Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3-30-2010 The Weekly Claw

Wow. The Crawfish went to the Tarrant County sub-courthouse on Monday to renew his auto registration, but was thwarted in the attempt. You see, the County Tax Assessor offices are not open on weekends, when the citizens have the opportunity to visit without missing work, and close during the week at 4:30, also to preclude the majority of citizens from being able to get the jobs done. I got off early enough on Monday to swing by, but they were closed all day. They were observing the birthday of Cesar Chavez. What does a non-dryback who unionized non-drybacks in California have to do with Tarrant County, Texas?

Since when does a President have the Constitutional authority to change the terms of contracts between individuals and their lending institutions? Of course, no such authority comes from the Constitution, but since when do Democrats care about that moldy and flawed document written so long ago by a bunch of old white guys, some of whom owned slaves? The Obama Administration is going to ORDER banks to cut mortgage payments for people who are unemployed. While The Crawfish and his conservative brethren all wish that banks would work with those who are unemployed to keep them in their homes by deferring some payments or something of that sort, it is wrong for the federal government to step into the matter.

So what does Homeland Security Ditz Nappy have to say about this story of an Arizona rancher near the border being murdered by border crossers? Will she say that “the system worked” again? Will she and her boss say that this is yet another reason to have amnesty and open borders?

Obama’s new pick to head up Mediscare and Medicaid wants a “radical transfer of power” and believes health care in America is based on skin color. It would really be nice to see an appointment of someone who is sane to an Administration post.

In a new Rasmussen poll, 62% of main stream Americans say that the Tea Party movement is closer to their views on the issues, while 12% say Congress is closer. When the political class is asked the same question, the margin is 90% to 1% (yes, ONE percent) in favor of Congress. This is sounding more like the Soviet Union or France of the 1780s.

Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin is on semi-vacation, but she still delivers a strong column regarding the fake violence claims by the leftists and the history of actual violence by the left that has been blamed on the right. She also has another column on how the liberal media is going along with all of the leftist claims despite all evidence to the contrary, along with the history of Democrats opposing the legislation that the left now claims as some of their monumental victories. Like I’ve said many times over the past couple of weeks, stand by for a new “Reichstag Fire” incident that will be used as the catalyst for the leftists to initiate a severe crackdown on all dissent. That will eventually be followed by a new version of Krystallnacht, with conservatives playing the part of Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

The supposed threats by conservatives have been proven false time and again; with exactly zero conservatives being charged with any crimes. Compare that to the liberals, one of whom has been arrested and charged with threatening the lives of Republican Representative Eric Cantor and his family through a YouTube video. Fittingly, the man was from the City of Brudderly Hate. And there was also liberal radio host Brian Maloney calling Representative Boehner “Boner” (they really do love sexual terms, don’t they?) and calling for the deaths of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly. Representative McDermott even ranted on the House floor, calling those who dare to support the Constitution “teabaggers”. You keep classy, liberals!

Then there was the violence in and around the Tea Party event in Dingy Harry’s hometown of Searchlight, NV. The ones making the threats and throwing the eggs were...yep, Reid supporters.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Montana, where men are men, women are men, and sheep are scared) has now admitted that one of the goals of Obamacare and the rest of the Democrat agenda is to address the “mal-distribution of wealth in America.” In other words, their agenda is...trumpet fanfare please...socialism!

Gaffes Biden doesn’t like the terminology “redistribution of wealth.” He prefers the other socialist terminology: “just being fair.” No matter what you call it, a cowpie is still a cowpie.

AT&T, John Deere, Caterpillar, Valero Energy, AK Steel, and a bunch of other American companies have announced that they will take major hits to their bottom lines because of the provisions of Obamacare. For having the sheer nerve to announce the truth, their leaders have been summoned by Nostrildamus himself to appear before Congress and explain their vile, capitalist ways. In the 50s, Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy was reviled by the left and the media (sorry for repeating myself) for his crusade against communists in our government and the film industry (all of his claims later proven correct when the records of the Soviet Union and KGB were opened after the fall of the USSR). Will Nostrildamus be reviled in public, or cheered on by the left wing extremists at See-BS, NBC, CNN, ABC, the Noo Yawk Slimes, the Washington Compost, the El Lay Slimes, etc.?

The eleven supposedly pro-choice Dim-ocrats who switched their votes to pass Obamacare are now officially requesting their bribe payments. They have asked for a combined $3,400,000,000.00+ in earmarks for services rendered. I hope none of you are surprised by such prostitution.

I got this e-mail from the Democrats and James Carville:

The --

This is nuts. At a time when most of America is celebrating historic health care legislation that's been a century in the making, a few narrow-minded tea party nut jobs are trying to tarnish this great achievement.

But if you think these vile two-bit wing-nuts are just gonna slink back into whatever century they crawled out from now that health care reform is the law, think again.

The same uncorked tea party rage that we saw before the health care vote is now being used against the courageous House Democrats who stood strong and made it happen.

In fact, the slimy thugs at the Republican National Committee already raised $1,494,084 in their "Fire Nancy Pelosi" campaign. That's why I'm asking you to help my Democratic friends in the House by contributing to their Million Dollar Match campaign.

Contribute $5, $10 or more to support Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

This is the first FEC fundraising deadline since the House passed health care reform. And, Republicans and the media are watching closely to see whether we reach our million dollar goal.

We gotta take this fight right to those Republican special interests and right-wing extremists determined to bring back the failed policies of the past.

Contribute $5, $10 or more to support House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

We will not be intimidated by the lies, distortions and hate spewing venom from the mouths of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and the other Republican gas bags. And, we're not about to back down in the face of the tidal wave of special interest cash pouring into the campaigns of our Republican opponents thanks to the radical decision by the Supreme Court.

The March 31st FEC deadline is a golden opportunity to demonstrate that Democrats are on the march. We already dealt those tea party crazies a big blow by putting health care reform into the history books. Now let's make it a double-punch by beating them on this big fundraising deadline.


James Carville

P.S. Republicans failed to block health care reform. Now, they are unleashing millions of dollars of attack ads on House Democrats who voted for it. Stand with Speaker Pelosi and those courageous pro-health care Democrats. Contribute to support House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

Since when does “most of America” mean the same thing as “a small portion of America and all of the Democratic Party”?

The story of the “Christian militia” in Meeeeechigan is getting curiouser and curiouser. The initial reports were that they were about to attack muslims, which means Obama was just protecting his own when he ordered them arrested. A day later, the story changed to say that the group was about to try to kill a large number of police officers from around the nation by shooting one or two, then hitting their funeral processions (which are normally filled with cops from all over) with IEDs. If THAT story is true, then I agree with their arrests fully, but which story is real, and which one was put forth for political reasons?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at CrawfishsClaw@yahoo.com and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. "narrow-minded tea party nut jobs" "vile two-bit wing-nuts"
    "We will not be intimidated by the lies, distortions and hate spewing venom from the mouths of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and the other Republican gas bags"
    This from James Carville? A red-neck leftist nut-bag? If that's not the pot calling the kettle black! I'd be willing to bet Carville has a sheet with eye holes in it.
    At that a beech?

    Some tasty vilats in there Mudbug, I got me a belly full and then some. I've been swamped lately so forgive me if I don't reply to all your post, I read them all! Keep it you crabby yabby

  2. Jim,
    Carville's an embarrassment to the state of Looziana. He may be a skilled political operator, but that don't mean he ain't a complete idjut.

  3. We will be attending the protest outside when Obama comes to Portland, ME tomorrow.
    You know what's great? There is no back way in so he is going to have go past us. Ha ha ha!!!
    I get a kick out of the libs. While they're shoving their socialist dream of govt. run health care system down our throats, they say it's all about better health care and access, blah, blah, blah. Now that it's passed and signed, the truth that a lot of us have been talking about comes out. They are admitting it's about redistribution of money and their control over the industry while telling us we'll like it or else.
    I noticed the story about the militia has been changing day by day.
    I have also noticed they don't go near the islamist compounds that are actually giving tactical training to their people.
    Carville's ignorant rant will only fire up those of us who have been taking part in the tea parties. Mary Matalin must be embarrassed.

    By the way, did you see that Obama has come out and said he now for offshore drilling?
    Uh huh. Then he'll try to pass cap and tax and claim not being able to drill was out of his control.

  4. Christian Militias: I have an old friend (as close as a brother) who lives in Indiana. I have not been able to contact him in the last few days, however. I know that he is in a Revolutionary War reenactment group in this state. I also know that the last time I talked to him, he expressed a worry that the Muslims in his area of Indiana were causing some problems.

    If this is considered a "Christian Militia", then we have real problems with the federal government. This reenactment group was made up of retired military and "solid" citizens who love the US. Approximately 16 years ago I even participated in a "reenactment" at Terre Haute with Dwight and his group during George Rogers Clark Days (got to shoot my 1760 Virginia .50 caliber flintlock against some of the best shooters from all over the US, and no I didn't win).

    I will pass word when I finally get through to him.

    PS: Crawfish, I have yet to figure out how to get my symbol (the battle flag of Patrick Cleburne's division) to show up next to my comments. Some time I guess I will have to contact someone who knows how to do it.

  5. 1. Government office hours have always been for the rich. Seems to me they would be closed on, say, Tuesday and Wednesday. But they are not there for the public.

    2. But Chavez was a truck farm organizer. I'd go for offices closing if they closed for Juan Corona.

    3. Can't blame the border incursions on Obama alone. Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan had a lot to do with Mexicans disrespecting our borders, our laws and us personally.

    4. No sanity in the administrations. Obama appoints either communists or outright white hating racists. Lots of Democrats got to DC by being white hating racists.

    5. Yeah, the Democrats take credit for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I don't think there will be a krystallnacht while there is still a 2nd Amendment... Look for them to do something to suspend that soon.

    6. The libs have pretty much run their length of rope but they are playing like November is nothing to worry about. Makes me believe the administration has told every Dem who voted for his bill and loses the next election will be appointed to a cushy post, somewhere.

    7. I've known a few Montanans in my life. Never knew a lib type. Still wonder how Montana..which was first to introduce the "Made in Montana" gun law...still wonder how they could elect such an outright socialist.

    8. Ever wonder what a track and field meet would be like with Biden, "..just being fair?"
    All the fast sprinters would have to carry weights according to their speed. Javeleins would be weighted according to the thrower's distance... ..

    9. If the left is ever defeated the go along media should have to file bankruptcy. But, for some crazy reason, I have a feeling when the handwriting is on the wall much of the media will turn their coats inside out and become conservative news. Much like the ferry operator in Josey Wales....

    10. It has started. That is how they will justify confiscating firearms. That may be your Reichstag Fire.

  6. The progressives dems certainly are an angry, childish lot.

    Joe Gaffe Biden with his comment about just being fair reminds me of a cartoon showing every kid getting an "A" in class with a 30 year old 3rd grade student smiling widely. Maybe someone should tell Gaffes Biden life's not fair.

    What a special letter by Carville. Chances are 100% that he has never been to a tea party, nor will take the opportunity to figure out the meaning behind these protests. But, that's their way. We'll just continue to draw in more independents, betrayed dems, and the uninformed "agnostics" by showing them whats really going on, as well as what history has taught us.

  7. Mrs AL (Always Learning)March 31, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Way toooo funny, James C calling ANYONE a "gas bag." About to fall off my chair laughing. Like many, he's suffering from partyitis (renderns the individual incapable of independent thought).

    Great range as always, Crawfish!

  8. Congress IS an embarrassment to us. I for one, cannot wait for November 2010 to roll around.

    OUR MISSION is to keep fanning the flames of anger among the populace lest they forget.

  9. Feeling a tad cranky today,dogs were sick last night,so pardon me in advance..A)You just gotta love bureaucracy.AND,to think,your Obamacare will work the SAME way!!B) Since this asshole cares not a whit about the Constitution,this,like the rest of his bullshit,comes as NO surprize to me.Common sense,which is SORELY lacking in the banking sector,would say,let's TRY to keep folks IN these places,TRYING to make up the payments,put it on the end of the mortgage,whatever,AT LEAST for the MOST part,the places wouldn't be so heavily vandalized,left to rot,thus bringing down everyone else in these neighborhoods' property values,yada,yada,yada. Too bad the morons are more afraid of a lisping faggot in the House than they are of their bottom lines.C) "Homeland Security". MEANINGLESS to these abject morons,who live THEIR lives mostly protected.Time to stop this invasion by any means possible.The locusts take one of OURS,we take 200 of THEIRS.The buzzards would be HIGHLY appreciative of it.D)Ahhh...dreams.We will never see COMPETENCE,let alone sanity from ANYONE this asshat picks.E)90% of the political class. Time for making that class extinct.Any way we could arrange for a meteor strike on D.C.??F)Not surprizing in the least.Stock,Lock,Load.G) OF FRIGGING COURSE the assholes will be cheering on these "heroic"dhimmis. NOT A ONE of the OLDM bunch has a fricking CLUE about how a business is actually run.Media,dhimmis,liberals,time to send this Cerberus back to the 9th ring.H) It figures.I)HJC,Max. NO SHIT. REALLY?? Hey,Montanans,VOTE THIS IDIOT OUT.Then send his ass to Paris.J)See above.Switch Max for Gaffes. Gaffes get his Aricept yet?K)The "I Got Him" story.HEY,DIPSHITS OF THE MEDIA,have YOUR hc benefits been cut yet? You clucks think your companies have this HUGE pile of cash to provide YOU with benefits? I CANNOT wait to hear YOUR pensions have been swept out from under YOU.Along with ALL your other benefits.THEN you MIGHT understand why "evil corporate profits" aren't so bad after all. You people are the so-called smartest bunch of frigging IDIOTS to come down the pike. A POX on all your hovels.Asshats.My FERVENT hope is while these execs are being grilled by the sanctimonious asswipes,ONE of them will actually get up,and let the bastards have it. An OPEN INVITATION to ANY CEO who gets the call,I would be PROUD to go in your place.Let me know,I WILL go.Just let me do the talking,backed with your FACTS.Time the TRUTH was told about this crock o'crap.L) I'm SHOCKED,I say,SHOCKED. Not as bad as the idiotic dhimmis,and their media whores will be in November,but shocked nonetheless.M) What can be said about Carville? Except for this: Mary,WHAT the HELL were you thinking? James has GOT to have SOMETHING going,God only knows WHAT that may be.N) They have MY support,just by pissing off CAIR. Muck Foozzies. C ya Friday.

  10. Crawfish: nope Dwight has no connections! (I got thru to some one who knows him last night.)

  11. Loved this Claw Craw! Too much to comment on except to say that I too ***sigh*** have a crush on Michelle Malkin! The game to regain is afoot my crustaceous compatriot!

  12. Crustaceous compatriot! That's good.
    Michelle (sigh) Malkin. She reminds me of an old song that came out just after the war, "Filipino Baby".

  13. Crawfish-let me get this streight-the Democrat controlled congress and white house are spending this nation into oblivion and this JERK Carvelle is calling TEA Party people protesting this spending--nuts?? Carvelle is so drunk on the Kool-aid his ears are ringing. "Mike" from Ohio

  14. B-mom,
    a) How'd the protest go?
    b) It has NEVER been about improving health care. It has ALWAYS been about control. P-Lousy was right when she said we needed to pass it in order to find out what was in it.
    c) The muslim terrorist training centers were never touched by W because he was trying to soothe the hurt feelings of the "Religion of Peace", and Obama won't touch them because he supports their missions.
    d) How does she see him as anything resembling lovable?
    e) He's opening up a few areas, but only after the EPA does studies for a few years, and he's keeping the most promising areas completely off limits.

  15. Ghost,
    This Administration will use any excuse they can dream up to crack down on Constitutionalists, patriot organizations, Christians, and anybody who doesn't appreciate socialism and Islam

  16. Buck,
    1) Been dealing with other gummint agencies all week as well, and either get kicked off the phone because they have too many calls for their 3 customer reps, or on hold for 20 minutes.
    2) He still had nothing to do with Texas.
    3) Yes, and we opposed their efforts as well.
    4) White hating racists who promise free cheese for the lazy rats of their color
    5) The New Reichstag Fire will be used to suspend the Constitution so the new Krystallnacht can happen a year or so later
    6) If they can suspend the Constitution before November...
    7) The few from there that I know can't stand him.
    8) And all of the winners would be women, minorities, or the disabled.
    9) Nah. The media stayed hard left during the Reagan years and after 1994.
    10) You think this might be their test case to see how it plays with Main Street?

  17. The protest was great. My daughter and her boyfriend were close to where Obama got out of his car. They had signs that said, Get government out of our private lives and Real reform, not government takeover. She said he got out, turned around and looked right at them and smiled and waved. Then when he went inside, he gave the same exact, cutting, belittling speech he gave a few days before.
    The local news even made mention of his snarky tone.
    They did however repeat over and over that we were angry. And they said there were 150 of anti-Obama protesters and 3000 people inside. NOT.
    There were about 500 anti-Obama protesters and about 2700 pro-Obama people. And 2500 of those were inside. They gave out 3000 tickets and The One arrived early so about 500 did not get in.

    I was quoted in the Boston Globe online in their political update yesterday afternoon. My son and I were also interviewed by a local that we know.
    So, all in all, it was fun and a good showing.

  18. Eric,
    Calling them childish is an insult to children.

    They oppose everything that the actual taxpayers are protesting against, and they don't understand why we're miffed.

  19. Mrs. AL,
    Carville is now a characture of his old self. He was once a masterful political strategist, but he's drifted over the edge and consumed way too much KKKool-Aid.

  20. Gunny,
    Fan the flames and show the truth to the Great Unwashed. Check and Check.

  21. Crawfish Car-VILE and his fellow DIM-0-cratas are really getting desparate. Even CNN did a favorable spot on a TEA party rally---go figure.

  22. Clyde,
    a) You think Obamacare will work that well? My, you are the optimist.
    b) Keep the people in their homes through private negotiations between lenders and lendees, NOT through gummint mandates.
    c) Buzzards and coyotes would be much healthier under The Crawfish's border control plan.
    d) Socialists, racists, radicals, and morons.
    e) A meteor strike would have too much advanced notice. Read Steve Coonts' "Under Seige" and see what the locals do.
    f) Do NOT start the violence, but when it does come...FINISH IT.
    g) When The Crawfish eventually goes to DC, I will refuse interviews with the far-left media. I'll call them out on their bias and do my best to do to them what they've been attempting to do to Fox News.
    h) The threats being talked of today are blamed on a right-wing group, but probably falsified.
    i & j) It's amazing how some idiots get elected. Every Montanan I've known has been conservative.
    k) Nah...send me and Gunny to take their places. We won't drop as many F-bombs.
    l) Unless the New Reichstag Fire happens within the next 6 months, giving them the excuse to suspend the Constitution and elections, they will get smoked by the voters.
    m) James must be "Smiling Bob" down there.
    n) exactly

  23. AfterShock,
    it really is amazing how all of the true hotties with brains are conservatives.

    BTW...didn't post at Paul Revere's Riders because my account is disabled. Dunno what for.

  24. Mike,
    anybody who opposed The One, P-Lousy, Reid, Fwank, etc. is either racist, anti-gay, or nuts. I didn't know that over 50% of the nation was made up of homophobic nutso racists.

  25. AS,
    haven't done any editing or posting today. Didn't get much sleep this week and I'm feeling like puppy poop today. Don't have a column ready yet.

  26. How have so many people become so unable to recognize or tell the truth? I made the mistake of getting in a Facebook chat with a bunch of Huffington-Puffington types over whether Rush Limbaugh had told everyone not to donate to the victims of the Haitian earthquake. The soundbyte they were all outraged about didnt say what they said it said and was less than half a sentence. When I mentioned that the NYT would put something like that on the front page if it was true I was vilified as a fascist hatemonger in terms that were surprising seeing that I knew most of these people. The rhetoric of shooting, torturing and imprisoning, which I have never heard from my right-wing blogging buddies, flowed freely here. The whacko left are angry, empty souls who feel powerless and at the same time above their stupid peers. Even the 'nice' ones are filled with hate. I feel like the old man in the beer garden in 'Cabaret' while the crowd sings 'Tomorrow Belongs To Me'.

  27. Skep41,
    you ain't the only one, brother. Anytime I speak of the facts nowadays with my parents, they simply say that I can't get all of my information from Limbaugh. The Obamacare bill has none of those things in it that Limbaugh is claiming. When I point out that Limbaugh is on the radio only while I'm at work, and that I actually read some of those items in the actual language of the bills, they refused to believe me.


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