Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7-27-2011 The Weekly Claw

And now back to our regularly scheduled rants.

A) Bill of the Poll Katz sent along a video that is sure to disgust y’all. Here is a brand new housing development in the Tacoma, WA, area. It comes complete with schools and medical facilities. All of the cars seem to be fairly new, definitely newer and nicer than the one The Crawfish drives. The residents are all on welfare and Social Security programs for immigrants. Yes, the government is paying for this. Should stuff like this be part of the debt negotiations? Where does the government get the right to take MY money and give it to immigrants so THEY can live large? It surely ain’t in the Constitution.

B) This Administration set a new record for the lowest percentage of appointees who have actually had non-government, non-academic jobs in their backgrounds, and it shows. Michelle Bachmann scored the Slam of the Year by noting that DC would be a lot better off if members of Obama’s Cabinet had at least run a lemonade stand. Then again, there have been a lot of news stories lately about cops shutting down lemonade stands because the kids did not get business and food service permits costing a couple of hundred bucks. Over-regulatory schmucks!

C) On Monday, Obama spoke at a racist, anti-American conference in DC. He told the National Council of THE RACE that he “needs a dance partner” in order to give them the blanket amnesty for illegals that they are demanding as part of their “Reconquista” objectives. So why didn’t he use his “dance partners” when he OWNED the House and Senate for two years? What would happen if a conservative spoke to a racist convention? Our old friend Theblogprof has more on Obama’s appearance there and what La Raza is all about.

D) Fellow conservative blogger Dan found some new polling data courtesy of It seems that 68% of Americans believe that the media is biased. There’s just one problem with this data, though. There’s 22% who say that the media is biased in favor of the GOP. What are THEY smoking???

E) It looks like the Democrats have another serial sex offender in their ranks. This “representative” and 7-termer evidently went a bit loco during the election season last year, then pressed a teenager for sex over the Thanksgiving weekend, and he has a history of this behavior dating back to at least 1976. Well, somebody had to step forward to take over Teddythedrunk’s (D-Chappaquiddick) post as Congressional Sex Offender in Chief. UPDATE: Representative Wu (Serial rapist-OR) found out through the grapevine that I was about to compare him to Teddythedrunk. He determined that he was not worthy of such a comparison, so he has decided to resign.

F) The head of Obama’s White House Jobs Council, Jeff Immelt, has done such a wonderful job scoring tax exemptions for General Electric from the President that he has decided to do some major hiring and move one of the divisional headquarters of GE. The new headquarters and jobs will be…wait…in CHINA??? I thought his White House responsibility was to create jobs in the USA! Oh…that’s right. I forgot who was President for a moment. My bad.

G) The insanity of the Injustice Department’s illegal operations known as Gunrunner and Castaway continues. Two felons, who should not have been able to purchase weapons at all, managed to buy 360 weapons while the ATF was watching. Whenever someone purchases a gun from a dealer, their Social Security number and driver license number are sent to an ATF computer, which immediately responds with authorization for that person to purchase. If the person is a felon, authorization is denied. Was someone at the Injustice Department changing data in the ATF records? That would be a criminal act!

H) In the meantime, weapons from those botched operations are showing up in droves at Mexican crime scenes. Over 120 weapons involved so far. On top of that, Eric Holder’s Injustice Department is intimidating witnesses in the Congressional hearings, warning them to limit their testimony. This is making Watergate look like child’s play.

I) We have another episode of What Happens When Liberals Run a Nation to report. The man who killed 76 people (which is now being blamed somewhat on the Knights of Templar by some idiots trying to discredit Christianity) in Norway faces a MAXIMUM of 21 years in prison, and law professors there are proud of their lenient system. Frickin’ idiots!

J) Here’s a story that you ain’t gonna find in the mainstream media. Wade Sanders was the man who introduced John Kerry-Heinz at the Democratic convention in 2004. He was also the lead defender of Kerry’s from the attacks by the Swift Boat vets who claimed that Kerry’s stories of heroism and his medal citations were based on lies. Sanders also wore the Silver Star with V for Valor. Well, Sanders is now in prison for kiddie porn and his Silver Star got revoked. A Navy spokesman said it was revoked because of “subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself." In other words, Sanders’ award was, like Kerry’s awards, based on LIES!

K) I…uh…you see…hmmm. I really don’t know what to say about this one. It isn’t the way I’d choose to beat the Texas heat.

L) After the President’s vapid debt crisis speech that called for “compromise” about 40 times, the supposed “compromise” plan worked out by Speaker Boehner and Senate Democrats was publicly trashed by Dingy Harry Reid, and the Speech Reader in Chief said that he would veto it. So much for “compromise” and “bipartisanship”. Of course, we all know that when a Democrat calls for “bipartisanship”, what they really mean is that the GOP must roll over, play dead, and accept whatever the Democrats are putting forth. And while we’re talking about putting something forth, the White House was forced to admit on Tuesday that Obama HAS NO PLAN! I know…y’all are simply shocked. Let’s face it, the House has put forth and passed at least three plans. Where are the Democrat plans?

M) “To make matters worse, the recession meant that there was less money coming in, and it required us to spend even more.” That’s the kind of stooooopidity that passes for logic among Democrats. Imagine a husband telling a wife that he will be getting less on his paychecks, but that required them to go out and spend more. How would that work? Skillet to side of head?

N) The liberals are getting downright hysterical over the debt issue. Red Nanny P-Lousy is screeching that the GOP is using the deficit to “undermine government” and “destroy your rights”. How does adherence to the Constitution destroy Constitutional rights? Than Franthithco deserves this loon.

O) P-Lousy isn’t even close to the biggest loon in Than Franthithco. The city is now contemplating making ex-convicts a new “protected class.” It would be illegal to discriminate against them in housing or hiring. Yes, if you are a property owner, you MUST rent to felons, and if you are an employer, you MUST hire them. Not only that, but it would be illegal to even inquire as to criminal background when people file housing or job applications! The only people who are not “protected” in that cesspool are white, heterosexual Christians.

P) Professor Walter E. Williams has a very simple column this week dealing with what the Constitution allows the federal government to spend money on. This one will make liberals scream, since none of their “New Deal” or “Great Society” programs are allowed by that “flawed” document.

Q) The Obama Administration has been desperately trying to get the Small Arms Treaty passed by the UN, so it can be sent to the US Senate. This treaty, which would heavily override the 2nd Amendment if ratified by the Senate, has been championed by Hillary! and her boss (all dictators of the modern era have relied on gun control policies to dominate their people), but now there is true bipartisan opposition. So far, FIFTY SEVEN Senators have vowed to vote against it, and since any treaty needs 2/3 of the Senate voting in favor of ratification, things aren’t looking good for the Useless Nations. Hat tip to The Claw’s favorite retired Marine, Gunny G, for noticing this story before the media could black it out.

R) Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-El Paso/Juarez) managed to pull out a DOUBLE RACE CARD this week. He says that the GOP is racist against browns and blacks because they are trying to force Barack Obama to uphold our immigration laws instead of not processing for deportment illegals who are not violent criminals. “How more blatant can they be about being anti-minority? They don’t like who’s in the White House so they want to limit his authority.” Sorry, but upholding our laws is not racism. Saying that it is in itself is racism because you are putting skin color over justice.

S) You have to hand it to the folks of California. Where else would you have a state government that is in a HUGE debt hole, has lots of unemployment because illegals are taking so many jobs, is having to release thousands of prisoners from its prisons because of overcrowding caused by thousands of prisoners who are illegals, is paying untold millions to incarcerate all of those illegals, yet is so moved by their presence that it has now passed a bill allowing illegals to attend state universities (again, paid by the state) on scholarship? Governor Moonbeam said it was a step toward an “equal opportunity society” and that this is a chance to “invest in our people.” Uh…Jerry? Those aren’t YOUR people. Those are MEXICO’s people. We warned you about smoking joints with angel dust while banging Linda Ronstadt.

T) The far left media is going into denial of reality. Jimmy Williams of MSLSD…er, MSNBC actually said: “The Tea Party doesn’t exist. . . . Anybody that thinks the Tea Party exists is smoking crack cocaine in America.” If it didn’t exist, then who was it that kicked the crap out of your liberal Democrats in November?

U) Maybe this guy should just take up Pastafarianism or Trojanism. As for the Universal Life Church, Mrs. Crawfish and a few of her co-workers once got themselves “ordained” as ministers by that group, just for the “community involvement” portion of their Navy enlisted evaluation reports. Their Chief failed to see any of the humor.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“The first method of estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Craw,

    Thanks for the hat tip. I'm watching that sh*t very closely. I say that if this sh*t ever passes, it is time to get it on.

    BTW, nice jab on Moonbeam and those angel dust laced joints.

    I hope all of the illegals FLOCK to Mexifornia and I'm taking out ads in Mexican newspapers pointing out that Mexifornia is a sanctuary state offering mucho freebies and I suggest others do the same.

    Let us HELP those libs in their multiculturalist quest.

  2. Gunny,
    If it were to pass, I don't think any Senator who voted in favor would have a life expectancy much shorter than he would desire.

    Ads in mezzican papers? Now dat be fun-nay!

  3. (A) This is exactly where they should start cutting spending..

    (C) Did you ever notice? Racially oriented organizations are always racist.

    (G) Issa is supposed to hear more testimony today. It is predicted that today names will be named.

    (I) They had pictures of the "prison" on Fox this morning. Room with flat screen and private bath, landscaped "yard", basketball court, recording studio....

    (J) Yeah, well, LBJ got himself awarded a Silver Star for riding in a patrol plane over several thousands of empty Pacific during WWII... So what's new with the party of liars, cheats, communists and cowherds???

    (L) Said it before, say it again. The Democrats have substituted "compromise" for "cooperate" which was communist newspeak for you do it my way or get shot.

    (N) San Francisco might deserve this loony but the rest of us don't

    (O) Oh, yeah, we musn't hurt these poor felons' self esteem, y'know.

    (P) And time to get back to what the Constitution allows.

    (Q) They are just ignoring the Constitution on this and most of their other programs and goals.

    (R) Probably supported by LaRaza, too.

    (S) Californians had Gray Davis once before... Definition of insanity is....what???

    (T) Denial. He's just in denial. Probably getting that tingly feeling up his leg.

    (U) Never saw a Chief with a sense of humor in the first place.

  4. Buck,
    A) If is isn't authorized by the Constitution, cut it, period. THAT needs to be the message in DC.
    C) Exactly.
    G) Let's hope so. We need to blow this thing up to Watergate proportions.
    I) The liberal definition of deprivation is "a lack of coddling by a government"
    J) Riding in a B-24 on a "recon mission" to an area known to be void of Japanese.
    L) Same definition as their's for "bipartisan"
    N) Nobody outside of her district does.
    O) F 'em. If they didn't want to be known as ex-cons, they shouldn't have committed the crimes.
    P) Exactly
    Q) The Constitution does say that a treaty ratified by the Senate becomes the supreme law of the land.
    R) Undoubtedly.
    S) This is Moonbeam's third or 4th term. He was once considered fiscally conservative if you can believe it.
    T) They're going nuts now, since the Tea Party folks are calling for Boehner's head today.
    U) There are a few, but not many.

  5. What a pile....
    A)Disgusting is NOT the words I would choose. (obscenity follows)More like FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS.
    B)She's right. But,actually having RUN a lemonade stand back in the misspent days of my youth,it DOES take some brains to do it.Which,as we all know,libs have NONE.
    C)Obama already has a dance partner. Who,you ask. Try,oh say,Beelzebub,Hogan's Goat,The Devil, Satan,ad nauseum.
    D)When YOU pay for a poll,YOU get the results YOU want. Therefore,the answer to your question lies in the first paragraph. "In a new poll for The". Simple as pie.
    E)Just another resume enhancement for Wu to take to his NEXT government gig. And you KNOW the dhimmis WILL find something for the perv.
    F)Immelt needs to be the rope in a tug-of-war between two of G.E.'s better known products,namely the PH37AC locomotives.
    G)Among the MANY criminal acts this rogue agency has promulgated.
    H)Ain't going to hold my breath,but we can hope it has the same outcome.
    I)Idiot who wrote the article OBVIOUSLY knows as much about the Knights Templar as she does about nuclear engineering.
    J)Goddamn lying liars and the frigging lies they tell. HJC,do they not realise you have to tell 50 whoppers to cover for the first one??
    K)Too bad they found him. Hey,IDJIT,next time,try LOOKING DOWN THE FRIGGING HOLE FIRST.Sheesh. Whadda maroon.
    L)I think their plan is to simply do NOTHING,then blame repubs. And as usual,the idiot R's will stand there looking stupid yet again. Hey,R's. A word of advice: Send a plan up to the assholes,and say"THIS IS OUR FINAL OFFER"."TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT". They're going to be blamed no matter what,so they may as well do that.
    M)Craw,Craw,Craw. You CANNOT use "logic" and "democrats" in the same sentence.The terms are mutually exclusive.
    N)So all the shit THEY did outside the Constitution didn't destroy rights? Goddamn botox,and vodka that c.u.n.t.has consumed has killed ALL reason.
    O)Where is that earthquake when you NEED it?
    P)Read that.Good shit. Dr.Williams is simply da bomb. Don't matter to me if the libtards think he's an Uncle Tom. Right honored to be his "nephew".
    Q)Only 57?? What,the other 43 morons forget something? Like that "Flawed Document",perhaps?
    R) I sometimes wonder if these assholes like Reyes know how utterly idiotic they sound.
    S)Hey,the fruits and nuts ELECTED the fool. THEY can live with him. Note to BrianR and all other good folks there: FLEE. While you still have some sanity(and spare change)left.
    T)Neither does PMSNBC. Whom,I see,their ace Maddog is being sued for 50 mil or so.GOOD
    U)The Church Of Christ In The Sins Of The Flesh?????????? Another "real man of genius".
    C ya next time. Am sending you some cool pics that were sent to me.

  6. A)Kick em all out and turn that place into military housing.

    B) I just posted a vid with one of Obama's marxist EPA appointees being grilled by congress for purposely killing jobs to push an agenda. A little research shows the guy to be a...wait for it..." former" community organizer...surprised?

    C) File that under, "it's only rayyycist when we do it".

    F) GE has poured millions into the Obama in cash and his own reelection channel called msnbc. Anything GE gets is just a payback.

    G) I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's taken notice of Gunwalker and operation Castaway.

    H) Holder's "Just-us" dept is in panic mode...look for people being hit by busses.

    I) I found it odd that the lefty press was dancing in the streets when it became known that the guy wasn't an Islamunist.

    J) Anyone who's associated with John Kerry has to be a scumbag to begin with....suuuure you're just doing research on kiddie porn by studying the pictures! Nasty!

    L) Obama has no other choice than to blame the GOP for not having a plan...simply because it's the first time he can't just blame Bush and get away with it.

    M) Lower the amount of freebies and givaways? Obama can't be reelected if he isn't paying the full bribe to Holder's people.

    N) Yes, the constitution does "limit rights" because democrats call government freebies "rights"...just ask any liberal.

    Q) Yes, the govt needs the 2nd amendment abolished so the ATF can have a "bargain basement" to sell guns to drug cartels.

    R) We used to call scumbags like this guy "subversives"...but, then again, what democrat has ever been elected without pandering?

    S) California is proof that earthquakes aren't a bad thing.

    T) Let them think the tea folks don't exist...and maybe one day liberals won't exist here either.

  7. "Nanny Dearest" Botox must be inflamed. I recommend a article now on TH-by Guy Benson---the politico is calling the tea party="full grown terrorists" ---real sweet is it not?? fancy that--the ones who are FOR the Consititution are the "bad guys"


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