebutted Obama’s nonsense with his own message of what America is all about.

D) The Obama family’s contempt for the US taxpayer continues. His Majesty is now staying in DC for a few extra days in order to campaign against the Republicans, saying that he wants to continue the payroll tax cuts (which will cause us all to have fewer Social Security benefits later in life since they are based on contribution amounts), but threatening to veto them if the GOP includes language that approves the Keystone Pipeline (which oddly enough means Obama opposes 20,000 union jobs…but the unions still support him). Since he is still in DC, that means that once again Moochelle and her brood are taking a separate flight to Hawaii, with all of the additional support forces and security details this involves. The entertainment of the First Grifters will cost the American taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we must spare no expense to keep Moochelle Antoinette happy. Let the taxpayers eat arugula!

E) Hillary! went to the UN in Geneva to proclaim the doctrine of the Democrats. According to her, and therefore according to Barack Obama, religious and cultural values around the world are standing in the way of rights for queers and trannys. Yes, it is more of the leftist war against religion, but this time it comes with a twist as they are also attacking Islam. The only religion acceptable to the American left is the religion of socialism. For the most part, the GOP is scared to counter this war against religion, but to his credit Rick Perry put out a new television ad saying that he would “end Obama’s war on religion.”

F) So why is this Administration so extremely supportive of the radical queers? Our good friend GunnyG has found some reports that may just explain it.

G) “I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration. And that is not just our opinion. That is the opinion of the Israeli government.” That quote came this past week from one Barack Hussein Obama at one of his many campaign fundraisers. You really need to pay attention to the words before you throw the BS flag on him, as he really HAS done more for Israel’s security than any previous President, just not in a POSITIVE manner! He has done more to undermine Israel than even James Earl Carter has done both in his presidency and in the years since. As for not patting himself on his back too much, again one must look closely at the words he said. His definition of “too much” is obviously “48 hours per day”.

H) This organization ALWAYS has outstanding commercials. In this one, they are not advertising for themselves, but for a fantastic program that they have been running for years. If you are dry-eyed at the end, you are heartless.

I) In the past decade, American taxpayers have spent a quarter of a billion dollars for penispumps for older guys who have a hard time getting hard and large enough to satisfy their lovers. That doesn’t include the cost of Viagra and other devices or drugs. Why is that an acceptable use of taxpayer money? The reports that 80% of those expenditures were for Teddythedrunk, $lick Willie, Bawney Fwank, and Anthony the Weiner are not considered credible.

J) “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” That old saying simply means “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Here is proof, from a newspaper clipping that dates back to November of 1949. Hat tip goes to INTHENOW for finding this one.

K) The Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department is now involved in yet another scandal. I know, y’all are shocked. This time, they are giving out money that is supposed to be used to fight juvenile delinquency, and they’re handing it to ACORN.

L) When Susan Collins is agreeing with me, you know the White House really screwed up. For those of you who don’t pay attention, Collins may claim to be a Republican, but she’s about as conservative as the Kennedy family. Anyway, Collins is one of a bunch of lawmakers who are upset with the Obama Administration because they are referring to the Fort Hood Massacre as “workplace violence” instead of Islamic terrorism. By this definition, other incidents of “workplace violence” would include 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.

M) This proclamation makes me seriously consider making Newt my top choice.

N) The liberal claim of “voter suppression” regarding requirements to show identification to vote has reached new heights. The NAACP is taking their complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Really? Not being able to vote fraudulently is an international human rights violation?

O) The Crawfish family enjoys the Discovery Channel show “Mythbusters”, but for some strange reason we believe one of the episodes for the upcoming season will have to be held back for a while…like until all court actions are completed.

P) Last week I ranted about the Senate passing a bill (with a 93-7 vote) that changed the Uniform Code of Military Justice to now allow sodomy and bestiality. Now we have proof that some Senators are being derelict in their duty, as John McLame admits that he didn’t know about that part of the bill and Lindsey Grahamnesty also admits he didn’t know about it. Meanwhile, Minister of Propaganda Carney and the mainstream media laughed about his refusal to answer questions about the provision. To top it off, PETA is hacked off about the provision and the White House’s behavior.

Q) Our friend Gunny G has an excellent column regarding the signature programs enacted by liberals over the past eighty years. You will note that each and every one is a massive failure.

"The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it." --James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. B) It's impossible to overestimate how out of touch with America, and impervious to irony, the Bat Ears family is.

    D) Same comment.

    M) Sorry. Choice of SecState is almost an irrelevant issue to me.

    N) Speaking of irrelevancies, what do those maroons think the UN can do? It has absolutely no jurisdiction in this country to do anything.

  2. See if I can slog through here,feeling kinda brown and squishy today. Congrats indeed to Robert Griffin 3rd. Didn't know he is Baylor's first Heisman winner. Onto the heap........
    A)New slogan. Instead of "Free Mumia Now" how about "Fry Mumia Now". Works for me.
    B)No question. Along with bowing down,perhaps?
    C)This sucker is worse than Sybil. Just CANNOT be himself. Who next? Pol Pot? Che? Ho Chi Minh?
    D)Got to live large while they can,eh?
    E)Guess ol'Hitlary! really doesn't know what Islam and Allah thinks of queers,does she?
    F)Yep. Got a hunch.
    G)You do know where to send the new bullshit meter,correct?
    H)Indeed. We've dropped off about 15 parcels already. At least we know they appreciate our help.
    I)I think a Pres.Crawfish would say "Tough" to that. A Pres.Clyde would say "sucks to be you".
    J)Spot-on then and now.
    K)Imagine my stunned amazement. NOT!!!
    L)She gets one out of countless thousands. WOW.Hey,Mainahs,GET RID of her already,will you?
    M)A wise choice indeed. Better if it were the other way around.
    N)New twist to the same old,UNPROVEN shit. NAALCP needs a new playbook.
    O)A "Call Lee Free" moment there,no doubt. Like Jamie,not so much Adam.
    P)Part 1:Imagine.These MORONS didn't read the damn bill.We MUST get legislation REQUIRING ANY and all bills MUST be READ by the ACTUAL 'critter BEFORE the vote. So simple even Ivan could do it. Part 2: PETA could do something RIGHT here for a change. Like LYNCHING Carney,and his boss. Or,at the very least,NOT SUPPORT the re-election campaign. Do I ask for too much?
    Q) Yep. Good,spot-on stuff.
    OK,managed to muddle my way through. Back to bed. C ya.

  3. Hey there Craw,

    Where ya been?

    My pet peeve was Hillary saying Israeli women are discriminated on while the women in Egypt are saying they will now have to leave because they don't want to live under Sharia law. I guess ole Hillary missed that "little" woman problem.

  4. I think that is the first Heisman for Baylor. What awards did Singleterry receive there?

    (A) If you want to reduce crime rate reinstall capital punishment in more than the most henious crimes and...AND...introduce a fast track system through the appeals process. Like base the appeals on the execution date and not the court's pleasure.

    (B) But you gotta understand.. The Japs..uh..Japanese were just protecting

    (C) Probably Zero has more in common with TR than any other POTUS besides Carter...whom he has not yet compared himself. TR was the first "Progressive" POTUS.

    (D) Yeah, Mrs Zero sure doesn't mind mooching off folks she despises, does she? How come congress puts up with this. THEY could cut off White House expense money.

    (E) Hillary. Won't she ever go away??

    (F) Hmmmm. Maybe that's why no old girlfriends have come forward. Wonder where the old boyfriends are lurking? Oh, yeah. Mayor of Chicago. That's right.

    (G) He HAS done more for Israeli security than anyone else. Since he has been in office all Israeli security forces have been on full alert 24/7.

    (H) Yep. A real tear jerker. Got it a little while back from Colonel Cousin.

    (I) You don't get it. It's the government way of getting rid of Social Security pensioners. Give 'em what they need to have a heart attack.

    (J) Yep. And back in the late '40's my uncle said we were becoming a police state. I was young and thought that would be great. With cops everywhere the bad guys would have to be good.

    (K) I was wondering what the ruse would be when they finance ACORN in the run up to the 2012 election. After all, they really will need Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to vote this time around.

    (L) And Mad Magazine some 50 years ago said one day the POTUS would apologize to the Japanese because the noise from our ships blowing up had hurt the Japanese pilots' ears.

    (M) I agree with you. But that still doesn't answer his stand on illegal immigration.

    (N) It started some time ago. Some fringe group or radical takes an American issue to a world court or organization. Right now we laugh at it. But one day the government will surrender our sovereignty of an issue over to some world organization and before you know it...

    (O) Email me that, would you?

    (P) McCain and Graham are lying throught their rino eye teeth. McCain HAS to say something, given his military background. And Graham? Well it seems Graham is McCain's punk.

    (Q) Yep. Ol' Gunny is a real Remington Raider, all right.

  5. Brian R:

    Re: (N) It is just turning the stove on. The water's still cold but it is the beginning and slowly is the way to get the public to accept it.

  6. Brian,
    B&D) They never cease to amaze.
    M) It means a LOT.
    N) If they push for international monitoring, the Democrats will assist, and they will rig the election completely. Just think of every election Jimmy Carter has "monitored"

  7. Clyde,
    A) That's been my slogan for years.
    B) Make it a full kowtow
    C) Those who seek to rewrite history will never learn from history
    D) And they'll have fun, fun, fun 'til her Daddy takes the Visa awayyyyyyy
    E) That's the only part of Islam the Dems oppose.
    F) Things that make ya go hmmmmmmm??????
    G) I'm not even gonna turn my new one on until Obama is removed from office.
    H) If I wasn't unemployed, I'd be doing the same.
    I) President Crawfish would shut off so many freebies that we'd have a budget surplus.
    J) yup
    K) Wanna see my shocked look? Wanna see it again?
    L) It takes that kind of outrage for her to agree with conservatives.
    M) Can't disagree too much. SecState is very important. Imagine if Bolton had been there instead of Powell in 2002-2003.
    N) How is preventing fraud an infringement on rights?
    O) Can't wait until that episode finally gets legal approval!
    P) Any critter that admits to being surprised about something they voted for needs to be put in prison immediately for dereliction of duty.
    Q) Gunny's on a roll!

  8. Pepp,
    haven't been online for pleasure much lately...since I've been job hunting. Also haven't been in the best of health lately.

  9. Buck,
    Singletary won the Davey O'Brien twice when it was for best player in Southwest Conference. All-American twice as well.
    A) Execution date of 18 months from sentencing date is more than enough time to go to state appeals court, state supremes, fed appeals, and SCOTUS. That's 4.5 months each for a job that takes less than a month.
    B) And Sidwell Friends School supports that.
    C) Teddy was progressive, but also a fierce patriot.
    D) They are scared of the media and Democrats complaining in public.
    E) Yes...13.5 months from now!
    F) We've been looking for the wrong lovers all along!
    G) Now they need to hire more since those are getting worn down
    H) Wife lost it hard on that one
    I) geez
    J) Glad you grew out of that liberal mindset
    K) If there is a way to fraudulently use gummint money, the Democrats will find it.
    L) That's funny!
    M) THAT is his big negative to me, but on every other issue he is getting better daily.
    N) That's the leftist plan to overturn our Constitution.
    O) Don't have any more than that now.
    P) I doubt it. Both of them are too self-important to read any long bill themselves.
    Q) He's had a good couple of weeks fer sher

  10. Craw,

    How's the job hunt? Dismal time of year for it. I was thinking Obama has done more for Israeli security, he's got em all filling sandbags. He's doing a great job for Toys for Tots too. This will be the fourth straight year the Marines have fought off the Grinch. Check out my post on that, if you get time.

    Hang in there. I've been scratching and scraping since 08. God willing, twelve more months and things will take off.

  11. TGP,
    I'm expecting to hear back from a company regarding an interview I had about 10 days ago. Other than that, I haven't gotten any bites on my applications lately. Sux.

  12. Craw,

    Great wrap up and thanks for the plugs.


    I'm working on an entry concerning a report that just broke on energy. This nation could be fully employed but the regime and several rogue agencies and as usual, governmental interfence is preventing it.

    Hopefully in a year, our economy will start moving up once we get rid of the commies and dregs.

  13. We have to remove Obama in November of 2012. Things are now going from bad to worse throughout the country.

    D), E), F), & G) of your Weekend Claw are only the tip of the iceberg.

  14. Craw, Amnesty International is constantly "monitoring" things here, and wailing and moaning about capital punishment.

    Have you ever heard of anybody paying attention to them? It would be exactly the same thing with the UN "monitoring" elections. Absolutely meaningless.

    Further, the UN is just a "criticize America" organization anyway. So they "criticize" something else? So what? Who's gonna care?

    Now, as to SecState: as I said, that's also pretty irrelevant. It's the same sideshow as McCain choosing Palin as his VP last time. A SecState is no more "indepenant" than a VP, and no more determinative of policy. They serve at the pleasure and direction of the Prez.

    You think Bolton can actually SET policy himself? He can't, which is why I say it doesn't matter.

    You have a loose-cannon RINO like Gingrich in the WH and it isn't going to matter a bit who his SecState is... particularly with such an arrogant yutz like Gingrich. He doesn't pay any attention to ANYbody.

    Don't forget; HE'S the smartest guy in the room, and HE knows what's best for everybody.

  15. Ghost,
    and Captain Smith still says full speed ahead

  16. Brian,
    Amnesty doesn't have the ability to write international laws and get many world governments to not recognize the legitimacy of an election.

    SecState helps formulate policy, and having a forceful one is important. Who do you want making the important speeches at the UN or anywhere around the world, a strong SecState like Bolton, or some wishy-washy liar like Hillary?

  17. And the UN doesn't have the ability to write any laws that affect this country, either.

    And again, as far as I'm concerned, SecState is an irrelevant sideshow.

    Nobody (well, almost nobody, I guess) is going to base their vote on who a Prez might appoint as SecState.

    Look at it another way: it's not going to matter who's SecState if you have some narcissistic bonehead in the White House granting amnesty to illegal aliens while calling the Ryan Proposal "right-wing social engineering".

    You may as well just vote for Bat Ears.


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