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3-12-2010 The Weekend Claw

Before we get into the meat of today’s column, I’d like all of my readers to give up a prayer for Senator Harry Reid and his family. His wife, Landra, and daughter, Lana, were in a major car wreck Thursday night. Their car was rear-ended by a semi-truck. As of last evening, Landra was in serious condition with a broken neck and broken back. No matter what we think of Harry Reid as a politician, we NEVER wish ill to him or his family.

It looks like is run on liberal principles. One of their most widely read and commented upon blogs was GunnyG’s “The Anti-Liberal Zone”. Well, the ALZ attracted a bunch of liberal trolls who were quite often rude, crude, and vulgar in their comments about Gunny, his readers, and conservatives in general. The trolls generated a lot of complaints to the Townhall management, so they responded…by removing the ALZ from their site. Well, folks, The Crawfish’s blogging mentor and friend GunnyG has a new home at blogspot, where The Crawfish moved in December. Here’s the link to GunnyG’s “
The Anti-Liberal Zone”.

I’m actually somewhat surprised that I haven’t gotten more comments from
this story that was in Tuesday’s column than I have. “The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing some of the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.” That doesn’t hack y’all off? Am I the only redneck ‘round here?

Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” found this one. A Walmart in Louisiana is selling their black Barbies
for about half the price of the white Barbies. There are sooooo many comments that could be made here, but I’ll resist them for now.

“Ginny” also sent along another example of the lunacy that is Noo Yawk. State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced a bill that would
prohibit the use of salt in restaurant food preparation. Now just how in the hail is a chef to properly season his food if there is no salt allowed? Sure, some foods can be salted by the diner at the table, but other foods cannot be fixed via the table shaker. I just can’t see a couple trying to enjoy a romantic dinner using a salt shaker on their dessert cake.

Two thirds of Americans responded in a poll that they favor more offshore drilling to help get us a bit more energy independent, but His Majesty King Barack I has now
banned all new offshore drilling for the balance of his term in office. The mainstream media made sure nobody heard of this, and the Energy Secretary made the announcement quietly last Friday. This is yet more proof that Obama favors the muslims over Americans. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong on that statement.

Regular Claw contributor “Beachmom” sent in this amazing story. It seems that the Dems in the House have exactly zero trust in their Senate brethren and in His Emminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama. They KNOW that if the House passes the Senate Obamacare bill, The Anointed One will sign it immediately and there will never be any incentive for the Senate and Obama to consider any “reconciliation” or “fixes” to the bill. Check out how
the House is looking to change their own rules in order to prevent the non-reconciled bill from becoming law. There’s another Constitutional hurdle to this mess, as all spending bills must originate in the House.

That plan was
shot down on Thursday by the Senate Parliamentarian, who said that the Senate could not act on any “reconciliation” until the original Senate bill was passed by the House and signed by the President.

Turban Durbin even went to the floor this week to tell the world that
Barack Obama is a liar. I love to watch red-on-red combat!

The Chosen One is showing his arrogance and selfishness again. He is
delaying his overseas trip by three days so he can preside over the health care train wreck. This means the nations that he is going to visit have to completely change their own plans and security arrangements on short notice, when the plans were months in the making. That is not the way to treat a nation that has invited you for a visit. This is evidently the norm for this Administration, as Gaffes Biden figuratively gave Prime Minister Netanyahu the finger by arriving for dinner 90 minutes late, then attacking him for letting Israelis build 1600 houses within Israel instead of surrendering Israeli land to arabs.

One of the racist groups of Democrats in Congress, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, is threatening to
vote against Obamacare as long as it has language in it that prevents non-drybacks from getting gummint-subsidized healthcare or buying insurance from the “health exchanges”. The Crawfish would support language that would bar all non-drybacks from getting ANY medical treatment in the US with the exception of emergency life-or-death care, and any non-dryback who survives that care should be deported immediately upon release from the hospital.

Dr. Milton R. Wolf, MD, is a second cousin of Barack Obama, and supports him on almost every issue, but he is outspoken in his opposition to the Democrats’ versions of health care reform. See for yourself what Dr. Wolf has to say from
his appearance on Fox News (ignore the 15 second Chevy commercial at the start of the video).

Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy, who hand-picked the people to write the House health care bill in secret, says that the bill was “
hijacked” by special interests, especially the insurance companies. No, Blinky, you and your fellow left wingnuts wrote every single word of it. You own it, and the American people don’t want your anti-Constitutional piece of equine waste matter.

Another Clinton-appointed judge is in hot water. Judge G. Thomas Porteous had been a US District Judge in eastern Louisiana since being appointed in 1994, until he was suspended in 2008. He engaged in much nefarious conduct over the years, including taking kickbacks, taking bribes, perjury, and not recusing himself from cases that he was personally involved with. The
House has voted unanimously to impeach him, even though the Justice Department refused to bring charges against him.

The leading candidates to replace Dingy Harry Reid once he is UNelected by the Nevada voters this fall, Upchuck Schumer and Turban Durbin, are looking into the possibility of
changing the Senate rules regarding filibusters. They know that they will definitely have less than 60 socialists in the Senate next year, so in order to get any more of The Chosen One’s anti-Constitutionalist agenda passed, the 41 vote filibuster must be ended. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were able to make that change and the GOP took over the House and Senate?

Why is it that Hollyweird big shots all go over the anti-American ledge on the left side after they’ve been there for many years (with few exceptions)? Now we’ve got Tom Hanks out there saying that the war in the Pacific Theater and the war of Islam vs. the world are based on “
racism and terror”, and he doesn’t mean terror as in acts of terrorism. No, ya idjut, in the Pacific, we were fighting against a nation that was trying to take over a large part of the globe, and they attacked us first. In the current war, which began over 1300 years ago, we are fighting an enemy whose religion commands them to take over the world and enslave or exterminate all who refuse to believe in their religion. Try entering reality and studying some history, ya schmuck!

The Eric Massa implosion over the past week has caught the eye of every member of the media, but they have all overlooked one major point. Eric Massa not only groped male staffers, but he has a history of inappropriate homosexual behavior,
including groping, from his days as an officer in the Navy. Is anybody going to bring this up in regards to the Obama plan to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”? If Massa had done those kinds of actions with a female subordinate, he’d have been kicked out in a heartbeat! If a guy had done that in any of the sleeping quarters that I was in aboard ship, he’d have gotten a severe beating and then would have been dragged to the nearest officer of the ship’s security detachment.

Hugo the Red is once again
exercising the kind of power that Barack Obama’s dreams are made of. He has seized two sugar mills, accusing them of not abiding by the government production and transportation schedules and not properly paying the workers.

Textbooks around the country will soon have some very good information for the young skulls full of mush, and it is sure to drive the union teachers up the wall. A member of the Texas education board put forth an amendment that said part of the
social studies curriculum standards would include, “understand how government taxation and regulations can serve as restriction to private enterprise.” In other words, Obamacare and Crrap and Tax might not be good for bidness.

Another violent American muslim has joined Al Qaeda and has been arrested overseas. This time it was a
26-year old black man from Noo Joisey, who used to work for a power company and did some maintenance at nuclear power plants. The story says, “the allegations appeared to illustrate a phenomenon U.S. intelligence officials have warned about: American Muslims becoming radicalized and joining terrorist movements overseas.” How many times must we point out that they are not “becoming radicalized”? They are simply following the commandments of that religion to convert, enslave, or put to the sword (that means KILL for those of you educated by union teachers) all non-muslims. He was trying to uphold those commandments even in high school, as he was known to be continually trying to convert students to the religion of the pedophilic false prophet.

That anti-American atheist Michael Newdow got a slap in the face by, of all courts, the
9th Circus Court in Than Franthithco on Thursday, as a three judge panel of the Court ruled against him on both cases that he had pending. The judges rules that the “under God” phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance and the “In God We Trust” motto on our currency and coinage is Constitutional, although they made a large mistake in their rulings. They said, “The Pledge of Allegiance serves to unite our vast nation through the proud recitation of some of the ideals upon which our Republic was founded” and that the motto is ceremonial and patriotic, not religious. They still refused to acknowledge the salient point, that a school district or state education board’s decision to have students recite the Pledge does not violate the 1st Amendment because those bodies are not Congress and they are not making a law. What part of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” is so friggin hard to understand?

Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” kicked me an article confirming that
Toyota just can’t seem to get anything right these days. Then again, could their main competitor in the US (General Motors) and GM’s owners (Obama and Congress) be behind all of Toyota’s problems? I don’t remember where I heard that rumor, and don’t really believe it, but it is something to ponder.

We’ll end this edition with an interesting story from
Mike Ball of North Star National. Enjoy!

Have a better than average weekend and remember to set your clocks forward on Saturday night.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles.”
- Mohandas K. Gandhi
The Constitution of the United States


  1. Ha ha ha!!! LOVE the Mike Ball article!! I sent it on to my husband. Now just imagine waxing more tender places than the back.
    No thanks!

    It is amazing that the lamestream media is so obvious about being in the pockets of the libs. At any other time in history or if the R's or conservatives had tried to change or circumvent Constitutional rules of legislation, the media would have been screeching from the rooftops.
    That should prove to people,(thinking people) that this health care boondoggle is not about helping anyone's health but about power and control. Otherwise, they would be operating in an ethical and above board way.

    "Blinky" Ha ha! Another good one!

    One of the lib excuses for leaving important history out of the text books is that there isn't room for all of it.
    Nothing publishing more than one book about the history of the USA wouldn't solve.
    You know, like we used to do?

    Toyota is complaining about GM's unfair advantage of being partnered with the govt.
    Isn't that a little hypocritical? Not to mention whiny.

    Good post Crawfish!!

  2. 1. I understand we do not wish ill to Reid or his family. But what do you want to bet he milks this for every sympathy vote he can muster ala Ted Kennedy and his neck brace???

    2. Ever notice how the TH trolls would write "comments" about the size of War and Peace? Did they actually believe they were changing minds or were they just being obnoxious?

    3. Already the most hazardous job in the South is game warden. Trying to enforce obama's executive order will probably elevate the hazard level to orange.

    4. But remember Speaker of the House said, "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it."

    5. Security? He doesn't worry about security. Tha's not his job. Methinks he should worry just a little more about security. But inconveniencing subordinates without a care shows he has never, never had a job...

    6. Hispanic Caucus. Black Caucus. LULAC. NAACP. CAIR. It is time for a caucasian advocacy group to step forward. Never mind the hypocritical remarks by all of the above. Just do it.

    7. I believe Rush, Beck et al are planting the seeds of strategy when they say they wonder if the health care bill is passed would conservatives run on the platform of repealing. Rush uttered it some weeks back and already I have heard some 'Pubs mentioning it.

    8. If the House votes to impeach and Justice refuses to prosecute cannot the House haul Holder before them on contempt charges?

    9. Tom Hanks is a good actor. An excellent actor. But Hanks is full of himself. Why does he believe that just because he can toe a chalk mark and recite some words written by someone else that he is qualified to preach to us about politics, war or brownie baking?

    10. Massa was on Beck. After the show Beck apologized for wasting his viewers time. No need to apologize, Glenn, because I have a feeling that had Massa not been on your program those sailors would not have come forward. Massa. Swift boated by a bunch of battlewagon warriors.
    Sometimes my Navy just makes me smile.

  3. B-mom,
    a) That's why God made electric shavers, women's razors that nick less, and laser surgeries.
    b) Waxman admitted to Stupak this morning that getting abortions paid for by the taxpayers is one of the goals of the Democratic leadership!
    c) I think the botox has gone to her brain and is attacking the last 3 functioning cells.
    d) I seem to remember US history being divided (in jr high/high school and in college) into US Hist 1 (1492-1877) and US Hist 2 (1877-present).
    e) Toyota needs to shut up and put out reliable vehicles.

  4. I love the "Blinky" tag--however I will stick to "nanny almighty"---I hope Reid's wife and daughter get well(I posted on this too) as far as TH is concerned I am torn...I am royaly P_SSED off at what they did but there are a good troops still there fighting the good fight---what to do.

  5. Buck,
    1) Actually, one of my e-mailers said it was a good reason for him to retire and take care of his family, but you are correct and Teddythedrunk (D-Chappaquiddick) was faking it for a long time...kinda like his sobriety.
    2) There's a liberal lawyer on like that. A small post is novella-size.
    3) I think the fish & game wardens would quit en masse, for their own safety.
    4) Pas the Senate bill so they can see what the Senate and the Senate Parliamentarian would consider?
    5) I wasn't talking about HIS security issues, but rather the ones being set-up by his hosts.
    6) The outcry would be too much for the spineless GOP. They'd publicly dump anyone associated with it.
    7) They'd have to get a 2/3 majority in both House and Senate to override a veto from His Majesty.
    8) It wasn't Holder. Justice passed on charges in late 2007/early 2008. I re-read the story just to make sure, 'cause I was going to blast the Affirmative Action Attorney General myself.
    9) Just because some of his "work" has involved the military and warfare doesn't mean he knows squat about them.
    10) The fact that he made LCDR makes me wanna puke!

  6. 8th,
    I'm conflicted with TH as well. I'll still visit the blogs of those on the RIGHT side of the fight, and will occasionally peruse the paid-talent, but I think I'm gonna keep my columns over here.

  7. This fishing issue may be even more problematic than it first appears. I have to do some back checking, but I remember reading something about a recent report from the EPA or Corps of Engineers advocating darn near any place where water flows or collects as part of the protected navigable waterways. Their definition could (and probably would) include every normally dry creak/wash, low spot in meadows, perhaps even the standing water left in your backyard after a rainstorm.

    The TownHall fiasco continues to grow. Without a way for the blog authors to moderate comments, and delete the offensive/obscene ones left by trolls, the only recourse is to flag that comment for TH to deal with. The number of comments by Gunny's trolls requiring such action probably overloaded their sensitive little minds. It was easier to dump the ALZ than correct tha major flaw in their system.

    BTW - I started migrating some of my stuff over to here for that very reason. Something I was considering last June, but held off on doing because of loyalty to TH. I am not back to regular blogging just yet, but hope to get some new material up before too long. For now, it's just a few of my favorite pieces.

  8. No More Fishing? I suggest O'Vomit try to stop me (plus the more than half million Mississippi Rednecks who believe as I do). Some of these men wrestle snakes (and I mean poisonous ones) and alligators for fun.

    As for Tom Hanks, to mis-quote a movie title of his, he is "Clueless in Hollywood". He probably is still upset about Hiroshima.

    BTW Crawfish, I will be going to Gatlinburg tomorrow for some needed "R&R". Perhaps you and Gunny have the correct idea about TH. I will think about while I am gone.

  9. Saltwater,
    I remember that issue being brought up last year. Yes, the puddle in my side yard is a nvaigable waterway to be regulated by the EPA and other gummint agencies.

    I agree that the number of flaggings of comments at the ALZ was probably a reason, but it should have caused TH to nuke the trolls, unless they were seeing flagging of the regulars and their retorts, which crossed the line many times as well.

    You're on blogspot now? Gotta check it out!

  10. Ghost,
    He'd find himself to be gator bait in Loooziana.

    Probably thinks Hiroshima was terrorism.

    I came over here for the AdSense income. He got forced over here.

  11. To Milady Reid: May the LORD speed to you with healing in his wings.

    However, I'm now wondering something: Milady Reid's injuries were described as 'not life threatening'. Leaving aside her 'connections', what are the odds on the kind of treatment she would receive under Harry's plan?

    Am I the only one who notices that Reid is offering Republican access to the 'Reconciliation' bill, while the Senate is doing everything in its power to avoid having to deal with the issue of reconciliation? What is it this time, "we have to pass it before we can reconcile it"?

    Sugarcoating: Interesting that Hugo's boys 'discovered' large stockpiles of sugar about the time the price rose...
    Sugarcoating 2: How much is Hugo planning to pay the workers? And how much will the 'Glory of working for Hugo Chavez' tax take back?

    1. Congress is full of politicians.
    2. Politicians passed these laws.
    3. Congress passed these laws.

    What's the name of that particular fallacy, again?

    Abortion Reform (as in, to form again), oh, excuse me, Healthcare reform bill -
    Can we hold this one up as a legit example of a 'religious' law passed by Congress? On the historical evidence, the Phoenician deity Molech must be pleased with these results. Or perhaps not; Molech's sacrifices were still alive when tossed into the flames.
    (Heh, the title might be a good one for some of our current politicreatures: It's made from the word 'Melek', king, with the vowel pattern replaced by that of the word 'Bosheth', shame - King of Shame or Shameful King.)

    If Hiroshima was terrorism, what was Pearl Harbor? 'Revolutionary Heroes' time?

  12. Ender,
    a) The access Reid is offering on the "reconciliation" is fleeting at best, with the objective of gaining a single GOP vote so he can claim bipartisanship.
    b) Hugo will give a pitance to the workers, with more to the one who tipped off the, Gestapo...uh...his flunkies. Then he'll impose a 125% tax on the bonus.
    c) It's called "Liberals in action!"
    d) Henry Waxman admitted to Stupak today that getting the government to pay for abortions is the objective!
    e) Pearl Harbor was "Glorious retribution by the oppressed day"

  13. C-Fish, Gray Ghost, Ender.
    Actually Hanks is offering apologies because the Arizona's blowing up damaged their ears.
    What a numbnut.
    ONLY someone who was never in a combat situation could possibly believe the schidt he spouts.
    As for his movie?
    Like Jack Warner said, "Include me out!"

  14. Weekend novella time...A) Indeed,best wishes to Reid's wife and daughter.To HIM,a kick in the nuts.B)Thanks for the link. C)Seems like a perfect opportunity to use the cudgel of the 10th Amendment.Shaped like a sledgehammer.D)HJC. PC in selling frickin toys.Do these azsholes have NOTHING better to do? E)Liberal Idiocy,stuck like a Toyota accelerator. More on THAT subject towards the end of the column.F)Kind of tough to piss off one's core constituent groups now,isn't it? G)IF they ram,cram,and stuff this up our asses this way,time for the torches and pitchforks.Bastids.H)While the proper move,Gaffes CAN overrule the parliamentarian. And,to get the boss what he wants,he WILL. Make book on it.I)Turban just confirms what we already knew. However,this IS the pot calling the kettle black. Turban is NO better at the truth than Obama.J) Just like the captain of a sinking ship,a good engineer will ride the train off the tracks.As to Gaffes in Israel,too bad BiBi didn't kick him in the ass as well.Tell Biden HE can't build housing in HIS country. Start in Dearbornistastan. Just seeing if CAIR is paying attention.K) The Hispanic Caucus.Next in line to be bought.Only question here,pesos or dollars? I agree,we need a Caucasian Caucus.L)It is good to see someone,related or not,call this scam for what it is.Hell,I never agreed with my brother,let alone cousins.M)The winner of the "I Got Him" this time. Hey,Red Nan,yeah you of the 1 functioning brain cell. That botox kill off the last cell standing? The ONLY godam hijacking going on here is YOU,and the REST of the dipshits who are pushing this farce on us. SCREW YOU,NAN.With a double-edged sword. My God,she has GOT to be the absolute DUMBEST cunt EVER.Can anyone remember a WORSE Speaker than this abject lunatic? You look up stupid in the dictionary,and what do you see? HER.N)This is all simply a resume enhancement for the bozo. Watch for Obama to move him up.It's the dhimmi way.O) I hope they DO get this passed. Be a CLASSIC case of be careful what you wish for,you may get it. On THIS,that would be a GOOD thing to see it come back to bite the fools on their moronic asses.P) No sense in getting upset at Hanks. Obviously,he could not shake the Forrest Gump role.For the VAST majority of Hollyweirders,if it ain't on a script,they are CLUELESS.To quote said asshat,"Stupid is as stupid does".mwahahahahaha.Q)Too bad they couldn't have somehow "lost"him at sea. Of course,he would have tried to accost a whale or something. This loose nut needs to stay a dhimmi. Fits perfectly.BTW,WHAT was BECK thinking putting this clown on? May as well had ads for the hour.R)Chavez. The man of Obama's wet dreams.Along with Mussolini,Hitler,et al.Continued...

  15. Weekend whing,continued..S)Now THAT would be refreshing. The TRUTH being taught in the public screwls.If one can smack down the NEA and get this going nationwide...T)The last paragraph of that story sums it up.He may have not had access to classified materialbut that does NOT mean he didn't try to get it.U) HELL. HAS. FROZEN. OVER. The 9th Circus got one right? How the hell did THAT happen? These three get hit over the head? V) As promised further up the column,here is some Toyota stuff. Back in 1998 or 9,when we were hauling the pre-production units around for testing,and dealer introductions,etc,etc,we noticed the rust on these frames AFTER they had somewhat sprayed with an undercoat.Keep in mind,these units (about 40 in all) had NEVER been run on public roads.When this issue first came to light,I called a couple of the guys who had been on this deal,none of us were the LEAST BIT surprized.Toyota has been masterful,along with Honda,at sweeping THEIR problems under the rug for MANY years. And,that perception was swallowed hook,line,and sinker by the "educated" set. There is NOT a carmaker in the WORLD who can build a "perfect" vehicle.Some are close,but can never be.Now as to the issue of "runaway" cars,this comes,in my opinion,more from a LACK of emergency driving instruction. More "dumbing down",if you will. WHAT is keeping these geniuses from doing one or more of the following: SHUT THE DAMN KEY OFF.KICK THE DAMN TRANSMISSION OUT OF GEAR. HIT THE EMERGENCY BRAKE.IT IS THERE FOR A REASON.Good God,can these imbeciles not think? Our old GMC's equipped with the 6-71 Detroit Diesels were NOTORIOUS for the injector rack sticking wide open,making the damned thing take off like a 747. We were TAUGHT to do the following: Shut the key off. Kick it out of gear. Pull the emergency shutdown handle. Set the parking brake. And,last but NOT least,DO NOT PANIC.W)I guess some guys simply do NOT KNOW when to set down that shovel!! C ya Tuesday.Looks like from the same old motorshack. Haven't heard yet if we've been approved. Too much paying bills on time,not filing bankruptcy,and sparing use of credit.

  16. Buck,
    I will definitely watch HBO's "The Pacific". I've seen the trailers and it looks VERY good and VERY intense!

  17. clyde,
    a) yep
    b) No prob
    c) The South would seceed
    d) But blacks are worth-less?
    e) Feed that guy to Gordon Ramsey
    f) Which one? The muzzies, gays, leeches, socialists....
    g) They are playing with fire while wearing gasoline coated skivvies
    h) That would lose him a bunch of Dem Senator votes
    i) He's no better, and only SLIGHTLY smarter
    j) I support Israel before I support Dearbornistan
    k) Neither...the new Americano currency
    l) Of course, it IS from the white side of the family, where the only functioning brain cells are
    m) She's worse than Jim Wright
    n) Don't think so. He was suspended a year ago.
    o) If they try it, things could get interesting
    p) Hollyweird...nuff said
    q) He made some strong accusations, but Beck wasn't expecting him to be a complete LOON
    r) Obama's instructor

  18. clyde 2,
    s) I can see the union teachers' heads exploding now!
    t) Or learn how to get into sensitive areas
    u) The 9th didn't back up Than Franthithco values? Alternate universe time!
    v) Some of these incidents have happened even with the drivers trying to kick it into neutral, shut off the engines, and burning up the parking brake. The one in San Diego where the state trooper used HIS car to stop the Toyota, the trooper said the driver burned up the brakes and the parking brake.
    w) At least he only agreed to BACK hair!

  19. Hmmmmmmmmm. It seems that Google has just terminated the AdSense accounts of a lot of people who were almost at the payment threshold, and they said it was for "invalid clicks" but gave no reason. I have filed an appeal, but who knows.

  20. Hey Craw! Thanks for the link to Gunny's new site. I've been awonderin'!

  21. ARRIVAL!!Hey craw---I was gonna set up on TH--then I saw what they did to Gunny---well, here I am on blogspot! glad to join forces with YA copme on by and see my first post!!

  22. I was really shocked to hear that TH booted Gunny. I never had a problem. I'm very disappointed in TH. Gunny brought in a lot of traffic. Craw, you and Gunny ought start a site and sell advertising, etc. Start making some coin for a change. Darvin Dowdy

  23. Darv,
    that sounds like a good idea. Gunny's penetrating exposes and my quick news commentary. "The Sledgehammer and the Rapier"???

  24. Now that was a awesome spread. There were a few blan dishes (Obama lies? Duh) But I gotta tell you, the desert (the waxing article) just left me rolling and even the Mrs.Doc was laughin like tickle me elmo.

    Great job Yabby!


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