Sunday, January 29, 2012

1-29-2012 The Weekend Claw

First things first. No, I did not watch the State of the Union Campaign Speech and Lie Festival. I did not watch the GOP response, although I heard it was well done. That being said, don’t expect to see much on those topics this week.

Secondly, I will TRY to return my column to Wednesdays starting this week. The first Wednesday edition will include some of the Ron Paul material I’ve been saving up.

A) Lemme see if I’ve got this right. Ron Paul’s campaign CLAIMS to be getting more donations from the military than any other campaign, even though sources at bases around the country relay that there is NO support for the man who wants to slash 74% of the military budget. So we get to the first primary in a state that has a large military presence, and Paul finishes DEAD LAST. Then his campaign says that he is going to concentrate on the CAUCUS states of Nevada and Minnesota instead of competing in Florida, which just so happens to be a big military state. Sounds like he is AVOIDING the people that he claims to be getting support from!

B) Eric Holder has now been proven to have committed perjury in sworn testimony in Congressional hearings. The Department of Justice just released more documents concerning “Fast and Furious”, and included in it is confirmation that Holder was informed that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered using Fast and Furious weapons 18 miles within the US border, and that Holder was informed THAT DAY. Holder testified that he didn’t learn about it until months later. So when are the Congressional Republicans going to have the gonads to start impeachment hearings?

C) On the other hand, we have a Republican who really is loved by the military. This one actually pays attention to the world beyond our borders and knows that slashing our military is the WRONG thing to do.

D) The Democratic Party is now officially against the Constitutional right of freedom of association. This is shown in Indiana, where the Democrats in the state legislature are imitating their Wisconsin brethren in becoming FLEEBAGGERS. They have left town to prevent the passage of legislation that would give FREEDOM to the workers of their state. The legislation would make Indiana a right to work state, meaning that workers could not be FORCED to join unions or pay union dues equivalents in order to have a job. Compulsory union membership, which The Crawfish has been subjected to, should be abolished nationwide. It is pure anti-American.

E) George Soros is now publicly stating that the worsening economy will lead to violence, which will lead to governmental crackdowns. Of course, we have been saying all along that this was part of the plan. Major violence would lead to suspensions of the Constitution and the cancellation of the November elections, with Obama taking dictatorial powers. Thanks for confirming the plans, Nazi-boy. Now the question becomes…when and where are they going to have their Reichstag Fire-style false-flag event?

F) Speaking of George Soros and violence committed by his associates, we have a story that shows the power of a liberal education establishment and a liberal press in a nation other than our own. Twenty percent of Germans today don’t know that Auschwitz was a death camp, although ninety percent knew it was a concentration camp.

G) Barack Obama is trying to BARELY keep his Marxist beliefs under cover, but he can’t really help himself. While his policies are heavily influenced by Marxism and fascism, he knows that he can’t blatantly come out and use the same words that Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, and others used. In a video sent out to his supporters in advance of the State of the Union Address and Campaign Commercial, The Chosen One says: "I'm going to lay out a blueprint for an American economy that's built to last. And most importantly, a return to American values of fairness for all, and responsibility from all." Did he really go there? Yes, he said that the basic slogan of Marxists over the past 140 years is an American value. “From each according to his ability (AKA: “responsibility from all”), to each according to his needs (AKA: “fairness for all”).”

H) Of course, his Campaign Commercial of the Union was full of ideas that have proven to be nothing but flops, just like every liberal idea in history. The amazing thing here is that the Associated Press did the fact checking!

I) It gets better. Obama continually reused lines from his previous SOTU propaganda addresses. Evidently it was good comedy.

J) I’m not saying that the major media is supporting Obama at all costs, but check this one out. MSLSD’s Chrissy “Tingly Leg” Matthews told a Congressman that the unemployment rate is lower under Obama than it was under Bush. Sorry, but according to stats from the Department of Labor, we have 1.7 million FEWER non-farm jobs in America than we had when The Chosen One descended from the clouds of Invesco Field and assumed his throne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

K) Here’s your weird news of the week. Some legislators in Florida are trying to force stadium and arena owners to abide by a previously overlooked clause in the law respecting sports venues built using public funds. It seems that the venues are supposed to be turned into homeless shelters when the sports teams are out of season. Can you think of any better way to cause the quick destruction of those buildings?

L) Since the Chevy Dolt has been such a success…er, well since it was such a good idea…uh, since the lefties love the idea behind it, California is now making it a state law that 1 of every 7 cars sold in California by 2025 must be electric or zero emission. First of all, this is yet another blow to consumer rights. If consumers don’t want the oversized golf carts, why should they be FORCED to buy them? Secondly, electric cars are NOT ZERO EMISSION! Where do these idiots think the electricity to charge the batteries comes from? In California, the electrical grid is already overloaded, and the supply is dwindling, so they want to add more drain to it? What kinds of power plants produce that electricity? Third, if they want to increase the demand by that amount, they had better build at least two new nuclear power plants in California before then, and we know the envirowackos won’t allow that to happen. The crazy thing about this is that the automakers and auto dealers SUPPORT the new law. Why?

M) This past week saw the declaration of bankruptcy by not one, not two, but THREE “green energy” companies that received handouts from the Obama Administration. The only thing “shovel ready” about the so-called “stimulus” projects seems to be the burying of these companies, and the taxpayer funds given to them.

N) We have found the reason that Barack Obama is killing, against the wishes of his union thugs, the Keystone XL pipeline project. It seems that the pipeline would take some business away from Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail lines. Who is one of the major owners of BNSF LLC? Warren Buffett.

"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Craw,

    Allen West will be POTUS one day, but I sure wish he'd declare now!

    How's the job front?

    1. Too late for this year, and he needs more seasoning to be a good candidate.

      As to the other.....dismal

  2. (B) I'm not up on the law as I should be. If Congress impeaches Holder, is he then tried by the Democrat controlled Senate? Or does he go to a court to be prosecuted by someone from the DOJ?

    (C) West is someone we can look forward to at a later date. Perhaps '16 or '20. He is young.

    (D) Don't you get it? The states pass closed shop laws forcing employees to join the union which then passes a large share of union dues to the politicians who passed the law.

    (E) Soros wishes there would be violence. I'm not too sure where this rioting would be other than in the already blue big cities. Certainly nowhere around here. Or other rural Americana. Ironic. 120 years ago the cities were safe and the country was dangerous...

    (F) Some years back I spent a lot of time with two Germans on vacation at the same time as I was. They didn't know who Adolf Galand was! That'd be like an American not knowing who Richard Bong was.

    (G) He does not try to hide his Marxist beliefs. Rather he only cloaks his Marxist ideals in phrases and terms to camouflage his intent from what he suspects are less than brilliant supporters.

    (L) Uh... Does the word "mandate" come to mind?

    (M) The government just doesn't get it. If "green" energy was a viable proposition there would be beau coup private industries working on it right now... Or perhaps would have already solved the problems forcing gov't sponsored companies to go belly up.

    (N) Ship it on Buffett's railroad. Damn the cost!

    1. B) Charges brought by House, trial in Senate.
      C) Agreed.
      D) I know, and still say that they are anti-Constitutional.
      E) He's prepping riots in all major cities. The main reason for the Occupy movement was to organize the future rioters.
      F) I knew all about Galland before I knew much about Bong.
      G) They are his "useful idiots"
      L) Exactamundo
      M) Kinda like stem cell research. If it showed ANY promise, the big pharma companies would finance the research themselves so they could get the patents and score HUGE profits.
      N) Obama's sugar daddies....Buffett and Soros.

    2. Re (F) I had the great pleasure to meet Erich Hartmann - world's number one shooter (352 confirmed kills) when he came to NAS North Island to look at the Navy's E1B to see if it was suitable for short-field operations in Germany as a land-based AWACS.

    3. Bill,
      thanx for FINALLY commenting, even though you've been a reader for years. In your duplicate comment, you mentioned that Erich Barkhorn, also from the Luftwaffe, was the #2 at 301.

      The Luftwaffe did produce some of the greatest pilots in history, and most of them were not big Nazi Party supporters. They were just professional warriors serving their nation. Hartmann, Barkhorn, Galland, Priller, etc.

      For my money, Gunther Rall's career was a bit more impressive, as he missed nine months of combat with a broken back (and falling in love with one of his rehab nurses, which lead to a long and happy marriage), had a thumb shot off, and still finished with 275 victories, 261 of which were against Soviet fighter aircraft. Eleven years after the war, he rejoined the new Luftwaffe and retired in 1975 as a Generalleutnant and German military attache to NATO.

  3. B) If I were Issa, here's how I'd play F&F for maximum political benefit.

    I'd keep the issue alive the way he's going now; continue to let Holder & Company hang themselves higher and higher.

    Keep in mind that this is an election year. This stuff will play well in the General Election campaign by whomever is the eventual nominee. Also, a pre-election impeachment won't have time to make it through both chambers of Congress before the end of the session. That would kill it if it's filed this year. Further, it would inflame and motivate the lefties to turn out in droves, when right now they're pretty unmotivated to do so.

    If Bat Ears loses the election, it's not necessary; if he wins, THEN'S the right time to start impeachment. It would cripple his second term.

    Also, don't forget there are a couple of important SCOTUS cases being decided this year: Obamacare and Arizona's immigration law case.

    Impeaching Holder now would, IMO, actually be counter-productive.

    E) There's nothing at all in the Constitution that allows elections to be "cancelled" or postponed under any circumstances. Habeas corpus can be suspended under certain prescribed circumstances, but not elections. Never, under any circumstances. The Founders weren't that dumb.

    L) Buyer: "I'm here to buy a new car. I want that Chevy Silverado with the V-8."

    Dealer: "Sad news, bud. You're our 7th buyer today, so here's your new Volt."

    1. B) Probably right, but then again bringing it up for serious discussion would also ramp up the conservative voters who are not so pleased with the candidates for the Presidency
      E) He'd be trying to suspend the Constitution entirely...and since when does anything in the Constitution matter to him anyway?
      L) Every 7th vehicle on all Chevy lots as of Jan 1 would be Volts. Within a month, they'd be sold out of everything else, and they would have ZERO sales the rest of the why did the dealers support the law?

    2. E) Yeah, but there are some things that are "a bridge too far", and there's no way the peeps would let him get away with it, from either party.

      L) Well, according to that article, it wasn't the dealers who supported the law. It was "companies" (manufacturers) that included the ones bailed out by the gov. What does that tell you?

      And "supportive" of the "standards" doesn't mean they supported mandated rationing.

      Of course, the biggest problem with such a stupid law is that there's no way to enforce it. How can they force one in seven people to buy an electric car, when there's virtually no market for them?

      Those same manufacturers will have to practically give them away for free.

      Hey, you know what? If they DO give away free electric shitmobiles, I'll actually take one.

    3. Giving them away will cause the price of vehicles that are worth a crap to skyrocket. Look for dealerships along the Nevada border to do big bidness!

  4. C-Fish:
    " why did the dealers support the law?"

    Remember when they closed all those dealerships?
    Obama picked and chose.
    Dealers that don't support the law would be without a dealership next year.
    Ipso. Facto.

  5. Crawfish,

    Good wrap-up. Ron Paul is an idiot and a loon. I have disregarded about 90% of what he says although BUSTING out the Fed and tossing the UN would be a boon to the USA.

    Holder will slide because no one has the guts to stand being called a racist by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.


    1. More Paul idiocy on Wednesday, my brother!

      If the GOP puts WEST in charge of the proceedings against Holder......

  6. BrianR,

    EXCELLENT summation of why Issa is waiting on Obama's impeachment.

    When you running for office?

    1. Hahahaha!

      Thanks, Guns, but I don't have a few million sitting around burning a hole in my pocket.

  7. B. Rep. Issa MUST keep getting as much evidence as possible on every one in the administration who was involved in "Fast and Furious". And I do mean everyone. Now is not the time for trials or "impeachment" hearings. Now is the time to get every shred of evidence that can be gotten. There is no way that Dingy Harry Ried will allow the US Senate to do anything. Therefore Issa must find every possible connection to every member of the administration. Also, Obama has given Issa a powerful weapon. By releasing documents that show that Holder committed perjury (and only God knows what else), Obama has told everyone in his administration that he will toss anyone under the bus that is required to save his own butt. Issa can use that against Obama in the making of deals with "minnows" to help catch "whales".

    E. I hope the Democraps, and George Soros, are careful in what they wish for. If violence breaks out, the Democraps might experience that violence first hand. The Conservatives are armed to the teeth; and for the most part, live in rural areas. The large cities,(as others have discussed and shown) will become "death traps" in the event of violence such as Soros waxes poetic about.

    Crawfish, I hope you find some work soon.

    BTW, another good edition.

    1. B) I'm not necessarily saying that the House should vote on the charges yet, since Reid would quash them in the Senate, but getting the process started as a showpiece of the Administration's activities......

      E) In such a scenario, Obama and Reid will try to suspend the Constitution. They will attempt to arrest Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas, then move on to all conservative leadership.

  8. Sorry the job hunt isn't going any better. Don't know how I can help.Been buying those damn Powerball tickets for ya..... Onto the steamer.
    A)If Paul doesn't do himself in,the Paulbats WILL.
    B)When will they grow a set? Oh,when hell freezes,maybe. Got to agree with Ghost and Brian. The bigger the snowball,the better.
    C) HEY,RNC DIMWITS: HERE is your IDEAL candidate. Whatcha' waiting for,morons.
    D)Looks like a WHOLE shitboat full of dem legislators need to fill the unemployment rolls.
    E)Yep. I'd say things are going according to the sick bastard's plan,as implemented by his lackey.
    F)Hmmm.....looks like the only export to Germany has been substandard education.Along with a bunch of liberalism.
    G)Seems as if SOME cat turds cannot be buried deep enough.
    H)Hell,we KNEW what the asshat was going to say before he spewed it out. Why bother sickening ourselves watching it? Unless,of course,you are a masochist,or like weird comedy.
    I)The SURPRISING part of THIS story is the dipsticks at the RNC actually RELEASED it.
    J)Ol'Tingly must be dyslexic. EVERYTHING he reads is bass-ackwards.
    K)THESE two R's NEED their asses kicked. This seems like something the libtards would dream up. And,I agree with your observation that these dregs would RUIN the place in NO time.
    L)Think Buck nailed it.
    M)Can you say "money laundromat"?
    N)Was never a doubt in my mind.
    Good stuff,my friend. Be prayin' for a job to come your way. Even if it is at Buffett's railroad. May as well get some of his money for yourself. C ya.

    1. clyde...the danged Powerball went up to $2.
      A) They are an energetic, but nutty bunch.
      B) Start proceedings a year from now. If we knock out Obama, the proceedings will be CRIMINAL.
      C) He needs a record to run on, so give him another cycle or two.
      D) They should be removed from office for failing to show up for work.
      E) Which one of his lackeys? There are a bunch of 'em!
      F) I thought the Germans were smarter than that.
      G) The disposal of everything Obama, Pelosi, and Reid did...a real shovel-ready project!
      H) Or are looking for material for a column....
      I) Occasionally they do something right.
      J) Tell lies. Tell them BIG. Tell them often. The sheep will eventually believe 'em.
      K) Now....if those two are using this as a forum to point out stupid clauses in bills, especially if that part of the bill was written by libtards....
      L) I think so as well.
      M) Payoffs for payouts.
      N) Knew there had to be a big supporter of his involved, not just the envirowackos.

  9. Nice meaty claw Mud Bug!
    Did you hear the pro Romney Republicans are squeezing West out of his seat? They are redricting his seat and turning it blue.
    Was there a size restriction on the California EV law? Will RC cars meet the standard?

    Thanks for the grub Mud bug!

  10. Gunny G -

    Allan West voted to INCREASE the debt limit.

    Allan West is exactly what we DON't need in this country.

    Why all this support for West?

    What happened to fiscal conservatism?

    Is it because he's black?

    Are we now judging someone by the color of his skin?

    This reminds me of the support for Reagan, who busted the budgets of BOTH California AND the federal government.

    What's wrong with us?

    1. We really didn't have a choice but to vote on the debt increase. The Dems played that one perfectly, and the GOP didn't stand a chance.

      As for Reagan, he was dealing with a DEM Congress. He made deals with Tip O'Neal to holster his veto pen in order to get the tax cuts. O'Neal broke the bargain by increasing spending by huge amounts. We can only win these battles if we control all three houses and have CONSERVATIVES leading them.

  11. Looks like the same asshole who hijacked my good name at Gunny's has hit here too. Hey,dumbass,FIND YOUR OWN NAME,moron.


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