Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7-20-2011 The Weekly Claw

What we have heyah, is a failure, to communicate. They’re trying to get their messages out, but the people have learned over the past couple of years to spot a large pile of bovine excrement.

A) Why does our President have such an aversion to the truth? In his 15 July presser he had 36 lies and deceptions. The worst possible trait in a leader is dishonesty.

B) “We don’t need a balanced budget amendment” says Mr. Big Spender. Passing one would be pointless anyway. The Democrats don’t abide by the Constitution as it currently is, so what makes you think they would abide by it with another restriction on their ultimate goal of unlimited federal government?

C) His Majesty wants the “largest deal possible” for deficit reduction, so Doctor/Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is putting up a plan that would cut $9 trillion over the next decade. That’s a pretty good start, but I’m sure we could get even more by adhering to that moldy old document from 1787. Of course, the only part of this plan that Obama will find acceptable will be the cuts in defense, which happens to be a Constitutional duty of the federal government.

D) His erstwhile challenger and current SecState, The Pant Suit, just praised Greece’s leadership in their debt crisis. Yes, they screwed up, had to get bailouts from US and from the EU, and their people are rioting because of the “austerity” measures, but that’s some fine leadership they’ve got.

E) On the flip side, the White House says that Barack Obama is showing leadership precisely by NOT putting forth his own debt reduction plan. When some of y’all start understanding their pseudo-logic, could ya explain it to the rest of us? The Crawfish sees leadership coming from the House GOP, as they have actually passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan. The Dems haven’t even put a budget up for a vote in the past three years!

F) AARP is up in arms over some of the debt reduction talk that might include cuts in Medicare. So why were they not concerned at all when they endorsed the Obamacare bill, which cuts $500 billion from Medicare? Oh, that’s right. Those cuts in Medicare would have been made up by certain for-profit insurance plans, with the main one being run by…AARP. Yes, it is okay for the government to make seniors pay more for health care as long as a left wing activist group profits from it. Got it!

G) While we’re discussing corrupt left-wing organizations, take a look at what has come out in court in the case of the SEIU vs. Sodexo USA. Yes, it is a manual for union goonery.

H) “In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service.” Those are the words of Marie Antoinette Obama (AKA: Moochelle, the First Grifter, Queen of the vacations). Career in public service? What job does she have? The answer is that she has no job, but DOES have 24 servants for her non-job, and the salaries for those servants is an annual $1,750,000.00 plus lavish benefits. Most of them also get to enjoy all of micHELLe’s air travel and vacations, all on OUR dime. She's not in "service".

I) How much of OUR money is spent on completely useless “studies”? This article talks about a few of them, but the main subject is a government-funded study on the member sizes of homo men and how that translates into whether they are pitchers or catchers. WHY???

J) Steve Wynn is one of the folks who completely revitalized Las Vegas. He describes himself as a “Democratic businessman.” So who does he blame for the current terrible business climate? Well, it ain’t a Republican.

K) “I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.” So says Hanoi Jane Fonda upon her cancellation from QVC, which she blames on “political extremist groups.” Why are left wing extremists such obsessive and compulsive liars? Those of us who are political centrists (in other words, Constitutionalists) don’t have that utter lack of honor.

L) Here’s the newest suggestion from the Acolytes of the Goron. To reduce our carbon footprint and save energy, we need to go meatless one day per week. Are they going to tell the wagyu beef and chili dog munching royals in the White House? THIS native Texan only goes meatless on Fridays during Lent, and even then seafood is on the menu.

M) My co-worker Ed sent along this video of Obama voters in action.

N) Let’s see…China is in the middle of a huge military buildup that includes development of a stealth strike fighter, anti-ship cruise missiles, and long-range missiles that benefit from guidance system technology given to them by Monica’s boyfriend. Iran is also building up their forces and has not been shy about stating that they will eventually attack Israel and all of Israel’s supporters. Iran’s Mad Mullahs and the Psychotic Dwarf with the Funky Hair and High Heels in North Korea are jointly developing missiles and nuclear weapons that they wish to give to terrorist groups and terrorist supporting nations. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt and has already said that they will declare war on Israel. Other muslim groups are bizzy throughout the Middle East. The liberals in America see all of this, and their reaction is: “Let’s slash the defense budget, since we hate everything America’s military stands for!” They want to cut our carrier force down to nine, while not procuring the F-35 for the Navy and Marines, even though the Hornet and the Harrier are in dire need of replacement. This is the same kind of thinking that ruined our military after Vietnam, but with the addition of the radical homo agenda. Senator Coburn’s $9 trillion reduction plan also includes screwing the Navy and Marine Corps pilots out of stealth technology. Why not just announce that non-USAF pilots are considered expendable?

O) You want some government waste to cut? Take a look at some of the tax deductions listed in a report by Senator Coburn of Oklahoma. Twenty pounds of boob job is deductable?

P) This will probably not come as a shock, but USA Today reports that workers in many federal agencies have such job security that they are more likely to die than to get fired or laid off. President Crawfish would definitely change that.

Q) The liberals love to blame Bush for everything that they screw up, so how ‘bout giving them a campaign point. Let’s have the GOP come out and say “We want to spend just like Bush did!” The Dems would love it, until reality manages to raise its head.

R) The Claw has a new home! Not only do I post this mess at Red White Blue News,, Blogspot, Patriot Action Network, and Paul Revere Media, but now I have my own writer page on Facebook where it shows up in the Notes.

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“The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of ‘Liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of it.” - Norman Thomas in 1944, 6 time Socialist Party Presidential Candidate

The Constitution of the United States


  1. (A) That seems to be a trait in most of the "leaders" of the 20th and 21sr Century.

    (B) I'd say a balanced budget amendment is exactly what we need.

    (D) Kinda tells you what kind of a POTUS Hillary would make, don't it.

    (F) AARP... lotsa old folks tore up their cards and sent 'em back to the aarp.

    (H) She left her job at a big law firm for a career in public service... Uh.. What is her GS level? And did she leave the lush paying job at a hospital before or after having to surrender her law license? And why if her job at the hospital for a quarter a mil a uear was so "critical" why did they not replace her but instead did away with her "position"?

    (K) Fonda's statement might fly with folks who are too young to remember the Viet Nam war but there is definitely a reason my VFW post has "Jane Fonda Urinal Pads" in all their urinals right off the bar area.

    (P) Yep. The only way to get fired from a civil service job is to come to work drunk.

  2. I will piss on Hanoi Jane Fonda's grave. In fact, I plan on holding a kegger at her grave and watering it copiously.

  3. Buck,
    A) Yep...Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Clinton, Obama....Carter wasn't a liar, he was just an idiot.
    B) They wouldn't obey it, and who would stop 'em?
    D) Just SLIGHTLY better than Obama
    F) Not enough of 'em. They prey on ignorance.
    H) Livin' large on the backs of real people.
    K) My last 3 vehicles has "Jane call home 1-800 HANOI" bumper stickers
    P) Don't even think that works anymore.

  4. Another good edition Crawfish.

    H) It is now readily apparent that Big Butt certainly like her perks!

    K) Hanoi Jane can go to hell for all I care. I still write my elected officials asking for her to be charged with treason.

    L) I believe that Al Bore's minions actually want you and I dead, Crawfish.

    N) Even though I served in the USAF, with one nephew who has Gold Wings I do not want to see the Navy or Marines not equipped as they need to be. However, I believe that Middle America have figured out the Liberals and future elections will indicate this. Perhaps we can get the Navy and Marines to make air strikes on the Liberals' homes?

  5. 36 lies and deceit seems small in comparison to what he's told us these past 3 years... and was given a pass from the lefty media.


  6. Gunny,
    I'd be glad to join you, but that crowd is gonna be ha-yuuuuuuuge.

  7. Ghost,
    H) She truly is the First Grifter.
    K) Need Vietnam vets to band together to make that charge stick.
    L) They definitely want us in a weakened state.
    N) I'm outraged that killing off the F-35's B and C models are part of Coburn's $9T cut plan. He thinks the F/A-18E can do the job. That sucker has a LARGE radar cross section!

  8. Eric,
    that is 36 lies in just a few minutes...keeping his usual pace.

  9. Gunny & Crawfish,
    That crowd would be bigger than Woodstock and we would need holding tanks and an irrigation boom!

    Typical liberal...never taking blame for anything. Even old Ted Turner got tired of her shit and kicked her to the curb.

  10. Sure don't take long for the heat to put a foul stench on the liberal heap.................
    A)And these are just the ones that were caught.Wonder what the total number of lies this clown has told would add up to?
    B) You would think the dhimmis would support this as a way to hamstring the next R POTUS.
    C)I'll repeat a comment I made at Gunny's. Incredible the ONLY things these dhimmi bastards want to cut are those specifically authorized by the Constitution.
    D)She must be sweet on his wife.
    E)Here is the key to that sentence.The White House is saying Obama is showing leadership. For the Grand Prize,name the LAST time the WH told the truth about ANYTHING.
    F)That is the AARLP. Wait till you turn 50. The bastards won't leave you alone. Until you do like I did.The last call I got from them I told them in no uncertain terms what they could do with their communistic fucking organisation. And that was to shove it up their ass until it came out their ears.
    G)Yep.Typical union bullshit.
    H)THAT broke my damned bullshit meter.
    I) THAT is what is wrong with liberal men? Myster solved,I'd say.
    J)Just commented on this at Guns.Ol'Steve is about 4 years too late.WHERE THE FUCK was Steve at when the info about the bateared prick HE SUPPORTED was coming out? Liked the rant,but HJC,it's not like the crap wasn't there for him to see BEFORE the election. No sympathy for Wynn,nor ANY other business-types who supported the shithead.
    K)Juck Fane. Glad my bullshit meter was already broken.
    L)I got an idea. How about we go GORELESS??? Like,forever?
    M)Had to be. Nice thing about #1 and #2 is they won't be able to reproduce.
    N)I'm not surprised by the libs here,but WHY the hell would Coburn sign on to this shit?
    O)OK,so just WHAT does the erstwhile senator have against 20 lbs.of boobs??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!
    P)Again,no surprise.I wonder how many of them continued to collect salaries after their "departure" date.
    Q)The dhimmis ought to be strung for it,the r's ought to be horse-whipped.
    OK,my friend,stay cool. Going to the century mark here in Michiruit tomorrow.C ya.

  11. Craw,
    This is from Gimpermint, we are upset u did not read my wall post on your wall. We are in training with one of the best, Gimpie who was Bibi's training officer at one time during the time Bibi was in the elite Mossad commando that release Savena at tel aviv. He and Ehud Barach was with him. He had a mole, but it was taken off. He is a traitor to Israel. He and Bibi hate each other, but they work together. Needs must.

    Craw, Gimpie said you are preaching to the choir. She wants you to get on a libtard site and teach them the ropes, turn them into human beings, where they use their brains, if they have any, and start doing some real thinking about the ass they put into the WH. Now we are all suffering.

    At La Guardia, TSA seized Gimpie's alcohol, but not the tools in her wheelie pouch. They tried to take them at el al, but Gimpie told them" like am i going to dismantle the plane while I'm on it"? "What already, you think I'm crazy?" So they let her pass through with all these tools in her wheelie, never checked at La Guardia, but took her beer away. Dumb shits is what they are.

    Craw, can't you do something with the TSA? Don't you have connections to get this horror dismantled? Would you allow your little girls to be pawed and groped all over by these perps? Like we don't have a 4th Amendment any longer. That is a big bitch of mine. I don't like storm troopers, swat teams and FBI agents banging down my door whenever they like to come in and search and seize whatever they want. It is against the Constitution.

    Gimpie says she lives in Israel and has much to do getting ready for the Gaza Flottila and the UN who "thinks" they are coming in to divide up Jerusalem. She said they won't get passed the border.

    They won't get past Gimpie, her wheelie and her crutch all secret weapons that she uses. You know she held hostage Syrians, terrorists, in her house, for a good 6 hours on the eve of one of their most important holidays. So as you can see she is a great source in our training program going on at The Redneck Peppermint training camp.

    c ya

  12. Hey, what's up with the censorship here? We do still have our 1rst amendment right. So why are you censoring our speech. Gimpie wants to know. What kind of Constitutionality is that? Gimpie said to tell you this is why she does not post.

  13. Pepp and Lucy,
    No censorship here by anyone but me. I just dump BS comments before they can get in here. I check the "dashboard" two or three times a day and release any comments in the queue.

    I've posted a couple of times on HuffPo. I found out last night that I'm banned at Real Clear Politics, but don't know why.

  14. Hardnox,
    We'd keep that place irrigated for years!

  15. Clyde,
    A) One lie per hundred dollars of debt is his goal.
    B) They still think they have 5.5 more years of Obama and will win again after him, so why hamstring themselves?
    C) Again, see B.
    D) Eeeeewwwww
    E) Well, they DID say that Mooch was going to South Afreaka....
    F) I will explain that I'm joining their conservative counterpart. Right now my Old-Timers prevents me from remembering their name, but..
    G) Probably printed in Chicago.
    H) They broke mine before they even took over the palace.
    I) Short limpies?
    J) Why would ANY businessman be a Democrat?
    K) Take it you're joining the irrigation crowd?
    L) He's turning into comic relief.
    M) Like they had anything there to begin with.
    N) He had the F-35 cuts in his own plan. Buck needs to take him back behind the woodshed next time he's home. Why would liberals want to kill the F-35, when that is UNION jobs on the line?
    O) I have nothing against 20 pounds of them, as long as it is spread out among 4 or 5 gals.
    P) Probably 30%.
    Q) Dropping spending to Bush levels across the board and holding them to that line for the next 4 years would bring a balanced budget.


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