Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4-25-2012 The Weekly Claw

The Crawfish had a much less than optimal experience with National Tire and Battery this past week. Let’s just say that a 5-hour job was accomplished in 96 hours, and I had to pay over $135 to rent a Chevy Aveo in order to get stuff done on Sunday and to go to work on Monday and Tuesday. On top of that, I am not sure that the work was properly performed. Grrrrr!

A) Here is a CLEAR case of a race-based violent attack. This man was beaten by a mob at his own home, and as of Tuesday evening was clinging to life in an Alabama hospital. Where is Jesse-be-the-Jackson? Where is the not-so-reverend Al? Where is the federal investigation by Eric Holder’s Injustice Department? Where are the immediate pronouncements by Barack Hussein Obama? Oh, that’s right. The victim is white and the 20 or so attackers were all black. That means this case is a complete non-issue, especially since the perps left the scene with the words “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!” So who are the real racists?

 B) Speaking of the Injustice Department, the FBI has now stopped sharing intelligence with state and local law enforcement around the country, especially in regards to terrorism suspects. Isn’t this kinda like the rules Jamie Gorelick put in place under Bill Clinton that led to 9-11, which she partially blamed on the intelligence community following the rules she put in place? The FBI has also implemented their politically correct and C.A.I.R.-approved anti-terrorism training, which takes all reference to muslims and Islam out of the syllabus, despite 99% of all terrorism around the world in the past 30 years being committed by Islamic terrorists. So…which side is the Obama Administration on?

C) The answer to that question can easily be found in this little video in which one of Barack Obama’s advisors advocated the destruction of Israel. Samantha Powers is the wife of Cass Sunstein, who is also an Obama Administration official and former law professor at Chicago Law and Harvard Law.

D) Now that Islamists are taking control of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and are trying to take over Syria, that means that it is time to declare that the War on Terror is over, according to the Obama Administration. Does this mean that we are surrendering?

 E) Back in 1976, the Canadian rock band Rush put out an album named “2112”. The first side of the album was inspired by Ayn Rand. Did Neil Peart see the Democrat Party of the 21st century as he wrote the lyrics?

F) The Democrats, led by Red Nanny P-Lousy, are not even trying to hide their hatred of the Constitution anymore. They are trying to rewrite the First Amendment to limit political speech of corporations. I’m guessing that their draft copy exempts unions.

G) Okay, this one is a couple of months old, but was just sent to me by Poll Katz member “Ginny”. It is a very good commentary by a black writer on why he dislikes and condemns King Barack I and Queen micHELLe. I give it a hearty two claws up.

H) The Crawfish is glad that he is not employed at Lockheed anymore. At that job, I was FORCED to either join the union or pay dues equivalents to keep my job, since the plant is on federal property. Yes, that is completely unconstitutional, but it is federal labor law. Anyway, on Sunday 90% of the union morons voted to go on strike. They are paid much more than the average worker in this region and pay less out-of-pocket for their healthcare. The company proposal would have increased the healthcare costs to what is normal around Fort Worth. It would also have put new hires into 401(k) plans for their retirements instead of pension plans. Again this is normal for almost every company in the South and West, and is becoming the norm nationwide. These two portions of the contract were deemed unacceptable by the Obama worshipping union leadership, so they convinced the workers that they were getting screwed. Meanwhile, Congress and foreign governments are telling Lockheed that they must reduce the costs of the F-35 or the program will face big cutbacks. In other words, if costs keep rising, the union jobs will be lost, but the union is demanding that costs continue to rise.

I) This is your hysterically funny headline of the week. “Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention”! First of all, the Washington STATE convention isn’t until next month. Next, on that day where Paul possibly picked up 11 delegates, Mitt Romney won over 200. Romney will have the nomination sewn up in the next 3 weeks, and the Paulbots will start screaming foul and pledging to vote for Paul in November anyway, meaning that they want Barack Obama to win.

 J) Americans still blame “big oil” and the eeeevillll “speculators”, if you believe the mainstream media and the Democratic Party (sorry for the repeat). People who actually use their brains know otherwise, and now there is a video that shows how the EPA attacked the fossil fuels industry as part of their agenda. Let’s see how the Administration tries to spin this one.

K) One of the few things that Congress is actually REQUIRED to do under the Constitution is to produce an annual budget for the government. The Senate, under the esteemed leadership of Harry Reid, has not produced a budget since before Barack Obama became President. Heck, nowadays the Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee aren’t even attending the meetings, and Reid has flat-out stated that he will not consider any budget before the election.

 "To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Another interesting edition, Craw.

    A) The real racists are the Democrats and their useful allies (i.e., the radical portion of the black community and their radical black leaders). In three years, Obama and his thugs have undone 40 years of hard-fought over understanding that had developed between races in the US. Nice going Obama!

    B) Actually I am glad that the FBI is going all warm and fuzzy with CAIR and the muslims. Because the only portions of the FBI that are doing so are the Obama appointees. When Obama and his thugs are kicked out in November 2012, the FBI will have a direct line to where and who the muslims are in this country.

    D) Obama and his thugs might have surrendered (Obama is after all a "closet" muslim); but they were never fighting them anyway. And the war is not over, until its over.

    F) The Democrats are desperate. The Far Left is upset with them for not doing enough during the previous 3 years. If the Far Left doesn't turn out in November 2012, the Democrats could lose even more seats in the US Congress than they are on track to lose. Therefore the Congressional Democrat leadership (like Red Nancy) are doing everything they can to "drum" up support with the Far Left.

  2. (A) You live near Como and just now figuring out who the real racists are? After years in Poly I kinda figured it out.

    (B) Seems they share classified material with the muslim brotherhood now. Beck had a Texas Representative (don't know if state or federal) on this morning and he was talking about some muslim who got a Secret clearance and was trying to peddle secrets to ...undesirables. Napolitano said she'd look into it....

    (C) What do you expect from a racist communist muslim dictator??

    (D) What did I miss? Did we surrender?

    (E) Kinda shows how far the left has drifted left since 1976.

    (F) "Are you kidding? Are you kidding?"

    (G) Remember it was LBJ who said it was okay for the POTUS to lie to the people if it was in their interests. In their interests????

    (H) Funny (haha) isn't it. A friend of mine is a retired American Airlines employee and he is still bitching about McCarty giving himself a bonus while AA was going downhill. But when I asked him how much the unions extorted out of AA at the same time he gets all irate.

    (J) If Romney's first official act is not to open up drilling we will see more of same. For another 4 years. His direction on energy will determine his tenure in the Oval.

    (K) Another (haha) funny. The Dems produce NO budget and spend all their time ridiculing Ryan's attempts.

  3. You need to find a GOOD local repair shop. Most of the chains,like Pep boys,et al,are JUST as bad. Onto the pile.......
    A)Well,I see an arrest has been made in this case. About 20 LYNCHINGS would work for me.
    B)Every damn democrat admin does the same shit. Weaken our defense,side with those who WANT to do us harm,Christ on a crutch,it's a broken record with these idjits.
    C)One thing a Pres.Romney(shudder) MUST DO is PURGE each and EVERY member of Team Oshithead OUT. Or,WE will work for HIS ouster.
    D)Yip. Looks like it to me,too.
    F)Too bad we couldn't declare HER sickass UnConstitutional.
    G)Absolutely OUT-FRICKIN-STANDING. Mychal knocked it not only out of the park,but state as well.Thanks for that.
    H)Wrong link came up. I say,however,let the fools strike. I do not give a rat sass HOW much of a raise they MAY get,it'll NEVER make up for what they will LOSE by striking. Kind of like trying to make up for lost sleep. Ain't happenin'.
    I) Man,those people are RABID.
    J) Some "apology" that asshole gave. We KNOW what these asinine Obamites think of energy.Another admin.shill who needs the baby seal treatment.Or,at the very least,dunked in a tank of....wait for it..... BOILING OIL!! hahahahahahahahahahaha
    K) What a shame the damned FOOLS who vote for these cretinous bastards don't realise how much THEY get hurt by the Senate NOT DOING it's job. And,WHERE THE HELL are the turds from the "loyal opposition"?? Damned McConnell. Hey,good folks of Kentucky,primary this horses ass OUT,OK??
    A smelly heap for sure,my friend. Catch ya on the flip.

  4. Craw,

    Good wrapup. I hate it when Gray ghost steals my thunder!

    I hate unions and was victimized like you way back when. They are nothing but parasites.


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