Monday, January 9, 2012

1-9-2012 Crawfish Update

My computer's hard drive took a dump last week, and I just got my recovery disks today.  Unfortunately, my backup/restore drive somehow dumped my internet bookmarks update and the drafts for my next couple of editions, so I am working to restore everything so I can start kicking out new columns.

As for my Troll....
Yes, I dumped most of you new comments, since they were full of falsehoods.  Do you expect people who have studied Islam and all of the Islamist organizations to believe the propaganda from Ron Paul's website about how Islam is not a threat to anybody?    Yes, I did check your links.  All of them were full of crap.


  1. Craw,

    I had that happen twice this year. Lost all the pictures of the kiddies.

    If only trolls were jobs, huh? How's the job hunt?

  2. TGP,
    nothing yet. The lady I've been trying to contact regarding an interview from 5 weeks ago was finally back in the office today....and the phone was busy every time I tried it.

  3. I filled out an application online (for a warehouse management position[forklift operator]) and have been assaulted by college loan outfits and other trash. No calls about the job.

  4. That blows old dead crows(not to mention a few live ones) when the HD crashes. And not finding new work. Maybe I'll win the ol' Powerball for ya.

  5. Craw,

    That sucks, been down that road before. Get your PC well soon.

    BTW, as for trolls, I can ban by IP now and it is GREAT!

  6. Secretary of Defense Admits Iran Not Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons:

  7. Seems everyone forgets that under Reagan, James Baker and the boys went to Iran and offered them technology to build a nuclear power plant to run their infrastructure so that Iran could sell the U.S their oil cheap.

    That's how we "know" they have the technology.

  8. Jev,
    Thanx for stopping by and commenting.

    The major points regarding their plans come down to common sense.

    1) They have refused to allow inspection of their facilities, which means they have something to hide.

    2) They have built their "peaceful" facility deep inside a mountain with heavy security and anti-aircraft missile batteries. A facility that is for normal power generation doesn't need that kind of security.

    3) On top of that, the SecDef says that this plant won't be able to enrich beyond 20%.
    A) How does he know the specifications unless he is taking I'minajihad at his word?
    B) Even slightly enriched uranium could be used as a "dirty" weapon to cause mass casualties in Tel Aviv.

    4) They also have their friends in North Korea enriching uranium. The NorKs have already detonated nuclear weapons for tests. While the power from the tests did not show to be a solid nuclear detonation, it was well within the power range expected of an EMP weapon or a "dirty" bomb.

  9. Iran is also friends with Russia and China.

    If they wanted a "nuke", they could easily get one.

    I fell for this bs propaganda under George W.

    I won't get fooled again.

    P.S. Israel can take care of Israel. We have no treaties with them. I care about America.

  10. Jev,
    China and Russia aren't stupid enough to give Iran a nuke. They are run by people who have no desire for nuclear war. If Iran gets one, they WILL use it. They have no fear of getting nuked in return because they WANT to be martyrs. If China or Russia gives Iran a nuke that gets used, they will get nuked, sparking an all-out nuke war.

    As for W, the Iraqis DID still have stockpiles of chemical artillery warheads. A few caches of them were found by the Marines. Gunny G even knows a couple of the guys who were there when they were found. On top of that, the PROPER reason for us to take down Saddam's government was that he repeatedly broke the terms of the 1991 ceasefire accords. As a result, we were OBLIGED to reform the Desert Storm Coalition and return to hostilities until Saddam's government was removed.

    Israel can fight one or two enemies, but....
    a) They cannot strike Iran. To do so would require getting overflight permission from some combination of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Ain't gonna happen.
    b) With the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt and Islamists taking control of Libya, Israel now faces the possibility of being attacked by forces of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Hamas, Hezbollah (aided by the UN in Lebanon), Turkey, and Iran. Do you really think that our only ally in that region can counter that kind of attack without resorting to use of nukes?


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