Saturday, July 16, 2011

7-16-2011 The Weekend Claw

Believe it or not, there is something to pay attention to this weekend besides the debt crisis. The United States team is in the finals of the Women’s World Cup on Sunday! I’ll probably be nursing a good sunburn as I watch.

A) I have finally come up with the perfect line to scream every time Barack Obama (or most any Democrat) is speaking. Clara’s final line is pretty descriptive of this Administration as well.

B) Senator Turban Durbin has admitted what we all knew to be the real plan of the Dim-ocrats. He now states that the DREAM Act is just the “starting point” in their quest for amnesty for all illegals. Folks, they know that they are going to be losing their majority soon, and that the American people are solidly against any amnesty, so why are they still pushing it?

C) Here we go yet again with another group that is actually in favor of “freedom FROM religion” and can’t understand the simple words of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Governor Rick Perry is supporting and promoting an all-day prayer event next month, so the Freedom From Religion Foundation says that it is a violation of the Constitution since Perry’s actions give the impression that the state favors evangelical Christians. First of all, these are the actions of a STATE’S executive, not a federal executive. Secondly, Congress didn’t make any law regarding the event. Thirdly, no religion was established. So how is this event violating the “establishment clause”, which reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”? Why is it so hard for liberals to read the words?
Side note: The Crawfish looked up this story at HuffPo. It never fails to amaze me how much anti-Christian hatred fills that site. People were claiming that this shows Texas to be a Baptist theocracy, that this event is all anti-Semitism, and all sorts of junk. I wonder if this will finally be the set of comments that gets me kicked outta there, even though I just pointed out Constitutional reality and did not toss a single grenade into the mix. Oh, wait…I did respond to a Moderator who posted the anti-Semitism stuff and asked her to show what was anti-Semitical about it. THAT will get me booted.

D) This could be some of the best comedy ever if it wasn’t so serious. Dingy Harry and the rest of the Democrats have a new talking point for the media. They are saying that the debt limit impasse is all Eric Cantor’s fault, that Cantor is acting “childish” and “juvenile”, and that “Boehner needs to rein him in and let the grown-ups get to work.” This is coming from the party of the petulant spoiled brat who said he was going to tell his Mommy (“I’m going to the American people on this!” Even though the American people support Cantor’s position???), picked up his ball, and went home on Wednesday because he wasn’t getting the economy-killing tax increases and the smoke-and-mirrors fake budget cuts that he wanted. When the Democrats make it personal and start name-calling, you know that they have no real solutions to the problem.

E) Oh, and when the Democrats start using the race card, as Sheila Jackson-Lee did this week, you KNOW they have no coherent argument.

F) Obama threw reality completely out of the window on Friday, saying that 80% of the American people are “sold” in support of increasing taxes to lower the deficit. What poll is he reading? All of the polls show the exact opposite, including the Rasmussen poll cited a couple of paragraphs ago. In other words, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS A LIAR! His lies are almost as bad as Eddie’s.

G) The Liar also said: “If they show me a serious plan, I'm ready to move, even if it requires some tough sacrifices on my part” while telling the GOP to be “ambitious.” Well, the GOP has already put forth serious plans, such as Senator Ryan’s plan, and the Administration and Senate Democrats shot them down. The GOP will put up “Cut, Cap, and Balance” this week, but Obama has admitted to not reading the proposal while blowing it off as not a serious plan, saying: “we don't need a constitutional amendment to do our jobs.” The Crawfish actually agrees, since the current Constitution’s limits on the federal government would bring us back into a surplus situation, so why bring forth an addition to the Constitution that would just be ignored like the rest of it?

H) The Democrats have finally acknowledged that a lot of their strategy in the budget negotiations is based on politics rather than doing what is good for the country, as if we didn’t already know that. This is the reason that they are opposing anything to do with reform of Medicare.

I) Neal Boortz has a plan that could take the continual Democrat threat of not paying Social Insecurity benefits off the table. The GOP could put forth legislation designating a priority in how the government spends money, putting debt payments first, followed by Social Insecurity, then military pay, then veterans’ benefits. His Majesty would surely veto it.

J) The Roger Clemens perjury trial came to an abrupt halt on Thursday with the judge declaring a mistrial because of gross misconduct by the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s prosecutors. Clemens was on trial for lying to Congress and faced up to 30 years in prison if convicted. Can someone please explain how members of Congress can seriously press charges against Clemens when the Senate declared on February 12, 1999, that perjury is not a serious crime, with every single Democrat voting in favor of Bill Clinton?

K) On Wednesday, I mentioned that the Obama Administration was arming Israel’s enemies in the Muslim Brotherhood with 125 M1A1 Abrams tanks. It has also come to light that the Administration is arming the enemies of the United States. Evidently, Operation Gunrunner has a twin. Operation Castaway has supplied thousands of weapons to MS-13 and other drug gangs in the Honduras area. It is definitely time to charge Eric Holder and Barack Obama with treason.

L) Speaking of Operation Gunrunner, the Affirmative Action Attorney General has been saying that he didn’t know about it. That’s interesting considering that in 2009 he gave a speech in Mexico in which he talked about Gunrunner, saying: “My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner.” Now before any liberals try to say that this is made up info from some right-wing nutjob’s website, the link takes you to his speech on the Department of Justice’s website.

M) A tip of The Crawfish’s hat goes to our ol’ pal Peppermint, who sent me down a trail that gives us 20 ready-made charges for impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t worry, none of these are of the “birther” variety. Now, does the GOP have the nads or the will to go through with them? I seriously doubt it.

N) Wednesday’s edition also included the story of Kenneth Gladney’s case against the SEIU thugs who beat him outside of a Russ Carnahan townhall meeting, and how the SEIU had not only stacked the jury, but had gotten the DA to appoint a rookie prosecutor. Well, the case evidently hinged on the testimony of one surprise defense witness who claimed that Gladney started the fight against the two goons who were much bigger than him. Now that the verdict has been reached, evidence shows that the defense witness was not in any position to see the beginning of the fight. She committed perjury in support of the SEIU thugs. Then again, she is a black SEIU activist, so lying in favor of union thugs who are beating up some Uncle Tom is part of her genetic makeup. A pastor and former trial lawyer who witnessed the entire incident, and whom the prosecution refused to call as a witness (under SEIU orders?), sums up this travesty of justice.

O) You’ve all seen those commercials for Hoveround or other motorized scooters, and they all point out that most people get them FREE! Well, actually it isn’t free, since Medicare (meaning those of us who work for a living) pays for them. In 1999, Medicare paid $259 million for those things. By 2009 that number had gone up 179% to $723 million. It gets worse. The Medicare Inspector General’s office says that 61% of the folks who got those chairs paid for by us in the first half of 2007 should not have qualified for them! Even worse, Medicare is billed an average of $4018 per chair when the normal price averages $1048. There’s even more fraud involved, so I’ll just let you read the story from USA Today and get your own blood pressure up.

P) Hundreds of leeches stampeded in Dallas Thursday morning. They were trying to get on a waiting list for “Section 8” housing vouchers, which means they were all clamoring to have you and me pay for their rent. Here’s a better idea: Quit being lazy, get jobs, have your baby daddy (or daddies as the case may be) pay for their chirrun, and stop using your money for pizza, beer, cigarettes, and crack. In other words, take personal responsibility for the lives of yourselves and your families. I know…novel concept for these cousins of “Peggy the Moocher”.

Q) Why is it that the only thing shocking about this story is that it is from Austria instead of California?

R) The Claw has a new home! Not only do I post this mess at Red White Blue News,, Blogspot, Patriot Action Network, and Paul Revere Media, but now I have my own writer page on Facebook where it shows up in the Notes.

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“The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of ‘Liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of it.” - Norman Thomas in 1944, 6 time Socialist Party Presidential Candidate

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Another good edition Crawfish.

    B. Durbin the Turban (and most other Dumbocraps) know what is coming in 2012. And they are fighting it any way they can.

    K. It is my opinion that in 2013, Obama, Holder, and many others in this administration will face criminal charges.

    I hope you have gotten a chance to look at "Clash of the Carriers". I finished it yesterday and certainly enjoyed it.

  2. As to (N):

    If it can be shown that the Not Guilty verdict was reached based on perjured testimony presented by the defense, double jeopardy does NOT attach, and the case can be re-prosecuted.

    Interesting fact that most people don't know about.

  3. Ghost,
    There won't be any charges because there will be thousands of pardons.

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book.

  4. Brian,
    I'm at a loss as to why there has been ZERO coverage of this trial, even including outlets like Fox News.

  5. I hope you are enjoying "Clash of the Carriers". While I read it, I thought about your service in the USN; and I thought you would enjoy the description of carrier operations circa 1944.

  6. (B) That is a self-answering no brainer. They are trying to pass Dream before they lose the majority of both houses in '12.

    (C) They get activist judges who misinterpret the Constitution as in the case of ordering COUNTY courthouses to remove the 10 Commandments from the lawn. Neither was that a federal issue. But the fed court ordered it.
    By the way...Are not the 10 Commandments inscribed on the facade of the Supreme Court building???

    (D) Zero's plan is to default on SS, military and veterans' pay and then point the finger of blame at the GOP. And I don't know if the people are smart enough to see through it.

    (E) Sheila Jackson-Lee. Oh, yeah. She's the bright one who, when watching vider of the Mars rover asked if it would show the flag the astronauts had planted... A real bright light bulb there. But she definitely is a representative of the people in her district.

    (J) Let me get this straight... The same people who refused to convict Clinton for lying in the White House because they thought perjury was not a serious crime are now willing to give Clemens 30 years for lying about steroids and baseball? So they believe baseball is more important than the nation....

    (L) I have been saying for years the ATF is NOT a law enforcement agenc but an agency of oppression. Gunrunner has shown neither do they have to follow the law, either.

    (M) I believe the 20 charges. Only thing is even "conservative" politicians are hesitant to charge a fellow politician of anything. Professional courteousy, I guess. But it does prove "Conservative" in front of most of the professional politicians is just an attention grabbing gimick.

    (N) Hey, that's just more hope and change for ya'.

    (P) If we put up with it, we deserve it.

    (Q) Not shocking at all. Those Diggers have a weird sense of humor and a really large imagination. "Pastafarian." I am still LMAO.

  7. Yeah, me too. This whole incident got almost zero coverage.

  8. Ghost,
    I have read "The Big E" a few times, and it is the book that History Channel's "Battle 360" was based upon. "Shattered Sword" also spends some time distinguishing between US and Japanese carrier operations, and how the differences contributed to the outcome of the battle.

  9. All this liberal stupidity makes my head want to explode.Maybe Odickhead was talking about the 80% of FREELOADERS who want taxes raised.Those are about the ONLY ones who'd want that. As for SJL,SHAME upon the people of Houston who KEEP ON ELECTING this travesty of humanity.

  10. Crawfish,
    Thanks for the round-up. That Pastafarian thing cracked me up.

  11. Travesty is right Craw. It appears that Chicago is running the courts as well as many in Washington. Eric Cantor should be commended! at least some have the stuff to lead!I do not know if Perry will run-but he he has my vote.

  12. P.S. You may have a thing or two to say over at CW's place here at blogspot --

  13. Buck,
    B) They are selling their souls to the mezzican reconquista movement, and committing political suicide in doing so.
    C) The counties, cities, and states need to simply refuse to abide by any court order, including from SCOTUS, that is in opposition to the simple words of the 1st Amendment.
    D) I think the people are starting to see the difference between a pile of brown gold and a pile of crap.
    E) Houston, you are a problem.
    J) Clemens isn't a Democrat.
    L) They have a FEW valid law enforcement responsibilities, but the left has used them for the purpose of overturning the 2nd. Now they are bureaucratically predisposed to being anti-2nd.
    M) Most of them are just looking to keep their high profile jobs.
    N) My troll on keeps saying that Gladney started the fight, and that the preacher and his wife have changed their stories multiple times, and that there were Tea Party activists on the jury, but still the SEIU guys walked because the case was non-existent.
    P) Need to stop putting up with it!
    Q) AUSTRIAN, not Australian. This is one of Ah-nahld's people.

  14. Clyde,
    you expect otherwise from an inner city district that is mostly black, brown, and/or homo???

  15. Hardnox,
    I can't believe any court or law enforcement organization would allow such BS

  16. Snow,
    Perry is okay, but we can do better


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