Sunday, March 21, 2010

3-21-2010 The Weekend Claw

The Crawfish apologizes for the lateness of this column. It was a very busy week for me and my family, and I didn’t have as much computer “quality time” as I wanted.

For those of you who are wondering why I no longer have advertisements on my blogspot site, Google AdSense has declared that my site “poses a significant risk to our advertisers”, but they refuse to tell me what they have based this decision on. They have done this to a number of bloggers recently, most of whom were just short of the threshold of getting another check. I have not broken their terms of usage, so I don’t know what to tell y’all. It is just another way to screw a disabled veteran out of money for no apparent reason. Here’s more on how Google engages in censorship in order to maximize their own income.

Parents of girls, be aware. Do NOT let your girls join the Girl Scouts. Check out what is getting pushed on the girls in the Scouts by their organization and the United Nations.

Why does the Catholic Church not excommunicate someone who claims to be a Catholic, but supports abortion and calls for people to pray to Saint Joseph in support of a bill that supports abortion? Nancy Pelosi even notes that she regrets that her family is pro-life, so I guess she regrets that God is pro-life. What an idiot.

Why is it that celebrities who are married to beautiful women with great bodies can’t be satisfied with having those hotties in their beds and have to go off and cheat on ‘em? The big story of that nature recently has been Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, but now Jesse James has had an affair with a chick who is covered in tattoos (The Crawfish likes a few tats, but not complete body coverage) while his own bed was occupied by Sandra Bullock. Dude, are you stooooopid?

At least this Democrat is being somewhat honest.

Honesty is NOT part of the mainstream Democratic Party. They are touting how the CBO scored their bills to show a large deficit reduction, but that score was based on all sorts of predictions regarding the economy and tax revenue that are pipe dreams at best. They also left out the “Medicare fix” part of the bill, so they can put it in separately. The CBO says that if the “Medicare fix” is included, Obamacare goes into the red like we all know it will.

Let’s keep with this theme of honesty and Democrats for another paragraph or two. Last summer, Representative Joe Sestak was offered a high-ranking job, possibly Secretary of the Navy, by the Obama Administration if he would not run against Arlen S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in the Democrat Senatorial primary this year. Sestak admitted this numerous times to multiple media outlets. Now both the White House and Sestak refuse to comment on the matter, since it has been noted that any such offer would be a felony, and an impeachable offense for Barack Obama. Look for the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department to investigate the matter for 15 seconds before declaring it a non-issue.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer kept up the dishonesty throughout an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose. He said Obamacare is “not a controversial item”, “we've had more town [hall] meetings and citizen input on this bill than any bill I've seen in the 30 years I've been in Congress”, “a relatively small group, particularly partisans, who have tried to inflame and incite the American public”. Let’s see…if there was no controversy, then why is the public so outraged and why is it taking so long for a solid Democrat majority in both houses of Congress to pass a bill? As for “town hall meetings and citizen input”, the vast majority of the people at the town hall events were there to tell your party to ditch the Obamacare bills, and well under half of the people polled support the bills. That’s real citizen input, Steny. Oh, and the majority of the American people is a “relatively small group”, eh?

The House voted 222-203 in favor of the Slaughter Rule on Thursday. This means that they will not actually vote on the Senate bill, but will “deem it to have passed” when they vote on their “reconciliation” bill. This means that the Senate bill will not have been passed per the rules set forth in the Constitution, which requires a recorded actual vote on every bill for it to pass in each chamber. This also means that there can be no “reconciliation”, since THAT rule requires the bill to have been passed by both chambers. The Democrats are now officially operating outside the boundaries of the Constitution, and they don’t care what anybody thinks about it. Now let’s see how fast this can get challenged in federal court.

Now this story begs for conservative commentary on a number of angles. We have an escaped murder from Panama who crosses our porous borders illegally, then acquires a false Social Security card and uses it to obtain federally subsidized housing, where he lives for over a year. First of all, it shows that the Obama Administration and the P-Lousy/Reid Congress still oppose doing anything about securing our borders. Secondly, according to the Social Security Act, Social Security cards and numbers are to be used for administering the Social Security program only. Any other usage (for identification, applying for other government benefits, for tax ID number, for credit reporting, etc.) are all ILLEGAL. Thirdly, why should a single penny of my taxes go to subsidize housing for anybody who is not physically or mentally disabled to the point of not being able to work at all? I still don’t see anything in the Constitution authorizing it.

Representative Alcee Hastings, the only impeached federal official ever to be elected to Congress has this to say about the process, “When the deal goes down, uh…all this talk about rules..uh, we make ‘em up as we go along.” In other words, “Screw the Constitution, we are Democrats!”

As long as impeachment is part of the discussion, there are a lot of folks out there calling for Obama’s impeachment if he signs the anti-Constitutional result of this weekend. There’s a slight problem. As of now, impeachment articles would never pass the House, so that must wait until at least January of 2013. Then again, this year’s Senate election cycle is highly unlikely to result in a GOP takeover of the Senate, because of the breakdown of the seats up for election. That means that articles of impeachment cannot be considered until at least January of 2013, and hopefully The Chosen One will be being replaced at that point anyway.

Many people, sadly this includes The Crawfish’s father, believe that the Senate Obamacare bill does NOT include federal funding of abortions. Thankfully, the Republicans, Congressman Stupak and his group of pro-life Democrats, and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have actually read the bill and know that it does in fact force taxpayers to pay for abortions. The Catholic bishops support the socialistic “universal health care” plans, but will oppose any bill that includes taxpayer-funded abortions.

How do you improve the medical system in the United States? Well, according to the folks who support Obamacare, the answer is to create 159 new federal bureaucracies! What a crock of fecal matter.

Gaffes Biden thinks Israel slapped him across the face by having the unmitigated nerve to announce that they would build housing for Israelis within Israel, but a real slap came when Biden himself said “God rest her soul” when talking about the Irish Prime Minister’s mother as he introduced the PM at a White House Saint Patrick’s Day event. Unfortunately for Biden, the PM’s mother is very much alive.

Continuing the theme of Biden the Dunce, we have an interview that is full of brain-dead statements, including one that the Obamacare vote will help the Democrats in the fall elections. Yes, voting against the will of the American people and doing it in a way that voids the Constitution is a GOOD thing for Democrat candidates. He must live in Bizarro World.

Joe Biden also declared that if Obamacare passes “you know we’re going to control the insurance companies.” I still haven’t found any language in the Constitution that allows the federal government to control any privately held companies.

Recently we brought y’all word of the Obama Administration banning all new offshore drilling by American companies. Last year, the Chinese government made a deal with the Cubans to start drilling in Cuban waters, closer to the US coast than our own companies can drill. Well, another of our antagonists is joining in on the drilling spree...the Soviet Way to go, Barry!

Recently, the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s admission that not only did HE work for a law firm that represented and supported terrorists, but that he had hired a number of lawyers who represented or supported terrorists to work at the Injustice Department hit the news wires. In response to those stories, Eric Holder now calls lawyers who represent terrorists “patriots”.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"The instrument by which it [government] must act are either the AUTHORITY of the laws or FORCE. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!" - Alexander Hamilton (quote courtesy of fellow blogger “Saltwater

The Constitution of the United States


  1. What did you expect from Google? You have to remember the mindset of the three stooges who formed the company. They are all Stanford dropouts who have recreated the Delta Tau Chi recroom at the corporate headquarters. The place is a Silicone Valley Shangrila - complete with free meals and bins of candy and power bars to quench the employee raging munchies. Go read their IPO and see their if-it-feels-good attitude codified in the corporate documents.
    YOU don't/won't/can't fit their vision - you right wing extremist war monger you. No conservative ideals allowed.

  2. Saltwater,
    I know...but they seem to have cut off a lot of bloggers from AdSense this month right before they hit the payment threshold, and they refuse to say why. They may be looking at a class-action suit soon.

  3. Damn, Guy!

    I thought EVERYBODY knew Google was left of center-left.
    Along with Snopes.

  4. 1. Remember all those Democrat politicians that are bailing? Well don't you think that this administration has told them if they lose their seat they will be given a cushy post? And don't forget they serve 2 years and have a retirement for life..... We're missing something here...

    2. The Slaughter Rule is a Godsend to us. If they "deem" a bill is passed ..well that will not stand Constitutional scrutny. The whole enchalada will be overturned.

    3. Alcee Hastings. All of these people do nothing more than show the ignorance and stupidity of a large slice of American voters...

    4. The more I see/hear Biden the more I believe the Big O put him in as Veep to keep his chances of being impeached/assassinated down to a minimum.

    5. Bizarro world. They all live in a Bizarro world. They are reminescent of the French Court of Louis and Marie. Partying away believing everything is status quo and will always be status quo. Not listening to the sounds outside the palace gates...that is growing louder.

    6. Never mind the drilling. The Sov... Russians want Alaska back. The Big O just might come across as weak enough they will march across the Bearing Straits and take it... Boy, wouldn't that be a "Test"(Biden)???

    7. On a note to (6) we need to do whatever it takes in Mideast, get out troops home and keep out of foreign entanglements. Sooner or later Russia is going to jerk our chain. We need to be ready. I was active duty the last time. Two things to say: 1. It was scary; and 2. Big O ain't no JFK!

  5. Buck,
    1) Looks like the Stupak group is caving on the abortion issue. They're trusting The Chosen One to issue an executive order that will take the place of the law he signs.
    2) Most of the bill is unConstitutional anyway.
    3) Alcee...impeached as a corrupt judge, but elected to Congress because he's black.
    4) You may have a point.
    5) Them's ain't firecrackers a-comin'!
    6) You were correct the first time. Vlad the Impaler is trying to resurrect the Soviet Union.
    7) Russia or China

  6. Better late than never. This will be short.A) Guck foogle. Don't use it unless I have to.B)As to all things here HC related,the damned vote is still going on,I believe it will pass,then let the lawsuits fly. THAT will be the ONLY way to stop this crap,IMHO.Democrats should be run out on a rail. Damned fools.C) Yep,Craw,Jesse James IS an idiot. Met him a few years ago at the SEMA show in Vegas. Dickhead don't even come CLOSE. D) Obama is OWNED by these damned envirowackos,he has to show SOME ROI to them. Scarew us.E)Too bad we can't call Holder "The EX-A.G. OK,my friend,told you this would be short. C ya Tuesday.

  7. Clyde,
    a) that extra income was the main reason for me to move here to blogspot, and seeing what happened to Gunnym, I'm not sure I wanna go back to TH either.
    b) The House Dems are complete FOOLS if they think their "reconciliation" bill is going anywhere in the Senate.
    c) If he wants to trade spouses.....
    d) We'll be energy independent simply because nobody here will be able to afford the electric and fuel prices so we won't need any foreign oil!
    e) He makes Reno look competent.

  8. Well, we have just been subjected to a taste of what it's like to have a socialist, tyrannical government.
    Doing what they want regardless of what their constituents want.
    We also saw how easy it is to buy votes and the people who cast those votes.
    Obama's arrogant, nose in the air attitude was on full display last night.
    And San Fran Nan the Red is still tweaking on speed while ushering in the destruction of the Constitution.

  9. Craw, thanks for putting my sites on your blogroll. I noted you still have Little Green Footballs there. You might want to check out:

    and the link contained therein. That blog has jumped the shark into the left end of the pool.

  10. Crawfish what happened yesturday was (in my opinion) just like what the japanese did on pearl harbor----now the giant is awake...again

  11. B-mom,
    this November could be a landslide.

  12. Interface,
    I thought I had removed LGF. My bad.

  13. 8th,
    only that it wasn't a sneak attack. It was right in our faces.

  14. Well said Mudbug, was a nice spread when one considerers the Faux pas we all swallowed. I'm reading the bill now and the garbage in this thing is unreal. I'll throw ya some soup bones for your stock. THanks for the grub.

  15. Craw: Good site updates. Well, Gallup had the real unemployment rate at really 20%. So the Dems hope for a slight downward trend by Nov and then pray that the lemmings will give them credit! Wait till Amnesty hits along with Cap and Trade. At least, NRCC RNC both say that the McCain type of compromise with the Dems on these bills above seem to be dead but we will see lots of amendments to the Health Bill before it goes back to the House for anothe vote to supposedly clean out this real swamp. DRop by my two latest on, Yippie Dog Dems. Thanks

  16. Craw- what happened this past sunday was a CRIME! It tramples under foot the constitution as well as freedom of choice!!!!

  17. Jim,
    this is nothing but a crrrap sammich designed to make even more of the Constitution irrelevant.

  18. Glenn,
    If they try to shove through amnesty now, the armed uprising might be on.

  19. Pat76,
    but the "overwhelming majority of Americans" voted for Him, so they voted for IT and sayeth the Not-so-reverend Al (see the 3-23 post)

  20. Craw, Do you delete anonymous posters? I posted that way since typepad didn't work and signed my name...

    PS New blog at TH.

  21. Crawdaddy,

    2nd paragraph: Google is in it for Google. I believe The Interface also had other issues (like copyright) which is why he moved to a different site. Perhaps that means another move?

  22. Hi...
    You visited me once over at ...

    I haven't been there in some time but just happened to be cruising by and found this

    I'm getting ready to go to a TEA party down in Dothan so I don't have much time to chat...

    In the meantime check out some of my latest stuff here



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