Saturday, July 9, 2011

7-9-2011 The Weekend Claw

A) We will start the weekend column with a tragic story from The Crawfish’s area. On Thursday evening, Lieutenant Shannon Stone of the Brownwood, TX, Fire Department travelled three hours with his 6-year old son, Connor. They were on their way to see Connor’s favorite baseball player, Josh Hamilton, and the Texas Rangers play against the Oakland A’s. Hoping to get a foul ball to take home, they even stopped on the way and got Connor a new baseball glove. Grab your tissues before you read this account of what happened, then please say a prayer for that little boy.

And now back to our regularly scheduled column.

B) On Wednesday, we brought you the story of how many aides worked at the White House. Today, we bring you a story about how many of them got raises, mostly well above the national average, in the past year. We also note that at least 17 of them have jobs listed as “engagement”, which actually means politicking, pandering, and campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime.

C) This Administration has really fallen into the typical liberal pattern. Whenever there is bad news, it is released on Friday. This time, they announced (quietly) that only 18,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate “UNEXPECTEDLY” rose to 9.2% (month after month the expected bad results from Keynesian economic policies are announced and every time they say that it is “unexpected”), which Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) quickly noted was “not a surprise.” Then they turned around and announced that the jobs numbers from April and May were wrong. The total from those two months had been announced at about 88,000 combined, but they were reduced by 44,000. Just think, 15 months ago the Administration promised that we’d be seeing 250,000 to 500,000 jobs created each month “soon.” Then in April, Obama said, “Today is an encouraging day. We learned that the economy actually produced a substantial number of jobs instead of losing a substantial number of jobs. We are turning the corner.” We turned the corner from 162,000 new jobs in March to less than 23,000 in April, with most of those coming from a McDonalds hiring spree. So how’s that hopey changey thing workin’ for ya, America?

D) Since the numbers still suck, the Administration is going into severe denial mode for the upcoming campaign, saying that Americans don’t measure the economy or even care about such numbers as unemployment, jobs numbers, or GDP, and that unemployment won’t even be a key issue in the 2012 election. In other words…”Media, stop reporting these bad numbers! Keep America’s mind on unimportant stuff like Casey Anthony!” If the media doesn’t help out, the people might happen to notice that there are 2,400,000 fewer people employed since the so-called “stimulus” was passed with only 3 Republicans voting for it (all in the Senate).

E) This will, I’m sure, come as a big shock to all of you, but the EPA is implementing new regulations that are designed to raise electricity prices by about 23% in most of the nation, reduce the amount of electricity produced in most of the nation, kill 1.4 million jobs, and put the coal industry completely out of business. They are doing this on their own (well, at the direction of Barack, who is doing it at the direction of George Soros, who will make more money from his Brazilian energy holdings because of it), without Congressional approval, because they can. Remember, King Barack promised that he would do this. Will the GOP take a stand for the American people and write legislation to prevent this action? Figger the odds.

F) Despite all of the work that the W Administration did to make it happen, the Obama Administration is taking all of the credit for the birth of a new nation, South Sudan. What a bunch of narcissistic egomaniacs.

G) A Fort Worth Police Officer was shot on Thursday. The shooter has a record of drug, burglary, and assault convictions. So will somebody please explain how someone can have those 3 types of convictions and still be on the street? Don’t try to say that he did his time, because he’s only 25. Oh, and the media reports never did mention the perp’s skin color, until the mugshot was released. I wonder why…

H) This week came an announcement that had us all on pins and needles. The National Education Association, the biggest of the teachers unions, will indeed endorse Barack Obama in 2012. These are some of the people from that group, so is it any wonder that they support a dictator who violates federal law after federal law? Oh, and by the way, the cheating Atlanta teachers and administrators aren’t to blame. It is ALL BUSH’S FAULT! I really did think we were starting to get away from that line.

I) Most of the media, and lots of stay-at-home women around the country, are up in arms over the Casey Anthony verdict, even though the jury gave the only verdict possible based on the evidence. These same people are mostly pro-abortion. So if little Caylee had been killed two and a half years earlier, they would have had no problem with it.

J) The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from being spent on elective abortion, so why are federal funds such as Medicaid being used to finance abortions in the District of Corruption? That is a violation of federal law and must be prosecuted. Oh poo. The prosecution would have to be approved by the Affirmative Action Attorney General. Like that’ll ever happen.

K) Speaking of Holder and his “people”, more and more cities are seeing “flash mobs” rampaging through the streets and stores, causing lots of damage, terrorizing the populace, and stealing whatever they want. One of the latest examples happened in the South Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Once again, the media refuses to identify the color of the perps, but as is almost ALWAYS the case video shows them to be black. Of course those of us who happen to notice are always declared to be raaaaacists.

L) The Affirmative Action Attorney General is probably not happy with some county sheriffs out west. It seems that they have had it with federal agencies trying to outmuscle local law enforcement.

M) How’s this for a campaign bombshell? From Breitbart TV: “Janice Hahn, congressional candidate in the special election to replace Democrat Jane Harmon in California's 36th District, is under fire for new charges that she used her position as a city councilwoman to funnel money to gang members and criminals in an effort to ‘keep the peace’ between warring gangs in her Los Angeles district.” Real nice.

N) Wow, this bunch of “educators” isn’t pushing the radical homosexual agenda, are they? No gender roles or identification, “tolerant” (aka endorsing) of LGBT “people”, and most of the books have homosexual themes. This is coming to America if the Dim-ocrats have their way. If you don’t believe it, just note how the Secretary of Education (an unconstitutional federal department) is advising school districts to help students start student organizations for queers, bisexuals, trisexuals (they’ll try anything), and transgenders (which should never be school-aged). If students started a normal-only organization, that would get shut down immediately as discriminatory and intolerant.

O) Barack Obama appointed Brenda S. Fulton to the United States Military Academy’s Board of Visitors, which advises the President on matters concerning West Point. This appointment of a bulldyke activist for a homosexual military shows exactly what road the Democrats want to take our military down. Morale-down, fighting ability-down, equipment-used up and/or outdated, aptitudes for fashion and interior design-WAY UP!

P) Obama’s nominee for the #3 slot at Foggy Bottom is a wacko acolyte of Madeline Half-Bright. Wendy Sherman describes Kim Jong-Il as “smart, capable and supremely confident. He’s not a lunatic.” Coddling to communist dictators is something all sane governments avoid, but it seems to be a specialty of Democrat Administrations since January of 1977.

Q) When you read this headline, just remember that this is a Cleveland news site.

R) Every single Democrat (and the three ‘pubs) who voted for the so-called “stimulus”, and the man who signed it, are all now officially accessories to murder. You see, some of that money went to fund ATF Project Gunrunner, which has resulted in many deaths including that of an American Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. If any of them try to say that they didn’t know about Gunrunner, here is proof that it was introduced in the House in 1999 before being slipped into the “stimulus”.

S) The Dims are making lots of noise about increasing taxes on “the rich” in order to lower the deficit. The top 1% earn about 20% of the income in the US, and pay 38% of the taxes. If the leftists taxed that 1% at a 100% rate, they would take in about what the Obama deficit is, currently. The catch is that they already pay $392 BILLION. A 100% rate would be $1.6 TRILLION, and those people would immediately move away, taking their businesses with them, and they would pay nothing the next year, and their employees would be out of work as well. Now if we’re talking a 25% tax surcharge on professional athletes and their agents…that’s one that The Crawfish could support.

T) The new left-wing talking point is that the GOP is a bunch of terrorists trying to kill the American government. Obama, in his Twit-fest, said that the GOP “is holding a gun to the head of the American people.” The reality is that the Democrats, through their profligate unConstitutional spending, are the ones trying to kill off our great nation. The conservatives are the ones desperately trying to yank the bullets out of that gun.

U) Socialist Van Jones, the former “green czar” for His Majesty, said “We do not have to keep suffering like this America because we are not broke. We were robbed, and somebody has our money.” Yes, WE were robbed. We were robbed by the unConstitutional entitlement programs giving billions of dollars every year to leeches who are too lazy to get a job, but can afford puh-lenty of booze, cigarettes, pot, and crack. WE know it wasn’t his people who were robbed, because they got their money from US!

V) The black leeches of Louisiana are at it again. 1,300 of ‘em just got a settlement for $62,000,000.00 of YOUR MONEY in a lawsuit against the government because they say the gummint didn’t give the chocolates enough rebuilding money after Katrina. The discrimination was supposedly real because the gummint paid out on their wrecked homes’ appraised values instead of how much it cost to build nice, new, fancy homes for the chocolates. First of all, the appraised value is the maximum amount they should have gotten from ANY source, not the appraised value plus $47,692.31 each (before the trial lawyers screw ‘em out of 50% of it) of OUR money. Secondly, they should have been getting their rebuilding money from their insurance companies, and if they didn’t have insurance it is their own damned fault. It is not MY responsibility to pay for THEIR houses.

W) A non-dryback sued a Colorado hospital over brain damage her baby suffered during delivery four years ago, and the city settled for $700,000.00. Since the parents were illegal, and therefore so was the baby, they should not have had any standing in an American courtroom. In fact, they should have been kicked out of the country. If anything, they should have paid the hospital for their services instead of getting free money, free services, and unConstitutional citizenship from an anchor baby.

X) Oh, and it may come as a bit of a shock to the Democrats, but when they tried to invoke the Vienna Conventions to prevent the execution of a double-rapist, illegal alien murderer this week, they not only had a previous SCOTUS decision against them, but the Vienna Conventions have no standing at all in the United States because the Senate has NEVER RATIFIED them! You see, libs, we are a nation of laws, not of proposed laws.

Y) Y’all really ain’t gonna believe what is in some of the bills before the California legislature. I doubt our friend Brian R has even gotten wind of this story. That these ideas have even gotten to the point of having bills written and introduced shows how far into the realm of insanity (drug induced?) the leaders of that state have gone. And to think that these people call US “extreme”!?!?

Z) I was doing some cleaning in my living room and came across a patch on the bookshelf. The patch was from the Gathering of Eagles III rally and counter-protest in September of 2007. It brought back good memories of The Crawfish bonding with his daughters as we stood up for America against the moonbats.

AA) Rahm Emanuel got an e-mail from the Cook County Elections Supervisor this week that confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden. He is now a registered voter in Chicago.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of ‘Liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of it.” - Norman Thomas in 1944, 6 time Socialist Party Presidential Candidate

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Well, Craw, you were right. I'd never heard of those bills. PETA? Isn't that People Eating Tasty Animals? What do they have against meat?

    But I digress.

    Well, now you see the kind of loon we have to deal with every day out here. "America's Laboratory of Democracy"?

    Just look west to see what failure looks like.

    The one thing I can say is that even if those whackjobs got that kind of law passed, it would never withstand judicial review.

    Oy! This used to be Paradise until it got infested with maggots!

  2. (G) Toldya Poly was a bad area. Funny thing. Until the "blockbuster" programs of the late '50's and early '60's that the federal government was involved in, Poly was a real nice blue collar area. Today it is a slumland and a war zone. Glad I'm outta there.

    (H) And you are surprised? I mean really. These jerks are spending too much time teaching their classes songs praising Obama and how to put a condom on a cucumber that they just don't have time for stuff like the 3-R's.

    (I) Most of the media and lots of stay-at-home women need to get over it. Only 12 folks in this country heard all the evidence presented in this case. If they felt the DA failed to make the state's case then they gave the correct verdict. All this ranting, raving and hair pulling by everyone in the media from Nancy Grace to Bill O'Reilly is reflective of the Salem Witch trials. They THINK Casey is guilty thus when the jury returned a different verdict they THEY are outraged. Let me tell you where was the outrage when the man who spent 19 years on Texas Death Row was finally released when DNA proved his innocence? There are more innocent folks convicted because of the Grace/O'Reilly attitude than guilty set free because of jury nullification.
    Remember when Grace so hounded the mother of a missing child the mother committed suicide?

    (J) That's because no one is ever indicted for misspent funds. And the GOP is as guilty as the Dems for that.

    (K) South Oak Cliff... Yeah... Well what'd you expect out of South Oak Cliff?? Now if you'd mentioned this in Highland Park well, then it'd be newsworthy...

    (L) Maybe our first line of defense against government takeover is the county sheriff. From Oregon to Arizona and Texas it seems the Sheriffs are becoming a tad discontent with the bullying tactics of federal law enforcement...

    (M) Sounds typical Democrat. Uh, remembr, "Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute."??

    (N) These "educators" who deny Marxist affiliation seem to be following the communist line...right down the line. Destroy religion and morality. Promote sexual promiscuity.

    (O) Boy-oh-boy when all the heteros get tired of the bullshit and leave the military are we really going to be in trouble. The undermining of our military tells me this country is in more grave trouble than first imagined. Our government is permeated with communist moles from the top down and they are dismantling everything relative to a nation or national defense right before our eyes... Well... right before our eyes like termites infesting a house.

    (P) Sherman thinks Kim Jong Il is smart, capable and supremely confident? Oh, well, she should sit at the table right next to the bitch who said one of her favorite people was Mao.
    Seems it has been a specialty of Democrat Administrations since way, way before 1977. Roosevelt sure kissed Stalin's ass. I think Truman was the only Dem to stand up to the commies since the turn of the last century..and he only did it half assed.

    (R) And I have been saying for many years the ATF is an instrument of oppression and NOT a viable law enforcement organization.

    (X) Since when did the matter of treaty ratification make any difference to the arguments of the left?

  3. Craw,

    Good one. Check my blog tomorrow for some shocking shate coming from the EPA and the liberal moonbats.

  4. HJC,what a fetid mound. Not a lot to add.

  5. Brian,
    we've seen how the judges rule over there. I wouldn't put it past them!

  6. Buck,
    G) Did I disagree with you? Oak Cliff used to be a beautiful and vibrant part of Dallas. Same thing happened, and the same people took over.
    H) I cannot be surprised by the teachers unions anymore. They are more corrupt than the Teamsters.
    I) Grace is scum. The 12, plus the alternates, heard all of the testimony, and NOT the sidebars and stuff that they were not allowed to see, some of which the media DID see.
    J) Because the GOP is scared of the political fallout from upholding the law. Pansies.
    K) I remember Kiest Park and Kessler Park being beautiful, and not scary at night.....
    L) And rightfully so!
    M) Keep peace between the gangs? The gangs are the armed enemies, and need to be hunted down and exterminated.
    N) Notice how they don't deny the Communist Party goals anymore.
    O) Ant the house is starting to crumble.
    P) Well....LBJ did, in a very sloppy and wasteful manner.
    R) An entire gummint dedicated to the "regulation" of three legal products.
    X) Only when it denies them what they want.

  7. Gunny,
    I'm gonna link that column on Wednesday

  8. Okay...who stole our clyde? He never makes a comment that short.


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