Saturday, July 30, 2011

7-30-2011 The Weekend Claw

The mantra from the left is that we need to “compromise”, but they have “compromised” the Constitution for a century. It is time for US to restore it!

A) Item number one for this weekend’s column really has The Crawfish ticked off. Every member of the military and all of our veterans should be hacked off as well. A panel of civilians working for the Department of Defense has recommended that the military do away with the vested 20-year retirement, and go to a 401(k) program immediately. First of all, that vested retirement is part of the contract that every member of our military signed upon enlistment. That is one of the main reasons many served or are now serving past the 10-year mark. It is a reward for the risk taken for 20 years. Now they want the military, which is already heavily underpaid, to have to pay for their own retirement? Oh HELL NO! They want that retirement plan to be available to anybody who simply serves ANY bit of time? Oh HELL NO! That would drive retention down the drain. Of course, we know that part of the liberal agenda IS for the true professionals to leave the military so it can be run by all of the PC groups, and the heck with warfighting capability and preparedness. Before this happens, we must demand that the retirement plans of all members of Congress, the President, and all other elected officials be zeroed out, especially those who have resigned in disgrace, like David Wu, who will still get paid millions of dollars because he was shat on the Constitution for a few years.

B) David Wu is a serial sex offender, so where are all of the women who had their panties in a twist over the Allen West-Debbie the Ditz kerfluffle? They must be like the Code Pinko, International A.N.S.W.E.R., left wing moonbat anti-war protesters who were soooo vocal during the W years, but are dead silent now that Obama has us involved in FIVE shooting conflicts.

C) Here is a cause worth supporting. I’d love to see the names of some of my readers added to the list, even with a simple $10 donation.

D) What is the point in negotiating with this President? While we are trying to reduce our debt and dump all non-necessary expenses, he goes out and pledges another $4 billion of OUR taxpayer dollars to the Useless Nations. We already provide over 22% of their annual budget, and that is waaaaay too much. (NOTE: Whoever wrote the headline for the hyperlinked article screwed up by changing $4 billion to $100 billion. I don’t know where they got THAT number from.)

E) A tip of The Crawfish’s cap goes to TampaDoc64 for this one. The American people may go along with the media and White House and blame the GOP for everything, but the latest polling data from CNN…yes, CNN, shows that SEVENTY FOUR PERCENT of the American people support a Balanced Budget Amendment and SIXTY SIX PERCENT support a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan. So why doesn’t Harry Reid even let such a plan get to the Senate floor for debate? It is because Dingy Harry is now Delusional Harry. Despite the GOP putting three plans up for votes, each more watered down to “compromise” with the Senate and White House, he has the nerve to say: “We're recognizing that the only compromise that there is, is mine.” Really, Mr. “Every plan from the House is DEAD ON ARRIVAL!”??

F) Dan Calabrese had a hidden microphone on when Barack Obama (self-assigned code name: Uncle Sam) visited the debt counselor last week. It really is that simple.

G) There is a reason that the White House and the Senate Democrats have not put up a serious plan for the debt problem. They know that any serious plan has to be the death knell for the New Deal and Great Society programs. Roger L. Simon takes a look at their dilemma.

H) “What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.” Those are the words of former Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy. Yes, Republicans are planning to use their budget to extinguish all life on Earth. How does she equate cutting unConstitutional spending with destroying the world? That one brain cell of hers is really lonely. She followed it up by saying the last Boehner bill “Pulls the plug” on “50 years of progress for American families.” By that she means, of course, that America’s leeches are going to see some of their freebies go away. Even further, she said that the GOP connecting deficit reduction to a debt ceiling increase was “appalling”, when the real appalling thing is her party’s opposition to common sense and the Constitution. Now as long as we’re talking about stooopid rhetoric from the left, we might as well check out Rep. James Clyburn comparing raising the debt ceiling by Executive Order to the Emancipation Proclamation, which still didn’t have any force of law behind it until the Constitution could be amended.

I)Then there is the latest talking point, that the GOP is (again) the Grinch that Stole Christmas (they really need some new material), because the Boehner plan would only raise the debt limit for a few months and Congress would be fighting it out again in December. But wait a second. Which party rammed through a vote, on Christmas Eve, for a multi-trillion dollar program that was opposed by the majority of the American people? We will give the people a belated Christmas present in January of 2013 when we repeal that monstrosity with a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican President.

J) The sniping from the Propaganda Ministry continues, with Goebbels, I mean Carney, calling the GOP “incredibly juvenile” for wanting to reign in King Putt’s spending. His disconnect with reality was on full display later in his statement when he said that the latest plan from Speaker Boehner, which is almost a complete capitulation to Harry Reid, is “more draconian” than the Paul Ryan Budget Bill, which contained much deeper cuts.

K) John McCain seems to think he is still relevant and superior to all of the sub-humanity that makes up real America. He actually had the stooopidity to refer to Tea Party supporters as “hobbits” and say that the House Freshmen are being “unfair” and “bizarre” by demanding a vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment, because “others know better.” “(O)thers know better”? I take that as meaning the liberal, blue-blood, country club, Rockefeller “establishment” wing of the GOP knows better than the rabble Tea Party conservatives. That really worked well in 2006 and 2008, didn’t it? Since he believes that he and other “Snowballs” are above us, maybe we should reacquaint him with the Constitution and fiscal responsibility, which is what the Tea Party is fighting for. He must think that we are too dim to remember that he voted IN FAVOR of: the $85 billion bailout of AIG, the $25 billion bailout of the UAW (GM and Chrysler), the $300 billion mortgage entitlement bailout, and the $700 billion TARP (aka liberal slush fund). He must think we are not bright enough to notice that he wants to scrap the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, even as the Russians and Chinese are working on their stealthy strike fighters. Do we need a recall election in Arizona, based upon severe senility of the current Senator?

L) How much would y’all like to wager that the unnamed investor in this story is George Soros. He has made a fortune by wrecking economies and currencies, and he does hate everything America has ever stood for.

M) Here’s a federal program, passed by Pelosi’s House, Reid’s Senate, and signed by Obama, that is unConstitutionally wasting our money. Banks are starting to bulldoze foreclosed properties that aren’t in good condition, and they are getting federal dollars to do it. Why are taxpayers in Texas paying to bulldoze houses in Cleveland? This needs to be unfunded immediately…well, maybe after they bulldoze the entirety of Detroit.

N) Do I really need to go off on my “establishment clause” rant again? When will these atheist idiots ever understand that a cross at a memorial site is not CONGRESS making a LAW that ESTABLISHES a religion?

O) What did Obama and Holder know and when did they know it? The Gunrunner scandal has taken another turn, with an ATF official testifying that the White House knew of Operation Gunrunner months before a US Border Patrol agent was murdered using guns from that operation, and the White House was actually using back channels to get information on the operations, since they wanted to keep it quiet. This is MUCH more serious than Watergate, but it is getting less than 1% of the media attention Watergate did. The reason for that is obvious: the President and Attorney General are both black Democrats, so their backsides must be protected by the media.

P) Russ Vaughn has an interesting take on a recently issued Executive Order, and how it might actually relate to the Gunrunner investigations.

Q) Yet another muslim in the Army has been arrested on attempted terrorism charges. Naser Abdo was planning to bomb establishments just outside of Fort Hood and shoot those who survived the blasts. Representative King is correct in investigating Islamic terrorism in the United States. The Armed Forces are wrong whenever they allow a muslim to enlist. Islam is the enemy of the rest of the world, as commanded by their pedophilic False Prophet and his unholy Quran. We MUST wake up to that fact.

R) The Chinese are now getting serious about finishing the rebuild of the former Soviet aircraft carrier “Varyag”. They say it won’t be deployed as part of a battle group, but rather will be used for research and training, presumably so they can start building their own large-deck carriers. In response, the Democratic Party says that it is time to slash our defense budget.

S) Some not-so-good economic news came out this week. Say it with me, this news was… “unexpected.” In the immortal words of Colonel Sherman T. Potter, “HORSE HOCKEY!”

T) So you think Barack Obama wants to increase jobs in America, especially union jobs, especially for the unions that he already illegally bailed out, right? Think again. He wants to stick another bayonet into the American auto manufacturing industry by demanding that automakers DOUBLE their fuel mileage standards, which will cause the automakers to lose a lot more money and jobs.

U) You had to know this one was coming. The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the rotten tree, as Jesse Be The Jackson Junior has now brought out his very own race card. His fellow Chicago community organizer is being “treated differently” so it must be because of his color. Hey Jesse, I can’t stand his white half either!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“The first method of estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

The Constitution of the United States


  1. You know, when I heard about McAmnesty referring to us Tea Partiers as "hobbits", it made me doubly glad I didn't vote for that douchebag.

    I wonder if there's any way to give him back to the North Vietnamese.

  2. Whew! Its been a big half-week for news.

    On item E: I put up a scientific poll on my blog; the results will amaze you.

    On item A: What the hell is wrong with these idiots? You get retirement after two years in Congress for NOT ONCE RISKING YOUR LIFE. Leave military retirement alone, unless your going to up it to 100%.

    On item C: Go Marine. I'll donate as soon as I can.

    On item N: Right. Putting up a cross or posting the Ten Commandments doesn't force anyone to bow to them. Shut up atheist whiners.

    On items Q, S, T: I wrote about this this week.

    On item R: How about a pre-emptive strike on them, Obama?

  3. Craw,

    Good one. Juan McShamnesty needs to go away. I resent people calling him a war hero. He was shot down and captured and resisted the enemy to the best of his abilities. He did nothing more than my father's buddy who was captured by the Japs in 42 when his sub went down and was severely tortured, starved, beaten, etc, and continued to resist the enemy.

    Besides, his Progressive brat makes me want to hurl.

  4. The "compromise" from the left, if you notice, is only when THEY are on the losing end of a bill passage. They remind me of '50's wrestling where the bad guy beats up on the good guy for 10 of the 12 minutes. Then when the good guy starts winning the bad guy all of a sudden wants to shake hands and play fair....

    (A) The hidden goal is one more reason good men will leave after their enlistment is up. The enimies...homegrown enemies of this country are doing all in their power to render this country defenseless. Unmasking the homosexuals, cutting the military budget and now threatning to do away with the 20 year retirement system that has worked well for ...what...a hundred years or so..

    (D) The UN has outlived its usefulness, if it ever had any, long ago. Time to relegate it to the dustbin of history. Alongside the equally useless League of Nations.

    (E) "We're recognizing that the only compromise that there is, is mine." Think about that. If his is the ONLY compromise, then there is really NO compromise, is there?

    (G) New Deal and Great Society programs need to be next to the UN and League ofNations.

    (H) Pelosi lost me when she said we needed to pass a bill in order to find out what's in it.
    Talk about a pig in a poke!

    (K) After reelecting McCain we should have had a recall on Arizona statehood...

    (N) Ain't the atheist idiots, it is the idiot judges who do not understand the Constitution and allows the atheist imbiciles to function in society.

    (O) And as I've been saying since forever the ATF is NOT a law enforcement agency as much as it is an agency for suppression of citizens and citizen rights.

    (P) I am awaiting Issa's move to investigate Holder and the DOJ with all the anticipation of a small child awaiting the appearance of Santa. And probably the outcome will be as disappointing as the child noticing Santa has a pillow under his shirt and wears shoes just like Uncle Charlie's.

    (Q) Europe disinvited all muslims living there in the 7th century and told them to go home. I guess the Pope et al didn't have to worry so much about PC back then, though.

  5. Brian,
    they don't want him, either.

  6. TGP,
    E) Almost nothing in a poll can surprise me anymore
    A) Concur!
    C) He's actually a Navy pilot, but thanx for donating.
    N) They have used the courts to twist the First into an unrecognizable pretzel.
    R) Nah, they are his allies.

  7. Gunny,
    his brat is just taking after her Dad. He was only famous as a POW because of who his father was at the time.

  8. Buck,
    their "compromise" positions are always still a giant leap left. From there they go to their "want" list.
    A) The destruction of the military by the Democratic Party continues.
    D) They do a FEW good things that can only be done by some kind of international organization, but mostly just anti-American, anti-Israel BS
    E) Nope, and the House just shot his ass down this afternoon.
    G) My position: Constitution or get the hell out of my country!
    H) I wouldn't poke that pig!
    K) Nah...I kinda like the Grand Canyon.
    N) Yup.
    O) Can't argue with that one.
    P) Let's hope not.
    Q) But now they're back and taking over!

  9. Crawfish,
    Nice round-up.

    A) As always with the left, they need to screw with the military and veterans. Oh no... can't piss off their lazy ass constituents... can't have that.

    B) Typical weird-ass lib congressman.

    C) Donated $50 - definitely worthwhile. I'm a sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Program. I donate 10% of the stud fees that I get for my stallions. Have for years. I can't say thanks enough.

    D) Pleeeeeaaaseeee someone start the IMPEACHMENT Hearings!

    E) The Peckerhead still isn't listening. 2010 - can you hear us now? 2012 - are you friggin deaf? I'll bet they hear it then.

    G) They don't want to shed any sunshine on their stupid shit. God forbid they would need to defend their failures.

    H) Dumb Bitch

    I) You bet - I can't wait.

    K) I'd like to stick my hobbit foot up his troll ass

    L) I'll second your bet

  10. WHAT???Military pay their own retirement??BULLSH_T!! My Dad earned his and they can kiss their recutment deal Goodbye!I do not see any polititian offering to pay their own retirement. As for the "hobbit" crack it just bounces off Captain Americas SHIELD!!(go see the movie--excellant)

  11. Hardnox,
    A) It goes along with the cartoon that Mrs. AL put up a couple of days ago. Obama saying we can't have the half of America that doesn't pay taxes be burdened by the half of America that doesn't pay their fair share.
    B) But where is the outcry from the feminazis?
    C) THANX! We have a coin from Wounded Warriors Battalion East. We hosted a bunch from Bethesda at the PA Renaissance Faire as part of their program to get the guys out into fun public activities. We gave each of them a small vial of sand from Iwo Jima.
    D) Who to impeach first? Holder? Obama?
    E) Harry only listens to the voices in his own head and the ones in Nancy's.
    G) Sunshine. The Great Disinfectant.
    H) You've gotta be more specific when saying that in reference to a liberal female (including Bawney Fwank).
    I) Shining up my arse-spankin' paddle already!
    K) After sharpening toenails!
    L) Pretty sure we all know who it is.

  12. BW79,
    It wouldn't affect those of us who are already retired, but Mrs. Crawfish has 16.5 years in already and it would screw her over big!

    We are gonna see it probably next weekend. Kinda hard to have family outings outside of the weekend since I work nights.

  13. Damn shame there is so much liberal stupidity going on you have to do this twice a week.


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