Friday, March 5, 2010

3-5-2010 The Weekend Claw

One hundred and seventy three years ago this Saturday, between 182 and 247 (the exact number has always been in dispute) brave men and one young boy fell in battle at Mision San Antonio de Valero. They gave more than they took, with 400-600 of their enemy falling to their guns and bayonets. The only survivors of the battle who were not executed that morning were two freed slaves, one former member of the victorious army who convinced the victors that he had been held as a prisoner, and some family members of the defenders. The survivors were sent away to warn others of what lay ahead for those who kept up their revolt. Forty six days later, the defenders were avenged, as with cries of “Remember Goliad! Remember the Alamo!” General Sam Houston’s army of Texians and Tejanos routed the Mexican Army under Generalissimo Juan Antonio de Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. So tomorrow, remember Bowie, Travis, Forsyth, Bonham, Crockett, Dennison, Dickinson, Harrison, Blazeby, and the rest of the gallant men of the Alamo. May they rest in peace.

Senator Jim Bunning has taken an awful lot of heat recently over his blocking of an extension of unemployment benefits on the federal level. As the
Senator has himself written, he was simply attempting to force the current Congress and Administration to follow the law that they recently passed called Pay-Go. Of course, the Democrats only passed Pay-Go as a political trick to show that they were serious about deficit reduction even as they exploded the deficit to levels never before contemplated. They had exactly zero intention of ever following such a law. When you refuse to abide by the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States, what’s another minor law to ya? Dan Calabrese of North Star National has a column on the subject that has a very good lesson at the end. Mark Watson, also of North Star National, also has a column about Senator Bunning that will give you a lot more insight into the personality and character of the man.

It really is astounding how predictable Barack Obama and the Democrats are. As predicted, the health care summit was just a sham, since the Dems had no intention of allowing the GOP to really have a say in the bill. Their desperation since the election of Scott Brown is starting to show. Now they know that they must ram this bill through in any way, shape, or form this year, because come November they will lose their majorities in both houses of Congress. So what’s a substanceless Chosen One to do? Of course… “BRING OUT THE WHITE JACKETS AGAIN!!!!” After accusing the Republicans of resorting to “props” for show in the summit, the props being the actual Senate bill, Obama calls for an immediate up-or-down vote while backed up by a
bunch of people dressed up as doctors, just like last fall.

Just in case that ploy doesn’t change the mood of the people in favor of Obamacare, there’s always Chicago politics. On Thursday, The Chosen One hosted ten of the undecided Democrat House members at the White House, and gave a really special gift to one of them. He named the Representative’s
brother to the 10th Circuit Court. If that’s not an obvious bribe, what is? The nominee in question is a lawyer, but has never been a judge, and Obama’s putting him one step below the Supreme Court? When asked about it, His Arrogance (Press Secretary Gibbs) said, “Whatever it takes to get health care done!”

While the Republicans have the Dems on the ropes, with a chance to deliver a knockout blow this fall, why do they hand the Dems a big issue on a silver platter. There are two Senate seats in play for this fall that should easily be in Republican hands, Texas and Florida. Both have solid conservatives who happen to be minorities running,
Michael Williams and Marco Rubio. The GOP establishment opposes them because they are conservatives, favoring centrists Kay Bailey Hutchison and Charlie Crist. The Dems will latch onto the fact that the GOP establishment prefers whiteys (well, Crist is more orange or George Hamilton bronze than really white, but he does have nice hair that is definitely white) over a black and a Hispanic, and use it to demonstrate that this is proof that the GOP is the racist party.

The Dems have another tool to paint the GOP as racist with, and they’re breaking it out yet again. “
Comprehensive immigration reform”, which as usual contains amnesty for illegals, is back on the table. Why is it so difficult for Democrats to understand that ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL?

It really is too bad that Barack Obama didn’t make John Leftwards (aka “Silky Pony”) his Vice President. Leftwards (aka “I see dead people”) is reportedly
facing an imminent indictment for using campaign funds to cover up his affair and love child. It would have been wonderful to see this happening to a sitting VP just before the 2010 elections.

I know this probably won’t come as much of a shock, but the Democrats in the Senate are now officially putting politics and their favored special interest groups ahead of the health and safety of the American people. “How are they doing that THIS time, Crawfish?” Okay, I’ll tell ya. Eighteen Senators have sent a letter to the FDA
demanding an end to the ban on homosexuals donating blood. The ban is in effect because gay men make up the vast majority of the HIV+ people in the civilized world. Lifting the ban will make the heterophobes feel much better inside.

The Governor Paterson scandal story gets bigger with each passing day. His actions have now resulted in a bunch of resignations and calls for him to step down from his Governorship. Not only has he engaged in unethical activities, but some of his actions have crossed the line into criminal activity. Is there anybody who could still support him at a time such as this? Well, he is a black man, so the
not-so-reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton is leading a group of black state senators and black state assemblymen in support of Paterson. They’re saying that it has nothing to do with race, but would they support a white guy in the same situation?

The Crawfish saw this story on television and just couldn’t believe it. There is actually a group out there called Intact America, and their whole purpose in life is to outlaw infant circumcision. They are asking the state of Taxachusetts to be the first to
make the procedure illegal, and their proposal contains no religious exemption. The reason to try Taxachusetts first is simple. It is the most liberal state in the nation, and if any state will take medical decisions away from a parent and will infringe upon the religious rights of Jews and some Christians, that would be the one.

Remember when the media and the Democrats (dang, there I go repeating myself again) were all up in arms over the W Administration checking out the e-mails of terrorists? Where is the outcry from those same people now, when the Obama Administration is
checking out the content of ALL e-mail in the US? All I hear is crickets and a few cheerleaders. Is this next for the control freaks? Hat tip to Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” for the UK story.

The party of the tax cheats is at it yet again. Republicans in the House had put forth legislation that would force government workers and Crapitol Hill staffers to actually
pay their back taxes or get fired has been tossed out by…you guessed it. The party that gave us Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner.

Here we go again with a liberal activist judge not knowing a thing about the Constitution. Judge Kevin Fine of the 177th District Court (Houston) is described as a recovering cocaine addict. From his behavior on the bench since being elected in 2008, it is clear that he might still be on mind-altering drugs. Last year, during the sentencing phase of a sexual assault trial (which happens only AFTER the perp has been found guilty for those of you from liberal households), he questioned the victim’s account of the assault. Now, he’s gone a step beyond. Since some innocent people have been executed in the nation, and a couple of states have put moratoriums on their own death penalty, he has made a pre-trial ruling in a murder case that
the death penalty is unConstitutional. Sorry, cokehead, but you have to show a lot more than “there have been errors” to rule something unConstitutional. Oh well, at least the state court of appeals and the state supreme court will throw out that ruling quickly.

The headline is, “
Justices May Extend Gun Owner Rights Nationwide”. No, ya idjuts, the 2nd Amendment already did that. What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” is so frickin’ hard to understand? Even famously liberal Starbucks Coffee is opposing the anti-gun leftists and allowing properly licensed weapons to be carried into their coffee shops. That decision is driving folks over the edge in Seattle.

As if the debate over ANWR wasn’t enough to prove that the Democrats do NOT want energy independence and DO want to be subservient to the muslims, along comes an internal White House memo showing that the Obama Administration is considering a
large land grab in the western states, similar to ones done by Jimmuh Cahtuh and Bubba Clinton. The lands in question are rich in natural resources and provide jobs to many Americans, but the Democrats want to steal them from the people so they can protect non-endangered chickens and lizards and continue to research non-existent man-made Glo-Bull Warming.

When it comes to the religion of man-made Glo-Bull Warming, all you have to do if you want to understand why the Prophet Algoracle is continuing to perpetrate the fraud despite all actual scientific evidence against him is
follow the money. Al and the rest of the Gorons are poised to make mint from this scam.

Maybe FatAl needs to go to the Baltic Sea. It appears that they could have used
a bit of his hot air this week.

“I was for civilian trials for war criminals, before I was against them.” Will that be the quote out of the White House later this afternoon? It appears that The Chosen One
has taken enough heat and will toss the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s (directed by Obama) decision to try the top four plotters of 9-11 in civilian courts in Noo Yawk City into the nearest rubbish bin. Back they go to the military tribunal system. This is a good thing.

There have been a lot of questions about Barack Obama’s travel to Pakistan in 1981, while he was supposedly a student at Occidental College and Columbia University. At the time, Pakistan was on the State Department’s “no travel” list, so using an American passport to travel there was illegal. This is one of the major arguments in favor of the folks that the left constantly derides as “birthers” and “kooks”.
Pastor James David Manning believes that Obama was, at the time, a CIA operative who worked with the Taliban against the Soviets. There is some kind of trial involving this situation in May, and Manning plans to present evidence there. Hat tip goes to blogger “str8_talk” for this story.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles.”
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

The Constitution of the United States


  1. I just ordered from Amazon a tome, "A Time To Stand" by Walter Lord for my grandson to read. It is the best, most definitive narriative of the Alamo I have ever read. I read it 45 years ago and re-read it several times. Another good one is "13 Days to Glory" by Lon Tinkle.

    Kay Bailey Hutchison just got spanked by Texans. Hope they spank her again. She needs to go join a sewing circle somewhere.

    Illegal is illegal unless you are a member of the legislature. Or a federal court judge.

    Quite a few years ago a homosexual oriented newsletter in the Dallas area was urging "gays with AIDS" to go donate blood. The article said the quicker the disease spreads to the straight community the quicker a cure will be found.

    With idiots like Sharpton, Jackson, LaMont Hill, Farrakan, Wright DAILY in the limelight, why does no one call THEM on their racist statements???

    "Justices May Extend Gun Owner Rights Nationwide." The anti-gun nuts WANT you to believe this because if they can get you to believe gun rights come from the courts, then when the courts rule against gun rights you won't have an argument.

  2. Buck,
    a) The History Channel has done some very good reports on that battle. I just wish John Wayne had never made that sorry film.
    b) Now she's saying that she will complete her term, which ends in 2012, and hasn't decided about what to do then. Looks like a career Senator in the making.
    c) Or a liberal, or a mezzican, or...
    d) I remember that.
    e) Like Jesse once said, you can't be a racist if your race isn't the one with all the power.
    f) I argue with a lawyer over at all the time. I belive in the Constitution as written, while she believes in it as interpreted by activist judges and justices.

  3. Craw, awesome as always.

    I'm waiting on the SCOTUS for their decision. It's clear cut to me but they have a few libstains in the SCOTUS who suck it.

  4. Craw,

    Having an issue with my gmail. I'm going with yahoo.

  5. Gunny,
    a) Well we KNOW the Affirmative Action SCOTUS Justice will vote against the Constitution every time, as will the ACLU Justice.
    b) or the one from your former website?

  6. Good stuff as always.
    I did almost fall over when I saw the white coats again. Really? Lets get a new gimmick please!

  7. From your link on the 'dressed up as doctors' I'm quoting a comment... "Healthcare... Reform: A change for the better; an improvement. What does ObamaCare have to do with the aforementioned?" Isn't that the Truth?

    I don't believe ethical or honest & Politician can be said in the same sentence in Chicago! Maybe even the state of Illinois. I HAVE to get my bumper stickers into production... can't tell you, but it's a winner!!

    The 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform'... the politicians don't want to lose cheap labor, I mean gardeners, housekeepers, etc. Some of them have said this!

    Paterson support as a white guy fm Sharpton & his gang... H..E..L..L..O NO!

    I would love to throw an icy snowball at Gore, we normally get 25-30" of snow, we've had 70" this year and more negative temperatures than recorded in history for one season. Longest season of cloudy weather... Al must be raking in the dough, why can't he just stay in the mountains like he did when he lost the election?

  8. About the federal land grab...every single square foot of federal soil should be given BACK to the states to use as they see fit.

  9. Ready or not,here it comes...A) Heroes indeed.B)Dhimmis.Now here is the REAL party of no.Especially when it comes to following the Constitution.I met Jim Bunning,when I was a kid, when he pitched for the Detruit Tigers back in the day.Don't know whatever came of the baseball he signed for me.The Ladewigian Theory.MUCH better than any Obama Theory.Calabrese.What's not to like,to borrow an Ivanism.C)Style over substance.Standard operating procedure from the "just say NO to the Constitution" party.D) Yep.Sticks to high Heaven of bribery to me.E)Well,when the inept Steele-led GOP treats conservatives like Kryptonite,this is what we get.You KNOW these fools will support McCain over Hayworth in well.Sent a small check to J.D.,primarily to send a message to the damned RNC,time to make RINO's extinct.F) That pic of Grahamnesty standing there with Chuck U.says it all.As to Chuck U getting his second R on this travesty,look no further than McCain's new protege.My guess,you ask? Brown the Clown.G)I can't wait to see this plastic effin' banana do the perp walk.Hypocritical cacksucker.Something jumped out at me in the article.Just WHAT was the idiotic reporter trying to say with this:"has been spotting working with quake relief in Haiti".I guess proofreading,like Latin,is a lost art,eh?H) Is this the "Gee,no s#!t" portion of the column?mwahahahahahaDhimmis.Morons to the core.I)Hmm...short answer,HELL NO.Only bad thing abnout Paterson also doing the perp strut,is those dumbazs Noo Yawkers would put someone equally inept in to replace this uber-cad.J)Here is the "this story got him".Intact America.ANOTHER bunch of effin'idjits with ENTIRELY too much time on their hands.THIS IS STRICTLY between the parents of ANY male child and their DOCTOR,not a bunch of azswipes.G0dam these mfer's all to hell and back. HJC.K) Awww,c'mon Craw,you KNOW it's OK if the libretards do it.Just not if it is eeeeevvvvviiiilll conservatives.OK OK,sarcasm off. Yet more proof(as if we need it)dhimmis are BRAIN-DEAD. Cotinued..

  10. Continued..L) YYYYAAAAWWWWNNN. Business as usual for dhimmis.Damnable hypocrites,anyway.M)Don't bet on it. I am confused by the link however.UK garbage???N)Well,hell,that's easy.It is written in PLAIN EFFIN'ENGLISH. THAT is why they don't get it.O) Starbucks.WAY overrated,IMHO.THEY should be the ones to determine who or what is coming into their stores. Then leave it to US whether we choose to patronize them or not.This Brady group is another bunch who's "good intentions"have been bastardized by liberalism.This bunch of clowns won't go the way of the do-do soon enough.P)Nope,not much more complicated than that.Dhimmis,WRONG on everything.Q)I've said this same thing all along with the Fraudacle.WHEN,oh WHEN will we get to see this charlatan being frog-marched,along with the REST of these climate criminals?Can you say RICO statutes? R)Obama KNEW this was going to be a loser when the totus-reading,lying purple lips first spewed forth with it.Yet,to please the Linus,and Ivan-types,he tries it ANYWAY.HJC.T)Obama an operative?? Interesting,but,IMHO,highly frigging unlikely,since has SO MUCH animus towards the agency.Of course,THAT could be a reason he has the aforementioned.Stay tuned to that. A fine compendium of moonbattery,sir. C ya Tuesday.

  11. Hmmmm...missed one re: the Baltic Sea ice.Where was the "s AL amander" with all those BTU's coming out his ample pie-hole at when you NEEDED him to free those stuck vessels? Chalk up a whole bunch more people who'd like to give the Fraudacle a swift kick in the azs.Gotta LOVE that ol' AGW. So much for my rant in G) about proofreading,eh?

  12. Susan,
    Were they real docs or staffers in white coats?

  13. str8,
    a) Obamacare IS a CHANGE for the better in the liberal mindset, since it decreases personal liberties, further erodes the Constitutoin, and gives the government more control over the people
    b) I gotta do mine as well...."Liberalism: A Progressive Disease"
    c) Doing the jobs lazy American union slugs won't!
    d) It is kinda funny how the biggest racists in the country are the "civil rights leaders"
    e) The Philly region shattered their snow records and had a much lower than normal temperature winter. Fort Worth-Dallas is within an inch of the rrecord snowfall for a winter.

  14. Tim,
    Only exceptions would be a few national parks and all military properties.

  15. Clyde,
    a) All hands render a salute in the direction of San Antonio today.
    b) Steele actually did the right thing, despite what the liberal media has said.
    c) As they said 'round here long ago...those cowboys are all hat, no horse!
    d) Not that it was obvious or anything...
    e) All of the RINOs are making big hay about opposing all of the massive Obama programs, but not mentioning their spending habits under W
    f) Deport all non-drybacks immediately and amend the Constitution to revise the birthright citizenship clause to only include babies born in the US to parents who are here legally.
    g) Ain't no $400 haircuts in Club Fed!
    h) Anything to support the perverts
    i) But clyde, he's a blind minority guy! You've got to make allowances for him! (Okay, so we'll give him braille newspapers in prison)
    j) That and they're obviously anti-Semites!
    k) The people don't know since there's been no coverage.

  16. Clyde 2,
    l) Dims protecting of their core-support groups
    m) That link was supposed to be in another paragraph about government control freaks...and that paragraph disappeared entirely. What Da Hail Happened Here??? (Link fixed)
    n) Not written in Liberal it.
    o) Agree that it is the company's business, not the anti-Constitutionalists. Starbucks is overpriced, but I do like their beverages while out on the road.
    p) Left is right, up is down...
    q) That will be a day of celebration!
    r) He was TRYING to get the muslims aquitted because they didn't their Miranda warnings.
    t) It is a rather interesting theory, even if the odds of it being accurate are almost nil.

  17. Clyde 3,
    not only that, but your comments went from R) to T) with no S)

  18. Damn the bad luck. You are correct. Guess I need to head back to the indoctrination station,just to "get it right".

  19. I have always said that if God told me it was my day to die but I could pick my time and place, I would want to be next to David Crockett on the "rail" fence at the Alamo. Thanks for the reminder Crawfish.

    BTW, another couple of excellent books on the Alamo are the "Blood of Noble Men, The Alamo Seige and Battle" by Alan C. Huffines and "100 Days in Texas, The Alamo Letters" by Wallace O. Chariton. (Plus for those with a "what if" frame of mind, Wallace O. Chariton also wrote "Forget the Alamo". And don't let the title fool you, this book looks at what MIGHT have happened it the defenders of the Alamo had picked a different location to defend.)

  20. Ghost,
    I think I'd pick to be at the controls of an SBD diving on the HIRYU, June 4th, 1942


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