Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4-4-2012 The Weekly Claw

None of the serious weather came close to Casa Crustacean, nor my workplace. We are thankful that none of our family and friends have reported injuries or damage. We also thank God that there have been no reported fatalities from yesterday’s storms. Unfortunately for my readers, other events around here have caused me to be quite tired and have a lack of material for this week. You’ll get over it.

A) There is a reason why the GOP gets saddled with liberal “establishment” nominees every four years. Notice how many liberal states are stacked early in the primary season. Almost every state that Mitt Romney has won is a state that voted for Barack Obama in 2008. If the RED states dominated the first half of the primaries, Mitt Romney would have been eliminated long ago.

B) “Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” That drivel came from the oral sewer of our wanna-be dictator, the supposed Constitutional law expert, Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama. First of all, the Supreme Court is SUPPOSED to overturn laws that are anti-Constitutional, and they do it all the time, so it would hardly be unprecedented. Secondly, it was not passed by any strong majority. It was passed by the slimmest of margins, and even then only after bribes had been handed out to a number of Democrat House members. He went on to say that overturning such a ruling would be “judicial activism”: “And I'd just remind conservative commentators that, for years, what we have heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism, or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law, Well, this is a good example, and I'm pretty confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step.” Sorry, moron, but “judicial activism” is when the courts make new law or allow anti-Constitutional law to stand. If this Court overturns Obamacare, they are doing their Constitutional duty. Since Marbury v. Madison is one of the first case studies in any Constitutional Law class, and that case established the concept of “judicial review”, we now have proof that Barack Obama never really took any such classes.

C) His Majesty’s staff must have realized that He had stepped in it, since he tried to re-nuance his remarks and make them a bit more palatable while still telling SCOTUS that it is their job to rubber stamp his anti-Constitutional achievement.

D) A 3-judge panel from the 5th Circuit also took note of King Barack’s pronouncements regarding the judiciary. They are hearing another case regarding Obamacare, but not part of the current SCOTUS case. The panel ordered the Justice Department to produce a 3-page, single-spaced response to Obama’s edicts to be turned in to them by noon on Thursday. Judge Jerry Smith had the following quotes from the hearing: “Does the Department of Justice recognize that federal courts have the authority in appropriate circumstances to strike federal statutes because of one or more constitutional infirmities?” and “referring to statements by the president in the past few days to the effect ... that it is somehow inappropriate for what he termed unelected judges to strike acts of Congress. That has troubled a number of people who have read it as somehow a challenge to the federal courts or to their authority. And that's not a small matter.” Obama has repeatedly thrown down the gauntlet, and it appears that some of the judiciary has now had enough of his disrespect.

E) So what has the longtime spiritual adviser to the Obama family been up to these days? He has been continuing his anti-semetic ways that he was famous for while the Obama family sat on the front row for 20 years. Does anybody really believe that Barry privately disagrees with anything Reverend Wrong does? If he has any repudiating response, it will be for the media and dope-and-changers who will believe anything he says, but if he thought he could get away with it he would join Reverend Wrong in his endorsement.

F) Here’s what one of his major political influences has been up to. Admitted-terrorist Bill Ayers says he gets up every morning thinking “today I'm gonna make a difference. Today I'm gonna end capitalism. Today I'm gonna make a revolution. I go to bed every night disappointed, but I'm back again tomorrow. That's the only way you can do it.”

G) As if any of my readers need this refresher, Barack Obama came out and repeated his ruling philosophy. According to him, GOVERNMENT is what has made our nation great. The fact that the American media didn’t immediately turn him into a laughingstock just shows how they are on his side.

"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." --Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. Good to know that all you Crustys made it through OK. You were in my thoughts when I heard the news.

    zero is choking on the reality that his shined turd "obamacare" sucks and will be defeated in the SCOTUS.

    The only thing that bat-ears can do is deflect from now until November hoping that the lemmings will come out and vote for him again.

    1. Well, he IS trying his best to threaten SCOTUS....

  2. Crawfish, the interesting thing for me concerning Obamacare and SCOTUS is trying to figure out who is releashing reports back to O'Vomit. Is is Sotomayor or Kagan? Or perhaps it is a combination of all 4 Liberal judges (Ginsburg, Breyer, and the 2 O'Vomit appointees). If I were to venture a guess as to the results of this case I would say we will have a split decision (5 to 4) and the entire law will be over turned.

    I also expect a "Long, Hot Summer" as the Obamanites go to the streets in defiance of the decision. I hope you have enough ammo Crawfish.

    As an aside Craw, my grandchildren and I went to the 150th anniverssary of the Battle of Shiloh this past weekend. The attendance was approximately 20,000. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) that I talked to are ready to go to open revolt in regards to O'Vomit and his constant pushing of a communist agenda down our throats.

    1. I'm guessing Kagan, who has violated federal law by not recusing herself from this case.

      Just about everybody at my new job, including minorities, opposes this Administration.

  3. Craw,

    I LMMFAO when the idiot yapped and then backtracked. What a fool. If we don't get rid of this moron, God help us.

    Check out the video on my blog of the hollyweird actress Ali.

    1. He didn't really backtrack. He just tried to make it SOUND like he's backtracking...just like Holder did in his letter to the 5th Circuit.

  4. Glad to see the nastys missed you. Sure laid waste to that Schneider Freight yard.Back from Florida,ready to gear up to kick the BECS to the curb in Nov. Onto the heap.................
    A)Makes sense when you couple that with the GOP hierarchy wishing T P conservatives would shut up and go away.
    B)If this asshole is a Constitutional scholar,I'm a frigging brain sturgeon.
    C)This guy must have walked through aa thousand dog parks,he's stepped in it so much. I can't WAIT to see this asshat get bitch-slapped by the 5-4 decision to overturn.
    D)Can't figure out why he keeps pissing off the very people he needs to be on his side. Damn narcissism must be downright AWFUL.
    E)He HAS joined him. Read between the lines. Also look at the way the prick has treated Israel in general,and Netanyahu in particular.
    F)Key to this is,make sure there are NO tomorrows for the bastard.
    G) Well,my friend,do you not think THEY believe THEY are now PART of the government,instead of watchdog OVER it?
    A fine mess,see ya next time.

    1. That was some amazing video. The media-types and most of the viewers have acted like those were fully loaded trailers with the rigs attached. THAT would have been impressive, but it was not the case.
      A) The "establishment" is mostly northeastern yankee liberals who just want some power and adoration...and invites to the DC social scene events.
      B) He's as much a Constitutional scholar as I am an oversexed version of Brad Pitt.
      C) I can't wait to tear apart the minority decision. That will be one big piece of obfuscation without any Constitutional merit whatsoever.
      D) 5th Circuit is mostly Constitutional now that Sarah T. Hughes is dead.
      E) He still CLAIMS to be on Israel's least until after the election, when he will have more "flexibility".
      F) If the Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II Administrations had paid any attention, Ayers would have been in prison for life.
      G) They believe themselves to be superior to the government, and the shapers of it.

  5. (A) Never thought of that. But maybe proportional delegates should be the rule everywhere.

    (B) And he taught Constitutional law? Ya gotta be kidding! He just proved he doesn't know as much about the Constitution as I or any of my fellow students in our long ago Seventh Grade Civics class.

    (C) And don't forget the open mike thing. And then he made jokes about it, blowing the whole thing off. Twice.

    (D) Judge Smith probably has some reason to want to know if the DOJ recognizes the federal court system. After all, they are still ignoring the 5th Circuit order on offshore drilling.

    (E) He proves every day he shares Wright's anti-semetism. No contest.

    (G) And he believes this???

  6. Those van-type freight trailers have all that surface area to catch the the wind,they are light when empty,about 9 to 10,000 lbs.With a tractor attached,that adds around 17,000 lbs. They'll fly like leaves in that kind of wind. One reason I liked doing open trailers. The wind passes through'em.

  7. I agree on the leak, Craw. Kagan.


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