Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2-15-2012 The Weekly Claw

The big controversy over Obamacare’s mandates that force religious organizations to pay for insurance coverage that violates their faiths is missing a major point. ANY business owner whose faith opposes birth control and abortion should not be forced by the government to purchase such coverage for his or her employees. It is a Constitutional violation for individuals as well as religious organizations. Even using the “accommodations” put forth by the Administration, there is an unconstitutional provision forcing insurance providers to give away birth control and abortion coverage for free. That’s like mandating that grocers give away free bread to every customer.

A) Soon after I wrote the first draft of that opening paragraph, Speaker of the House John Boehner called for the elimination of the contraceptive and abortion mandate exactly because of that principle. That same day, a television network founded in 1981 by a cloistered nun filed suit against HHS Secretary Sebelius and other members of the Administration because that mandate would cause the people running their network to violate their religious beliefs. Eternal Word Television Network is not directly run by the Catholic Church, but it airs programming from the Catholic point of view as well as Catholic services.

B) The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took a different position on the contraceptive and abortion mandate controversy. They celebrated the Obama Administration’s policy in new fundraising materials as a move against the “Republican war on women.” Senator Patty Murray (Donkey-Washington State) used her rusted brain to declare all opposition to the mandate, which includes opposition from all real Christian religions, an “attack” on women.

C) The envirowackos took it a giant leap forward. They claim that one of the big ways to combat the non-existent man-made Glo-Bull Warming is by making birth control and abortion free and available to all women. Talk about jumping the shark…

D) Ann Coulter has lost her mind if she thinks Chris Christie will ever be a viable Republican candidate outside of Noo Joisey. His actions this week are a direct insult to the thousands of American military personnel who have not had this honor upon their death. Governor, you are an idiot to honor a drug addict like that.

E) In England, business owners THINK that they own their businesses, but the courts have now stated otherwise. A Christian couple that owns two guesthouses was ordered to pay big damages to a couple of homos because they refused to rent a room to the homo couple. England USED to be a Christian nation. Now it is ruled by the radical homos and the muslims.

F) Here’s another reason why Hollyweird people need to just shut the hell up. Samuel L. Jackson voted for Obama simply because of skin color. He thinks that is the biggest factor in American politics. He doesn’t even know the issues. In other words, he and most Obama voters are…wait for it…raaaaaaaaaacist! Here’s a hint, ya overpaid line-reader, if you don’t know the issues DON’T VOTE! Not understanding the issues is what gave us Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

G) Public sector employees really have it good. I mean, take a look at this teacher in Californication. He is charged with 23 counts of lewd behavior with children, but even if he is found guilty he will collect a $4000/month pension. Yes, even if he is in prison. The only way to end this would be to put language into the employee contracts stating that if they are convicted of a crime of a certain nature or magnitude, they will lose all benefits. Of course, the public sector unions will never allow such language.

H) The Democrats are starting to get scared. How do I know? Well, when they send out one of their top “strategists” this early in the campaign to proclaim that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party folks just “can’t deal with the fact that a black man is President of the United States”, it is easy to see that they know they have completely lost on the issues. I wasn’t expecting the race card to start getting played until mid-summer.

I) The Administration’s Propaganda Minister said that the White House has “no opinion” on whether or not the Senate should pass a budget for the first time since His Majesty assumed the throne. In other words, they don’t care about ANY of the requirements of that “flawed” document known as the Constitution. But it got worse. Over the weekend, the White House sent forth their third (or is it fourth?) Chief of Staff to explain why there has been no budget since Obama descended from the clouds of Invesco Field to save us from our sins. Jack Lew used to be the budget director for $lick Willie, so he knows the process. He went out and LIED on CNN’s “State of the Union”, NBC’s “Face the Nation”, and “Fox News Sunday”, saying that it took 60 votes in the Senate to pass a budget, so that is why no budget has come forth in the past 1000+ days. The truth is that it takes a simple majority in the Senate, as filibusters are not allowed on budget legislation. On top of that, why didn’t the Senate pass a budget in the first two years, when they had 60 Democrat Senators? This is yet another part of the Obama campaign’s attempt to blame the Republicans in Congress for what Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done.

J) On top of that, the realities of the Obama budget plan are far removed from what he and his minions are saying about it. It raises spending everywhere except Medicare and national defense. It raises the debt with averages of $1.4 trillion per year. It assumes increases in revenue of over 17%. In other words, it is nothing but liberal crap and Obama’s people are still liars.

K) Here is a story that will probably come as absolutely no surprise to any of my readers, except maybe those with experience in New Orleans.

L) Since when does the federal government have the authority to throw away the lunch a mother makes for her child and force the child to eat chicken nuggets? The packed lunch looks healthier than chicken nuggets! The government worker in this case needs a swift kick in the arse and a pink slip…and so does the rest of that person’s office. The liberal nanny state is beyond out-of-control.

M) The Administration’s allies in the mainstream media are also upset at the contents of the “flawed” document. Take a look at this interview, in which a Washington Compost writer says that the Founding Fathers might have been wrong to include freedom of religion in the Constitution. The liberal hatred of Christianity and the Constitution is amazing to behold.

N) The Crawfish and many of my fellow bloggers have been warning about an upcoming “Reichstag Fire Moment” that would cause President Obama and his minions to take anti-Constitutional measures, suspend the elections (forever), and institute dictatorial martial law. While our attention has been focused on the CPAC convention and the Occupy/Weather Underground protests against it, it looks like another anti-liberty group has already pulled off a “Reichstag Fire Moment” in order to take over their own nation. The deadly riot at a soccer match in Egypt and the protests following it are working in the favor of the Muslim Brotherhood in their efforts to seize that nation for the Jihad.

O) While we are in the Middle East, take a read over this column regarding US-Israel relations and why they are so important. It is bound to drive the Paulbots absolutely bat guano, which is why I posted it on a couple of Facebook pages that are invested with those isolationist morons. It is written by someone y’all know I highly respect. Allen West for President in 2016!

P) Talk about bad timing! Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad media exposure, but I do believe that this counts as bad exposure for this particular restaurant.

Q) Alert the media! A species once thought completely gone from California has been found in San Diego! There is a judge there who is not a completely brain dead liberal loon! PETA filed a lawsuit on behalf of the orcas of Sea World, saying their 13th Amendment rights were being violated, and that they were being treated as slaves. The judge threw out the suit, pointing out that orcas are not humans.

R) Speaking of the media, I cannot as yet confirm this through major news sources, but as of Friday morning it appears that CNN may have fired all of their Jewish staff in the Middle East and just kept the arab staff. It would not be a shock, since the network has shown a heavy anti-Israel bias over the years, gaining them the nickname of Crescent News Network.

S) This makes it official. Barack Obama wants to disarm the United States in the face of our enemies. He must believe in the liberal kum-ba-ya world that Ron Paul believes in. If we just play nice-nice, nobody will hate us or want to ever harm us.

"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. As to your opening para, well done, but there's still another point I keep waiting to see raised: what about people like Christian Scientists or Amish? Religious groups that don't believe -- as a basic tenet of their faith -- in using modern medical science? How can they be forced to participate in or subsidize a system that contravenes their religion?

    A) is a contination of the same principle.

    D) I gotta say, I really think Coulter has lost her marbles in recent times. She went from being a witty, urbane commentator to a wild-eyed hair-on-fire harpy. Talk about jumping the shark!

    As to Christie: right on! I never understood why ANY conervative would think he's worth supporting. I think it's the same element that garnered whack-job Gingrich any support at all: a willingness to talk tough to leftist MSM talking heads. That's a great quality --- IF and only if it also works in support of actual conservative ideals. Barring that, it's just another Big Government a-hole making a spectacle of himself, IMO.

    E) Hate to say it, but the same deal happens here. Just try running any business here that "accommodates the public" like a hotel or restaurant and refuse service tosomeone because you don't approve of their race, LIFESTYLE, or anything else, and see what happens.

    Unfortunately, our country set the precedent.

    H) Ah, yes. Natch. Now we're back to any opposition to the ObaMessiah being... wait for it..,.RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

    How surprising, I'm sure.

    When you've completely run out of ammo, run for the "racist" emergency supply. Standard Leftist Operating Procedure. SLOP!


    (I literally just made that up. I like it. Feel free to use it)

    N) No can do. There's no provision in the Constitution that allows for elections to be "suspended" or delayed or anything else. And I have to tell ya, if anybody tried to do that, IMO it would result in such an uprising that you'd see the military step in, not to mention cops and everybody else in uniform.

    I've always considered that idea the stuff of wierd post-apocalyptic storytelling with no basis in reality.

    1. Opening and A) Exactly. The government has no authority to mandate anything.
      D) She has become a caricature of herself. Christie has only been a conservative on a few issues, but compared to Corzine, McGreavey, and the rest who preceded him in the past 75 years he is an uber-conservative. It is a relative thing in Noo Joisey.
      E) And there is no Constitutional authorization for the government to have ANY say in the matter.
      H) S.L.O.P. LOVE IT!
      N) YOU know there's no provision for it, but since their goal is to remove the Constitution from the scene entirely, they may still try it.

  2. Another good edition Crawfish, and alot of points to consider in this edition:

    A & B) The first thing I did when all of this started with O'Vomit vs. the Catholic Church was to consider WHY? Why would O'Vomit risk alienating at least 70 million Catholic voters in the US during an election year? In many ways the Liberals are stupid, but not in this case. They (i.e., the Liberals) know how to "work" the voters to keep getting re-elected. The only possible reason for this action by the O'Vomit Administration is that THEY HAVE TO "SHORE UP" THEIR OWN BASE. If I am correct, this is good news. O'Vomit has to make sure that he receives every possible vote of the Feminists, Atheists, Abortionists, and the rest of the brain-dead Liberals. Otherwise, why would O'Vomit risk losing 70 million votes?

    H) See my comment above. O'Vomit and the Democrats, I believe, are scared. The economy is in the toilet. The actual jobless rate is over 15%. The Middle East is imploding. Iran is fixing to be nuclear. Europe's economy is also in the toilet. Europe is experiencing its worst winter in decades while the Lower 48 are experiencing the mildest winter in decades. And the American voters (except the Liberal sheep and much of Black America) blame O'Vomit and the Democrats. Several die-hard Democrats in Mississippi that I recently spoke to are saying they will skip the election (they also said that there was no way they would vote Republican). The Democrat elites know all of this and are getting very nervous.

    N) I agree with BrianR. I spoke to several active duty military officers in the last 2 weeks (a major, two LTC's, and a full bird). O'Vomit better pray that whatever happens in the next few months that he doesn't have to rely on the US military to save his sorry a*s. After his actions over the last year (reductions, etc.), the "combat" troops will NOT protect him. Officers in combat units are already discussing "stand-down" techniques and studing the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385) that was passed on June 18, 1878.

    As Snoopy once wrote on his dog house, "The plot thickened."

    1. A&B) He's also banking on most Catholics to still be CINOs (Catholic In Name Only), like Pelosi, the Kennedy family, all of the reconquista hispanics, all of the illegal-loving hispanics.....
      H) Their chickens....are coming roost!
      N) Obama thinks the military will follow orders no matter what. He doesn't think our military has the stones to resist.

      meanwhile, he is attacking the military again...see next week's column for more on THAT

    2. I agree, Gray.

      Posse Comitatus is still the law of the land, so Bat Ears would have a REAL hard time trying to "postpone" constitutionally-mandated elections.

      There's also a huge difference between this country and Weimar Germany. The actual military in Germany at that time was virtually non-existent, and paramilitaries ran the show; Hitler's Brown Shirts, his opposition's thugs, etc. That's in stark contrast to our situation here, as is the fact that over half the households in this country contain guns.

      I also don't see the majority of Dem political hacks going along with such a scheme, under any circumstances. They know as well as anybody else that it wouldn't work, and they wouldn't risk their political careers -- not to mention their necks -- going along with it.

  3. Is this true?

    By now, it is clear that the Maine caucuses were a complete mess.

    Evidence is mounting that Mitt Romney's 194-vote victory over Ron Paul was prematurely announced, if not totally wrong. Washington County canceled their caucus on Saturday on account of three inches of snow (hardly a blizzard by Maine standards), and other towns that scheduled their caucuses for this week have been left out of the vote count. Now, it looks like caucuses that did take place before Feb. 11 have also been left out of final tally.

    As the full extent of the chaos unfolds, sources close to the Paul campaign tell Business Insider that it is looking increasingly like Romney's team might have a hand in denying Paul votes, noting that Romney has some admirably ruthless operatives on his side and a powerful incentive to avoid a fifth caucus loss this month.

    What's going on here?

    1. Maine was even more jacked up than Nevada. As for who was going to win, I put no significance in Maine's vote, since they keep proclaiming that Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe are CONSERVATIVES. On top of that, when will Paul and his worshipers come to realize that he will never get more than 15% of the GOP vote? 85% of the GOP understands that his vow to cut 74% of military spending is worse than stupid. It is DANGEROUS.

  4. I'm curious as to why Allan West is considered a conservative, and what exactly makes him so.

    He supported increasing the debt ceiling.

    Traitorous, in my opinion.

    1. No, vowing to cut the military budget by 74% is traitorous, and that is exactly what your messiah, Ron Paul, has done repeatedly.

      Look at West's record and stances on the issues. He is a conservative.

  5. The foreign interventionists crack me up.

    What kind of person believes that everyone is out to get him because he's just so special?

    What kind of person thinks it's up to him to save the world?

    Only a narcissist, I believe.

    1. The naivete of the worshipers of Ron Paul cracks me up.

      Try reading the Quran. Islam commands the conquering of the world by force. All non-muslims are to be converted, enslaved (look up dhimmitude), or killed. Our support of Israel isn't why they want to kill us, since they were commanded to kill us over 13 centuries ago, while Israel came into being in 1948. Obama has assisted the Islamists by supporting the Arab Spring and opposing the 2009 Iranian popular uprising. Large portions of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and England have already been conquered by muslims without a shot being fired.

      The Chinese are threatening other nations in the region while building up their military with the specific goal of being able to take us on. They also want to retake Taiwan, which they say belongs to them even though it has never been part of their communist nation. They now have a functioning aircraft carrier, and have plans to build a large carrier-centered fleet. They are now flight testing a stealth strike fighter. Their one-baby policy has resulted in a large excess of single males. What is the only way to rectify that situation? That would be a very bloody war.

      The Russians, under Putin, are looking to expand their influence again. They are also in the middle of a military buildup.

      Hugo Chavez has now joined Iran and North Korea in their anti-America and anti-Israel alliance. Iran and North Korea have been working together to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. North Korea's last nuclear test was publicly described as a failure, but the measurements of that blast showed that it was just the right magnitude for an EMP weapon. The missiles those nations have already developed could put an EMP weapon over any of the Japanese home islands, Okinawa, or Taiwan. If launched from Iran, it could be used against any of the Persian Gulf nations.

      Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood have been using their friends in Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah to cause havoc for years. If Iran ever gets a nuke, those same groups will be used to set off that bomb in Tel Aviv. On top of that, we already know that Hamas and Hezbollah are now working with the drug cartels on our southern border.

      We aren't narcissists. We are just realists who have studied religious history, military history, political history, and Islam. The narcissists in the race are Barack Obama and Ron Paul.

  6. What is the military?

    It is a branch of the government.

    Does the government do ANYTHING efficiently?

    No they do not.

    Did the military protect us on 9/11?

    Is the military on the border protecting us from foreign invasion?

    Is the military protecting the Bill of Rights?

    The military, it would seem, is not doing its job.

    A reduction in funding is appropriate.

    1. How was the military supposed to protect us on 9/11? Our intelligence services and law enforcement were the only ones who could have prevented 9/11. If Jamie Gorelick, who made millions helping to fraudulently run Freddie or Fannie, had not put restrictions on the intel services that made it illegal for them to coordinate their activities, we might have been able to put the pieces together before 9/11. Try knowing what you are talking about before you make such baseless accusations.

      The military is not on the border because Democrat politicians will not allow that to happen. The military prevents invasion by keeping all potential enemies a long way from our shores, when they are allowed to do so.

      The military has no say in what American politicians do concerning our Constitutional rights.

      So why do you want military funding to be reduced? Because the military isn't doing jobs that are not within their purview?

      Once again, you prove that the positions of Ron Paul and his worshipers are void of intelligence.

  7. The military?

    The same military that took 10 years (allegedly) to find ONE man(OBL)?

    Your solution?

    Throw yet more money at another government program.

    Spoken like a true big-government liberal.

    Wait. Let me guess. You're going to blame it on the democrats, right?

    1. Really? The military, through our intelligence services, found OBL at Tora Bora, but politicians wanted the Afghan forces to get the victory. The result was OBL escaping. The severe cuts in the human intelligence programs of our intelligence services has resulted in us not having effective intelligence in many parts of the world. Yes, I will blame the Democrats for that. They are the ones who cut those programs, starting with the Church Committee back in the 70s. Those programs take many years to properly build up, but when dedicated anti-Americans like Teddythedrunk, Chuck U Schumer, Bawney Fwank, Nanny P-Lousy, DICK Durban, and Harry Reid are in power, that cannot happen.

      Again, you and Ron Paul are idiots.

  8. The military?

    The same military that's STILL trying to defeat 200-300 Al Quaida in Afghanistan?

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Clearly, military spending is not the same as defense spending.

    Oh, by the way - there are now MORE Al Quaida there.


    It's simple.

    Because WE'RE over THERE.

    The brave and proud Afghanis are simply defending their homeland against foreign invasion.

    You know - like they did against the Soviets.

    What happened to those Soviets anyway?

    1. "Because WE'RE over THERE". Yep, sounds like your messiah screeching his nonsense at the debates.
      I'd rather have the folks who believe in the Quran kept over there, rather than having to fight them in Europe, South America, or here.
      BTW, most of the opposition over there is not Afghani.

      Yep, you don't have a clue to reality.

  9. "Conservatives" need to come clean and be honest with themselves.

    The only reason "conservatives" are enamored of West is because he's a Black man.

    Judging someone by the color of his skin - that would be the very definition of racism, I believe.

    "Conservatives" and liberals - two sides of the same coin.

    1. Really? Now you are proving yourself to be a liberal racist pig. We don't judge Allen West by his skin color. We judge him by his words and his actions.

    2. Here's just the latest example of why we like Allen West:

      Chew on that, racist pig.

    3. Or this one:

      Or maybe:

    4. But...but...I thought conservatives HATED Obama because he is a black man. Then again, neither of them are really so bad because at least they aren't JEWS. Right?

  10. You know, there's an interesting lesson in history. Throughout the history of the world, the strongest nations on earth have always been targetted by smaller, poorer nations for invasion and attack.

    I'm sure there are a plethora of reasons, rooted in human nature: envy, greed, etc. The poor countries envy the wealth of the big countries, and are greedy to acquire their wealth for themselves. Rome had the Visigoths (among others); Greece had the Persians (among others); Persia had Alexander (among others), various outposts of the British Empire had their own attackers. It's pretty much a universal human experience.

    When you're at the top of the heap, you're the target of everyone else who wants to be at the top of the heap, or to take over what you've got.

    People who think that somehow, if this country had never acted in some way in the past, we'd have never been attacked on 9/11 (or some other date) are, frankly, idiots. Why would THIS country have been the single sole exception in the history of mankind?

    Even putting that aside, any country that becomes the economic powerhouse of its era will still be a target, no matter how benign their military and foreign policies are, simply because the economic effects of their wealth and trade is going to have an impact on the rest of the world. That's simply unavoidable. So, even if we'd never set foot in the Middle East -- an impossibility given the nature of WW2, but just suppose -- it still wouldn't have mattered, because that's just an excuse to cover up the fact that the ME Muslims envy our achievements, want them for themselves without actually EARNING them, and despise our (in their eyes) ungodly behavior.

    And atking ti a step even further, look at their rhetoric. They're still pissed off about the Crusades, for Pete's sake. North America hadn't even been DISCOVERED then.

    1. But the muslims ONLY hate us because we bomb them and we support Israel. Never mind what the Quran says.

  11. First Crawfish, thank you for the invite. I do notice that your comment poster prefers to call himself "Anonymous". Perhaps the reason he does is that he himself realizes the truth of your answers to his comments (i.e., he doesn't want his real name out there because he would then appear to be an idiot). And both of us know that the "Paulbot Trolls" are being instructed as what to say by their "superiors".

    I realize that he will immediately say that I am doing the same thing with my screen name. However, you and I (and many others) realize that every time I type my "screen" name I am also typing my "real" name.

    I would like to take special disagreement with a comment he made at 02/16/12 (12:05pm):

    "The only reason "conservatives" are enamored of West is because he's a Black man. Judging someone by the color of his skin - that would be the very definition of racism, I believe."

    Rep. (and former LTC) West is known personally by my family. One of my nephews served with him in the US Army in Iraq. I really don't care whether or not he is black, white, or pink with purple stripes. He is a good man who took care of his troops. And that is all that matters to me.

    I will admit that were he to run for POTUS, it would be nice watching the Liberals try to attack him without sounding racist.

    "Paulbot Trolls" and Liberals - two types of similar idiots.

    1. He will also try to say something about me using a pen name as well. Of course you and some of my fellow conservatives know why I do use that pen name, as I was informed by a group that monitors CAIR that I had been put on that terrorist group's "watch list" about 3 years ago. That notification made Gunny G (again, he was a Gunnery Sergeant with his name starting with G) jealous.

  12. The Muslims wanna take over the world.

    Uh huh.

    We were told the same thing about the Germans.... during WW ONE.

    Utter garbage.

    Stop being a useful idiot.

    (By the way - JUST LIKE LIBERALS - you see not individuals, but groups.

    You see not Muslims, but one big bad monolithic Mooslim.

    You have the mentality of a 5-year old. Very sad.)

    1. Try reading some history and the Quran. The muslims have been trying to conquer the world for 13 centuries. Once again, their holy book COMMANDS that all non-muslims be converted, enslaved, or killed.

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Wake up to reality.

    2. OMG, is all I can say when I see some idiot write what you wrote:

      "The Muslims wanna take over the world. Uh huh."

      I guess you never heard of the Battle of Tours or the Ottoman Empire. The only reason that the Muslims failed to achieve world domination prior to now is that they are a bunch of child-molesting retards.

      Really it is too easy to debate with you "Anonymous". From what I can read of your own comments you have the mental capacities of my dog (and I probably insulted my dog).

    3. My wife and daughters are direct descendants of the Christian general in that battle, Charles "The Hammer" Martel. My family is well aware of the continuing threat of Islam.

  13. Here's another one for you, Anonymous:

  14. From Anonymous:

    AnonymousFeb 16, 2012 12:05 PM

    "Conservatives" need to come clean and be honest with themselves. The only reason "conservatives" are enamored of West is because he's a Black man. Judging someone by the color of his skin - that would be the very definition of racism, I believe. Conservatives and liberals - two sides of the same coin."

    Your statement, Anonymous, is flat out false. I would like to see West as VP. Color of his skin has squat to do with it. And to be blunt, I don't care whether you believe it or not.

    P.S. You also need to take Crawfish's advice relative to "Try reading some history and the Quran." You clearly have not. I admit is isn't easy to do but it would be well worth your time.

  15. "Anonymous", have you ever been to the Middle East? Ever even set foot there?

    I have. I lived in Iran for 5 years, went to high school there, my Armenian mom was born and raised there. I've been all over the region. Used to go to Beirut all the time for weekend getaways. Been to Israel, been to Jeddah, lived in Cyprus a couple of years. Been to Turkey, been to India... hell, I can't even remember them all.

    You are a complete idiot, because you don't have a single clue what you're babbling about.

  16. BrianR Feb 16, 2012 12:36 PM noted “They're still pissed off about the Crusades, for Pete's sake.”

    Indeed they are, yet they conveniently forget – or ignore - that the Crusades were a DEFENSIVE action.

    By the time Pope Urban II called on Christian knights to fight against Islam in 1095, four centuries of conquest by Muslim armies had seen once heavily Christian Egypt, Palestine, and Syria fall under their rule, as well as all of Christian North Africa and Spain. Mohammedans also conquered Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and the Byzantine Empire, (except for Greece).

    The followers of Islam perceived the world as divided in two parts – the Abode of Islam, and the Abode of War (those areas not yet subjugated to Islam).

    Anonymous Feb 16, 2012 12:44 PM may chide “The Muslims wanna take over the world. Uh huh.” But the proof of that assertion is written in blood spilled at their swords for over a millennium.

    1. History is obviously not the favorite subject of the Paul supporters.

  17. Craw…thanks for the invite, but this guy can barely finish a thought. Military bad...America bad...poor misunderstood Muslim.

    “You have the mentality of a 5-year old. Very sad.”

    Good grief! What’s the old Italian adage, “the wife of the stupid are always pregnant”?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my Sicilian friend! My wife was just outside of Catania for the month of January.

    2. That's only 90 minutes away. Please drop a line if ya'll get this way again. We'll do the pasta nero with some Corvo.


  18. "Obama has assisted the Islamists by supporting the Arab Spring and opposing the 2009 Iranian popular uprising."

    A thoroughly and disgustingly ignorant statement.

    Where do I begin?

    Supporting the Arab Spring?

    You mean when oppressed peoples rose up and sought freedom against the brutal dictators supported with YOUR tax dollars?

    You don't mean THAT Arab Spring, do you?

    Don't you ever THINK?

    Opposing the Iranian uprising?

    It was our intervention there that CAUSED all these problems in the first place!

    This is reality, as opposed to the stupid lies you've been deceived into believing about being at war with Islam for 1300 years, even though - oh yeah - we only found out about it in 2001.

    Hahahahhahaha!(You truly are the weakest link!)

    Don't you ever think?

    Actions have consequences.

    For every action, there is a reaction.

    Take responsibility for your actions, learn from history, and stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

    Don't you ever THINK?

    No, Johnson, you can't go around the world doing whatever you please.

    You want oil? Pay for it! It's called free enterprise.

    The bully on the schoolyard eventually gets knocked out by the kid whose lunch money he's been stealing.

    And no one feels sorry for the bully.

    And the bigger they are... the harder they fall.


    1. Obama opposed the 2009 Iranian uprising because it was a POPULAR uprising against the Islamists. He supported the popular uprisings that were led by the Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Our intervention caused the problems in Iran? Yep, there's the Ron Paul stupidity striking again. Our intervention there kept Iran from becoming part of the Soviet empire. The people didn't support Mosadeq as much as Paul's worshipers believe. The Shah had more popular support than Mosadeq and more than the Mad Mullahs do now. The Islamists organized and fomented the uprising against the Shah, but quickly became much more brutal, losing most of their support.

      YOU may have only found out about the 1300+ year old war in 2001, but I have known about it since the mid 70s. You see, I have studied history.

      Yes, I think, as opposed to Paul's worshipers. I HAVE learned from history, as opposed to Paul's worshipers. YOU are the one who is ignorant of the world beyond our shores. THINK, if you have the capability.

  19. It's funny you keep bringing up Iran and Venezuela.

    You DO know - don't you? - that those two countries have vast oil reserves, right?

    Of course you do.

    Now connect the dots... and THINK!

    1. Think about what? We have vast oil reserves as well.

  20. Put in my 2 cents worth earlier.
    Don't think it took.
    If it did, just delete it here.

    (B) It wasn't racist, too?

    (C) Next thing will be bath water pollutes the ocean and mandate everyone only bathe once a week.

    (D) Ann Coulter proved herself a RINO when she came out for Christie (an anti-Second Amendment sort) and then endorsed Romney (a like minded sort) I used to follow her column in TH daily news. Now I don't even bother. When she is on O'Reilly I go make popcorn.

    (E) I got it! Let's trade our muslims to England for their Christains.

    (F) Most folks DON'T know the issues. They voted for JFK because he was so young, handsome, had a beautiful wife, was rich and had a family.. They voted for Carter because Ford was clumsy. They voted for Clinton because Ol' "Read my lips" said, "Read my lips" and they voted for Zero because he was black...half black...

    (H) Wonder what they'll say when West is in contention?

    (I) I'm kinda dim on this. How can Zero spend money if there hasn't been a budget passed?

    (K) Believe it or not Chicago is called, "The Windy City" not because of the breeze coming off the lake. It has been the "Windy City" for ages because of....ta da! Chicago politicians.

    (L) What is the school doing allowing this federal agent access? Seems like an illegal search & seizure charge should be an option.

    (M) According to the Marxist doctrine religion cannot be tolerated. Remember the persecution of church and priests in the Soviet Union?

    (N) The Reichstag moment has not come here, yet. When it does it will have to be dramatic and bloody enough to give the government the excuse to go outside of the Constitution (temporarily, of course)... You'll know it when it comes.

    (O) I pray West is a name mentioned in more than a few blogs. I'm pretty sure it's anathema in the East Coast country clubs but so was Reagan's. West would have been an officer I'd gladly follow. He'd be a POTUS with the same qualifications.

    (P) I'm 73. I love fried chicken, pork chops, chili and just damn near every thng else that they say ain't good. I quit smoking for 25 years but on mhy 70th I gave myself a birthday present. A pack of Pall Malls.
    The thing is, YOU GOTTA DIE OF SOMETHING. Of what quality is life where you live on tofu, stay out of the sun and live ten or fifteen years longer????

    (R) What did CNN do, make them all drop their skivvies and check for circumcisions???

    (S) We were petty much unarmed 12/7/41, too. But back in that time all we had to do was sacrifice a few thousand men while we tooled up and went to war. I look at Wake Island, Bataan and Corregidor as America's Thermopoly

    1. B) Well, they can't claim EVERY conservative point is racist...just 99%.
      C) Don't give 'em any ideas!
      D) She really did lose it...Gunny doesn't even want her to be Mrs. Gunny anymore.
      E) No, both of us send our muslims to France.
      F) and because Bubba had sex appeal. (I still don't understand that one)
      H) Well, the Paul worshipers will say that the GOP is voting because of his skin color.
      I) Continuing resolutions and spending bills
      K) Lots of hot air causing lake-effect snow
      L) Did they have a warrant? Needs to be investigated!
      M) except when they needed them for political purposes
      N) They are trying to set up their convention to be a repeat of Chicago 1968...
      O) Agreed
      P) 75 years of happiness beats 90 years of being miserable
      R) Dunno. Not even sure if it is a valid story, as I noted.
      S) We had started rebuilding, but too late

  21. I think I figured out who the anonymous dude is. Since he is posting from Reno, NV, he is the alter-identity of Harry Reid.

    1. My goodness, Crawfish, by divulging the location of Anonymous you may have started emergency lights flashing, sirens blaring, and smoke billowing from his/her/its tinfoil helmet. I can almost hear the underground bunker warning announcement sounding - "DANGER! DANGER! *THEY* ARE ON TO YOU! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! DANGER! DANGER!..."

  22. I have a REAL problem with most of the "religious" organizations whining about Obama. THEY actively SUPPORTED the bastard.Along WITH Obamacare. THEY obviously did not read the damned bill either. Did THEY think THEY would be exempt from ANYTHING the sonofabitch wanted to do? Onto the steaming pile.................
    A)Just something else for Boehner to cave on.
    B)Well,the dems DO want control over all that,and more,right?
    C)The eco-freaks NEED to set the GOOD example for the rest of us. THEY should off themselves,and their entire circle of families and friends FIRST.
    D)Coulter and Christie BOTH need their "conservative" cards pulled. Nothing left there.
    E)See C). Applies to homos too.
    F)So,lets see. Blacks make up 12% of the population,Obama was elected with what,52%? Yep,real racism there.When Samuel Liberal Jackson has a thought,maybe he'd be better off to just let it pass.
    G)Well,maybe the other inmates would find out he's a child molester. End of pervert,end of pension payments to same. Easy,ain't it?
    H)I wouldn't put much into anything out of Shrum's piehole. His last WINNING candidate was WHOM?
    I)Apparently,NO ONE in the jackass party has a clue. Nor any knowledge of truth.
    J)This bunch wouldn't know "TRUTH" if it bit'em on the ass. And,we ALL know what assume means,eh?
    K)A BIG no-shitter,that.
    L)I would think it is WAY past time for the SCHOOLS to quit taking FED monies,then tell'em to piss off. Like a LOT of county sheriffs are doing.
    M)Too bad the Founders didn't make stupidity punishable.
    N)And you just KNOW this frigging bunch wants to do the SAME shit.
    O)Judging by some of Anon's comments,it would be a short drive.
    P)I'd like to eat there sometime. Sounds like a GREAT franchise opportunity.
    Q)Yep,I guess MIRACLES do exist.
    R)Too bad CNN hasn't gone "paws up".
    S)No doubt. All part of the plan.

    Good heap. Thanks for illustrating how loony some of these Paulbots are.

    1. Some of them are not what they claim to be. You'll see in next week's edition.
      A) Boehner is a crying joke.
      B) and more, and more, and...
      C) Breath holding contests between them and the rest of the Democrats.
      D) agreed
      E) see C)
      F) They say we're racists for opposing The Won, but I hate his white half, too!
      G) Now how did he get into general population......
      H) Probably someone in Congress
      I) And they think we are so stooooopid that we will believe them.
      J) But they're already self-proclaimed jackasses
      K) Cities actively trying to win that title are Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Noo Yawk, Filthadelphia, Baltimore, and DC.
      L) Time for Congress to stop that unConstitutional funding.
      M) death.
      N) Somehow, some way
      O) and send their messiah into his screeeeeeeeching "NO MORE WAAAAAAAAAAAR!" mode
      P) Supposed to be one opening soon (if not already open) in the Dallas West End Marketplace area.
      Q) Either he's a conservative, or he just like the occasional STEAK!
      R) MSNBC?
      S) And now he is trying to disarm the armed pilots in that program, according to the Homeland Security Ditz.

  23. Hey, "Anonymous". I understand from Craw that you're the same d-bag who made such an ass out of himself at Townhall.

    Newsflash: contrary to your narcissistic delusions, you didn't "chase" me out of anywhere. I still post my essays at Townhall when I write them, as well as at my new Wordpress location.

    NOW, sadly for you, I DID turn off the ability to comment there, so I didn't have to deal with the insane ramblings of whackjobs like you. The benefit being that at my Wordpress location -- the link to which is plainly there at my TH blog -- I can censor brain-dead comments such as you've been posting here. And I know you know that, because I have no doubt you couldn't keep yourself from checking it out.

    Fortunately for you, Craw's a lot more patient than I am, and is letting you make a fool of yourself here at his blog.

    At my blog, your driveling would have been flushed faster than a greased pig.

    1. I've deleted about a third of his posts on this edition. The ones that are personal attacks on my regulars or me for the most part don't make the cut.

    2. One of tghe wonderful benefits of being able to moderate our own blogs.

      Yeah, baby!


  24. Anon,

    You're an idiot. If your messiah Obuttwipe and the rest of the f-d up libtards would go away and let us drill and refine, Alaska ALONE would be the 8th largest producer in the world. F**K Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of them.

    1. Gunny, his messiah is Ron Paul. Just as much of an idiot on foreign policy.

  25. Craw,

    I found Christie to be an IDIOT for lowering the flag for a raddled drug-addicted skank ho. Good edition BTW.

    1. Just think...he's still 100% better than his predecessor!

  26. Gunny: Remember Christie is the asshole jerk who commuted the sentence of the dude wrongfully convicted for violating NJ's draconian gun laws.
    He did not Pardon
    Which means the guy has still lost his Second Amendment rights.
    Some conservative Christie is.
    He and Coulter can go take a flying whatmachacallit at a rolling thingy.

    1. OOO....OOO....I think I know the terms you're searching for!

  27. Ooooookay, you guys truly are psycho.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same one person making all these posts.

    1. Yep, you're a typical conspiracy-behind-every-tree Paul worshiper. Supporting the Constitution and being realistic on national defense and foreign policy is only considered "psycho" by liberals and Paultards.

      BTW, the posts are coming from folks in California, Arizona, Alaska, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Michigan, Sicily, and at least one other location outside of Texas.

    2. LOL!

      Yeah... one person takes the time and wastes the energy to log in under all these various names just to f**k with what little "mind" a Paulbot troll has.

      Now I know for sure this is the same low-watt bulb that used all the different names to post his inane drivelings over at TH. It's something HE did, so he accuses others of being as crazy as he is. In the world of psychology, that's called "projection".

      Frikkin' hilarious!

  28. How will our presence in the Iraq and Afghanistan prevent future 9/11s?

    (Hint:the border is wide open.)

    Has the "war on terror" made us safer, or - indeed - more vulnerable to attack?

    Was it really wise to borrow money from China to wage the "war on terror"?

    Won't we HAVE to slash the military when we're bankrupt?

    What exactly has the "war on terror" accomplished besides taking away our freedoms?

    And if it's the "war on terror" that's succeeded in taking away our freedoms... then haven't we been confused about who the REAL enemy is?

    1. If you hit their training bases, it hurts their ability to recruit and train their operatives. Then again, the current Administration has allowed muslims to set up training bases here in the USA.

      I definitely agree on the border, as does just about everybody who has ever been a regular commenting at my sites. I want TWO fences, 15 feet apart, along the border. They can even be chain link fences. The purpose would be a deterrent, and to slow them down. As they climb or try to cut through the inner fence...the sharpshooters in the watchtowers 400 yards back can pick 'em off. After that happens a few times, the flood will cease. As for the bodies....critters gotta eat, too.

      The military and national defense is a Constitutional requirement of the government. Not a single entitlement program is. Many government agencies and departments are not. Cut THOSE.

      As for the "war on terror". It is actually just a continuation of the war of Islam vs the rest of the world, but our politicians are too politically correct to admit it. It will never end until the world is 100% muslim or 0% muslim. As per the commandments of their Quran, there is no other way for it to end.

  29. Crawfish:
    We are at war with islam. It is no secret. The politicians try to keep it hidden from the American people under the guise of fighting "radical islamists". Well, Podnah, ALL islamists are radical. Remember. It is perfectly moral and correct according to the muslim religion to lie to, cheat on and, ultimately kill anyone not a muslim.
    A strong POTUS would issue a new "Monroe" Doctrine.
    Any country that allows a terrorist training facility within its borders will be considered to have committed a hostile act.
    Any attack on American territory by terrorists will be considered an act of war of whatever country hosted those terrorists and their training camps.
    An act of war would require FULL retaliation.

  30. Anon: "
    "Has the "war on terror" made us safer, or - indeed - more vulnerable to attack?"

    The problem is the concept of war has been lost on your generation. The "war on terror" is a disgrace and does a terrible disservice to our military.
    Since WWII the left has influenced our military and our ability to wage war to the point American soldiers are dying in situations that at an earlier time would not have happened.
    A true war on terror would be to utilize every weapon in your arsenal. The object of war is to destroy the enemies will to fight. Our "war on terror" in its PC presentation is a joke and no one is laughing at us any more than our enemies.
    We have no business having "Police actions" or "Limited engagements" or "War on terror".
    The enemy must be identified and destroyed.
    We have the ability.
    We don't have the statesmen in DC with the will.
    So we continue our foolish policies of feeding our soldiers into a no-win gristmill situation instead of going in and leaving desolation death and a total loss of will to wage war against us.

  31. EXCELLANT edition C-fish. Obummers budget is like 3 week overstale baloney--and the stink just gets worse. I wonder if the regime has any clue of what Americans really think?


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