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2-1-2012 The Weekly Claw

Ahhhhhh. We are back to our normal posting day in the middle of the week. Since I just posted on Sunday, this column will have an abundance of articles about Ron Paul that I was saving for another special “Paul is an Idiot” column.

A) We’ll start off with something that hacks me off, and the anti-Constitutional explanation by liberal Romney-Republicans. The Florida legislature, lead by some of Romney’s minions, have drawn up their new redistricting map, and in doing so have purposely made it much harder for REAL conservative Allen West to retain his seat. The new district will now include far more registered Democrats than Republicans. Why would they do such a thing to a rising star of the party? Simple. West is a conservative and a favorite of the Tea Party. He is also a true leader. In other words, he is everything Mittens Romney is not. The RINOs explain that they had to draw the maps that way because of the Voting Rights Act, which is applied to the southern states that had a big history of discrimination and Jim Crow laws. Since this act does not apply equally to ALL states, it is by definition unConstitutional.

B) Can you believe that any Presidential candidate would say these words? “Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem?’’ Ron Paul is actually defending such passages from his 1987 book. This guy is actually getting votes from people who consider themselves sane?

C) The Inventor of the Internet is not gonna be pleased with this story. According to research data just released by the British Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (from where the whole Glo-Bull Warming e-mail scandal erupted), the warming cycle ENDED in 1997. Yes, Al Gore has been verifiably full of crap on this issue for 15 years. In spite of this bit of scientific FACT, his minions are now on a crusade to force television weatherguys and weathergals to be Glo-Bull Warming activists. They are highly upset that the local meteorologists concentrate on their own localities and the short-term, along with the tidbit that only 31% or so believe Al Gore. To quote Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

D) So what is Ron Paul’s voting record on conservative issues? An examination of the facts might surprise some Paul supporters.

E) Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin has come out and made an endorsement, and it just so happens to be the candidate that I believe to be the best of the GOP bunch. Take a look at Michelle’s reasoning behind her pick of Rick Santorum.

F) Ron Paul even has his own Saul Alinsky/Jeremiah Wright figure in his background, a man who has helped Paul develop his foreign policy ideals. Robert Pape has worked with CAIR and Hamas to develop propaganda that blames the US and Israel for Islam’s hatred of all things non-muslim. One of their key points is that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism committed by Islamic and Islamist groups. All terrorism is because the US has been bombing the arabs for two decades and because Israel is “occupying” muslim land. Sorry, but the following command from the pedophilic false prophet Mohammed, which is contained in the charter of Hamas, was written over 13 CENTURIES ago: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

G) For those who do NOT believe that Islam is in the process of conquering Europe, please note that they are already trying to ban dogs from cities that have growing populations of the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet, and are instituting Sharia Law in other areas. A great (x17 or something) grandfather of my wife once led an army to stop the muslim invasion of Europe. Where is today’s Charles Martel?

H) The Second Worst President in American History was asked what he thought of Iran possibly already having their first nuclear fuel rod. He answered: “Well, of course, the religious leaders of Iran have sworn on their word of honor that they’re not going to manufacture nuclear weapons. If they are lying, then I don’t see that as a major catastrophe because they’ll only have one or two military weapons. Israel probably has 300 or so.” Hey Ron Paul Wannabe, Israel has weapons for self-defense. Iran has pledged to destroy Israel. If they get a nuke, they will use Hezbollah or Hamas to set it off in Tel Aviv. You don’t have any problem with that? On top of that, he believed what the religious leaders told him? What a moron. Islam COMMANDS that infidels are to be lied to in order to conceal muslim plans to destroy infidels and conquer the world.

I) For those who were so appalled by the Marines giving golden showers to dead Taliban, we present another episode of This Date in History, and look back ten years. Do you still believe our Marines are terrible animals?

J) The liberal war against all religions except Islam continues. HHS Secretary Sebelius has issued a statement saying that there will no longer be exemptions issued for religious non-profits concerning contraception. In other words, groups like Catholic Charities, who are run by religions that forbid contraceptive use, will be FORCED to provide coverage that offers those services for free. This is yet another reason for the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare. This is WAAAAAY beyond any Constitutional authority. If it is not stopped now, the next step will be to force these organizations to cover abortions. The Catholic Church is not taking this lightly. Bishops across the country had protest letters read to their parishes during mass in response to this outrage.

K) In 2010, Ron Paul and Bawney Fwank put together a panel of “experts” to propose a plan to gut the American military. The panel was supposed to propose a “sustainable” military and was supposedly made up of people from across the political spectrum. In reality, the panel was made up of people from left wing groups that mostly had ties to George Soros. Does anybody out there still believe Paul when he claims that he wants a “robust” American military, when he has stated that he wants to slash military spending by 74%? The man is nothing but a liar.

L) Speaking of Ron Paul the Liar, he lied about Newt Gingrich being a draft dodger. Of course, Paul loves to point out how he served as a reason of why he cannot possibly be anti-military.

M) Newt is taking the attack to Romney, even as Mittens appears to be winning the Florida primary. Newt noted that in a recent interview George Soros said that there is no major difference between Romney and Obama. Newt also said: “The fact is I don’t believe the Republican party is going to nominate a liberal who is pro- abortion, pro gun-control pro tax-increase pro gay-rights and I don’t think Romney can frankly raise enough money to sustain the falsehoods that are the basis of his campaign.” I’m not as optimistic as Newt on that last point, since the GOP establishment is putting all of their money on the liberal.

"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. M) And I'm not so sure the GOP is stupid enough to nominate a candidate who wants to throw sitting judges in jail over their decisions, claims he can simply ignore the Supreme Court at will like an Emperor, thinks he can colonize the moon in eight years (and possibly annex it as a state!), wants to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, thinks the Ryan budget plan is "right-wing social engineering", sat on a couch with Nancy The Red Pelosi bleating about "climate change", attacks a fellow GOP successful businessman/opponent just for being successful, and has all the charm of Don Rickles.

    He's as crazy as Ron Paul, except on different issue (especially ironic as this is your "Ron Paul Is A Nut" edition).

    1. Well, this isn't exactly a Ron Paul Is A Nut edition, but I did use those stories as filler. Sad as the case is, Gingrich is my 2nd pick among the remaining candidates, with Mittens third and Paul 4th. We sure ended up with a bunch of severely flawed candidates this time.

    2. Bro, look at all the Gingrich stuff I posted in my first comment.

      Compared to that, Romneycare is nada.

      Further, there's one point that Romney keeps making that is absolutely correct, and that so many people seem to overlook or ignore the importance of: the very nature of federalism is defined by the fact that the states can do things -- as "laboratories of democracy" -- that the Feds don't have the power to do.

    3. Completely correct on the federalism and states' rights angle, but the fact that he still says it is a good idea (and BTW, it was largely paid for with FEDERAL money), and won't repeal it puts me in opposition. The fact that Romneycare is the model for Obamacare takes Obamacare off the table as an issue in the fall.

      While I think Gingrich is horrible as a candidate, I still think the base would come out more for him than for Romney. Then again, they both suck as far as I'm concerned. Picking Gingrich over Romney for the nomination is like picking Susan Estrich over Helen Thomas for after hours entertainment.

    4. Romney can't repeal Romneycare; he's no longer Governor. And he's never supported Obamacare; he's said he's against such a program on the national level.

      Further, NO ONE can repeal Obamacare, no matter what Gingrich claims (and he makes lots of absurd claims on a variety of subjects). The President doesn't have the power to do that. It will take congressional action to do that.

      On top of all that, Obamacare's probably going to be a moot issue after SCOTUS rules on it this summer.

      Now, maybe the base will come out more for Gingrich than Romney -- though how anyone can claim that in light of the Florida results is beyond me -- but no GOP nominee is going to win in November with only the support of the base.

      As I've said before -- many times -- if the GOP nominates Gingrich I'm going third-party again. I can't stand that fat fu**er.

    5. But the President can at least try to push Congress in that direction and pledge to sign a full repeal if it hits his desk. I don't think Romney would sign it.

      As much as I hate to say it, this year I would vote for any of the GOP candidates that started in this race over Obama...except Ron Paul.

  2. Yeah, man! "Flawed" is an understatement.

    We obviously have the same first pick: Rick "The Pick" Santorum. (I just made that up. Feel free to use it!)

    Of the rest of the candidates, Romney is my second. Like last time, I can "hold my nose" and cast that vote. Paul and Gingrich send me back to third-party.

    I'm not voting for anyone I think is loonier than a s**thouse mouse.

    1. The biggest reason I put Gingrich over Romney is Romneycare/Obamacare.

    2. Oooops!

      I think I posted the reply I meant for here after the wrong comment. Look up to see what I wrote about federalism.

  3. (A) They just had a court decision in Texas throwing out a liberal court ordered redistricting based on race...

    (c) Better yet to quote...Abe Lincoln..I think..."..But you can't fool all the people all the time."

    (F) Sorry but I read the koran, too.

    (G) Or a pope ready to lead an army??

    (H) The second worst president is also tied for the biggest moron ever to occupy the Oval Office

    (I) Once again. Why doesn't the military start lubricating their ammunition with a derivitave of hog lard? You'd see a shitload of 6th century mentalities drifting away from a battle where they might get shot with a bullet dirtied by pig fat and they couldn't enter paradise....

    (J) Witness the liberal drubbing of Teboe.

    (K) A liar and a dangerous one. Gutting our military is akin to putting out an invitation to our enemies to just walk on in.
    (M) The fact is the GOP East Coast heirarchy doesn't give a damn. Sure, they'd love to see THEIR boy elected to the Oval Office. But barring that they had just as soon the Democrats win. And forcing Romney on the American people just might assure Obama another 4. Lots of people would stay home out of disgust. Which would not only lose the Oval Office but probably would lose control of the House and retention of the Senate by the Dems.

    1. A) Wasn't only on race. It was also based on the Dems saying that they deerved more districts. The case went to the Supremes and they rejected the court-drawn map and said to start over using the map drawn by the legislature as a starting point for negotiations. If the map isn't finalized by 2/6, the primary (which has already been moved from Super Tuesday to early April) will be pushed back again.
      C) Truth hurts.
      F) It is quite obvious that no non-muslim Paul supporters have ever read it.
      G) Like that will ever happen again.
      H) Carter is still a bigger moron. Obama is following a plan to destroy America, while Carter was doing it through stupidity.
      I) Two words....political correctness.
      J) Exactly. Tebow has the gonads to be very public with his faith, so he becomes someone to ridicule.
      K) Or at least to do whatever they want around the world.
      M) Can't say I disagree.

  4. I put Gingrich over Romney, too.
    I don't think Romney can do it.
    His nomination will so inflame the Tea Party they probably will either stay home or vote 3rd Party.
    Probably 3rd Party.
    That'd send a message.

    1. Here's the problem, Buck.

      Gingrich will alienate almost everybody in the country who's NOT in the Tea Party.

      The guy's absolutely obnoxious, condescending, rude, full of himself, no sense of humor, unlikeable, a liar, philanderer, and blowhard.

      Other than that, how'd you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln...?

    2. Both will alienate large numbers of Republicans.

    3. Let's hear it for Rick "The Pick"!

  5. Brian: Obnoxious, condescending, rude, full of himself, no sense of humor, unlikeable, a liar, philanderer and blowhard.
    Schidt, Mon!
    Maybe that's the ticket!
    After all, it got Zero in............

    1. No, that's how CLINTON got in. Subtract the philanderer and add in racist for Obama's 2008 campaign.

    2. You know what Gingrich is doing now that REALLY pisses me off?

      All that BS about how Santorum should drop out of the race so all the "conservatives" can rally around his fat ass.

      AS IF!

      Who the hell does he think he is? HE should drop out, so all the REAL conservatives can rally around Santorum without Gingrich's massive ego getting in the way.

      Every day, I despise that obnoxious p-rick more and more.

    3. He's been doing that since New Hampshire or early in SC. That's just a campaign trick. He sees that he is the highest non-Romney in the polls and is trying to take advantage of that position. Santorum is smart enough to be taking the high road on this one.

    4. I agree it's the high road, and I think is actually gonna prove beneficial to his effort.

      I think Fat Gingrich has already jumped the shark. People are REALLY starting to get POed at His Royal Snarkiness.

  6. Good post and glad yer back on sched.

    I can vote for Romney and BrianR got it right, Newt is flawed to the Nth degree. He's toast at this point and needs to drop out. As I have stated in the past, if Romney picks a good Conservative as VEEP, and he'd be an idiot NOT to, I'm down with it.

    But really, in the end, I would vote for a steaming dog turd against Obama.

    1. Like I said above...unless the turd happens to be Ron Paul. He's more dangerous than any of 'em.

  7. Good pile. Don't like Newt for obvious reasons,Romney same,Santorum will get my vote in the upcoming Michiruit primary.
    Wonder if Romney has had the bug put in his ear to put Lt.Col.West on as his VEEP. I'd support that ticket in a NY second.And would almost ensure a big defeat for the BECS. Which is THE goal.

    1. Well, since the Florida wants to get rid of West.........

  8. Santorum and Gingrich aren't even on the ballot for 500 delegates worth of states.

    (Santorum, by the way, is a theocratic blowhard who would use government to force you to live the way HE wants. This is hardly a conservative notion.)

    They cannot and therefore will not win.

    Romney is a liberal, but hey - at least he's OUR liberal.

    There isn't anyone else running, is there?

    1. "Santorum, by the way, is a theocratic blowhard who would use government to force you to live the way HE wants."

      Wow, we have a dumbass liberal in our midst. Returning America back to her traditional values instead of the anti-God, anti-Constitution, anti-personal responsibility crap of the past century is forcing us to live how HE wants and being theocratic? Hardly. Religion was always a big part of our national character until the liberal/communist assault on anything that put limitations on personal behavior and government power.

  9. Mostly I wish McCain and Lieberman would have run again.

    McCain's a war hero and Lieberman for sure would have defended his home state of Israel.

    1. Okay, now you have clarified your position. You are a true Obama supporter. Thank you for playing our game. We have nice parting gifts on your way out the door. You are the weakest link.

    2. Yep. That one really said it all.

      McAmnesty and Liberalman. What a pair... of idiots.

  10. Brian R:

    C'mon, Guy.

    Tell me what you REALLY think about Newt.....

    1. I'm getting the feeling that he is just a bit less than thrilled with Newt.

  11. I guess this got lost in cyberspace somehwere....

    According to CIA, Mossad and others... Iran not a threat:

    1. According to the REAL CIA, Mossad, and anybody with a brain (which rules out Ron Paul), Iran is indeed a serious threat.


      There ya go. Iran threatening Israel, taking credit for the Hamas and Hezbollah wars against Isreal, and supporting anybody who opposes Israel.

  12. Like I said, it's statistically impossible for Santorum to gain the nomination.

    Same with Newt.

    I wonder why the media doesn't mention that.

    Oh well... maybe they don't know.

    But I was wondering about something.

    The greatest threat we face is our out of control debt and spending.

    Does Santorum have a plan that addresses that?

    I haven't heard him say anything about that.

    It seems that all he talks about is gays, God and abortion.

    Also, because of his religious convictions, he seems to have an itchy trigger-finger.

    He's extremely dangerous, in my opinion.

    What about his loyalty to the constitution?

    1. You obviously have not been paying attention to anything he says.

      Religious convictions causing an itchy trigger finger? What kind of dope are you smoking?

      He has been talking economy, debt, deficit, Constitutionally limited government, and military readiness.

  13. One of our trolls made a few comments about the US using nukes on Japan. Since we all know that those two weapons prevented over 2 million more deaths, we don't need to debate them. He also used the name of one of my regular commentors, so I deleted them.

    1. Good.

      It's such hackneyed BS. Truly cliche to the max.

  14. It's sad.

    If you guys spent half as much time as you do vilifying and lying about a good man, a doctor who served his country when he could have taken a deferment like Gingrich... educating others about the perils of electing a Massachusets liberal like Romney and how this country won't last another four years if we don't balance the budget....heck, maybe we'd have a better country.

    Maybe it's time to look in the miror and accept personal responsibility.

    Maybe it's time to stop acting like school girls in junior high having a catfight during lunch break.

    Ya' think?

    Will you publish this?

    Or would it require too much integrity?

    We'll see.

    1. Bryan,
      I have not spouted a single lie about your Messiah. Ron Paul, while he is excellent on Constitutionality and fiscal policy, is a complete moron on anything beyond our shores. His desire to cut our military budget by 74% makes him more dangerous to our nation than Obama. (The 74% comes from his statement that he would cut a trillion from the budget immediately, and that 1/2 would come from the military. The 2012 military budget is 669 billion, and 1/2 of a trillion from that is over 74%).

      As for Romney, do you really think anyone around here supports HIM? Hell no. At this point, there is no candidate in the race who is a conservative AND has a clue on national defense. The best I can see is Santorum, but he is at a big monetary disadvantage. The GOP establishment (blue-blood, northeast Yankee, liberal elites who are more concerned with media attention, power, and invites to the DC social scene events than they are with the Constitution and conservative principles) have done everything they can to support Mittens and make him the nominee. This is their track record:
      1976: supported Ford over Reagan
      1980: supported Bush over Reagan
      1988: supported Bush over every conservative
      1996: Bob Dole, because it was his turn
      2000: Bush II, the "compassionate conservative" (aka liberal)
      2008: John McCain the Maverick (got that name by supporting liberals and liberal bills against anything resembling conservatism) over Tancredo or Hunter.

      Before you accuse someone here of being a liberal, supporting a liberal, or supporting the GOP establishment, you might want to check the other posts. That way you won't make such a stupid mistake. Then again, being too shallow to understand issues or research facts is the hallmark of Paulistas.

  15. Newt Gingrich???

    The republican Bill Clinton?

    How many millions of "conservatives" have voted for this guy?

    What does this say about "conservatives"?

    1. It says that there really isn't much of a conservative choice this year.

      Gingrich is a great debater, which scores him lots of votes, but would be a much better behind-the-scenes guy like WH Chief of Staff. He knows his history and the ins and outs of legislation, but is not a good choice for President.

      Romney....northeast blueblood liberal country club elite...the very embodiment of the GOP establishment, which we oppose at every turn.

      Santorum...solid conservative, but is falsely seen as one who would push his religious values ahead of what is good for the country. He has very little monetary backing, because he wasn't a big-name before the current race.

      Bachmann...solid conservative, but just comes across wrong and turns off too many people.

      Huntsman...conservative on a lot of issues, but liberal on others. Again, not a big name. Background as an Ambassador would be a positive if it was in a GOP Administration.

      Paul...doesn't care if Iran gets a nuke. Says that since we dealt with a nuclear USSR it would be the same thing to deal with a nuclear Iran, proving that he knows NOTHING about the mullahs running Iran. Screeching idiot in debates.

      Oh, and BTW...we are NOT "Israel-firsters" like you Paul worshipers claim. We support our ally, but are America firsters. Your other comments were quite insulting, so they were deleted.

  16. The media is truly terrified of one thing:

    a debate between Romney the Massachusetts liberal...

    and Paul the constitutional conservative.

    1. The media would love it. Paul is HORRIBLE in debates, while Romney is slick like Clinton. If the audience is kept quiet, Romney wins easily, especially if the moderators are from anywhere except Fox News.

  17. "Paul...doesn't care if Iran gets a nuke. Says that since we dealt with a nuclear USSR it would be the same thing to deal with a nuclear Iran, proving that he knows NOTHING about the mullahs running Iran."

    I will refer you once again to the interview with Ray McGovern:

    The Iranian threat is a manufactured one. The US government has a LONG history of doing this.

    Why is this so hard to accept?

    It's funny.

    You rightly understand that governments abroad can be evil. Power corrupts, and governments over time tend towards tyranny as Jefferson correctly observed.

    Has it never occurred to you that the same thing has happened to OUR government?

    C'mon man.

    1. Try studying Islam and Iran. Oh, that's take whatever comes from the mouth of the Paul campaign as Word of God. The Iranian threat is NOT a manufactured one. They have a long history of supporting violence throughout the middle east, Europe, Asia, and even the US. They are aligned with Venezuela. They have been working together on missile and nuke technology with North Korea, which has already set off an EMP weapon in tests.

      As for McGovern, he is an anti-war activist who has a really inflated view of himself. His case against W's second Iraq war can be blown away by a single document...the cease fire accords from Desert Storm. In those, Saddam agreed to certain terms, that if broken meant that the US was OBLIGED to reform the Coalition and remove Saddam's government by force. Game over.

  18. I'd really like to know what makes you an expert on Iran.

    Are you like that guy who said he lived there for a year or two and so, ipso facto, he's now an authority?

    That reminds me of Sarah Palin saying she was a foreign policy expert because she could see Russia from Alaska.

    You guys are always good for a laugh if nothing else.

    1. A typical Paul idiot. First of all, Palin never said that. It was Tina Fey impersonating Palin. Secondly, I have been studying Iran and Islam since 1979, something no Ron Paul worshiper could ever say.

  19. To our Paul worshipers,
    here's a hint of something in my next column...choke on it.

  20. If the Iranians nuked Israel, wouldn't they also kill a whole bunch of Palestinians at the same time?

  21. Funny he mentions the Palestinians. Since WHEN has ANY country over there given a dead rat fuck about these "sacred people"? They are the LEAST of Ahminajihads'worries. Hell,he kills a passel of them,along with as many Israelis as he can,he simply blames Israel,and becomes a U.N. hero.

  22. When OWHEN wilthe kool-aid DRUNK BOPZOS in Washington figure out that there are real enimies of our Constitutional LIBERTY??? Did 9/11 mean anything??---hey Crawfish it's me -8th man (standing) I have moved to blogspot--as 8than AMERICA--townhall BLEW it too many times. We have a LOT to blog about this year my friend!!

  23. 8th,
    Good to hear from you again, my friend. Bizzy beavers, bizzy bees!


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