Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-25-2011 The Weekly Claw

Well, we’re all here. Either the Rapture predictions were completely made up (and the Bible says that man will not know when it will occur), or we’re a bunch of baaaaad boys and girls. There is a third option…all of the above!

A) Barack Obama defecated upon one of our closest allies while their Prime Minister was flying to Washington. Obama embraced the demands of the so-called palestinians and called for Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders. He also called Israel’s policy of letting Israelis live within Israel an unacceptable “permanent occupation.” The Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Eastern Jerusalem were captured by Israel during wars of extermination launched by arab nations against Israel. The arabs lost, and in losing lost all claim to those lands. A Likud member of the Knesset said, “Barack Hussein Obama adopted Yasser Arafat’s staged plan for Israel’s destruction, and he is trying to force it on our prime minister.”

B) Obama’s attempt to placate the muslims and get them to like us by selling out Israel has already failed. Hamas still says that they will never recognize Israel. The only way to end this is to give the so-called palestinians a homeland of their own, carved out of the lower section of Lebanon, part of Syria, and some of Jordan. Even then, they will probably continue to attack Israel, since that is what the unholy Koran tells them to do.

C) Obama also took a dump on American laws and our Congress when he basically told Congress “I don’t need your permission” to continue combat operations in Libya. He claims that since the US forces are just supporting NATO instead of leading the operation the War Powers Act does not apply. This legal opinion coming from someone who believes the Constitution authorizes the government to force citizens to buy a certain product.

D) For the second year in a row, the Democrats are refusing to do their duty and put forth a budget. Typical liberals…putting their own power over the well-being of the nation.

E) Here is the political laugh of the week. Mafia Boss Trumka of the AFL-CIO is threatening Democrats with a loss of union support if they don’t aggressively support the union boss agenda. First of all, this is the most pro-union Administration and Senate since the days of FDR. Secondly, unions already have too much power within the federal government (like the NLRB) that is clearly in violation of the Constitution. Last, but not least, the union bosses will give millions upon millions of dollars ripped from the wallets of the working folk to the Democrats no matter what the Dems do on the Hill or to American workers. Anybody who believes otherwise can’t pass a drug test.

F) A close second goes to James Earl Carter. The Embarrassment of Annapolis says that he is “superior” to all other former-Presidents. In reality, although he was (until now) the worst President in history, he is even worse as a former-Pres.

G) For those out there who still believe that our deficit problems are all due to George W. Bush’s tax cuts and spending, here is a simple rebuttal. The real reason for our problems is the runaway spending by anti-Constitutional liberals.

H) “Never has a field of presidential contenders gotten so little real scrutiny from the press corps.” So says the Obama 2012 campaign in reference to the current crop of GOP candidates. Are they forgetting how the media absolutely refused to do ANY digging on Barack Obama in 2008?

I) Here is yet another example of why left wing nuts should not be allowed to breed.

J) STOP THE PRESSES! Barack Obama has admitted that government does not create jobs and that businesses do.

K) If they were to actually read and understand the Fair Tax, conservatives AND liberals would probably support it, even though their politicians would never vote for it. You see, it takes power away from Congress and the White House.

L) The left wing media’s unhinged attacks on the GOP have no basis in actual facts or reality, but that has never stopped them before.

M) This is gonna drive the liberals in Congress absolutely nuts. For as long as we can remember, they have written bills in such a manner that they cannot be understood by mere non-lawyers, and their length has discouraged any perusal. This was done in order to hide all sorts of anti-Constitutional bovine excrement. Now, bills will have to be written in simple English, which will make them much shorter as well. We won’t have to pass a bill to see what’s in it!

N) Here is one more reason to start executing lawyers. The Fort Hood shooting happened almost two years ago. Since there were multiple eye witnesses and the muslim terrorist was caught in the act, the Court Martial should have been conducted within a week of the muslim being released from the hospital. The entire proceeding should last approximately one day, including jury deliberations. The penalty phase should have commenced the following day, again lasting maybe one full day. The muslim should have been executed by firing squad within 6 months of the terrorist actions.

O) I could watch this video for a week and never tire of it.

P) Now THIS is just plain weird, but it figgers that the Dems would financially support such behavior.

Q) Two of the biggest supporters of Obamacare during its journey through Congress were the unions and the AARP. Who makes up the vast majority of entities getting waivers from Obamacare, since it sucks so much? Why that would be the unions and AARP. If it was such a good idea, why don’t they support its implementation? Maybe because it has never been about making America’s health care better, but rather it has always been about control of a large part of the economy and of political power.

R) Lindsey Graham is upset at Fox News. It seems that they keep referring to his amnesty plans as amnesty plans.

S) Barack Obama publicly joked about how his Administration deals with pirates, but he did so right after giving a bunch of plea deals to pirates instead of bullets to their brain housing groups.

T) It may be wrong, but The Crawfish does think this is funny. I looked at ‘em, and was disappointed in the quality.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Thanking Obama for killing Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger. It's the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.” Quote courtesy of Gray Ghost

The Constitution of the United States

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5-18-2011 The Weekly Claw

Here’s a quick list of some of the stories that could have been covered this week, but weren’t because of a lack of column space:
a) Stoned Steny Hoyer (Donkey-MD) wants all Maryland colleges and universities to include information on Obamacare (provided by the Democrats) to be included in their curricula.
b) Barack Obama is INTENTIONALLY not distinguishing between legal and illegal immigration while on the campaign trail, in order to make the GOP look RAAACIST!
c) In the Senate race from VA, both candidates are former Governors. One was tough on crime, while one was very pro-criminal. Guess which is the Democrat!
d) The USDA is looking to improve their civil rights record. What the *@#^% does that have to do with agriculture?
e) Ron Paul came out in favor of legalizing heroin and against the killing of Osama bin Laden. Why does he keep saying stupid stuff like that?
f) The NEA has given a MIME troup in Than Franthithco $50,000 per year for a decade, since they couldn’t survive in a free market because NOBODY cares about mimes.
g) The Vatican released a report supporting Algore, but the scientific data came from someone whose work has already been debunked.

A) Israel’s enemies changed their tactics this week, sending human waves to cross the border at multiple points, tearing down border fencing as rampaging in Israeli towns when they got there. The IDF managed to hold most of them back, having to shoot many to get the point across. It is speculated that the hordes pressing the border from Syria were sent there by President Assad in order to take attention away from his brutal crackdown against internal dissidents.

B) Tax Cheat Timmy is forecasting a double-dip recession if we don’t increase the debt ceiling. Uh, Timmy? Most non-Keynesian economists have been predicting a double-dip recession for a while, and the debt ceiling wasn’t the reason. The double-dip will occur because of your party’s spending and unConstitutional activities, such as Obamacare and all of the entitlement programs.

C) Barack Obama has been cast as the Great Savior of Black America, and black Americans will give him over 90% of their votes again in 2012, but in reality he has been an unmitigated disaster for black America, with black male employment numbers at record lows.

D) Extreme leftist Donna Brazile has already started with the usual liberal lie that the Republicans are trying to “disenfranchise” voters, which is ALWAYS liberal code for “the GOP is raaaaacist!” This time, the claim is centered upon Republicans wanting voters to prove that they are actually who they say they are, which would limit multiple voting and voting by non-citizens, both of which are normal Democrat tactics.

E) Failed comedian Bill Maher said that Republicans are showing support for Herman Cain for one reason, and one reason only. It is so they aren’t seen as raaaaaacists. So tell us why we support Allen West, but despise Mitt Romney.

F) The dimwits at MSNBC told their 15 viewers that Obama must campaign on his VALUES instead of his PERFORMANCE. Do we really need to bring up “Common”, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Cambridge Cops, and all of his other anti-American values again? Talk about a win-win situation for the GOP…

G) “I think that one of the things that the president appreciates is the work that Mr. Lynn has done with children, especially in Chicago, trying to get them to focus on poetry as opposed to some of the negative influences of life on the street.” That is how the White House defended their choice of racist rapper “Common” at their poetry event. They even managed to schedule the event during National Police Officers Memorial Week, while “Common” is widely known for his lyrics in support of cop killers. Then again, this should come as no surprise to people who are paying attention, since Barack Obama has shown nothing but contempt for America and the American people throughout his adult life.

H) Obama and the Democrats normally show contempt for the Constitution and all things really American, but you know it is getting’ bad when they start disregarding a law that THEY put in place to curb the military powers of the President.

I) The Indiana Supreme Court has decided that the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is completely meaningless. Who do they think they are, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor?

J) According to Dingy Harry, the American people need to rise up and let Washington know how important amnesty is to them. Listen up, moron. We HAVE told Washington how important amnesty is to us, and we told them in overwhelming numbers that we do NOT approve of amnesty!

K) Dingy also defended the NLRB’s actions against Boeing, saying that the federal government telling a business where it can and cannot operate is in the spirit of the Founding Fathers. He really thinks the American people are THAT stupid.

L) HUD has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on housing projects that have stalled or simply never got started. The real question isn’t why these projects ended up as they did, but rather why in the world the federal government was spending OUR tax dollars on housing for people who are simply too damned lazy to get a job?

M) The ACLU is going after a high school in Noo Joisey because they have their graduation ceremonies in a building with Christian symbols. A school district in Texas has already caved in to these anti-Christian, anti-American legal thugs. These decisions by local school districts on where to hold graduation ceremonies are NOT CONGRESS MAKING A LAW, so the “establishment clause” does not apply. Why don’t these schools fight back and counter-sue the ACLU?

N) The union thugs have won a great victory in Moonbeam’s California. They have gotten the state version of card-check passed, which means union thugs can intimidate workers to unionize even if they don’t want to. This signals the end of non-union business in that state.

O) Liberals love to go way too far in dealing with students in their unionized schools. This time, two lacrosse players got suspended from school because they had pen knives, a leatherman, and a lighter in their equipment bags to properly tend to their lacrosse sticks. They were arrested, cuffed, and face possible jail time. What is it that drives this liberal bias against lacrosse players? Duke, anyone?

P) Liberals just love to spend OPM (Other People’s Money). They also like to spend it inappropriately. In Detroit, $200,000+ that was supposed to help feed the poor got spent on office furniture for those running the program.

Q) Here is a fantastic poster. Go to their site to order it. All proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Thanking Obama for killing Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger. It's the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.” Quote courtesy of Gray Ghost

The Constitution of the United States

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-11-2011 The Weekly Claw

Wow, what a week we’ve had. I ended up throwing out over 20 stories that I had lined up for this column. Once we get into June, and I have some more time, I’ll consider starting my weekend columns up again.

A) Despite the SCOTUS “Citizens United” case, the Constitution, and the actions of Congress, Barack Obama is set to force business executives to disclose their campaign contributions and such, so that he can guide all federal contracts away from those who support the GOP. These rules specifically do not include unions and other leftist groups. He knows that even if he ends up losing in court, it will take a few election cycles for that ruling to be finalized.

B) Many of you have heard Glenn Beck go off on how everything the Administration and the Democratic Party does is part of the Cloward-Piven strategy, but you don’t really understand what that strategy is. Here is a primer on Cloward-Piven.

C) The White House is whining that the GOP won’t raise the debt limit without some serious spending cuts being part of the package. But who was it who said “I place economy among the first and most important government virtues and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared” back in 2006 when he was voting against raising the debt limit? Wasn’t that Harry Reid?

D) Since The Chosen One is trying to revive the DREAM (Amnesty) Act again, Lady Liberty decided that moving to and sponging off of Mexico might be the thing to do. She wrote a letter to King Barack to request some assistance. Turnabout’s fair play, right?

E) The Chosen One was on the campaign trail in Texas this week, and he mocked Republicans for being in favor of having secure borders. He was wrong on multiple counts, with some of them being outright lies. Obviously, TOTUS wasn’t properly fact-checked. He claimed that the big technology firms were all started by immigrants, which is not true, and even if it was those would have been LEGAL immigrants, which blows his whole amnesty argument out of the window. He claimed that the border fence project is almost complete, which is debunked by Senator DeMint and by the folks at CNSNews, since only about 40 miles of double fencing has been erected. He also said that Republicans wanted a moat, with alligators. Nope, we want double fences backed up by guard towers with Marine-trained sharpshooters and LOTS OF AMMO!

F) Here’s more fine leadership on immigration from Mr. “I Vote Present”.

G) What do you do with a racist rapper who praises cop killers, advocates more cop killing, called for George W. Bush to be burned, and who grew up attending Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Black Liberation Theology? You invite him to read poetry at the White House, of course!

H) Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, is auctioning off the hat she wore at the royal wedding. Proceeds go to some UN organizations that probably have 95% admin costs. My question is: who in their right mind would want to wear THAT? It looks like a latte-colored toilet seat with a bow of TP!

I) John McLame is an idiot. I know…not really a headline. Despite what the CIA admits, he is saying that harsh interrogations did not help in the hunt for OBL. He also says that waterboarding violates the Geneva Conventions. Sorry, but it does NOT violate the Geneva Conventions because the folks we are fighting against do NOT meet the requirements of being legal combatants and/or prisoners of war specified in Part 1, Article 4. As illegal combatants, they may be treated however we choose, including torture and/or summary execution.

J) Barack Obama and Eric Holder agree with McLame, which is not surprising since they hate our military and love our enemies. Some of those CIA personnel who got us the info on OBL are now being investigated and could be sent to prison by The Chosen One and the Affirmative Action AG. Now if any of them are black, they might avoid prosecution.

K) The sister of a 9/11 victim asked Obama to end the investigations of the CIA heroes, but he just turned his back and walked away like the stuck-up, anti-American, narcissistic jerk that he is.

L) Todd Beamer’s father called it right. Obama has turned the OBL execution into a story all about Obama. James Lewis takes it a step farther. He shows how the raid was possibly designed to help a number of people who don’t have America’s best interests at heart, with Barack Obama being at the top of the list.

M) A German judge has filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Merkel. Her crime? She publicly approves of OBL’s execution. One of OBL’s sons says that he might sue the USA for killing good ol’ Dad. Gotta love judicial systems made up of academics and idiot liberals.

N) Here’s your liberal civility update for the week. Unfortunately, since the Secret Service is under the direction of Tax Cheat Timmy, nothing will come of this.

O) I didn’t know that Osama bin Laden was a Democrat. The strategies in his writings are straight from the DNC/Obama playbook. Maybe that is why Barack Obama is ramping up his muslim outreach program again.

P) What happens when a city is run for over 60 years by liberals, unions, and minorities? You get Detroit, where 47% of the population is illiterate. The teachers unions have some ‘splainin’ ta do, since most of the illiterate have HS diplomas or GEDs.

Q) To help make Mexico a better country, the Mexican government could take control of their own nation, end the rampant corruption, and use their own resources including a ready and willing workforce…or they could demand that the USA opens the borders and legalizes drugs. FIX YOUR OWN DAMNED COUNTRY!

R) How’s this for a retirement package for a state employee? Notice that he already has a $790,000.00 salary already, so he doesn’t need any big package. He should have invested on his own!

S) Here’s some more from the unions of Caul-ee-for-nee-uh. The teacher unions are spending millions of tax dollars (tax dollars pay the salaries, which pay the dues) to get the legislature to raise taxes in order to pay the teachers even more. Meanwhile, left wing moonbat Governor Jerry Browne wants the PEOPLE to decide on any tax increases. Of course, the teachers unions might consider THIS to be an epic victory. Then there’s the lifeguards who are making over $200,000.00 per year, and that is NOT earned by starring in a television series.

T) It ain’t just in Callie. The unions in Noo Yawk force antiquated rules to apply to all construction projects, which means there are a bunch of guys who do about 5 minutes of work per day, but make over $100,000.00 per year “working” at the Ground Zero construction site. Andrew Klavan shows what public sector unions are all about, in spite of what the left tries to say.

U) Another “establishment” Republican has joined the race for the White House. Just what we need, another imitation conservative with more baggage than a planeload of Hollyweird divas. Sorry, Eye of Newt, but when you sat on that couch with Nancy Pelosi and spoke of Glo-Bull Warming, you lost ALL of your conservative creds. The 2012 GOP primaries need to be a RINO-free zone.

V) Professors at state universities don’t have liberal agendas, do they?

W) Here’s a website to track the activities and people associated with leftist organizations that are killing our nation. Thanks to Poll Katz member REC48.

X) I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Y) As bad as this story on Project Gunrunner is, pay attention to what the Obama-Holder ATF did to one of their own agents! He went undercover to investigate the Hells Angels, was promised protection, and then had the protection removed , which almost got him and his family killed. In January of 2013, Obama will have to issue pardons to most of the people in his Administration.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America ’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” - Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), March 20, 2006

The Constitution of the United States

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5-4-2011 The Weekly Claw

A) Congrats to SEAL Team Six on a wonderful job in sending Osama bin Laden to his 72 virgin male camels and goats. The aftermath of the raid is another story. Barack Obama ordered that the body be treated with respect and given proper muslim death rites. In the immortal words of the CO of M*A*S*H 4077, “HORSE HOCKEY!” His body should have been sliced open, stuffed with bacon, drenched in pig blood, and plopped into the water after it had been properly chummed for a while. The head should be on a pike at Ground Zero. His people drag American bodies through the streets, burn them, hang them from bridges, or even post videos of their heads being cut off while they are alive. They deserve ZERO respect. Obama doesn’t want to anger them, but the idiot doesn’t realize that they’ve been pizzed off at all non-muslims for 13 centuries, since their pedophilic False Prophet wrote his book of hate. Here’s a little history lesson for those who, like Obama, refuse to believe that Islam is nothing but a blood cult.

B) Did y’all notice that the word of bin Laden’s death was leaked to the media just in time for them to cut away from primetime shows minutes before The Donald could say “You’re fired!”? NBC reported that the White House sat on the news for hours, and The Crawfish has it from multiple sources that the security level at our military bases was raised in the early afternoon. Barack Obama: the most PETTY President in history.

C) Osama’s last residence was just yards away from Pakistan’s military academy and stuck out like a Than Franthithco flamer in Mecca, but the Pakis had no idea he was there. They’re about as believable as Obama. Meanwhile, the Pakis are hacked off that we didn’t let them know we were coming in time for them to get OBL out of town.

D) Despite a standing order from September of 2001 to kill bin Laden at the first opportunity, it too Mr. I Vote Present over 16 hours to make up his mind to authorize the mission. When you want decisive leadership, you surely do NOT call upon Sir Golfsalot.

E) There are many out there who are unhappy with the US, since we killed bin Laden instead of capturing him and taking him to trial. The UN is investigating possible war crimes or human rights violations. The so-called Palestinians found it to be another excuse to riot in East Jerusalem and Gaza. The Washington Post is upset that Americans are celebrating. The Germans are questioning the legality of the raid, when they know muslim terrorists see laws and rules as signs of weakness. Well, not only would a trial in America cause the host city to become the Mecca of suicide bombers, but the Eric Holder Injustice Department would probably have scuttled the case, just like they have done with other Islamic terrorism cases. Even if bin Laden had been tried and convicted, Obama would have just given him citizenship instead of a death penalty, and allowed him to buy guns for his next adventure.

F) While Obama is taking credit for the raid, one of the big stories is that credit for the killing of bin Laden can be traced directly (according to Leon Panetta) to the Bush Administration and their policies of “enhanced interrogations” that Obama and all of the liberals protested against. Carl Levin of Michiganistan is even in disbelief over the situation. Since none of the muslim terrorists and AQ/Taliban fighters are legal combatants according to Article 4 of the Geneva Conventions, it is perfectly legal for us to torture and execute them at will.

G) Mahmoud I’minajihad must be ready for a comfortable retirement. Well, either that or he has a death wish. It appears that he is crossing swords with Supreme Leader Ayatollah I bin Wrappingmyheaddiapertootight, and the Iranian Parliament is considering impeachment proceedings. Now maybe he’ll find a razor that works.

H) Mayor Blooming Idiot of Noo Yawk wants to send immigrants to Detroit. Somehow I don’t think that this is what he means.

I) Kevin Jackson says that “entitlement” is a dirty word. Ya won’t find disagreement from The Crawfish!

J) The Chosen One finally released a birth certificate, saying “We don’t have time for this kind of silliness.” He did, however, have time for the silliness of Orca’s show in Chicago and fundraisers in Noo Yawk, where his motorcade tied up Manhattan traffic during rush hour.

K) Why in the world is liberal icon Wesley Cook still alive 29 years after murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner? FRY MUMIA! (and the liberal judges who have supported him since 1982)

L) Last week, the National Labor Relations Board, an extra-Constitutional government arm of the unions, unconstitutionally told Boeing that they cannot produce jetliners in a right-to-work state. This week, the NLRB filed lawsuits against states whose Constitutions guarantee workers the right to secret ballots when faced with the thug organizers of the unions. Have these union goons ever heard of the 10th Amendment?

M) The liberal bureaucrats and the Obama Administration are continuing their war against America’s oil production, this time with His Majesty sic’ing the EPA on companies that want to drill in west Texas and east New Mexico. You see, there’s this 3-inch long lizard that lives out there… Shell Oil is futilely banging their heads against this liberal wall trying to get permission to drill of the coast of Alaska in areas that they lease from the government.

N) The Prophet Algoracle has been uncharacteristically quiet regarding the deadly storms of the past couple of weeks. It was the perfect time for him to proclaim how it was all because of Glo-Bull Warming. Maybe he listened to actual meteorologists and climatologists this time, since they would tell him that the current El Nina condition in the Pacific is the reason for the storm activity.

O) How often do you find a big-time college athlete who truly believes that he has a higher calling in life than going pro and making the big bucks? Tejay Johnson of the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs gets a big salute from The Crawfish.

P) How powerful are government employee unions? This might become their new recruitment pitch: “Join us and you can make porn videos while on the clock, and keep your day job!” Is their union hall named for Hugh Hefner?

Q) The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce was an Obama supporter in 2008. My how Change has had an effect on him!

R) The media keeps portraying conservatives in general and the Tea Party in particular, of being a bunch of white racists. It is past time for us to point out that many of our fellow patriots are indeed black, and most of them understand the Constitution and the principles of our Founding Fathers much better than the black messiah currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh, and just in case you were wonderin’, many of The Crawfish’s favorites for national office happen to be black, like Herman Cain, Allen West, and JC Watts.

S) We’ve come to expect stories about the Obama Administration giving money to other nations to boost THEIR production, but this one is all at George W. Bush’s feet. He should have told the WTO to pack sand.

T) When a Republican Governor and a Republican legislature in Wisconsin limited collective bargaining rights for public sector unions, the unions and the media went nucking futs for over a month. When a Democrat Governor and a Democrat legislature do the same thing in Taxachusetts, there are no protests, no sit-ins, no union violence, and no media coverage. Now the unions DID threaten to not support the Democrats in the next election, but that’s like blacks threatening to not support Obama.

U) If The Crawfish ever becomes President, I will revoke Jimmuh Cahtuh’s passport when he goes overseas to prop up left wing dictators and accuse the US of human rights violations. He may now be the SECOND worst President in history, but he’s number one for worst ex-Presidents.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America ’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” - Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), March 20, 2006

The Constitution of the United States