Friday, February 26, 2010

2-26-2010 The Weekend Claw

At the rate it’s been going, the northeast United States is gonna have piles of Glo-Bull Warming in their parking lots in May! I just hope Mrs. Crawfish can escape in April.

With the vast majority of the American people opposing the Obamacare plans of Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy and Dingy Harry Reid, Reid is threatening to ram the bill through by contorting Senate rules to suit his desires. When questioned on the matter, he told the GOP, and the whole nation, to “
stop crying” about it. The Imperial Democratic Party knows what you need.

Dan Calabrese of North Star National has
another great analogy concerning the health care summit. It takes a Minnesota Vikings fan to come up with this one, but it fits perfectly.

Folks, I just simply cannot make this stuff up. Back in 2005, the GOP was considering changing Senate rules to have a simple majority end filibusters on judicial nominations.
In this video, you will see Senator Obama strongly opposing it. You will see Senator Hillary! strongly opposing it. You will see Senators Feinstein, Schumer, Baucus, and Dodd strongly opposing it. Senator Reid will call it “arrogance of power” and so will Senator Biden. Biden will even say, “I pray God when the Democrats take back control we don't make the kind of naked power grab you are doing.” So here we are in 2010 with those same characters supporting the nuclear option in order to destroy the health care industry in America? These jerks wonder why voter unhappiness with Congress has reached an all-time record of 71%, with only 10% saying that they’re doing an excellent job? I didn’t know that 10% of American voters were close relatives (or employees) of Congresscritters.

The health care summit…The Crawfish ain’t gonna bore y’all with a lot on that fiasco. His Majesty said he wanted to hear what the GOP proposed, but
he himself spoke more than the GOP contingent, and his allies also spoke for longer than the GOP. When the GOP presented facts, Obama responded with lies. Senator Alexander said that the CBO reported insurance costs would rise, and Obama said that insurance costs to families would drop, conveniently not mentioning that those families who would see prices drop would be those who switched to Medicare or gummint-subsidized plans, while private insurance plans would see rate increases and all of the “savings” from the other families would be paid for with tax dollars. The telling point was that the Obamedia outlets switched off their coverage of the summit because their side was looking so bad. Even better was my check of on Friday morning, when the summit wasn’t even mentioned in the 7 headlines for the POLITICS section.

I was one of the many who thought the GOP should not have attended, but I was wrong. They showed up with knowledge of what was actually in the plans and had the numbers and page/paragraph references ready to go. When Obama couldn’t lie in response, he just wanted to move along. He even accused the GOP of playing theater and pulling stunts because they had the unmitigated gall to have the whole bill in front on them.

You knew it was going to be a complete farce when Senator Alexander’s call for an end to Democrat talk of using the “reconciliation” option was answered by Dingy Harry Reid’s screech of, “No one’s talking about reconciliation!” Uh, Harry? Four of your own Dim-ocrat Senators requested that you use that plan in a letter to you on February 16th. His Arrogance, Press Nitwit Gibbs talked about it last week. You even talked about it on a public affairs show when you took The Anointed One to Nevada this month to campaign for you, followed by your comment that Republicans should “stop crying” over your plans to shove Obamacare down the throats of our nation. For more on Reid and the whole Blair House Bomb, check out
Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin’s article from Friday.

YEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! Howard Dean is at it again. He spoke at George Washington University and said the the Tea Party Movement is
all about a bunch of white racists. “(T)he Tea Party is about a generation who grew up in an America where everyone looked like them.”

Krazy Kernal Qaddafi Duck is at it again. He’s got his tent in a twist over the recent vote by the citizens of Switzerland to oppose the Islamification of their nation, and has
declared a holy war against Switzerland. That sounds an awful lot like a declaration of war, and should be immediately and decisively dealt with. If the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet don’t like the new laws of Switzerland, they can always move back to their sandboxes.

Thanks to contributor “Rob O” for this one. Ladies,
you need to get this procedure done. Trust us, it isn’t for US. It’s for your own safety. REALLY!!!

President Obama is set to name a University of California-Berkeley law professor of Taiwanese ancestry to the
9th Circus Court of Appeals, the most overturned court in America. While the prof has occasionally supported some conservative-backed programs, he is the chairman of the board for the American Constitution Society, which despite its name opposes the belief that the Constitution means exactly what the Constitution says.

Congresscritter Xavier Becerra evidently thinks that the suggestion to
start a meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance is so idiotic that it is laughable. Of course, the meeting was set up by one of the top Democratic Party unions, the SEIU, and was to discuss “comprehensive immigration reform” which we all know really means amnesty for all current and future illegal aliens and open borders.

The House Ethics Committee is investigating a multitude of charges against Charlie Rangel, the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee. So far, they have only taken action on the most innocuous charge, relating to a corporation-sponsored junket to the Caribbean, and they have
admonished Rangel. Look for him to get slammed when they discuss the major charges, including cheating on taxes and using rent-controlled apartments illegally as campaign offices.

There seems to be
a bit of controversy over the new logo of the Department of Defense’s new Missile Defense Agency. The new logo seems to be made up of two main elements. There’s the omnipresent campaign logo of The Chosen One and the star and crescent moon of Islam. Why does he keep up this charade of not being a muslim?

When a retired Admiral of the United States Navy publicly admits that the Administration has committed a felony that is an impeachable offense, why doesn’t the media make mention of it, the Justice Department investigate it, and the House and Senate hold hearings on it? Oh, silly Crawfish forgot for a moment that this is a DEMOCRAT Administration instead of the Bush White House. You see, my dear readers, retired Admiral (and Congresscritter) Joe Sestak was interviewed recently, and he just happened to mention that
the White House offered him a high position in the Administration, possibly Secretary of the Navy, if he would just drop his Democratic primary challenge to Arlen S.P.E.C.T.R.E. That’s a violation of 18 USC Section 211, and it is not the first time this Administration has done so. Where do they think they are? Chicago?

Wow! According to a
new poll released by CNN, 56% of Americans say that the federal government is too big and threatens the rights of the citizens. Since that is a CNN poll, the actual number is probably closer to 60%.

The racist, vulgar, anti-American, marxist-leninist Van Jones is going to be honored as an “
American Treasure” by the racist, vulgar, anti-American, socialist NAACP at their “Image Awards”. Despite all of the evidence presented in his own words, writings, associations, and actions, Jones’ supporters still say he’s a great man that has been smeared with lies.

The Canadian women’s hockey team won the gold medal by defeating the US 2-0. That’s not big news, as it was expected. The Canadian team celebrated on the ice after the fans had left, and their
celebration is causing a controversy. The Crawfish says, “Party on, girls! You deserved it!”

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here? The Anointed One is now
throwing our greatest ally under the bus, while cozying up to the muslims, Chavez, and any other leftist or anti-American he can find? Why isn’t this news being shouted from the rooftops (or at least MENTIONED by the lamestream media)?

How can I get a gig like this? A guy gets FIRED from his job, and then 8 months later gets hired back as a consultant
for about $3,000.00 an hour. He’ll make more in a month of working a whopping 20 hours than I will working full time. Oh, never mind. He was fired from Government Motors by Obama and hired back by Obama (not officially, but Obama DOES control that company now).

Y’all ain’t gonna believe this one, but the Tea Party Movement has spread even farther afield than any of us imagined. The
Conservative Party in Britain is throwing a Tea Party rally of their own in Brighton this Saturday!

Who knew? There really is a
“hockey stick” style graph dealing with man-made Glo-Bull Warming that is accurate!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles.”
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Ha ha! I posted the implant story on my facebook. My comment was, "these things are good for something". :)

    I also thought the GOP should not have gone yesterday. I thought they would be their old spineless jelly fish selves. I was happily wrong.
    They pwoned Barry!!

    I emailed the Missile Defense Dept. about their new logo. I asked them if their public relations dept. was trying some major kissing up or what. They emailed me back that they had been working on it for 3 yrs. Never mind the typical long length of time for a govt. agency to get anything done, that doesn't mean they made the decision to have their new logo 3 yrs ago. Dolts.

    We had no snow here on the coast yesterday. We did have over 6" of rain and wind gusts of up to 90 mph. We lost another tree in our yard. A tree of about 100' in height fell across the street. Our house was literally rocked.

    Good articles once again Crawfish!!!

  2. Oh, and why are people whining about the Canadian girls celebrating?
    Sheesh, get a life and get over your jealousy of them winning the gold.

  3. b-mom,
    -They're good for a couple of things!
    -Can they back it up? Will they drive a stake through the heart of Obamacare?
    -They've been working on it for three years, but scrapped all of their previous choices in January of 2009.
    -Hope y'all make it through the rest of this winter. Sheesh!
    -The Canuck gals won their national sport on home ice. Let 'em celebrate!

  4. Welcome back (managed to miss seeing some of the older ones since you've returned from your leave of absence). It's nice to know there are still a few snaps left in the Claw.

    From the Dean article:
    "Dean went on to say that the views of older conservatives in the Tea Party movement were “diametrically opposed” to the views of the student generation on key social issues, including abortion and gay rights."
    Well, yes, they weren't present when the brainwashing was going on. How do you explain something like me, though, Mr. Dean? I was in freshman math when we got news about the attack on the towers - and my first response wasn't "Oh, what bad people we must be!"

    "He also said that the Republican Party holds “untenable positions based on emotion and anger,” and that the GOP won’t be effective until they “stop pushing the hate button.”"
    Pot, meet kettle? He even referenced it himself, after all. Or was his problem then that he was 'too Republican'?

    "“Republicans are great at opposing, but not leading … because they believe their own nonsense,” Dean said."
    If your definition of 'leading' is 'Lemmings off a cliff' then he might have a point here...

    "Democrats are different, according to the former DNC chair, because Democrats “respect the process” and “think other people have good ideas.”"
    Back ~1860-1870, maybe.

    I'll buy, however, that your vote in the 2k8 election may not have been racist, though - socialism -is- more than skin deep, after all.

  5. Ender,
    Welcome to my new digs, which I might end up ditching in favor of my old Townhall home now that I've got a job lined up.

    Methinks you have got the not-so-good doctor all figgered out.

  6. The GW graph was a peach...put it on my FB page.

  7. Weekend encyclical... A)We will AIRLIFT her out if need be.B)It will be GREAT to see "who's crying" come Nov. Harry,you're goin'down,you're goin' down,got your head out the window,and your face is on the GROUND!!C)Yep.Another damn good Danology.D)Dhimmis.DEFINITELY the schizophrenic party. "We are against it before we are for it".AZSHATS.E) F) G)At first the r's looked like sheep,with ol'purple lips stinking up everything,but they came out in the afternoon session just bich-slapping these criminals.Good to see the r's with a bit of spine. Hell,they may as well pizs him off,the dhimmis KNOW they're going to reconcile this through come hell or high water.Nice thing about THIS high water,it'll flush these stinking dhimmis clean out come Nov.Obama,if nothing else,proved conclusively in front of the cameras what we've known all along,that he is an arrogant,petulant little pr!ck.H)Reid is TOAST.And THAT will be a good thing.2010 could be the Year of Whack-A-Dhimmi.I) YAAAWWWWNNN. Nothing new here.Dean is SOOOO irrelevant.J) I'd like to see Qaddafi declare war on say,Israel.They'd bomb his camelhumping azs back to the stone age.K) invention.Kevlar implants.Gotta get to the patent office.. Continued

  8. Weekend encyclical v2....L)Just HOW does this surprize you? Hiring a fellow traveler comes as NO surprize to me.Wouldn't expect anything else from the twit.M) Damn the bad luck anyway.Thieves,liars and libs all in one place,and s#!t,NO meteor strike.Dammit.N)House Ethics Committee.Mutually exclusive terms.If they take Rangel down,he will just get the light shone on THEM,and they can't have THAT.Prediction:Rangel gets his ought-to-be-chopped-off-wrist slapped.O)Is there NOTHING this bunch of azswipes won't besmirch with this idiotic logo? Good grief.P)With this cadre of clowns,and their lap yorkies of the soon-to-be-defunct OLDM,nothing will most likely come of it.Q) CNN?? Didn't know they were still in business.What do they have now,a .0000000001 share?R) Jones,Wright,Obama,all looked at as heroes by the America hating racists. No surprize.S) The damned I.O.C. About as corrupt as the damnable U.-frigging-N.Only difference is THEY can't efff up the world.T)See P).U)Fritz will be as inept of a consultant as he was a CEO.Only difference THIS time,the shareholders will have NO say in his ouster.V)No question about it. Say,has anyone seen the Fraudacle?Read an article about him getting CREAMED at the Apple shareholders meeting. Read it on,I think. Good steaming pile,old son. C ya Tuesday.

  9. Clyde,
    a) Well...she DOES work for a C-130 squadron. They could put her Hyundai Santa Fe and all of her remaining schtuff in the back and fly into NAS Fort Worth
    b) And on the weekend shows they are still trying to say that it will SAVE $2.5 TRILLION
    c) Still don't know how he's a Vikes fan if he's a Meeeeeechigander
    d) Whatever it takes to make the American people SLAVES of the government
    efg) Quit insulting arrogant pr!cks like that
    h) It takes a Vegas politician to make a Chicago politician look almost honest
    i) And a serial idiot
    j) Easy to declare war on a nation that has no standing army and a history of neutrality
    k) Nah....not soft and cushy enough

  10. l) Did I say it surprised me?
    m) what rotten luck
    n) He's getting a wrist slap on THIS charge, but the others are much more serious and there are already plenty of calls by other Dims for his Chairmanship to be pulled
    o) Like the Nazis with their swastika, the Sovs with their red star, and the Chicoms with Mao's image
    p) unfortunately
    q) CNN is still much better than PMSNBC
    r) Time to load up a bunch of ships bound for Liberia
    s) Girls just wanna have fun
    t) the sound of crickets is deafening
    u) What shareholders? The majority share is held by the gummint!
    v) He showed his face in public????

  11. "(T)he Tea Party is about a generaton who grew up in an america where everyone looked like them."
    ...Uh...yeah... And no one at school had lice. The teachers ruled the classrooms. My nice bluecollar neighborhood did not include crack houses and gangstas. Folks worked for a paycheck.

    Yeah, way to go Qaddafi Duck. Switzerland hasn't gone to war in a few centuries. There just might be a reason for that.

    Seems I read somewhere that Adams or Jefferson or someone once abolished a district federal court. By so doing the offending judge was left without a court and thus without a bench. Possible to do that to the 9th Circus.. Not this prez, of course.

    Charlie Rangel....Adam Clayton Powell incarnated....

    Remember. The koran teaches that there is no legal nor moral objection to lying to, cheating on or stealing from a non muslim and ultimatly killing th

  12. Tried to send this to you via e-mail,but didn't go through. Enjoy.

  13. Buck,
    and we could walk or ride our bikes to school, kids could venture throughout the neighborhood night or day and feel safe.....

    Besides, there's no large patches of sand in Switzerland.

    Make up two new Circuit Courts and have their territories slowly eat away the Ninth's?

    The koran is a guidebook of conquest and domination, nothing more.

  14. Clyde,
    already got that one in the draft for Tuesday. What an idiot.

  15. Too much to comment on but I love the Weekend Claw. I got this much from the 7hrs of bull at the HC summit: Well prepared conservative criticism and alternatives = campaigning and political stunts. Campaign speeches, emotional showmanship and soundbites from Obama, Ried and Pelousi = rational reasoned debate.

  16. AfterShock,
    facts are stunts, but lies are to be believed.

  17. This is one of the few Conservative blogs which I can enter and feel comfortable. I know you from another forum in regards to our ads. Feel free to get in touch. You posted a comment/reply and I have heard a few others which may or may not help. We have another thing in common. Crawfish! I'm from New Orleans & you have to be from there to understand just how delicious they are. I wonder if you could possibly be from there too?


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