Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7-13-2011 The Weekly Claw

Hey, maybe I can get through this column without running out of letters this time…

A) The Crawfish, and I’m sure most of my readers will join me, offers my salute, a hearty traditional Navy “Well Done!”, and a big Army “HOOAH!” to Sergeant First Class Leroy Arthur Petry of the 75th Ranger Battalion. He becomes only the 2nd member of the Armed Forces to be awarded the Medal of Honor, Presented on Behalf of Congress (not “Congressional Medal of Honor”) by President Obama, and have the Medal presented to him instead of his family since 9-11.

B) It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while a Hollyweird type does something worth celebrating. Mila Kunis is starring in a new film all about having a sexual relationship with a man just for the sex, with no real ties. That is NOT worth celebrating. But hold the phone. A Marine in Afghanistan made a youtube video asking her to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball at his home base in Greenville, NC. With the encouragement of her co-star, Justin Timberlake, she has accepted the invitation of Sergeant Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines. OOH-RAH!

C) The SEIU is officially untouchable in the courts. The SEIU thugs who beat up black conservative Kenneth Gladney outside of an Obamacare townhall meeting in St. Louis were able to get the DA to appoint a prosecutor who had never prosecuted in a jury trial and to stack the jury with union members who declared the thugs not guilty of all charges, even though the beating was caught on video. Will someone stand up and pay for a REAL legal team to sue the crrrap out of the SEIU and Representative Carnahan?

D) How many of y’all remember the American Tradition Party Platform 2008? How much of that is still viable as a platform for us today? Okay, besides all of it?

E) The Obama Administration has completely lost touch with reality when it comes to the so-called “stimulus”. Now he is trying to say that the current rise in unemployment numbers and the lack of new jobs is proof that the “stimulus” worked as advertised. It worked exactly as us conservatives said it would, but nothing like the Democrats promised. We knew that it was designed to destroy the economy for years to come and boost government sector jobs alone. Two million fewer private sector jobs and record foreclosures means success? Obama is saying that state and local government jobs are being lost because there is no more federal money propping them up. Well, Wisconsin is showing how to change that little problem!

F) The latest poll numbers show that 69% of the American public opposes raising the debt ceiling, and when questioned about that, Barack Obama said that the American public doesn’t know anything about the debt ceiling, but “professional politicians” do. Listen up, Kenya boy. If we threw all of the “professional politicians” out of DC, we’d have a balanced budget and the government would be restrained to its Constitutional limits. The “professional politicians” are, as this ad so clearly and powerfully points out, like drug addicts.

G) On the debt ceiling talks, Senate Minority Leader McConnell said: “After years of discussions and months of negotiations, I have little question that as long as this president is in the Oval Office, a real solution is probably unattainable.” Continuing, he said that Obama “has presented us with three choices: smoke and mirrors, tax hikes, or default. Republicans choose none of the above.” As a result, Barack Obama is now threatening to not pay Social Security recipients, disabled veterans, and military retirees in August. He will, of course, blame the GOP for not accepting tax hikes that would in reality be just drops in the ocean.

H) You’ve just gotta love liberal “civility” in our national dialogue. On Fox News’ new show, replacing Beck, Democrat Bob Beckel says that people like Grover Nordquist who advocate reducing spending to the point of being at least 50% within the limitations of the Constitution are “terrorists” who deserve to be sent to Gitmo. The “terrorist” line is evidently the main DNC talking point, since damned near every liberal is using it these days.

I) Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, lectured the US Chamber of Commerce telling business owners that THEY needed to do more for job growth. Who in the (@#^ is Immelt to give that lecture? He sits on advisory panels for Obama and has received so many tax breaks for his company that GE doesn’t pay a dime of US taxes. He has also overseen the outsourcing of thousands of GE jobs, such as the manufacturing of light bulbs, to foreign nations. On a related note, Red Nanny P-Lousy kept all but 5 Dim in line to defeat a repeal of the ban on incandescent light bulbs. How much did GE shell out for that vote?

J) Wait a second…would Dear Leader lie to us? Of course he would, and has nearly every day since he first appeared on national television. Now he’s saying (again) that Social Insecurity is not adding to the deficit, when SS added $49 billion to last year’s deficit, and will add another $46 billion to it this year. Those numbers are going nowhere but up over the next couple of decades as the baby boomers leave the workforce and the socialists drive all private sector employers into oblivion.

K) He even lied about his mother for political gain during the Obamacare debates. Yes, his stories about his (damnit, she’s white) mom being denied health care coverage during her fight with cancer are quite incorrect. She had health care coverage, but did not have disability insurance. That is a BIG difference.

L) Do you know how to deactivate a cat? I coulda used this info a few years ago, but my one remaining tabby has grown out of his hyper years, and even his regularly active years.

M) As we have discussed numerous times, one of the biggest causes of the housing crisis was the Community Reinvestment Act, which was signed by Carter and put on steroids by Monica’s boyfriend. That act forced banks to give mortgages to people, especially minorities, who had no prospects of ever being able to afford them. You would have thought that this lesson had been learned. Along comes the most race-based Administration in history and the Affirmative Action Attorney General. Uh-oh. You can see what I’m about to say, can’t you? Yep, Eric “My People” Holder is forcing banks to give mortgages to blacks who can’t afford them, since the banks are raaaaaacist if they don’t do so. He is threatening investigations and legal action if the banks do not comply, and has already prosecuted banks that refused his orders to not adhere to actual business practices and banking standards. Welfare, food stamps, and other “public assistance” is to count as valid income on loan applications for minorities. Like Peggy the Moocher said in 2008, “I won't have to pay my mortgage, I won't have to put gas in my car. If I take care of him, he'll take care of me!”

N) What would you say about a government agency that gives money to left wing groups regularly so those groups can sue the agency? Well, in our current government that would be how the envirowackos at the EPA manage to get their nutjob agenda ordered through court action. This expose by Gunny G is sure to raise the blood pressure of all sane Americans. It has all sorts of far-left lunacy that is all tied together. Just beware…Gunny is a retired Marine, and he isn’t as restrained with his language as this retired Sailor.

O) There have been a lot of flash mobs in the news lately. Over the weekend there was one in Minneapolis, in which a white teenager, her mother, and her 4-year old sister were attacked. The race of the mob participants was not mentioned in the story, which was written by a black reporter, and all of the witnesses are adhering to urban gang policy of NO SNITCHIN’, so we know what it was. Contrast that mob to this flash mob from earlier in the month, and you will see stark differences in our society.

P) The head of the American Federation of Teachers says that we should look at the school systems of other nations, like Finland, and emulate them. She meant for us to do so because those nations give the unions even more power (conveniently not noting that those nations are going belly up because of their unions and extravagant governmental spending), but she gave The Crawfish just the opening I needed. We SHOULD emulate them, in that they spend much less per student, have much less disciplinary problems, and get much better results. Those nations also don’t pay for illegal aliens to go to their schools.

Q) Democrats always want Americans to bend over backwards to accommodate each and every person who is disabled in any shape of the term, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or they just hate everything that is real America (that would be liberals). Now if a Democrat happens to be a minority race-baiter, those rules (like most rules in America) obviously do not apply. They are to have the disabled conform to THEM. Just ask Sheila Jackson-Lee.

R) The Obama Administration, while calling the Muslim Brotherhood a “largely secular organization”, has now decided to sell the Muslim Brotherhood 125 M1A1 Abrams tanks. Now think carefully before answering this question. What is the only nation on Egypt’s borders that could be considered less than an ally and has an army that includes modern tanks? Yes, the muslim President is selling the best tanks in the world to a muslim pseudo-government that is set to declare war on Israel. Once again, Barack Obama stabs one of our two greatest allies in the back.

S) How many of y’all know that Hillary! Clinton is Constitutionally banned from serving as Secretary of State? A few of us mentioned it back in early 2009, but it was never picked up by the Obamedia or anybody in the GOP. Well here it is, mid-2011, and that appointment is just part of a well-done essay showing how the Obama Administration is committing many of the same outrages that King George III did, as detailed in the Declaration of Independence, that caused our rebellion from England.

T) The Obama Campaign-affiliated has launched yet another attack campaign against a private business because that business has the audacity to be run by a Christian family with actual Christian values. This time, the target is Chick-fil-A, although others such as TOMS shoes and the Christian Values Network are also under attack. These left wing extremist groups just can’t fathom the fact that religious people are allowed to thrive even though they oppose the anti-Christian, anti-morality, pro-abortion, radical homo agenda. So go out there and EAT MOR CHIKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

U) A Mexican from New Mexico has won the first national Spanish Spelling Bee. Why in the world do we have a spelling bee for those who refuse to assimilate into the culture of the United States?

V) The Claw has a new home! Not only do I post this mess at Red White Blue News,, Blogspot, Patriot Action Network, and Paul Revere Media, but now I have my own writer page on Facebook where it shows up in the Notes.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of ‘Liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of it.” - Norman Thomas in 1944, 6 time Socialist Party Presidential Candidate

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Craw,

    Great wrap up as usual. I coud not agree more on how other nations teach their students! Maybe we can get more civics and citizenship vice songs about Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! and having students hold signs in union bullsh*t.

  2. Good God,whatta a stinker.......
    A)Absolutely. Only downside,is Urkel's name on the damn paperwork.
    B)Well,she WILL get to see REAL men,unlike her co-star. Sgt.Moore has some COOL bragging rights,though.
    C) Indeed. When I win that damned Lotto......
    D)GOOD ideas NEVER go out of style.
    E)We also predicted Obama would be more full of shit than a Christmas goose.
    F)Time to rid ourselves once and for all of these damned "professional politicians". BAMN
    G)So McConnell's answer to it is to give him three MORE trips to the raise-the-debt-limit well? Not much for just telling Urkel to go fuck himself,is he?
    H)Beckel. What a waste of air. WTF is Fox thinking? Getting so I can't watch them,either.
    I)The idiot Immelt has also driven GE's per-share price from $45 to around $18. I sure would like to kick Jack Welch square in the ass for putting this fuckhead in his place when he retired.
    J)More drivel from the King of Drivel. And to think,people GAVE this asshat's campaign $86 million in Q2. Morons.
    K)What DOESN'T this prack lie about?
    L)Hmmm. A .22 works well.
    M) Goddamn Holder.See L)
    N)Yes,he sure dug up some smelly turds there.
    O)The difference is one is a flash mob,the other is flash CRIMINALS.
    P)The head of the AFT,along with the rest of the minions,should be out of business.
    Q)See L).
    R)And yet,the stupid ass liberal Jews will STILL support the bateared prick. WHAT the HELL is wrong with them?
    S)YET ANOTHER sterling example of GOP cowardice.That is why I'm SO done with the party.
    T)No doubt.Besides,I like their ads.
    U)Could we try KILLER spelling bees,perhaps???
    V) Good stuff. I,however,do not use Facebook.Zuckerberg is another idiot who is hellbent on giving his fortune away to LIBERAL causes,like Gates,Buffet,et al.
    C ya next time.

  3. Crawfish,

    Good post as always. Looks like Clyde is back in full form.

  4. Well it appears that the Dumbocraps and their Fearless Leader (O'Vomit) are getting really scared. Many of this week's actions (such as threatening to stop the social security checks) will backfire on the administration in ways that will surprise everyone. I knew that the Liberals were stupid, but I didn't realize that they were this stupid.

    Another good edition Crawfish.

  5. I think you came perilously close to running out of the alphabet, despite your opening disclaimer!


  6. (C) Did you expect anything different from the current regime?

    (F) Reminds me of when Herman Caine said, and I paraphrase, "Somebody said you have no political experience. Well, politicians have been running things for awhile and how are they doing?" Something like that.

    (G) Look for Zero to ensure there is no agreement reached. Do you know how many idiots would believe him if he held up SS and Disability payments and then blamed it on the GOP?

    (I) Hear anything about Gov Perry saying incandescent bulbs manufactured in Texas for use in Texas do not fall under the Commerce Clause and Texas will continue manufacturing them? Damn, I'll have to go to Vernon, TX to replace my porch light. Perry's argument is the same as Montana's gun law argument, by the way.

    (M) A friend down at the local waterhole was in real estate mortgates in
    Denver back then. The feds so much as told him if he didn't make those loans they would be checking his books, auditing him, checking licenses and whatever they could to "nail" him.

    (Q) Sheila Jackson-Lee ain't the brightest bulb on the tree. Matter of fact she probably scores a tad lower than Biden. But she's a Democrat so the lawsuit will come to naught.

    (R) Doesn't there have to be Congressional approval before we sell military hardware to foreign entities?

    (T) If folks don't wake up soon Christains will be battling lions and tigers in the arena again.

    (U) More to the point, our youth are nowhere near proficient in their national language so WTF are they doing having spelling bees in a forei...FOREIGN..language?

    (V) Went on facebook. Immediately got a computer virus. I'm off it.

  7. Crawfish,

    I posted on a lot of this this week. Sgt Petry is a great guy, would have made a passable Marine. Sgt. Moore will become a Marine Corps legend. Obama looking down his nose (again) at the run of the mill citizen has me enraged. Not paying SS checks or VA disability is BS. His check should be the first one not sent.

    Check out my blog for these and other fun stories about our sorry government officials.


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