Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7-28-2010 The Weekly Claw

Just when I was getting used to working night shift, I’m back on day shift starting next week, so The Weekly Claw will once again be posted on Wednesday evenings.

The whole Shirley Sherrod controversy went haywire on Wednesday of last week. The Arrogant Imbecile (aka Press Secretary Gibbs) formally apologized to her for the Administration. The left wing reporters that make up the White House Press Pool were only asking questions about how she was treated sooooooo badly by people who didn’t get all of the facts. The Crawfish doesn’t care what kind of epiphany she had. She admitted to intentionally causing financial distress to a farmer that she was obliged by her position to help. That alone is reason for her to be permanently disqualified from government employment. The fact that it was done because she was a racist is just the cherry on the cupcake. Go back and watch the first half of the video. How many of the people in that NAACP audience are happy that she shafted a white man? Do you see a single one of them denounce her for doing so? Shirley Sherrod was NOT a victim in this matter. Yes, Andrew Breitbart should have aired the whole tape, but that would not have changed the facts one iota as I see them.

Jesse “King of the racial shakedown artists” Jackson is still trying to say that the people who showed Sherrod being a racist are the actual racists. He also believes that there needs to be a black national anthem and that “ethnic studies” (aka blacks just learning about blacks and not learning about all of American history) are a good thing. Why does anyone give him credibility?

If any of y’all ever doubted that the liberal media works together in order to promote the far left and denigrate the folks who actually believe that the Constitution means what the Constitution’s words say, here’s proof that there is indeed a liberal media conspiracy. You say you want more than a column by Fred Barnes? Okay, how about the members of this group discussing how to help Obama in the campaign and how to destroy the new GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin? Bigtime kudos go to Tucker Carlson of for exposing this cabal.

Wait a sec… A See-BS News reporter is actually calling Obama on his flip-flopping? Is this gonna be an “I was for PAYGO before I was against it” kinda moment? Then again, the Obama quote of “So after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit, including a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, they've finally decided to make their stand on the backs of the unemployed” is making me laugh because WHICH party caused the economic collapse and which President has spent over a trillion dollars in the red in less than 1.5 years? What a buffoon (sorry to insult buffoons like that)>

Whaddya get when you find a bunch of Obamites who are sucking off of the government teat and feel that they are entitled to loans from banks that they will never have to repay? You get moronic protests such as this one. Exactly what do these leeches think that they will accomplish?

Imagine the outcry in the media and among Democrats (sorry for repeating myself again) if this kinda talk would be coming from a majority Republican Senate. Lots of the Dim-ocrats are up in arms because they haven’t been able to steamroll their anti-Constitution, anti-American, socialist Obagenda through despite having 59 seats in the Senate. Many of them now want to change the Senate rules so that it does not take 60 votes to break a filibuster. Let’s see what happens three years from now when the GOP controls 59 or more seats and someone brings this subject up again.

Every single time that someone from the Socialist Liar Administration steps forth and uses the terminology “jobs created or saved” you know there are trying to sell another line of bovine excrement. As Caroline Baum of Bloomberg News points out, they should be talking about “Jobs Killed or Thwarted”. The only place where job numbers are up happens to be in government, where we need to drastically CUT jobs.

How come liberals love to impose taxes on everybody, but will go to the ends of the earth to avoid paying them? We’ve got a couple of examples this week. First we have John Francois Kerry-Heinz, who is homeporting his new luxury yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Taxachusetts taxes. Not only that, but he had his yacht built in New Zealand instead of at an American (and possibly UNION) company. What a schmuck. Then we have Charlie “Ya mean I gotta pay taxes on my properties?” Rangel. As hard to believe as it is, a senior black Democrat is actually getting officially charged with violations by the House Ethics Committee and will go to trial.

So far, it seems that the federal judge in the Arizona immigration law case is standing with Governor Brewer. The Injustice Department probably thought that this judge would side with them, since she is a Democrat appointee. So solly!

Will the Obama Administration file a lawsuit against the Mexican government like they have done against Arizona? The Mexican government is deploying officials to patrol parts of Noo Yawk City because of “hate crimes” against Mexicans there. They are helping to enforce American federal laws, aren’t they, just like Governor Brewer?

Why in the world did the GOP hierarchy want Juan McLame as their nominee in 2008 when they could have had a real American like Tom Tancredo? The only candidates worth supporting that year were Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Both are now retired from Congress, and that is our loss.

We keep trying to warn America, but the politicians and media blow us off, but we won’t stop. Islam is trying to take over the United States, and B. Hussein Obama is helping in every way that he can. One of his advisors has teamed up with the imam who wants America to be more “Sharia-compliant” and is building the mosque and muslim (terrorist training) center at Ground Zero. It gets worse. Take a look at what World Net Daily is reporting. These folks say that America is ripe for a renewal of Islam and that Islam spreads through migration. Is there any coincidence that Hezbollah agents have been found in Tijuana?

Once again, The Crawfish must ask America’s Jews why they gave 80+% of their votes to B. Hussein Obama and Hitlery! in the primaries and the same 80+% to the straight Democratic Party ticket in 2008. Are they happy with their votes now? The Hitlery! and Hussein State Department has upgraded the mission status of the terrorist group known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization from “bureau” to “general delegation”, meaning the flag of an admitted anti-Jew and anti-Israel terrorist organization can fly their flag openly in DC and members of that mission will now have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! Yep, ol’ Yassir Arafat’s peeps, the same ones who were dancing in the streets on 9-11, have diplomatic immunity in DC courtesy of the muslim in chief.

Does The Chosen One have any respect whatsoever for the private sector? Neal Boortz and the folks at J.P. Morgan have the answer for ya, and not a word of it is surprising to me in the least.

We know he has no respect for the law, the Constitution, or the truth. He proved it yet again when he again claimed that the SCOTUS decision in the Citizens United case regarding campaign finance reform and campaign donations opened the doors for unlimited donations by foreign corporations. As Justice Alito silently mouthed during the State of the Union Address (when Obama first made that claim while fully knowing that he was lying), NOT TRUE! He and his peeps believe what Josef Goebbels said…repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

The Administration, the Mexican so-called government, and the liberals keep saying that the drug cartels are using automatic weapons smuggled from America to Mexico, even though such weapons are not readily available in the USA. Us conservative types have been replying for years that the automatic weapons are coming from the Mexican government and Mexican Army. Here’s some more proof that we are correct, and that the Mexican so-called government has absolutely zero control over their own nation. Do our open borders/amnesty friends have any reply?

Oh, here’s their reply. The liberals and the media (but I repeat myself again) have imposed a complete news blackout on an act of WAR on our southern border. The drug cartel Los Zetas has invaded the United States and seized two ranches near Laredo, Texas. Why isn’t this front page news? If the American people knew what was going on, they’d demand action and a total sealing of the border, and that would make Bu’raq al Obama and Felipe Calderon look really bad. It might also make the Department of Injustice’s lawsuit against the sovereign state of Arizona appear to be another awful idea from this Administration.

If Barbara Boxer were to drop dead tomorrow, the only veterans to show up for her funeral would be (well, besides the liberals in Congress who have regularly defiled their own service) a bunch of us who would be lined up to take a wizz on her coffin. Here’s her latest outrage against our military. Notice that her spokesperson can’t respond to Boxer’s actions, but instead tries to attack her opponent for unrelated stuff.

Dingy Harry Reid has lost what little of his mind that was left. He’s telling his supporters such things as, “We're going to have a public option. It's just a question of when.” Not once the PEOPLE retake the House and start retaking the Senate! How about his arguing against “fear tactics of those who say Social Security is going broke. It's not.” Uh, seriously? “Social Security is the most successful social program in the history of the world!” No, just the most successful vote-buying Ponzi scheme and boondoggle to ever be foisted upon the American people.

I heard this story while driving home from work at 12:15AM. As soon as I got home, I had to look up the term that the Administration’s peeps used. They actually called the non-dryback who was caught tending the pot fields a “displaced foreign traveler” as if he just got bumped from his flight and couldn’t get a hotel room, so he camped in the pot field. They had no problem specifying the law he broke (the one dealing with the pot, not the illegal immigration) as “Title 21 United States Code section 841, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance”, but they will do backflips to avoid saying “ILLEGAL ALIEN!”

Hmmmm…thanx to Neal Boortz, The Crawfish might just have to order a book from Which side do ya think I’m gonna be on???

Don’tcha just love how liberals preach tolerance, but are completely intolerant of conservatives and Christians? Augusta State University now has a major lawsuit filed against them because they told a graduate student that in order for her to continue in her master’s degree program in counseling that she had to ditch her Christian beliefs, especially regarding homosexuality (which is considered an abomination by the holy books of the three major religions…Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), embrace “diversity”, and undergo “re-education” (the same term used by leftists regarding their concentration camps in Vietnam for the anti-communists after they were defeated by the communists and the Democrats…same thing…in 1975).

Here’s one for the Liberal Stoooopidity Awards. Florida is mandating that the lifeguard stands on Clearwater Beach be made handicap accessible. Huh? Aren’t lifeguards supposed to be able-bodied with the ability to swim out in the ocean and save someone from drowning? The Crawfish doesn’t know anybody who is in a wheelchair that can meet those requirements. Folks, ya just can’t make this kinda stuff up!

How does Eric Holder and his Injustice Department spend money on fighting crime? Well, there’s the dropping of charges against the Black Panthers. There’s the lawsuit against Arizona for their attempts to actually do some of the crime fighting that the federal government is Constitutionally-mandated to do. Then there’s the REAL crime fighting expenditures, like a police doughnut eating contest, golf vacations, rap and poetry contests, and a talent show. That’s how liberals fight crime and spend YOUR tax dollars.

The General Bradley quote has been up for a while. It is time to change it. Send your suggestions to and I’ll consider ‘em.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley


  1. Ah, Shirley Sherrod.

    Here are some thoughts I just posted elsewhere:

    In that same speech, she'd gone on to say: "I haven't seen such a mean-spirited people as I've seen lately over this issue of health care. (Murmurs of agreement.) Some of the racism we thought was buried -- (someone in the audience says, "It surfaced!") Didn't it surface? Now, we endured eight years of the Bushes and we didn't do the stuff these Republicans are doing because you have a black president. (Applause) " (Text courtesy of National Review).!_and_let_slip_the_dogs_of_politics/page/full

    From that same article:

    "In other words, she is accusing up to 70 million Americans (registered Republican voters) of opposing Obamacare because the President is black-rather than because we disagree with the policy-as we did with Hillarycare in 1994.

    "Then Mrs. Sherrod goes on CNN with Anderson Cooper and says she thinks that Andrew Breitbart wants America to return to slavery for the blacks. And that is the last mainstream television seems to want to present of Mrs. Sherrod live and unedited. After dominating the news for the week, the eloquent Mrs. Sherrod is not invited to a single Sunday show."

    Now let's take a look at some polling data:

    Obama's job approval: 46% approve, 49% disapprove. That's due to "racism"? How'd he ever get elected in the first place, then? Did a whole bunch of people suddenly realize, AFTER he was sworn in, that he was black?

    Direction of the country: 33% think we're going in the right direction, 62% think the wrong direction. Obamacare: 40% approve, 53% oppose.

    All due to "racism"? The idea is complete and utter nonsense. SOP for liberals every time their policy proposals are rejected by the electorate: scream "RAAAACIST!"

  2. Brian,
    they've got nothing else in their magazine but that same tired and ineffective bullet.

    Oh, and since 95% of blacks voted against the white guy (McLame), isn't THAT racist?

  3. More from that Blankley column:

    "In the last fortnight: 1) The NAACP called the tea party racist; 2) Andrew Breitbart called the NAACP racist; 3) Shirley Sherrod called Republican opponents of Obamacare racists; 4) Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack called Shirley Sherrod racist; 5) many in mainstream media called Andrew Breitbart racist; 6) Howard Dean called Fox racist; and, 7) it was revealed that liberal journalist Spencer Ackerman proposed calling Fred Barnes and Karl Rove racist.

    "Thus, through a confluence of bizarrely unlikely events, the vicious act of falsely accusing people of racism became a laughingstock. It went from being a career killer to a punch line; from villainy to vaudeville; from knife in the back to pie in the face."

    Hilarious! Blankley nails it. It's turned into the old Abbott and Costello "Who's On First" routine.



    A badge of pride, being called "racist" by lefties. If they're NOT calling me a "RAAAAAAAACIST!", I have to examine what I'm doing to see if I'm goofing up.

  4. LOL, Craw!

    C'mon, didn't you get Holder's memo? Blacks CAN'T be "racist", apparently.

  5. Brian- The new definition of racist is "when your winning an argument or case with a liberal."]

    Crawfish. I laugh when I hear a lefty talking about the right-wing media when there's definite proof of the left-wing putting their weight to advocate their ways of thinking, such as the plot to destroy Sarah Palin and McCain, nor the fact that any station, except Fox, showed any of Obama's controversial past and friends. I'm glad Fox is in the lead. At least they give views from all sides.

  6. Eric..... "FOX!"

    One of the lefties' new battle cries, right along with "RAAAAACIST!"

    That's what they consider "ammunition" in the battle of wits, to which they invariably show up with only a half-quiver of arrows.

    They always scream hysterically about "FOX!", completely ignoring the NYTimes, LATimes, WaPo, HuffPo, Chicago Sun Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, San Fran Chron, and all the rest as if they don't exist at all, and that sole station -- "FOX!" -- is the only "news" outlet in the whole country.

    Ya really gotta laugh at those assholes, because they're just completely unhinged.

  7. BTW, Crawfans, I just posted my thoughts on the Arizona ruling at my place if y'all want to take a peek.

  8. Guys,
    if you haven't been called a racist, you ain't tryin' to oppose liberals.

  9. Craw,

    Good round up.

    I saw where Bob "diaper stain" Beckel was attacking Carlson for his actions. I love it when liberals get exposed! Kudos to Carlson on that.

  10. Gunny,
    Exposing misbehavior by liberals is such the wrong thing to do. Tucker needs to be taken to his room and spanked by his girlfriend/wife.

  11. Very interesting Claw, starting with a bit of Soul Food. I so glad that we have a president that will totally stop all racial divisiveness. Yep, talk about bringingpeople together. Now I'm sure the BHO admin. didn't issue a gag order, I'm sure he wanted the public to know that drug cartels were simply walking over the border and seizing property. we know that would make a stong case for why we don't need to enforce federal imigration law (Viva Los Zetas).
    Very tasty claw this week my crustaceous friend. Congrats on leaving the vampire life.

    Ms Sherrod's epiphany was NOT how wrong her racist views were but the reap revelation comes at the end of her long story about racially discriminating against the white farmer. At the end of her story she said she had learned that it was not black versus white but rather poor versus rich. So she is admitting she is a social justice share the wealth take from the rich type Marxist and she STILL has no business in a government office.

    2. Jesse Jackson. Who beyond the alphabet news and the left press gives him credibility? When he is being interviewed I figure it is time to get off the couch and go mix another Scotch and soda. Or pop another Budweiser. Or..if he follows Sharpton, to do both.

    3. Sadly these leeches have no idea where their "free" money comes from. Even sadder they don't give a damn so long as they get it. When faced with the old Jeffersonian adage, "The government cannot give anything to anyone it did not first take from someone else." They care not just so long as they get theirs.

    4. Jobs saved? What the hell is "Jobs saved?" How do they determine they "saved" a job???
    Jobs created? The government cannot "create" a job. That is like making something out of nothing. In order to "create" a job you must first have a service or product desired by someone else. Then you might be able to "create" a job.

    5. John Kerry is about as honest and ethical as his one time running mate.

    6. Rangel is just following his hero Adam Clayton Powell. Boy. Harlem can really pick 'em.

    7. Seems like muslims were expelled from Europe a few hundred years ago. But back then I guess political correctness hadn't caught on yet. We are at war with the religion. We didn't declare war on them. They declared war on us. We better wake up to the fact. Soon.

    8. Funny thing. Obama doesn't seem to remember the Clintons got campaign donations from a bunch of Chinese. And not Chinatown Chinese, either.

    9. Wow! I can't believe the Star-Telegram actually said something anti-illegal alien.

    10. After Boxer's condenscending treatment of a United States Army General there should be NO military or ex military voter who would support her.

    11. Backflips to avoid saying, "illegal alien?" Crap! They would eat their young before calling muslims islamic terrorists or saying, "radical islam."

  13. Jim,
    now Mrs. Crawfish goes to night shift!

  14. Buck,
    1) I saw that as well, but that wasn't the controversial point. We EXPECT that to be the mindset of a liberal.
    2) Anything to keep from throwing the remote at the TV.
    4) Exactamundo!
    5) You give him THAT much credit?
    6) Since he's a black liberal, he'll still get re-elected.
    7) By their own not-so-holy-book's commands, it will not end until the world is 100% muslim or all muslims have been exterminated. Time to break out the industrial strength RAID!
    8) Well, the Palestinians DID give lots of $$$ to his campaign.
    9) They do have a couple of Americans working there.....
    10) The USMC's bulldog needs to lift his leg on her!
    11) Sad, but true.

  15. Typical week of left lunacy. The P.L.L. comes to Detruit today to tout how HE saved GM and Chrysler. A lot of people around here are showing their appreciation by buying FORDS instead,as well as foreign makes. Had the wife's Scion Xd to the dealer last week,was asking our salesman how business was compared to last year,even with the problems Toyota has had,he said they UP 45% over same time last year sales. WITHOUT cash for clunkers.

  16. clyde,
    as much as I dislike Ford (every Ford my family has had was a lemon, but the wife recently bought a 2007 F-350 quad cab with the 8 foot bed), the fact that they did NOT take the handouts means a lot to me. Now if they would only manage to dump the union that I'm in, the UAW....

  17. Mr Crawfish-I just want to thank you. Your blog here was very highly recommended to me by Chatiot of Fire (He is the assistant music director at our church) He said that you are cutting edge and I would NOT be disappointed--he was RIGHT!. God BLESS you and others who are truly on the FRONT LINES to SHINE truth out to a world weary of the liberal fog. God BLESS you and God BLESS AMERICA!!---Rick Michaels

  18. Rick,
    thanx for the kudos. I hope that you will make yourself at home here on a regular basis. Now a word of warning...the tempers do occasionally get heated and the language sometimes ain't the most Christian, but with a muslim as President whaddya expect of us?

  19. The Sharrod circus is a convinent diversion to the Discloser act fiasco---The RINOS did not vote with the Big Brother crowd this time!

  20. Knight,
    Distractions within distractions...all a part of the alinsky and marx playbooks

  21. Unfortunately the Demo-judge in AZ caved to the admin. Now that case goes to the 9th Circus. I hope and pray that this case moves quickly up to the SCOTUS. It just seems to me that they are causing the "fundamental transformation" faster and faster. Come on November!

  22. deedoe,
    Welcome to my corner of the internet! I would love to take every single thing the Dems have passed in the past 80 years up to SCOTUS. Almost none of it meets the Constitutional smell test. The New Deal, the Great Society, and the Hopeandchange...overturn all of them!


    SEC story you requested. I sent it to your e-mail earlier but it bounced back undeliverable

  24. Hey Crawfish -I just heard Irans leader challenging "the one" for a debate---I wonder what they will debate---how BAAAAD the US is?

  25. speaking of Sarah--I loved what she said on foxnews sunday--Obummer having no (spanish word for GONADS)--it was priceless!! I also see that you have met my younger brother ( Knight Racer)He used my sign on e-mail since I alrady blog on TH. He is new to blogging--but he does convey his message!!

  26. Blackwater,
    The Chosen One is about the only person I know of who would lose a debate with I'minajihad.

  27. Snow K,
    I saw Sarah say that and almost fell off the bed laughing!

    Brothers who are blogging conservative....KEEP IT UP!

  28. Very cool blog! May I add add a sugestion for your General Omar Bradley?

    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.
    George Washington


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