Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7-21-2010 The Weekly Claw

This is a public service announcement from those of us with eyes. Ladies, if you weigh as much as an NFL linebacker do not, repeat DO NOT, wear a bikini at the local waterpark. Guys who weigh as much as a linebacker, NO SPEEDO-TYPES! Nobody wants to see that! The Crawfish family and our neighbors went to a waterpark on Sunday (yes, I’m as red as a cooked crawfish) and there were 5 hogs to every hardbody, and most of the hogs were not shy about showing off the jiggling blubber rolls. Our modern society has no shame.

As many of us scrimp a bit in order to take our families to a waterpark, or a Six Flags, or just to make a house payment so the family can use the blow-up pool in the backyard again, Barack and micHELLe host yet another high dollar party at the White House, right after vacationing in Bahh Hahbahh, Maine (and having their dog delivered to them on a separate plane). This time, they are bringing in a bunch of Broadway stars and legends to perform for them and their friends. Oh, and the performances will later be used as fundraisers for PBS. Life’s good when you party on the taxpayer dime. Of course, when you are partying on the taxpayer dime, some folks do get the shaft, but the Obamas don’t care about those “little people” despite what they claimed during the campaign. As long as the Obamas get to have their fun and luxury, they don’t care about anybody else. He always wanted to be President. He just doesn’t want to deal with the job of BEING President.

Since the oil spill started, The Chosen One has repeatedly said the he and/or his Administration “will not rest” until the situation is resolved and everything is put right. Not resting evidently includes taking vacations to North Carolina, Chicago, Maine, 12 golf outings, and White House parties with Paul “I got arrested for pot smuggling in Tokyo once” McCartney and now the Broadway elite. I wish I could “not rest” like that. On top of that, he has now asked all federal employees to cut back on travel and to carpool and such in order to reduce energy usage and pollution…right after his vacation #25. What a hypocritical piece of FOD. Is he gonna ask Queen Nanny to stop flying back and forth to Than Franthithco on her personal government 757?

Where in the world did Florida find this complete idiot? Representative Grayson is now saying that the Republicans are starving children and that Republicans believe everybody in America is already rich. The GOP is just demanding that the Democrats follow the LAW, that they themselves enacted, called PAYGO. If they want to hand out more welfare, and that’s exactly what this is, then they have to cut some of their other entitlements and unConstitutional spending to pay for it.

Lemme see if I’ve got this right. If a city or state passes a law or ordinance that says that their law enforcement personnel are going to assist the federal government by enforcing federal immigration laws, the Affirmative Action Attorney General will file lawsuits against them, but if a city or state passes an ordinance or law that says that illegal immigrants have carte blanche sanctuary and that said city or state will refuse to allow federal immigration laws to be enforced in their jurisdiction, Eric Holder and Barack Obama will do absolutely nothing but praise them. Support federal laws: bad. Violate federal laws: good. What nation are we living in?

You know that the Washington Post’s coverage (or lack of coverage) of a story is heavily biased in favor of the Obama Administration when the paper’s ombudsman writes a column about it in which he slams his own employer.

Bob Schieffer of See BS’s “Face the Nation” had Holder on for a full hour but refused to ask a single question about the Black Panther scandal. When someone asked him about his lack of questioning, he stated that he knew nothing of the situation because he had just come back from vacation. Being on vacation means you missed one of the biggest stories of the political month? Then explain how you managed to ask a lot of questions about the Russian spy ring when that story came out while you were on vacation! Bob’s leaning so far to the left that he’s about to capsize.

Schieffer isn’t the only one who is lying to the American people by saying that they didn’t know about the Black Panther case. Californication Congresscritter Brad Sherman is also completely clueless, and the people don’t believe him at all. He only had two choices: admit that he knows of the situation and be forced to criticize the Administration for their racist actions, or pull a Sergeant Schultz. If he takes the first option, Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy will castrate him. If he takes the second, the people will laugh at him and call him an idiot.

During the Obamacare debate, The Chosen One pledged to a joint session of Congress, “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” When the law was signed, he issued an executive order barring federal funds from being used for abortions. So why are there now TWO states using Obamacare rules and funds to provide abortions? Does Bart Stupak feel any more like a cheap prostitute now?

King Barack I made an announcement this week that by his decree all health insurance plans will now offer a number of services and tests for free, with no deductable or co-pay allowed. Free? Who is gonna pay for them? Oh, that’s right, the eeeeeevilllll insurance companies will just have to suck up those costs, too. This is another step in making private insurance companies less profitable so they go out of business, leading to pure government health care. Anyway…where does he get the power to make such a decree? I don’t see it anywhere in my copies of the Constitution of the United States.

The next member of the Administration to be fired, or at least made to “clarify” her remarks, is Christina Romer, chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. She admitted that the Administration’s claims of jobs “created or saved” is completely made up out of thin air. Gee, anybody who isn’t a Democrat or a member of the mainstream media…okay, I should have just said anybody who isn’t a Democrat, since the mainstream media is nothing but Democrats…coulda told you that from the first time the Administration started using those terms!

Besides, since when does the Obama Administration really care about non-government and non-union jobs? Their actions during the auto manufacturer bailout prove that the destruction of private businesses is one of their real goals. If they can get 50+% of the people dependent upon the gummint for all of their income, then the Donkeys will have a permanent majority in the House, Senate, and Presidency, since those 50+% will never vote to slash their own income.

The idiots in Taxachusetts are trying to rid our nation of the Constitution one step at a time. The state’s House and Senate have approved a bill that is an attempt by a national organization to get rid of the Electoral College and make the winner of the popular vote the winner of the election. This does dovetail with the paragraph that immediately precedes this one, don’t it?

The NAACP passed a resolution calling the Tea Party movement racist, and yet here is a video of the US Department of Agriculture Director of Rural Development for Georgia telling an NAACP crowd that she screwed over a white farmer solely because of his race and because she THOUGHT he was trying to act like he was superior to her. Everything is about race to these people, yet they claim that conservatives and whites are the racists. At least Agriculture Secretary Vilsack had the fortitude to fire her when those remarks became publicized. Actually, he did better than that. He forced her to resign, which means she doesn’t get unemployment checks.

Then again, she doesn’t need the unemployment checks. She and her husband were founders of a group that just a couple of years ago sued the US Department of Agriculture for RACIAL DISCRIMINATION and won millions. She and her husband even got extra bonuses of $150,000.00 each for “pain and suffering” in the matter. Note that her husband’s profession is listed in the article as “civil rights activist”, which means that in all probability both she and her husband have shown themselves to be racists in the past.

While we’re talking about racists, here’s a nice video of an exchange between Giraldo and Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party. Shabazz flat out states that blacks cannot be racists because they were oppressed 150 years ago.

The black folks in one North Carolina city believe in segregation, with the exception of the public schools. That’s the message The Crawfish gets when he reads this story about the blacks and NAACP protesting a school district’s decision to stop forced bussing and let the kids go to the schools in their own parts of town. If the blacks of the city lived among the whites, their kids would go to the same schools without the bussing. Can anybody show where bussing and forced desegregation has helped school students perform better? I sure know how it took the Dallas Independent School District from “okay” to terrible in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The General Bradley quote has been up for a while. It is time to change it. Send your suggestions to and I’ll consider ‘em.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. and Ice Cream! I wonder if this little addition is in Mecelles diet plan to help America lose weight??I heard on Rush-today that now they are "revewing" the Sharrod case-how about "revewing" the new black panther case???

  2. The paying tourists were forced to not see the best scenic vistas at Acadia National Park so King Louis and Marie Antoinette could hang out.
    One little 7yr old boy even said it was the worst day of his life and he won't vote for Obama next time.

    We all knew the executive order was just cover to allow Supidpak to vote yes.

    The NAACP is trying desperately to become relevant.

  3. Knight,
    they're "reviewing" the case because although she started out being a racist against the guy, she eventually tried to help him. Since she admits that she caused him harm by being a racist, that's enough. GET OUT!

  4. B-mom,
    -They are taking the Entitlement Society to a new extreme.
    -Since these actions violate the E.O., I elieve that when he publicly signed it, he was actually signing a piece of paper that was full of gibberish and not the agreed upon E.O.
    -and continuing to be racist.

  5. Read the Ombudsman posting. Is it just me, or is he trying desperately to back-justify the Post's stance on pretty much everything else while complaining about the one point? For that matter, if this is serious instead of CYORE behavior, why wasn't it written earlier?

    About the nation we're in - we're in Egypt, Craw. It's the only possible explanation for why so many people are this deep in De Nile, after all.

    Quick math/logic question - I'm a Conservative White Male, of enough Southern descent I probably qualify (to liberals, at least) as a redneck. How many legal teams would be unleashed on me if I were to refer to the members of the NAACP by the same term they use (it's part of the acronym, after all) to define themselves?

    We finally have someone noticing the limburger, huh? (I.E. - someone owning up to their own behavior, however mildly, of a type for which they have railed at others.)

    I'm sure the health care plan will make America a healthier nation. After all, all that time out in the, wait, I'm thinking of medieval serfs again, aren't I? Oh well, I'm still probably not to far off the mark.

  6. BIG tax increases coming next year and every year into the future that are gonna take BIG hunks of disposable income from all Americans who have jobs and pay taxes,not a nice future for Americans.

  7. Wow, talk about a buffet! You got claw cooked more ways than Pvt. Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue had shrimp recipes. The messiah Obamanation amd wookie are truly earning a well deserved reputation as a hypocrite. She tells people to Vacation in Fl. and she goes to Maine, She lectures on child obesity and then lets her kids stuff themselves at a party, He tells Govt employees to save fuel while he uses 2 planes, he lectures us about cuts while he squanders a couple trillion. And then all of his racist crap he's started. Am I too touchy? Sorry I got that story to you late.
    Anyway, like I was sayin', crawfish is the fruit of the bayou. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, crawfish-kabobs, crawfish creole, crawfish gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple crawfish, lemon crawfish, coconut crawfish, pepper crawfish, crawfish soup, crawfish stew, crawfish salad, crawfish and potatoes, crawfish burger, crawfish sandwich. That- that's about it. Thanks for the Claw Mud bug!

  8. Don't expect Stupak to complain - That would be like the hooker who screamed rape when the check bounced.

  9. All of you must give up your vacation benefits...We must cut back.

    What about you Mr. President?

    I'm going to take Air Force One, eat some $200 meal on the way, and go golfing. I'm setting a good example, huh guys.

  10. Funny stuff, Crawman!

    Gawd, your blog's a hoot.

  11. All this racial crap. Starting to look like 1967 and 68 again. Obama,setting race relations back 60 years.

  12. Ender,
    -the ombudsman didn't post it earlier because that paper's audience is 75% liberal. It wasn't until THEY started noticing the bovine excrement that he felt compelled.
    -De Nile and people trying to understand the hieroglyphics of the liberal bills emanating from Congress.
    -If Shirley was white and treated a black like that, even if she had her epiphany afterward, she'd be banned from government employment forever and would have lawsuits hitting her left and right.
    -Don't expect much "owning up" from this Administration.
    -Serfs, or the kulaks in the Soviet Union.

  13. Donnie,
    they will make 60% of America too poor to pay taxes, so they can tax the *&@^#%@% outta the other 40%...and the 60% will never vote against the people who give 'em handouts even though they should vote for the 40% who would give them JOBS!

  14. Jim,
    what story? I'm about 4 days behind in my e-mail right now. Been a bit bizzy-bizzy-bee.

  15. Saltwater,
    my thoughts exactly! Anyway, Stupak has already announced his retirement from the House. He just wanted his 15 minutes of fame so he could sell a book later.

  16. Eric,
    like Gunny and I keep saying...he has always wanted the position of President (and all of the power, perks, and privilege that comes with it), but he never really wanted to BE President.

  17. Brian,
    well.....stop by more often then!

  18. Clyde,
    Welcome to the USSSA, and I'm not talkin' United States Slow-pitch Softball Association. Union of Soviet Socialist States of Amerika.

  19. 1. Yeah. Vacationing in Maine. What was it Michelle said to us proles? Oh, yes. We should all vacation in one of the Gulf states.....

    2. Uh. I think the black panther thing came out before he went on vacation...unless he takes extended vacations.

    3. By the way. Did you notice the alphabet agencies ran the Mel Gibson audio nightly for about a week. But not the black panthers....

    4. No, Stupak should feel more like a dumb kid in lockup who thought Bubba just wanted to be friends..... He kinda got it in the tailgunner's position....

    5. Obviously the Claw went to press before the Department of Agriculture volcano erupted...
    Larry, Curly and Moe, eat your hearts out!

    6. Whoops! I see it's the next paragraph...

    7. Now what O'Reilly and other pseudo conservative idiots are saying she should get her job back only Beck pointed out her whole speech was leading up to her realization that it was poor vs rich i.e. class warfare... So I'm sure she will get her job back since she was talking about her Marxist epiphany....

    8. Oh, by the way I'm not sure talking slow in Georgia is indicative of feelings of superiority. All Georgians talk that way. To me. Uh..they think I'm inferior????

  20. Buck,
    1) They went to Maine so they could disrupt the lives of white people...besides, it's HOT down South right now!
    2) We've only been discussing it for months....
    3) Mel Gibson audio? Why just LISTEN to "The Patriot" or "We Were Soldiers"???
    4) And announced almost immediately that he wouldn't seek re-election.
    5) More on that already in the draft for next week.
    6) Different angle to it altogether!
    7) She intentionally caused financial distress to a man she was obliged to help. End of story.
    8) He's so superior that he actually had a clean set of overalls.

  21. Stop complaining about Barry's vacations! You want him to work HARDER!? Not me. He does less damage in Maine or a golf course than he does in the Oval Office.
    The idea that Brad Sherman, a hyperbabbling know-it-all with a wrong opinion about EVERYTHING, didnt know about the NBPP case is a new level of lying even for him.

  22. skep,
    Constitutionally, he can't do a lot by himself. I want the Democrat-led CONGRESS to take more vacations! Or they could act like the Texas Legislature. They meet once every two years and only for 2 or 3 months.

  23. Clyde: I disagree only in the number of years. O'Vomit has set race relations back to pre-WW2 levels. (My mother, who is 86, is starting to use the "N" word. She hasn't done so since prior to WW2.)

    Skep41: Agreed! Now as Crawfish said, if we can only get the US House and Senate to take more vacations. I for one would pay for the US Congress's parachute excursions to Afghanistan.

    Again, another good edition Crawfish.

    How is Texas going? Here in Mississippi it has been over 100 degrees for two days in a row (i.e., typical Mississippi Delta weather).

  24. I suppose you are right,Gray Ghost.

  25. Ghost,
    Been quite the hot lately. On top of that, one of my vehicles had an overheating problem. I replaced the thermostat, but the housing cracked when I tightened it down, so I had to replace it and the attaching hoses. That's the vehicle I'm about to sell. The one I'm keeping (was Mrs. Crawfish's, but she bought a 2007 F-350 quad cab with the 8 foot bed...sheesh!) had it's ventilation system die. The dealer replaced a burnt out switch, but since we are working opposite shifts, I haven't been able to go retrieve it yet. That'll have to wait until Monday!

  26. LOL!

    I stop by often; I just don't comment much. You pretty much cover all the ground in your essays.

  27. AND when Obama took his vacation--his DOG went on a another plane--but thats OK --we pay for it!!

  28. Blackwater,
    I thought micHELLe traveled on the same plane as him. Oh, wait...wrong dog.

  29. Well Crawfish it is getting close to the time for you and I to start running for local government here in Fort Worth.

  30. Guilty,
    lemme win a Powerball and I'll go for Kay Granger's House seat! I'm just starting to pick up on the local politics. I've been away (Navy) for too long.

    Welcome to my corner of the web!

  31. Great post Crawfish! I just wonder if the first lady realizes the ice cream total!(new pot at my place) Between now and november we got a LOT of blogging to do.

  32. Pat76,
    and they just keep giving us more ammo!

  33. Craw...
    That would be my county trying to go back the n'hood school scene. It is a lose-lose either way.
    On the one hand, there *will* be natural segregation. But, students may also benefit from the parental involvement if they are closer to home. Right now, it's obvious to those paying attention, that they have zero involvement if the parent must take time from work and then drive to said school, around 30 minutes away. I am giving you a fact that the majority of the kids are from single parent families.

    The kids cannot be involved in sport because either way, no parent will pick them up or drop off, or attend games that are far away. ANd study? Not so much. Homework done? NSM.

    A double edged sword all around. I am involved, but I have to drive to three different schools on any given day. One is 4 minutes away, one is 7 minutes and the other is 10 minutes if you leave out the traffic.

    There is potential for great improvement or drastic failure. Hard to say at this point.

  34. Sgt Schults was MUCH more smarter than any of these clowns running congress!!! I just found out that the Discloser act failed---GREAT! The Dim-0-rats are more worried to save their political SKINS rather than getting Americans back to worK!!! CLEAN HOUSE 2010!! EVERY DEMOCRAT MUST GO!!!

  35. This Tax-a-holic "Goliath" government that we have still thinks threr are no consequences of this overboard spending! --well they should take a look over the pond at britian to get a clue! great info as always. i invite you and your readers to my blog at: post on many such issues!-----PS I am also a Paul Revere RIDER!!

  36. Nee,
    exactly. When I was growing up in north Dallas, they started the desegregation bussing (ordered by liberal Judge Barefoot Sanders). The school right down the street from me went from 90% white to 40% white, with the blacks being driven in from far south Dallas, a bus ride of an hour or more. The schools weren't really desegregated, since the blacks mostly kept to themselves, as did the whites. Eventually, the quality of education dropped sharply because of a lack of discipline in the classrooms. All of a sudden there popped up a lot of private schools in northern Dallas and the suburbs. Every parent who could afford to sent their kids to the new private schools, and Hillcrest High School's white population dropped to about 25%. Same for W.T. White and Thomas Jefferson. Now on the other hand, the high schools in south Dallas remained almost totally black and brown. South Oak Cliff, Kimball, Sunset, Lincoln, Wilson....

    My parents graduated from Sunset in the 50s, and it was almost completely white. In the 70s, 80s, and 90s Sunset was almost all black. Now it is about 50% mezzican with most of them not speaking English. What kind of quality education do you think happens there?

  37. Anon,
    Sergeant Schultz was a toymaker by trade. In other words, he had a real trade and business experience, which is much more than you can say about almost every one of the Dim-ocrats.


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